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  1. Skytrain's associated with C-47 in my mind.
  2. David Bowie: Buddha of Suburbia
  3. I'm wondering if Tempestfan's referring to the old Alan Hall publication Aviation News, an elder sister paper of Scale Aircraft Modelling. I'm probably out to lunch there. I recall that the magazine often contained plans and that Alan Hall also ran an Aviation News Plans Service.
  4. XTC - Oranges and Lemons. Last track, Chalkhills and Children' is probably my favourite from the band, along with Train Running Low on Soul Coal from The Big Express.
  5. 'Tis pity I'm not a multimillionaire. I'm not an Ulsterman but if I had my way (and the money) that aircraft would be at Cultra.
  6. Certainly can. I got sunburned through overcast on a rainy day at Fairford while attending the 2009 RIAT.
  7. Synthetic Haze is in the Xtracolor range, number X160.
  8. Kingkit have one copy of F209F in stock currently, price £6.99.
  9. I like uncletommy's idea of replicating his first build. I'm in a position to to that as I have some Airfix Jetstreams,. That was my first kit when I was about 9 in 1970. I'm thinking of building it as the cancelled C-10 using the kit decals, wheels up with the prop blades left off. That would leave me with spare blades to turn the other two into Jetstream 31s. I suspect there would be rather more to that than just turning the front cowlings upside-down!
  10. Those Molotow chrome pens look like a must have. I wonder what area you can cover with them. If they can cover a Hawker Fury engine cowling evenly they'd be great. I can imagine using them on the front halves of 41 Sqn Hornet prop spinners as well.
  11. Good suggestion from bentwaters81tfw. For myself I'll sometimes apply a decal over a detailed panel, using Klear to soften the decal and make it conform to the detail. That may work if the decal has a similar level of detail. The panel in your kit is clearly a simpler affair, making for a bland result. I take it that there are two decals for the IP, one for the main panel and the previously shown one for the blind flying panel. I didn't learn how to properly apply waterslide transfers until at least my second kit.
  12. I think that's so and that they were subsequently released singly in bag and header card packaging.
  13. Looks like you're doing a Spitfire there. The decal you're showing here is of the standard British blind-flying instrument section and represents black dials with white bezels against a black panel. Maybe the decal adhesive's a bit lacking. If you haven't any decal setting solutions but have some varnish you could use that for bedding it down.
  14. That right hand panel looks more like Ocean Grey or Dark Admiralty Grey to me. The latter has been used on the cockpits of British military aircraft I believe.
  15. I have one of those packs myself and I suspect that I have lost the other one over the years.. One of the sheets therein is that for the Meteor 4. I recently applied the Dutch markings from it to the Revell (Special Hobby) Meteor 4 and they went on beautifully with no extra solutions applied. The same went for the decals on my DH Hornet. Those old FROG and Matchbox decals still perform well despite being over 40 years old, whereas I've had more recent decals from Tamiya kits break up on application.
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