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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/384922925153?hash=item599f31b861:g:DscAAOSwGMBilpni&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoAtGG9CP15Wbor6e%2Ft6YMaBiGeCYas5eEbvxdn4CVwg8EkD8fDbsFcrIj%2BaOJrPwicMYQMCpjCxotEyMLo0XFtQ8OUbaM57dPJqr0hv2v6J9axlS2asHWsGMqR8lzeUA7lol1gxGXyb8qF7sSPpFxDBCeF9u3o5uB5m2ET1DX9%2BVCRRRpalEwXviiyMK%2BE6MvRHXbaYLT05AWWagm4FrpSA%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7yHsujUYA
  2. Just ordered one, it does not says pre-order.
  3. Would like the same for the P-3, especially the one involved in the Su-27 midair.
  4. I believe they are Academy's reboxed.
  5. Yet another Italeri special delivery demonstrating their superficialism.
  6. Oh yeah! Italeri's dreaded RAM panels pneumatic hammer rendition again. The (fairly) recent change to the RAM paint application should have made it so that decals in a different sheen than the rest of the plane would suffice. Another disappointment from Italeri, but yet again why would you have expected anything different.
  7. Wow! Than canopy looks exceptionally thin and clear, is it the original kit part?
  8. They actually targeted the naval yards. Perhaps notorious would have been a more appropriate aggettive. In any case, I saw people on this very forum complaining about Airfix choice of nose art on one of their B-17 releases as it was too risky to propose to children. So to everyone his/her/whateverelse own. it's still history.
  9. Very nice job,I am just curious of why would the Enola Gay be 'infamous'.
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