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  1. This has to be the first decal sheet featuring an aircraft flown by someone I know. (Option 8, XF317.)
  2. I surmise that your boxing is A01010, with a single option for a 85 Sqn machine at Lille-Seclin. There was a discussion on 85 Sqn hurricanes on this forum back in 2011. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234907653-hurricane-i-vy-cg-of-85-sqn-lille-seclin-around-apr-1940/ There's also a starter kit boxing, A55111, for a Battle of Britain period machine, but it's of 615 Sqn. Apparently 615 converted to Hurricanes in France just before the invasion, but returned to Kenley by 20th May 1940.
  3. Good work there. Nice to see an Aussie Mossie as well.
  4. That's looking very nice. I've gone for Xtracrylix Dark Green, Lifecolor FS 36187 and Gunze Sangyo Blue Angels Blue on mine for Dark Green, Ocean Grey and Dark Mediterranean Blue respectively. I've based that on the Scale Aircraft Modelling Aircraft in Detail article on the Hornet, and Mike Eacock's instructions for the Skybirds 86 kit. I wonder if my information's out of date by now.
  5. Sovereign Hobbies have a bleached teak colour (C01) in their Colourcoats range. It's a bit creamier looking than the old Humbrol Bleached Teak. Having looked around a little I find that US carriers had mahogany flight decks. I'm wondering if something like Humbrol's 110 wood brown might be a reasonable match.
  6. Splendid stuff, a far cry from my effort walloped together back in the 1970s.
  7. I learned church bell ringing at South Croydon. The tower had a set of handbells which were sometimes used for teaching change ringing methods. I've one quarter peal under my belt. It was various Bob methods on 5 bells with the Tenor covering, with me Plain Hunting on the Treble
  8. I notice that the upper wing surfaces in the kit are on their own runner. Taking that with the provision of the broad-chord rudder with the deeper horn balance, I wonder if Airfix have the Mk XVIII planned. I'm probably romancing yet again, but the thought occurred.
  9. Now listening to Jam Science by Shriekback on Youtube. Haven't heard this one for years.
  10. Never got to see them live myself. The Fall held most of my attention in the 80s and 90s. Some of Kristin Hersh's UK gigs have been in fairly unusual venues, such as St Philip's Church in Salford and the Public Library in Burnley. Both of those gigs are on Youtube. On the St Philip's clip she plays her Telecaster using a screwdriver.
  11. Throwing Muses: The Real Ramona. I love David Narciso's drumming on 'Say Goodbye'. Bit of a trip down memory lane that one - it was released 30 years ago.
  12. The New Statesman weekly competition once asked compers for suitable names of the residences of famous people. One of the winning entries was for Tennessee Williams: Chateau Hot Tin Roof.
  13. Reminds me of a Mike Yarwood gag. Joe Gormley: Daffodils are out. Moss Evans: Is it official or unofficial?
  14. Skytrain's associated with C-47 in my mind.
  15. David Bowie: Buddha of Suburbia
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