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  1. 1/72 Revell f-16D is here, it's the complete F-16C plus an additional sprue with F-16B parts. Still missing are the bulged main gear doors. To note that the F-16B upper forward fuselage is a just about perfect match for Tamiya's F-16C. Hint Hint.
  2. Nachos from Chachos? Hope there are a couple of chairs left, else I'll have to follow standing up by the wall.
  3. Why are Revell's F-16 two seater so hard to find and overpriced in the USA?
  4. Not strictly regarding the Mig-29, however in 1/72 we're missing the KH-59 Mk.II stealthy variant of the missile, carried by the Su-57 in its internal weapons bay. kh-59 Mk.2
  5. Italian decals always look good but in these ones the green is too pale. Regardless of the plane.
  6. It's definitely available in Europe. Remains to see whether they are offering the bulged main gear doors.
  7. I was flying Oil & Gas support out of Deadhorse late 2009 and 2010, Everts' C-46 and DC-6s were regular visitors up there and I loved watch them on their forever takeoff run, climbing out at a very shallow angle. The sound from the twin 2800s was louder than even my AW-139, and seemed to echo as far as the Brooke range, some 50 miles away.
  8. How many B did the Royal Navy get?
  9. Sorry to partially hijacking this thread. Mike, after comparing the drawings in the Warpaint G.91 book with both Revell and Meng kits, the Revell comes out winner for accuracy (specially in the main landing gear bays curvature department) and detail. The Meng Frecce Tricolori boxing though has a very nice selection of decals, including the rare US ARMY ones.
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