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  1. I believe RoG changed as of this year their policy and now charge for replacement parts. However I am confident that in the aforementioned case, one could successfully claim manufacturing errors as the cause of the problem and request a replacement free of charge. As it has been mentioned before though, with store bought items the retailer should be the first POC though.
  2. Time to show my hand. In my defence I was not sure what my had would be until today. I'm joining with a napalm lugging Phantom. Now these two things are commonly associated with the Vietnam War, and you might be forgiven if you expect a F-4E in SEA Camo. However today I learned, with the help of some great people on BM, that the German Bundesluftwaffe also at some point equipped their Phantoms with napalm, and there is even an official documentary to prove it! The movie shows the training excersize "Stählerner Schatten" from 1975 which translates literally to steely shadow, hence the title of my build. Since I intended to model a German F-4F for this GB anyhow; my topic will be now a machine from JaBoG 35 or 36 (haven't decided which one yet) in Norm 72 camo and a loadout as depicted in the movie mentioned above.paints The build will be, as always , in 1/72 and the base will be the venerable Revell kit (pictures to follow). Aftermarket: - Eduard masks - HaHen decals - Model Master tubes - AK paints (first time use) You may have noticed that this is titled part one. This is because I intend to model (atG least) all the major color schemes the German Phantoms had over the years. This will certainly not happen all during this Phantom GB though.
  3. I am always amazed bz the combined knowledge here at BM. WOW! what great Info! Way more than I hoped for. I heard the AirDOC books are quite good. Which one would you recommend though? AFAIK there is one big book on the german phantoms and separate booklets dealing with individuale squadrons etc, Great Picture and I am tempted to build this Picture - if I can find enough BL755s in my stash! Yes read about it as well. This is another subject which would look good, partucularly in Norm 83! WOW again! Now this is quite something. Thanks a million! Unfortunately Matra 250 kg bombs are common like hens teeth in 1/72 I believe only the Hobby Boss Jaguars have them? I guess form my next Phantom Projects I'll go for a F-4F with Napalm and a RF-4E with BL755s then! Cheers
  4. While the German F-4F Phantom II was mainly used as an ADF, they went also to the JaBoG 35 and 36 where they had a secondary ground attack role. I am looking for any images confirming the A2G loadouts, particularly with the BL755. While I found a few pictures showing Mavericks on German Phantoms I had no luck with unguided munition so far (except for the testing of the MW-1 dispenser) It would be interesting to know if the unguided bombs were hung on standard MERs or if they had different rack (the same as the British Phantoms?).
  5. I beg to differ regarding the Hasegawa kit, the Italeri offering, though - quite good in my eyes (particularly for that price).
  6. Something which caught my attention browsing the Hobby Link Japan website is the apparent release of the Rafale by Platz. Unfortunately it appears only to be a rerelease of the Italeri mould, accordind to Platz French Navy Carrier-Capable Fighter Rafale M Tiger Meet 2014 by Platz (hlj.com) French Navy Carrier-capable Fighter Rafale M by Platz (hlj.com)
  7. Watch my fiendish plan, as I will leave just leave the pitot tube off, in order to finish her for the KUTA gallery. Muha hahahaha.
  8. I decided to use the GB's as a booster for my SoD Projects and will therefore, where applicable finish old project rather than start new ones, even if this might be at odds with the 25% rule. Still as long as there are no prizes involvec, or this does not contradict the ideas of the GB (think Blitzenbuild) it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. I have the Dutch 50 Years of NATO F-16 MLU in the works (fuselage build up. not painted yet though, and intend to use the final week of the GB to take her from limbo to looker.
  9. @keefr22 thanks for the tip this looks very promising. I might just try to get in touch with my local Honda/peugeot dealer then Do you have any experience how well these paints mesh with a modelling airbrush? I am slightly worried that the metalic chips might clog up the nozzle.
  10. Thanks Fastcast, the point is, that the aircraft was painted with car paint - therefore the Honda Vivid Blue and Peugeot Gold I am looking for. I'll look into Hiroboy's offer thanks! Regards Marcin
  11. Hi everyone, I drifted over from the plane builder forum. I am currently planning to build a the Bundesluftwaffe Pharewell Phantom (Image shamelessly grabbed from the masm.fr website) I wonder, since the color call-outs are Honda vivid blue and Peugeot Heliodor Gold (therefore my post here), if there might be a dedicated airbrushable paint I could use in lieu of the mix described in the instructions above? Thank you for any help in advance.
  12. Fair point Piotr, this is the bane of open data bases. performing sanity checks and taking the information with a grain of salt is always recommended.
  13. I'd like to kindly point out, that Scalemates is a wiki-like database, and gives registered users the power to ammend the data provided. (I know it, as I have been editing enties up there, most currently the Revell RF/F-4 entry). Therefore I can only urge those ITK to contibute to the database.
  14. Though this depends on the mileage of the kidney, doesn't it?
  15. Have you decided on the paint scheme yet? If you are keen on some color I would suggest JBr-Decals and their scheme of the decennial czech two-seater. or the ETPS scheme.
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