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  1. @Enzo Matrix could you please cuange the name of my proposed GB from 'Intermarum" to "Intermarium"? It is a minor apelling mistake, but quite annoying once you see it. "My neighbour always listens to good music. Whether he likes it or not"
  2. You can amalgamate I.e. a cardboard model of a Phantom F-4j(UK) it covers - Nato vs Warsaw pact the 90-ties - Stranger in Town - Yanks abroad - the mega GB - Anxthing but injection and maybe even - kit you didn't build as a kid, and - less than a tenner 2 or take the Mastiff MRAP as i.e. a 3D print. - small wars take 2 - Yanks abroad - british AFVs (maybe) - Stanger in Town - Anything but injection - Cars, trucks anf AFVs - A kit you didn't build as a kid
  3. Does it make sense though? a) it states in the topic header, that this one is aiming for 2022, which means next years bunfight. b) we have the 'French fancy 2' GB proposal which will very much cover the subject. Does it make sense to compete here for votes? c) this years bunfight is very competitive, due to people spending more time on their hobby due to Corona I suspect. Don't get me wrong. I am all for this GB, but 2022 seems more appropriate than the already quite competitive '21 bunfight.
  4. I have a suggestion for the BAC, NAA, Republic etc. peoposals: Amalgamate them to a mega GB of "They don't build them anymore' featuring airplanes from companues which no longer exist or are no longer in the aircraft production business. How about that?
  5. I wonder if this GB could be expanded to Jet powered, nuclear, strategic bombers in general. There is a B-58 sitting on my stash longing to be build. And it would surely help in the bunfight as well...
  6. @Enzo Matrix Please add also my 'Intermarum' GB proposal to the list, as it reached 30 pledges last week.
  7. @Enzo Matrix We are 30! Therefore please add this GB proposal to the bunfight.
  8. I am torn regarding the Czech and Polish squadrons, as my intention was to showcase some of the more exotic european markings. The Lancer would be spot on though, since their uniforms where based on old polish uniforms from 1794 and therefore quite unique.
  9. Giving this one a push. as east, central and south east european subjects tend to be rather marginalised and should get a little bit more limelight now and then.
  10. As far as I see only the spanish F-18s are not yet present - any takers?
  11. Really cool Dave, let the Maple Leaf soar! Canaduan markings are always a welcome sight!.
  12. Thanks to everyone who signed up so far. I am sure this will be a cracking STGB once we get the numbets. We have almost every user of the jet accounted for already!
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