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  1. Italeri, Revell (likely a rebox of someone else's product), Zvezda and Hobby Boss all made the Hokum in 1/72 scale (let's not consider ESCI/ERTL early release) and I know that Zvezda boxed at least two different versions. So which one is best? Thanks all.
  2. Awesome news, I remember they were selling off 10 or 11 years ago when I had to move to NJ. I still have all their large plasticard sheets.
  3. I think I remember 72modeler at the Modelfiestas in San Antonio. Dibbles was the last to close.
  4. Anyone has a few 1/72 spare ones? 9 ALARMs (or even "just" 7 with tanks) vs only 4 HARMs, the choice is simple.
  5. It seems that poth recip and turbine coversions are present in the sprues already. Panel lines are a bit softer but detail is nice, even in the cockpit. We are going to have to consider the price point difference...
  6. This good enough? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-f0sHQ9Mq5GA/T7piTMHrFSI/AAAAAAAAA2Q/syjY5hsGp6I/s1600/ALARM+-+self+escort.jpg
  7. Robertone139


    Correct, the inner weapons bays doors only open at about 0 zero ground speed when the aircraft is about to hover. The give away is the completely vertical position of the exhaust nozzle. In this case it is not yet vertical giving a forward component of thrust.
  8. I woder if you can still look straight into the intake at the compressor first stage, that would be a big stealth denial feature.
  9. Robertone139


    Only the inner doors of the weapons bays open for STOVL operations.
  10. That first boxtop is suspiciously similar to one of Fujimi's special editions.
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