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  1. My thinking or wishing is if they came out with a Hurricane MK I which there is/was many other Hurricane MK I's kits they would be brave enough to do a P-51B. If it is as good as the Hurricane MK I kit it is going to be a very nice kit no matter what. P-51B please, I have a bunch of decals for it. Will find out soon and with September release it will give me time to save up if it is a P-51B. I need to eat less anyway,LOL
  2. Any word on the P-40M ?? They have a photo of the fuselage early in this thread. Have been build these with the P-40N the one I have built the most so far. Thanks to the DK Decals for the most part and couple of Dutch decals Rick
  3. I'm looking forward to the Fokker D.VII (MAG) in 1/72 . Hope they do a two-seater also but would think not. Rick
  4. If they come out with one in 1/72 I would get a few but not holding my breath since I'm still waiting for a P-51B.
  5. Just got four of these for the Jasta 40 Pheon decals. I 'm not a Fokker D7 expert and was wondering what is the other fuselage that comes with this kit. I went on the Wingnut sight to compare but didn't find it. I can google it but I rather ask here . Thanks Rick
  6. Nice, couple more markings that I like. Have not started mine yet but looks good in the box.
  7. Nice. I was hopping they would get into the Caudron racers. The Caudron C.561 would be nice also. Rick
  8. Well, looks like a nice kit but 'Icky and Me' markings are make believe. So fair warning. http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=13227&highlight=jack+payne
  9. I hope it is not the ITALERI kit since they rebox some of the Italeri kits. Sorry I don't want to sound like a negative Nelly but I was thinking of this .
  10. Got my first two yesterday here in the US, New Mexico. Looks good.
  11. Any word on when ´╗┐this kit will be out? Thanks Rick
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