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  1. It appears that the Aeroclub props for the Pucara had the product code P119. Joe's Models in the US (http://www.joesmodels.com/) has Aeroclub stock. You have to check for availability but you might strike lucky there.
  2. I wonder if Aeroclub's P057 propeller pair would be suitable. I've 2 sets and they were designed for the Astazou-engined Jetstream if memory serves. I have this kit lurking somewhere, so I'll be following this thread for sure.
  3. I'm thinking that I might be able to get the BOAC boxing of Roden's 1/144 Bristol Britannia in over a couple of weekends. I hope that it wouldn't be disqualified by having the wing-halves already joined. As it's a related subject I might even pull one of my Welsh Models Belfasts from the stash, though I likely wouldn't have a snowball's hope of finishing that on time.
  4. Oddly enough, I've tended to consider the Tradewind to be a fine-looking aeroplane - aft of the propeller warning line. The nose was where Aughrim was lost!
  5. Please add me to the list; I'd like to do a 100 Group Fortress from the Airfix kit.
  6. I had to look at the background to make sure that your photos were actually of a model. Excellent job!
  7. I've long since forgotten how, but I'd formed the impression that some Phantoms may have had a darker green, perhaps FS 34052. I don't know how likely that is, if at all. Also, I'm intrigued by the fiscal year part of the tail code. Am I mistaken in wondering if that aircraft was really funded by the 1940 budget? I'm thinking also of AF37 on Charles Olds' aircraft.
  8. I'd be up for this one; I'm thinking in terms of a blue Aeronavale Crusader.
  9. Is that the one that supposedly had the NATO reporting name 'Flipper'?
  10. It would also need a bay and doors for the retractable tailwheel, plus a flatter profile upper engine cowling panel. The Mk IX's equivalent had a slight bulge to clear the intercooler.
  11. I bought the Ejercito del'Aire boxing of the Special Hobby Hispano Buchon at the Irish Model Soldier Society show a couple of weekends ago. I'd like to join in with that one. I daresay I'll still have some Folgore or Veltro kits still lying about by then as well.
  12. Sounds like a good excuse to fish out my Samek HMS Vanguard
  13. It seems to have had two identities on the French register, F-WEAI and F-GEAI, before going to NASA as N941NA. I think we've been looking at the same information.
  14. Having chickened out of doing the Flight 1 Twin Pioneer for the High Wing GB, I'd like to have a go at the type in Light Stone and Dark Earth RAF uniform, if that fits the theme. I would be using the Valom kit.
  15. What monthly magazine was a best seller among the Vikings? The Raider's Digest
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