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  1. The Hasegawa EF-111 Raven contains all the parts to build a F-111A. The Ravens where converted from low attrition F-111A airframes.
  2. Would cross-kiting a Hasegawa EF-111 with a Fb-111A/ F-111G work? Hobby 2000 has not released any long-wing F-111 (yet?)
  3. What is more exciting, that the press release mentions other trainers which are in the pipeline. The L-159 would be a threatnas well as the AMX (esp. If they also do the single seater). And I am still waiting for a kit company to announce a Red Hawk kit. Considering that trainers are used in way more air forces than say a F-22 it is a shame that they are so neglected by the modelling community.
  4. Ow the cat is oput of the bag. Stilöl I hope some good soul releases the 75th anniversary markings, THAT would be a treat. Of course there is the back-up option of a Belgian F-16, although there the star is in the squardon insignia. But it is quite red
  5. This. A stark opposite to it's sexy cousin, the F-14, the Grumman A-6 series receives far to little recognition, despite being the workhorse of the USN during the latter half of the cold war, with the Prowler variant serving for almost 50 years! Time to rectify that. While serving only for the USA there is a great variety of color schemes from camo, colorful Navy to muted Marines schemes to choose from. Also there are eight versions of the aircraft (four strike, two EW, one tanker and one prototype) to choose from and a decent kits in all the major scales. So let us give this aircraft the attention it deserves via this STGB. The ones on the Flight of the Intruder are: @dnl42 @helios16v @Corsairfoxfouruncle @Jb65rams @theplasticsurgeon @Jabba @Anatol Pigwa
  6. As I usually build something else than originally envisioned, I'll not commit myself ATM. But the 1990 cut of date gives ample opportunities (i.e. the Hasrgawa F-111s, were released in 1989 )
  7. I'm pretty sure I have an Italian Tornado screaming hi get build in my stash somewhere.
  8. Unfortunately I won't be able to take advantage of the extension so the following is my (kinda) finished model: Feel free to comment (critically. I want to get better after all). Please read the text below beforehand though. The keen observer will notice a few missing position lights, some silvering of the decals, a pit tube that is not painted, and the missing ordnance, to name but a few. Nevertheless I am quite happy with the result. While the grey is a tad to dark, it showcases the red flaps quite nicely. I am a little proud that I managed to give the aircraft a correct number for an RF-111 AND an aircraft which took part in the retirement ceremony. The recon palette was a challenge to place as it wrapped slightly and needed quite time filler.
  9. Thanks, that is some really useful stuff.! Btw. I found this thread over on Arcforums to be quite useful when it comes to F-111 cockpits, however it does not cover the RF-111 nor the AUP update.
  10. Aaand I'm back. The project in very much on track. Spurred by @bianfuxia I completed the fuselage: state of play: Of course painting the red parts first was a stupid, stupid move, as masking them is a PITA. Mental note for future F-111: main colour first, warning edges after. Also I messed up slightly in the cockpit: For one, the grey used is way lighter then the medium grey sprayed here. second the kit comes with two different IP which vary slightly in their form, and I did not know if I should take the one from the original sprues (which would be that of a F-111A) or the one from the Pave Tack sprue (which would be that of a F-111F?) Of course things are not made easier by the fact, that I am building a late RF-111C, and those may have had different IP layouts than the Pave Tack equiped F-111Cs @trickyrich to the rescue, please! Oh, and I misplaced the Seats somewhere. Either I find them soon Or I have to break ofen another (E)F(B)-111 kit. Well I have time until cockpit is resprayed, decaled, weathered and sealed. A nice thing about the kit is the hole in front of the cockpit (I believe the Astrotracker went there, and therefore Hasegawa decided to design it this way. This means that I can build the main fuselage together and decide at a fairly late stage how much noseweight I am going to put in. I decided to put in 15g which is ample de to the long nose of the F-111, plus there will be also a fairly resin part with the recon palette between the main and forward landing wheels, so I should be ok. Speaking of resin. As this is my fitting something bigger than a bang seat, could I ask for some pointers? Especially: how do I straighten the part (it has quite a strong ben, which is not appreciated by the modeller, Thanks for looking
  11. The Revell and the Italeri kit are virtually identical, as far as the sprues are concerned. (I can speak with some authority having build both). The decals are more detailed in the Revell kit. I recommend it.
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