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  1. Even Trevor Snowden came a cropper on that point with his Spitfire V in the Spitfire Revisited book. I believe that was due to an error in the old tool Airfix Spitfire V kit.
  2. Probably. Some of the RAuxAF squadrons competed for the Cooper Trophy, e.g. 607 County of Durham.
  3. Shimer may be considered the worst school in the US Tertiary Ed system, but on the basis of that line it has not lived in vain.
  4. Indeed, no harm in doing this one your way for fun. You can always take another approach on a later model if you wish.
  5. This'll be attractive. JBr Decals do a sheet for Rosarius Spitfire IX T9+TK. I actually like this kit, despite it being mid '70s in internal details.
  6. After seeing this post, I now imagine the Sunderland as possibly being the only British combat aircraft to have a steward on board.
  7. Looks like a conversion’s in the offing there. Empire?
  8. JosephLalor

    Spitfire TR.9

    Sorry, Paul, I checked again on the Aviation Megastore site and it would appear that the available conversion kit is the 1/72 one from Brigade Models. I think you might get a more accurate model from scratching a conversion as the 1/48 conversion kit seems to perpetuate the too short fuselage of the Hasegawa kit.
  9. JosephLalor

    Spitfire TR.9

    One remaining in stock at https://www.aviationmegastore.com
  10. I take it that's the Black Arrow rocket used to launch Prospero.
  11. Would that be the Halon family of gases?
  12. I think that's an example of what's called the intrusive R, used in non-rhotic varieties of English. It's similar to pronouncing words that end in a vowel as if they end in 'er', e.g. aurer for aura.
  13. The kit might have fought you but you came out with a grand model. Good job on the home-made markings. I wouldn't worry about the wing planform. Apart from extensions to the leading and trailing edges at the tip it was essentially unchanged from that of the previous marks. The Spiteful and Seafang wings were straight tapered.
  14. I remember it being called Kit Stick and having a citrus smell.
  15. 'Five Miles Out' I think. PS: Uncle Uncool got there first!
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