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  1. Thanks, Eric. Looking at the image of the 707, the devices on the fin were a bit higher up than I thought.
  2. REM covered Wire's Pink Flag track, Strange, on Document
  3. I think the Xtracolor range included a rendering of FS 13655 for Blue Angels application.
  4. From memory: The earlier BOAC scheme on the B707 had a blue cheatline which was constant width until it curved under the nose and back to the nose gear bay. I'm not sure if the cheatline was gold edged, or if that only applied to the VC-10. The BOAC titles were in blue against the white of the fuselage top decking. The tail fin was blue with a white leading edge. The registration was in white between two parallel white lines near the root of the fin and the speedbird was mid-fin in white.
  5. I've, perhaps rashly, chosen this kit for the Interceptors GB. I'm wondering how you tackled the main undercarriage bays. If you follow the kit instructions you end up with bays that don't match the fuselage sides or fit between the upper and lower wing halves. Puts me in mind of @TCinLA's experience of building the Grand Phoenix FJ-4B for his Modeling Madness review. I'm thinking of cutting the already assembled parts apart, roofing the bay with the resin part that's not mentioned in the instructions or the parts diagram, and just putting parts C4 and C5 into the wings, so that I have som
  6. I've only just noticed this thread, but I'll definitely be taking an interest as I've made a start on this kit. It's another that's been lying round for a few years. Great job on the rescribing. Looking forward to seeing this one finished. Liqua-Plate - there's a product I probably haven't seen mentioned since the late 1980s. It was there before SnJ Spray Metal I think.
  7. Humbrol Authentic Non Specular Sea Blue was very greenish as well. I've wondered if it would be better considered as a response to a colour called Strata Blue.
  8. For sure. If it hadn't been for Dynavector, Welsh Models and Aeroclub, I probably would never have attempted any vac kits. Having some assistance in the form of white metal or resin for detail parts has made all the difference.
  9. Nice to see another Skyshark on the go. I've the main airframe components together on my Dynavector kit but the project has languished in a box for rather more years than I care to remember, along with a load of other partly built kits. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  10. I'm up for doing a 1/48 Airfix Meteor. Probably the FR.9 in the high altitude scheme, but I'll decide for sure later.
  11. Hi all, I'd like to jump into this group build with a kit that I've had lying round for a while. I've been a big fan of the all-weather Sabres since the 1970s Airfix kit made its appearance, and I've long wanted to model the F-86K. I have a Revell F-86D earmarked for the Royal Danish Air Force, but that's out of the scope of this build as the main airframe is together. I intend to finish this as a Bundesluftwaffe machine in NATO disruptive camouflage. One thing I want to sort out in that regard is whether the green was RAL 6014 Gelboliv or RAL 6005 Olivgrun. Starti
  12. Thanks Pat. I'll have a look round the current group builds. I'm sure there are one or two I could gatecrash.
  13. Hi all, Thanks for the looks and likes. The deadline passed just as I was uploading an image to the gallery so that's another I've missed! Must get my finger out in future. Anyway here's my model, I'm calling it done. First completion since I gave away my Hasegawa Spitfire Mk VIII in the US in 2008. I'd been thinking of also doing the Saab Tunnan and Nieuport-Delage 622 for this one - I might put the NiD down for the French Fancies GB in addition to the Yak-3 Mirage F1 combo. Maybe not much of a model in my hands, but i
  14. Hi all, Transfers and first varnish coat on Undercarriage going on right now
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