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  1. "Imperial Italian Air Force"? I like the Malta markings choice, place it right next to a Gladiator.
  2. Never said he was not entitled, actually suggested a way for him to file a complaint with Airfix.
  3. For your comfort the listing does specify "liveries subject to change", so perhaps you can file a formal complaint with the thought police and get those nose arts changed to something a bit more "chastised".
  4. Howdy, Which 1/72 Blackbird kit, if any, offers the option for the B model trainer? I know at least 1/48 kit does. Thank you folks!
  5. The VH71 was dropped by Obama and supporting Connecticut Senator Hillary Clinton when he showed up in DC, the subsequent tender was rigged in favor of Suckhorsky that by that time was owned by Lockheed Martin, no other OEM participated in that tender. Ironically LM had been the winning prime contractor for the VH-71 with the AW-101 airframe. <political content> And I'll leave the self implied politics out of this. <if only>
  6. You mean it's not black like all the other ones in DS?
  7. You forget a certain senator from Connecticut where they build Suckhorkies.
  8. Seconded, got the very same decals from them.
  9. Supertom, I feel your pain, I also have the Fujimi 35B and I have been trying to figure out a way to represent the RAM panels. The DN masks are for a specific kit (Hasegawa in this case) and may not match the panels on the Fujimi kit. I can suggest to utilize Fujimi's own decals with the clear film trimmed carefully out and then apply a lightly resprayed layer of camo color.
  10. This ain't just an S-61 (S-61 being the Sikorsky type designation of the military H-3), it's a S-61N! This IS a first for a helicopter type that has seen almost exclusively civilian use. I have an old Scale Modelling Magazine with dozens of colorful (if in colors) liveries for it, Hummingbirds Helicopters comes to mind.
  11. sorry, misspelled it, but it may be attributed to an extensive frijoles diet.
  12. Nope, San Antonio gas its own reserve squadron from the 149th TFW
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