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  1. Dynavector TSR-2 build at http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/42-dynavector-tsr-2/page-42.html
  2. I seem to recall, stop me if I'm out to lunch, that 'pre-existing hobbies' encompasses pigeons.
  3. Might as well be me I guess! I've a Zvezda Yak-1 and (I think) two Zvezda Yak-3s. And an ICM Yak-9T. I wouldn't bet on building that lot, mind, but I might manage to make a decision by the end of the year.
  4. You'd be surprised. I've had Frog and Matchbox decals that were nearer 50 than 40 years old perform splendidly of late, while the instrument panel decal from a 20 year old Tamiya Meteor broke up on application. The old kits in question were the Hornet F.3 and Spitfire IX respectively. I've also had good results with the decals from an original Matchbox Lightning F.6.. It seems to me that the old ones might be out of register or have dodgy colours, but still be very durable.
  5. The Flightpath PE frets look familiar to me as an owner of the PP Aerokits detail set. It really is time I built it now! Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  6. As a falcon who didn't hear the falconer and has had the leisure to ponder the rod I've made for my own back by buying this kit, I shall follow this thread to see how you get on - as the project slouches toward Bethlehem to be born I daresay.
  7. Hi Phantome, Thanks very much for your researches. Just one point of information though: e-paint.co.uk gives FS 36152 as virtually indistinguishable from BS361C:632 Dark Admiralty Grey.
  8. So it is! I've started scouting for aftermarket transfers for the -215 as the kit ones are out of register.
  9. Well the start of the GB is 9 months away and it'll last for about 6 months. With a bit of luck even I might get organised enough to build both of them, prioritising on the -215. Then again, I've been saying one day I'll be organised for the last 30 years!
  10. Very nice result despite the struggles. @TCinLA provides an assembly sequence for that kit in his Modeling Madness review.
  11. Aha, I decided to enter with the Canadair CL-415. I believe that this was originally released in 1999, so if I want to continue with that theme, maybe I should do the CL-215 instead. I have both kits.
  12. When I visited the Military Museum in Brussels in 2002 there was already an F-16 there.
  13. Going the way of indicating left, quite clearly
  14. I'd probably end up emulating whatever worked for @tonyot on his 1/32 Trumpeter model.
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