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  1. Nice job, and BSTW fantastic aviation photography in your Flickr album!
  2. Platz detail is good but the panel lines are quite heavily engraved. GWH is nice, however the intake ducts are stumped and is lacking the details for a MSIP II configuration.
  3. If they are anywhere near the quality of their Foxbats at least a couple of them.
  4. Got my Vietnam War F-4E a couple of days ago from Plaza Japan, it took me two days to react to the extreme ease of assembly, clever engineering and quality of detail, but we've all heard and read that before. I am a little peeved about the afterburner ducts, their design makes difficult to adequately paint and detail the interior, but that's an issue shared with the 1/72 Academy F-4J and the GWH F-15 family, do any of these mold engineers build models? The second (for now) gripe is about the drooped airbrakes, or lack thereof. When you go to the extent they went to detail a full intake duct, the additional cost for the airbrakes and wells would not have been prohibitive. All in all, for the cost of these kits, why are we still buyin' Hasegawa?
  5. According to a well known FRENCH decals manufacturer it is not.
  6. Good luck reaching those circuit breakers or even seeing them.
  7. Whew, that ALMOST kept me from buying the White Dog decals!
  8. I caved in and ordered the F-4E from Plaza Japan, we'll see how long before it knocks on the door. I am going to recast the cockpit details, the intake duct parts and the splitters to systematically improve all of my Hasegawa E variants. I am doing the same with the Academy F-4J to improve the Hasegawa Navy variants.
  9. How does it compare with the GWH kit, other than the notoriously short intake ducts in the GWH kit.
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