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  1. Slater

    F/A-18E Load-out

    GBU-15 climbs during a loft attack (sorry, probably wasn't clear) and can be manually guided by the WSO or locked on to the target.
  2. Slater

    F/A-18E Load-out

    I believe the location of the target is known/predetermined by the aircrew prior to takeoff. GBU-15 has a mode where the bomb can be released at low altitude and then makes a climb to a higher altitude. At the apex of it's trajectory, the WSO acquires the target in the TV display and then can manually guide the bomb to impact or select lockon, and the weapon will guide itself.
  3. Slater

    F/A-18E Load-out

    GBU-15 came in large wing (MXU-724) and small wing (MXU-787) versions, and the powered (AGM-130) version. The large-wing version (in my opinion) looks better when hanging on an aircraft. GBU-8 is long gone, and I think was phased out by the mid 1980's. It was an early generation weapon that was never that reliable.
  4. Slater

    F/A-18E Load-out

    USN (IIRC) never used the GBU-8 or GBU-15. Possibly GBU-10 to some extent, but I would think that 500- and 1000 lb. class weapons would be easier to handle/store/load on a carrier deck.
  5. Slater

    Hasegawa F-104G in 1/48

    This has been released in various iterations over the years. Have any of the releases been supplied with external pylons?
  6. This kit is a bit older, but how is the overall accuracy and fit? And does it include the bulged landing gear doors of the "G"?
  7. Slater

    Meng 1/48 F-35A

    Compared with the correct shade of grey, is the as-molded color darker, lighter, or fairly accurate?
  8. With all the teething problems that the KC-46 is experiencing, the KC-45 (the USAF's original choice anyway) is probably looking better and better.
  9. Not sure what they're trying to do here. Since the USAF is committed to the Boeing KC-46, would this be some sort of Airbus/Lockheed contracted services offer (in the event the US is short of air refueling capability in the future?) https://www.airbus.com/newsroom/press-releases/en/2018/12/Lockheed-Martin-and-Airbus-sign-aerial-refuelling-Memorandum-of-Agreement.html
  10. Slater

    Meng 1/48 F-35A

    Does anyone have any positive/negative comments on this particular kit? Some have commented that the RAM panel joints are a bit overdone.
  11. Slater

    Belgian F-104 question

    Was Belgian F-104 camouflage similar to the USAF Southeast Asia pattern?
  12. Slater


    Is this projected paint scheme otherwise identical to the current F-15C scheme? https://www.janes.com/article/84839/qatar-to-receive-first-f-15qas-in-early-2019
  13. Slater

    F-100 Stores/Armament Identification

    USAF used a bewildering variety of CBU's in Vietnam. Some worked as advertised and some didn't. At war's end (and afterwards) relatively few types survived as standard inventory items.
  14. Slater

    Uk Wedgetail?

    US Air Force E-3's have been incrementally upgraded over the years (primarily electronics) and new engines have been considered. But there doesn't appear to be an E-3 replacement on the horizon, and USAF doesn't appear to be overly concerned. Given that prehistoric B-52's continue to serve, I suppose that's understandable.
  15. Slater

    UK wants more Chinooks...

    Apparently Miniguns are standard fit on UK Chinooks?