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  1. All the important parts, the rest is easily scratchbuilt. The cockpit though is different from all other Sikorsky models and looks closer to a Chinook cockpit glazing.
  2. The two kits have no differences but for the decals. Beware, the auxiliary fuel tanks are wayyy oversized.
  3. You should check out its skycrane development the Sikorsky S-60.
  4. Good! They are putting a patch to the never released Italeri HH-101 Cesar, also the AB-212EW is not bad as I have flown 3 of the 4 converted ASWs.
  5. Paraphrasing Freddy Mercury...I want it all, I want it all and I want it NOW! Referring to Arma Hobby's 1/72 stuff of course.
  6. Me thinks you are mistaken.
  7. Two Bobs is out in 1/48 and soon in 1/72. Also, Krsad over at Caracal decals IS planning to bring it to the market in a combined 1/72 sheet with the San Antonio F-16 and a Randolph T-38. Quote from his post over at ArcForums: "CD48203 will be a 1/48 sheet with markings for two recent USAF heritage jets that were painted in the Vietnam-era SEA camouflage scheme: an F-16C (86-0331) and an A-10C (81-0962). There will be a 1/72 version (with markings for a SEA camo heritage T-38C) available soon"
  8. Robertone139

    Pave low

    That detail set is for the three engined E version, S-80 in Sikorsky's vocabulary. If you are not picky you may be able to use the avionics compartments and the left (#1) engine, not too sure whether the cowling fits a twin engine variant.
  9. Again Tony, the Israeli never flew the E model, they may have modified a batch of D models to perform better but they were still D models, with P&W engines.
  10. Sorry Tony, but the Israelis never flew the E model, and this kit does not provide additional parts for a Raam.
  11. The airframe of the F-15E only has few superficial differences with the D, those differences can be contained in one sprue, exactly like Revell is doing. The real differences happen under the skin and for us are really not important.
  12. What are the F-15E differences from the A/C that cannot be contained in one or perhaps two additional sprues.
  13. I do not mean to hijack this thread, however I cannot find any determining reference to whether the S.55A was the same size as the more notorious S.55X of Balbo fame. Can anyone answer, Giorgio, Bueller, any?
  14. I ordered them from their website, several times. Excellent service.
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