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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I bought that kit at the IPMS Ireland show at the weekend.
  2. I think he tried to loop it at 2:05
  3. I'd like to have a go, please, maybe with a Dynavector Sea Hornet.
  4. Certainly blows what I thought I knew out of the water. The impression I'd formed was: AP507C up to the Coronation Review; Light Admiralty Grey from the Coronation Review to the late '60s/early '70s; Light Weatherworks Grey up to the present day. That said, I've always been a bit resistant to the idea that RN ships presented a blue aspect during the '50s and '60s, albeit with a counterpoint being provided by the carrier anchors outside the FAA Museum.
  5. Royal Navy ships have been BS381c-676 Light Weatherworks Grey since the late '60s/early '70s. FS 36375 might be in the ballpark. Not too sure about the decks; I think they might be Extra Dark Sea Grey. I seem to recall quotes of FS 35237 and FS 36176 for the US Navy weatherworks Haze Gray and deck grey respectively.
  6. Galway's far enough north that there's a period from mid May to the end of July where the darkest it gets at night is Astronomical Twilight. For a few weeks around the solstice it's Nautical Twilight across midnight. That's magnificent work on the Sea Vixen.
  7. I'd like to join in with a F-86 Sabre if I can find transfers for the aircraft flown in Korea by James Jabara or Joseph McConnell. Plenty of other possibilities of course, to make it a bit less conditional.
  8. I've occasionally wondered about the origin of the Swarfega product's name. I wonder if it was designed to form a protective film, thus allowing swarf to be washed off without cutting oneself.
  9. It appears that the Aeroclub props for the Pucara had the product code P119. Joe's Models in the US (http://www.joesmodels.com/) has Aeroclub stock. You have to check for availability but you might strike lucky there.
  10. I wonder if Aeroclub's P057 propeller pair would be suitable. I've 2 sets and they were designed for the Astazou-engined Jetstream if memory serves. I have this kit lurking somewhere, so I'll be following this thread for sure.
  11. I'm thinking that I might be able to get the BOAC boxing of Roden's 1/144 Bristol Britannia in over a couple of weekends. I hope that it wouldn't be disqualified by having the wing-halves already joined. As it's a related subject I might even pull one of my Welsh Models Belfasts from the stash, though I likely wouldn't have a snowball's hope of finishing that on time.
  12. Oddly enough, I've tended to consider the Tradewind to be a fine-looking aeroplane - aft of the propeller warning line. The nose was where Aughrim was lost!
  13. Please add me to the list; I'd like to do a 100 Group Fortress from the Airfix kit.
  14. I had to look at the background to make sure that your photos were actually of a model. Excellent job!
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