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  1. Don't worry I am a soulless creature mercilessly pursuing the GBs to complete their build on time and to the highest standard of quality, don't care much for the budget though - particularly if it's not my own.
  2. Get the Operation Telic F.3 Hasegawa then, it supposedly has the Fighting Cocks markings. Hasegawa also did a black Tornado, but that was a GR.1, not sure about the F.3
  3. The issue is, I have a load of Kormoran and ALARM missiles left, also some Aspides ans RBS-15, but no Sea Eagles. Maybe if I finish all the special schemes I will do a Japanese Strike Tornado with RBS snd ALARM missiles?
  4. I a m currently toying wth the idea of turning this aircraft into an EF.3 Tornado, Though I would (purists look away) keep the 1980-ies livery. Another Idea which crossed my mind would be adding Kormorans to the ADV Tornado as hinted here: https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/546616-tornado-f-2-3-tanks-geek-corner.html A not-so-ADV Tornado with 2x Kormorans under the belly, 2 Hindenburg Tanks and 2 ALARM on the stub pylon? Straying into a What-if Scenario.... Not I Only need to source a BOZ-10z and a Phimat in 1/72
  5. Alas, then it will be either Sindwinders or only the Nuke on its own.
  6. Thanks for the image @exdraken I have not seen it as crisp yet! This is more or less what I intend to build, though I intend to use the Hindenburg tanks. Alsothe d ecals I intend to use are depicting machines from the eighties. Which slightly predates the ALARM service entrance *not to mention thier installation on the F.3!
  7. Anatol Pigwa

    Tornado EF-3

    I am lookingh into converting a Tornado F.3 Kit into an EF-3 Variant (SEAD), and look for some information on this plane as there seems to be precious little info about it. - When was the EF-3 introduced, when was is phased out? - Which Squadrons fielded it? (Individual Airfram numbers would be a cherry on top) As far as the loadout goes - I found one picture on the web showing 2x 1500l Tanks, 2x ALARM Missiles and 4 ASRAAM Missiles, a Sky Shadow and a BOZ-107 pod. I imagine the ASRAAM could be also subsituted with a Sidewinder if required. - Could and would the aircraft carry the 2250l Hindenburg tanks?
  8. Add me to the list as well, I have ATM at least three kits which would be elegible even if you don't consider the F-110 and F-111 to be part of the century series.
  9. I noticed that some color schemes feature a thin demarcal´tion line (usually provided as a decal between two contrasting colors. Now my problem is how to mask the model in order to get the demarcation in the correct location. Any ideas? I have the following ideas for an approach: 1. paint the first color coat, place the decal, then seal it with varnish and/or coat it with masking fluid, then spray the second color 2. Copy the decal on plain paper, cut one side precisely along the color demarcation line, then apply the wet paper technique to place it on the model and spray the second color. 3. ...? For example there is a thin yellow line between the black and aluminum color on this scheme:
  10. Since I am already streched between 3 GBs and the Interceptir GB is coming up as well, I shall commut only with one small kit to this one: The Revell rebox of the Alpha Jet. I am just not sure if I do the 1000000 flight hours OOB scheme or go for something else. Suggestions?
  11. @Marlin beat me by announcing his intended double build of Luftwaffe Tornados equipped with MW-1 and B-61 first, however I still have an ace up my sleve: a GR.1 Tornado armed with one (or two?) WE. 177. Both of the markings in the Revell box (the 9th and the 17th Sqn) are well suited for this task. I am wondering about the rest of the loadout though: Shall I use the Hindenburg tanks, or three of the smaller ones? I imagine it depends if I want to put one or two nukes under the belly? Apart from the nuke(s) what other armament would make sense - could I slap ALARMs on the underwing pylons or should Sindewinders be the only sensible choice? Also on a semi related note (as it may limit the availiability of the special weapons for this project) - could the SEPECAT Jaguar T.2/T.4 double seaters carry nukes or were those only restricted to the GR.1 variant?
  12. Inspired by @theplasticsurgeon I shall build a Hasegawa F.3 Tornado compare it with Revells/Italeris kit. The Tonka will be in Italian livery, since Italian Tornados are slightly underrepresented in this GB, even though they have some striking liveries. Pictures to follow...
  13. @exdraken the schemes in the box are: 11 Sqn. ZE764/DH | RAF Leeming 1988 (shown on the box art, and the one I will be recreating) and 65 Sqn. ZE205/AA | RAF Coningsby 1988 @theplasticsurgeon you inspired me and I will do something very similar to your comparatory build as well.
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