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  1. JosephLalor

    OK or BAD?

    Beautiful models of elegant aircraft.
  2. JosephLalor

    OK or BAD?

    I haven't the book to hand, but I've found a picture online and you're right. It's for the flight to Klow via Prague. While many of the types in the Tintin stories are instantly recognisable, some are quite obscure, such as the Macchi MC94 at the end of KOS.
  3. JosephLalor

    Wooden Wonder (literally)

    I'm sure we've all heard of people whittling models out of wood in the old days. Great to see it actually done here and well done too.
  4. JosephLalor

    Vickers Wellesley - Matchbox

    Great job. It's not often we see a Wellesley built up, and in a trainer/prototype colours variation on the desert scheme too.
  5. JosephLalor

    Listening to the Solstice

    Reminds me of an old Irish joke about the farmer who won the Nobel Prize - he was outstanding in his field. Excellent work on the Anson.
  6. JosephLalor

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    Ouch! 54 Squadron machine? Whatever the new Hunter kits' issues I think I'll be grabbing a couple of 6s and a 4. I imagine the latter will find favour with a certain MJ McEvoy.
  7. JosephLalor

    IAF colours

    Thanks for that Jure. I feel an order to Hannants coming on. I'd been toying with the idea of using the Colourcoats responses to R840 5008, Marrone Mimetico and AP507C.
  8. JosephLalor

    Airfix 2020

    I get the impression from this and similar comment that Airfix have been playing New Order to Hornby's Factory for some time.
  9. JosephLalor

    Meteor FR 9

    I'll be following this one as I'll be going for the 2 Sqn option for mine. There's an acknowledgement to a BM parishioner on the painting instructions I do believe.
  10. JosephLalor

    Airfix F-86D

    The radome does give the Sabre front end a little of the look of those Korshun equipped Russian jobs, but not quite as scary.
  11. As flies to wanton boys...
  12. JosephLalor


    A reminder that I was listening to John Peel's show one evening, and the sound of hammering was audible in the background over the air. Peel: 'It's Radio 2 coming to get me.' That's stuck with me, along with, 'The Fall, bestriding the narrow world of pop' and 'Murderer stylee, as we say in East Anglia.'
  13. That would include a number of postwar types as well as WWII if you consider Jerzy 'Joe' Kmiecik.
  14. JosephLalor

    IAF colours

    I've also seen references to RAL 8008 for the brown.
  15. That's saying something alright. One of the MS406 options in the Hasegawa twofer is a scheme with myriad small patches of colour. Masking that up would probably have you in the home for the bewildered.