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  1. Neat bit of repurposing! How did you get the tail rotor to work? Enquiring minds want to know!
  2. Very interesting project! You seem to have good results with the 3D printing: which material are you using?
  3. Very smart, clean build of an eye-catching subject: thank you for posting. The coin gives the size away, but I really had to look twice to double check the scale.
  4. Some very delicate looking brushes on display here, presumably not disposable! I would appreciate recommendations for cleaning liquid cement from your glue brush.
  5. Must have been more than four and a half decades ago when I woke up to find Santa had brought me one of these. My memory says I did a pretty good job on it, but the pictures show that you have done a cracking job in this kit, and it offers a little glimpse down memory lane for me. Thanks for posting. For some reason, I'm particularly taken with the wear and chipping on the canopy rails; that looks so right.
  6. For once, the painted on mouth actually looks like it's going to devour something! I would say 'shark' but it looks different: maybe a dragon.
  7. That first shot just looked right. Don't know why, but it did. The rest are great too, but that first one...
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