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  1. Just got four of these for the Jasta 40 Pheon decals. I 'm not a Fokker D7 expert and was wondering what is the other fuselage that comes with this kit. I went on the Wingnut sight to compare but didn't find it. I can google it but I rather ask here . Thanks Rick
  2. Nice, couple more markings that I like. Have not started mine yet but looks good in the box.
  3. Nice. I was hopping they would get into the Caudron racers. The Caudron C.561 would be nice also. Rick
  4. Well, looks like a nice kit but 'Icky and Me' markings are make believe. So fair warning. http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=13227&highlight=jack+payne
  5. I hope it is not the ITALERI kit since they rebox some of the Italeri kits. Sorry I don't want to sound like a negative Nelly but I was thinking of this .
  6. Got my first two yesterday here in the US, New Mexico. Looks good.
  7. Any word on when this kit will be out? Thanks Rick
  8. I go 2 expert kits. Thought about over trees but getting the other PE would be more than the expert set. Plus the photoetch from Eduard/Part was for other kits. I may get more latter . Hope they don't sell out. Rick
  9. I'm surprised about the Lancaster but makes sense since Jackson had replica's made. Research already done. I will not get one but I will take a look at any built. I build most models in 1/72 but have built over 7 Wingnut kits because it is easier to build WW1 aircraft in 1/32 than 1/72. For me anyway. I'm a little disappointed in that two of the three were the Lancaster so less of a chance for the WW1 kits I was hopping for. Come on Hansa Brandenburg HB D-1 Starstruter as the third kit . I'm just glad there still making kits. HHmmm I wonder how many Tamiya 1/72 P-47D's can be made out of the plastic of one Wingnut wings Lancaster . Rick
  10. Thanks. I tried to find the number of the CL II but didn't find it. We will see here in a couple of days. Hopping for a HB-1 Starstutter.
  11. Fokker DR1 Halberstadt CL II ??? First two were 'leaked' before but maybe others??
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