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  1. I'd like to (tentatively, given my record on GB's) put my name up for this one. I've a Blue Max Snipe that's been hanging around for a long time. It's a while since I last looked but I think I also have a Camel from the same source, which allows a choice of the F1 and 2F1 versions.
  2. I saw one of them at the Irish Film Institute in the early 2000s: Dark Blue World, from Kolya's director, Jan Svěrák.
  3. I'd love to see a new JP5 to the same standard as the JP3
  4. That's a shock. Got to see Cabaret Voltaire in 1983 at the Electric in Camden, after the release of The Crackdown. As the supporting bill they showed two short films, Un Chien Andalou by Luis Bunuel and Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger. Cracking gig I recall.
  5. Kristin's a goddess! Yet to see them live myself. Must put that right some day. Don't know if they've ever played in Ireland. Right now I'm listening to XTC's The Big Express, one of my favourite albums. I love the way Andy whales the bejesus out of his guitar on Train Running Slow on Soul Coal.
  6. I did. I used Xtracolor renditions of RAF Dark Earth and PSA Desert Gold on the upper surfaces and FS 15183 on the lower surfaces. My choices were based on a Finescale Modeler article about 1991 Gulf War colours for the uppers, and an Ian Huntley article in Scale Aircraft Modelling which had a table matching BS to FS for the lowers, the colour in question being Azure Blue (not the WW2 one).
  7. Back in 2007-8 I was on an assignment to UBS in Stamford Connecticut. The convention for email user names was the first 6 letters of the surname followed by the first 2 letters of the first name. For example, my username was lalorjo. The convention was reversed in the case of Sheila Cockburn.
  8. This reminds me that there used to be a hairdresser in the Dublin district of Rathmines, called Trevor Francis. I had a notion that whatever you asked for there, you'd come out with a 1970s bubble perm.
  9. Deano, further to LorenSharp's post, the Aeroclub F1 and F6 are out of stock at Kingkit, but the F3's available. https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/aeroclub-aircraft-1-48-bac-lightning-f3 You can set up an alert for when a kit comes back into stock.
  10. Might be worth having a look at kingkit.co.uk.
  11. That I would love to see! And a display from a Mosquito wouldn't go amiss either.
  12. I like that, very nice indeed. It's not often that you see a model of a 502 Sqn aircraft. A camouflaged example was one of the options in the old Frog kit as I recall.
  13. Haven't owned a turntable myself for a long time now. I think I made my last vinyl record purchase around the mid 2000s. It was Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express by The Go-Betweens.
  14. I remember Sound and Vision being used for the continuity sequences between the programmes on BBC1 at the time.
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