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  1. Might be worth having a look at kingkit.co.uk.
  2. That I would love to see! And a display from a Mosquito wouldn't go amiss either.
  3. I like that, very nice indeed. It's not often that you see a model of a 502 Sqn aircraft. A camouflaged example was one of the options in the old Frog kit as I recall.
  4. Haven't owned a turntable myself for a long time now. I think I made my last vinyl record purchase around the mid 2000s. It was Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express by The Go-Betweens.
  5. I remember Sound and Vision being used for the continuity sequences between the programmes on BBC1 at the time.
  6. Fine job, Neil, very attractive result. You've just reminded me that I have that kit myself and that somewhere I have a book from the BA marketing department with dimensioned drawings of the Landor livery on various types. Also, if memory serves, Pantone references for the colours. I could probably dig those out and see if I can find matches using e-paint.co.uk or encycolorpedia.com. The Xtracolor range featured the Landor Pearl Grey and the Chatham Dockyard blue.
  7. I've taken it that it's a Pyrene extinguisher and painted mine copper. Might change to brass if need be.
  8. I'd like to have a bash at this one. I fancy the Yugoslavian F-86D though @Corsairfoxfouruncle's clearly thought of it first. Depends on whether or not I can get the appropriate transfers at a reasonable price. I also have the 'G for George'/sharkmouth boxing of the 1980s Airfix Lancaster, so that's another possibility.
  9. Thanks Pat. I haven't got the Flower Class, but I'd certainly like to get my hands on it. Whether I'd do it justice is another matter. I have the 1/700 HMS Duke of York alright, but haven't seen it in years and can't remember if I started it. Weekend agenda item perhaps: get all the Matchbox kits into one storage box. I imagine D of Y was selected for kitting due to carrying Sir Bruce Fraser's flag at North Cape.
  10. Please add me to the list. I think I've a dozen or so kits hidden away in various boxes so I should have a decent chance of finding something of interest.
  11. My memory is that Hemp was in BS4800 but wasn't called Hemp. I think it was listed as 10B21 Lizard Grey.
  12. I remember the Habbaniyah diorama from the 2019 Scale Modelworld show. Very impressive.
  13. I've never had any calls like the ones above, but I have received the odd 419 scam email over the years. My favourite was the one where I would supposedly come into a tidy sum if I supplied my details to look after Jonas Savimbi's fortune. I figured it was either a scam or a rather splendid piece of political satire, more likely the former.
  14. My take would be on the rotor-head and transmission casings being Dark Admiralty Grey.
  15. Sword 1/48 Meteor NF14 and 70s boxing Airfix Thunderstreak for me, following on the heels of another Airfix Thunderstreak, a Matchbox HS125, a Hasegawa Sabre Dog and an Airfix Chieftain. I've nearly finished the latter along with another one. I've done one in Gunze Sangyo H330 Dark Green as a less intense response to Deep Bronze Green, and the more recent one in Xtracolor X18 NATO Green and Humbrol 21 black under a couple of coats of Revell matt varnish. Also have the new SH 1/32 Whirlwind on backorder from Hannants. Looking forward to building the Meteor, might be another option for the Meteor STGB.
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