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  1. Made me think it was a P-47N for a second! Cracking model though.
  2. Just noticed this. I can certainly make out some of the Irish ones. The fort giving its name to the bay in the northwest is Dún na nGall - Donegal. Dark Pool is still called that now pretty much. Dubh Linn -> Dyfflyn -> Dublin. The name refers to the old confluence of the rivers Poddle and Liffey. The former flows near me in Harolds Cross. Strictly speaking the modern city is downstream on the Liffey and its Gaelic name is Baile Átha Cliath.
  3. There was a period where Humbrol 123 actually was a slightly greyish dark green, at least the stuff in the 10 ml acrylic pot was at any rate. The old Humbrol Authentic postwar EDSG was green as well.
  4. Wonder if anyone ever had the idea of combining the backwards and caravan racing.
  5. Interesting to see this technique returning for panel variation. This is how it was done in the old days when Rub'n'Buff was your only man if you wanted to go beyond silver paint for natural metal finish, but you didn't want to go as far as aluminium foil. Some modellers used dark green as the base coat for the strip round the exhaust fairing.
  6. She contributed to the Sulk LP as well I recall, and is now a professor at Ontario College of Art and Design.
  7. Very nice indeed. Here am I, a son of the Ould Sod myself, and I never knew until now that the Argosy had any Irish operators.
  8. I lent a copy of a Louis Stewart CD to a housemate and forgot to ask for it back before moving to the US in 2007. Very accessible record with things like 7, Li'l Darlin' and Someday My Prince Will Come on it. The liner notes were by the Irish Times Jazz critic, Ray Comiskey, who related a story about how someone (might have been Comiskey himself) had said to one of the guest musicians that Free Jazz was a fad whose time had passed. His reply was, 'Can I have that in writing?'
  9. If you're seeking to model any variant of the Jetstream including the 3M from the Airfix kit, one of the things you would have to do is move the window from the door to the rear of the main window strip. That can be seen from the underside photo of G-AWBR, Dave Fleming's photo above and in the still from Col Straker's arrival in UFO. Graham also mentioned some other mods on my thread in the 'Kit you built as a kid' GB: shortening undercarriage doors, reshaping ventral fin, small fairing at leading edge of tailplane root.
  10. I'd forgotten about the Belphegor. I think it's still the only jet-powered biplane/sesquiplane ever built.
  11. Well spotted on the registration, Troy, I wouldn't have noticed. What would mark it out as a -3 for me in side view would be the absence of the oil cooler under the nose.
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