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  1. What do you mean by "pawed"? Left in place - I assume from the context.
  2. I am trying to find out if the RECCE Tornado's used by the Bundesluftwaffe where armed or not. I know that the ECR Tornado's don't have the cannon, but is it true for the RECCE variant as well?
  3. My favourite is the Phantom with the Blackbird in hot pursuit. I am not sure I can give you many pointers on the Raven, as I will be building a Hasegawa kit. I am pretty sure though you can stand your ground against my build. You are welcome to follow my RF-111C build in the ANZAC GB. It is currently on hold, but I should recommence work on it by the middle of next week.
  4. Since a quarter of the fun is musing about the various options one will choose to build, I'll present my options along with a possible thread title for your feedback. And no, I will not do an Enzo, Pick one! + "Descending to 70,000 feet" a SR-71 Blackbird + "You ain't got a thing if you ain't got swing" A EF-111 + "Unarmed, unafraid and alone" - A RF-4 Phantom (B or C) + "Eye of the storm" a RECCE Tornado. I have to confirm though yet, that German RECCE Tornados where/are indeed unarmed. + "Lost in France" the Mirage III-V VTOL Research aircraft.
  5. Would a feasible approach be getting thin masking tape like 0,7mm width (or less) mask out the edges of the RAM panels with it and then fill the interior with a masking fluid?
  6. Actually there are certainly some slight differences regarding wing (the F variant has wing-top spoilers). This is also reflected in the HB kits. Since the A-4G was based on the A-4F I would suggest this kit as the base for your build.
  7. Very cool indeed. Is there a particular reason you painted the base of the hump black?
  8. Thanks, These are brilliant photos! You may be correct about the colour being a reflection issue.
  9. I finallz decided which aircraft I#mgoing to build It will be A8-126 in the farwell scheme, with a Popeye slung under its's wing. Here a pictureof the Popeye + Data Link pod (fromt the Skunkmodels Workshop IDF-weapons set): Now I need tofindsome goodre sources on the undercarriage of the Pig asI amnot quite sure which parts are to be painted red and which remain white.
  10. THe internet has a way of teaching you things. I alwazs thiough there were only two paint schemesof RAAF F-111s (bar the ARDU machine): SEA camo with a black underside, or overall gunship grey. And then I find this picture: The wing is clearly brighter (white?) than theoverall scheme. Why would that be? Was the machine loanedto ARDU or is there another explanation?
  11. The plastic has been butchered: Mostly basic priming ATM.
  12. The picture might be slightly misleading the SuE is slightly longer and wider, not as high though as a Skyhawk. But the difference is surprisingly small.
  13. Here is my first take on the Skyhawk: the lovely Italeri kit. While it may not be good as the Arfix or Fujimi offering it still offers great value for money, and a quick and easy build. I suggest to seek out either the Revell rebox; or get some nice AM decals,. As part of my "1 new build, 1 SOD project finished policy" I present the Super Etendard companion project.
  14. The first Skyhawk is finished (well kind of - the photos showed mercilessly all defficiencies of the project): I decided to take some Zunis for the ride besides the Walleye. Probably a load mix that makes little sense, but both were widely used in during the Vietnam war on Skyhawks, therefore quite fitting for this aircraft. And I also finished his little friend: Kind of ironic: a Skzhawk and Super Etendard finished during a GB on Britmodeller and neither of them has argentine markings!.
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