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  1. Indeedy, but given my build rate I'd probably have to live to be a tricentennarian to finish that lot!
  2. I'd be up for this one. I've Shackletons, Gannets, Wyverns, Seafires and a Dragon Tu-95MS to choose from.
  3. I've seen them at FAA Museum Yeovilton 3 times now, but somehow I still manage to be surprised at the size of the Sea Fury and the Corsair.
  4. Not sure if it's still the case but a few years ago there was a site where you get rips of the NME compilation tapes. Listening to one of them: NME019, All Africa Radio. African artists such as Ladysmith Black Mazembe, Thomas Mapfumo, Toure Kunda, Fela Kuti, Super Rail Band, Somo Somo, King Sunny Ade.
  5. Apart from 'Butcher Bird', another epithet that was applied to the FW190 was something to the effect of 'the aircraft that taught the world how to cowl radials.' I gather from @TCinLA's review of a Grumman Bearcat kit on Modeling Madness that the Bearcat was influenced by the FW190A-5.
  6. That seems pretty astute. You've reminded me of Supermarine, which had a link with boat-building through Hubert Scott-Paine. He was the factory manager for Pemberton-Milling Ltd, which became the Supermarine Aviation Company Ltd.
  7. Hi Roger, what Vallejo product code is that paint? 71.305?
  8. What a splendid result! I must have missed this thread first time round, but I've come upon it while doing some research for the Novo Sea Fury I'm working on at the moment. Regarding the apparent warp in one of the main gear doors, mine has it too, and I'm wondering if it was actually moulded that way to conform to the rear of the oil cooler. I'll be replacing mine anyway with a suitably shaped piece of plasticard.
  9. According to Wikipedia, Syrinx was one of the two Short Scyllas built and the Scyllas were a land-based development of the Kent. Well spotted.
  10. Now that I think of it, AZ kitted the Mk XIV in low and high back versions, as well as a Mk XVIII. Oh, and Fujimi as well, though not the XVIII as I recall.
  11. Neatly done. That looks like the FROG kit alright, with the 'e' wing, and the strangely shaped rear portion to the underside of the wing-fuselage fairing. To my knowledge the only other original tooling of a Mk XIV in 1/72 is Academy's. It has the 'c' wing and markings for RB159/DW*D of 610 Sqn.
  12. That was a wow for me too back in the '70s. It would never have occurred to me otherwise that a Second World War fighter would have had a five-blade propeller. Also, the combination of the Eagle Annual story and FROG kit of the Wyvern has left me with a fascination with aircraft equipped with contra-rotating propellers ever since.
  13. I think it represents St Brendan, or Brendan the Navigator as he was also known.
  14. Hi Adey, thanks for the invitation. Here's the model, only 3 years late. It lay around almost finished for ages, but I've just put on the finishing touches yesterday. Camouflage colours were hand-brushed with Xtracrylics throughout, with the mottle applied by stippling. I followed the kit painting instructions, so the scheme may well be fictitious for all I know, particularly the green top to the power egg.
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