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  1. Gents, it's over 40 celsius here where I am working and it does not go below 37 even at night.
  2. Got to admit, after Fine Molds Phantoms were released I was expecting Hasegawa's prices to drop, soecially on eBay. Instead 90% of the sales are of inflated price Japanese retailers.
  3. great job in adaptingthe Academy kit, what software do you use for your 3d printing?
  4. Preordered two -3s from the big H. They are going for ridicolous prices on eBay.
  5. Scratching my head a bit. The decal sheet is misleading as it shows C fins on A blocks.
  6. Unless I missed something in the sprues, the widely differing cockpits have been victims of gross oversight in a typical Italeri fashion. It seems to me they merely aded the G-222 engine sprues to the C-27J kit and a bigger and "more attractive" decals sheet. C-27J Cockpit Aeritalia G-222A cockpit That's why I still repute Italeri a second class company.
  7. Well, lazy days as my inprocessing seem to proceed on island time. That lets me bring up a couple of points regarding 1/72 F-16s: none of them has full intake trunking. Also, does anyone know the real meaning of the oversized Stars of David on some F-16 and F-4 and has anyone got photos of those?
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