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  1. Amazing RAF Phantom, the 92 Sqn Livery is the best for FGR.2 IMHO cheers
  2. well done, very atractive Mirage F-1EQ IrAF, a trully IRIAF Killer. Cheers
  3. WOW, one of the best tomcat I ever see on 72 scale, fantastic work!!!! You choose a original Squadron because VF-11 only use the D 4 or 5 years only. I love it all, the pain scheme, the weapons loadout and the carrier base. Cheers
  4. fantastic work Tony, amazing VF-194 Jet as usual. Which pilot did you use? resin? how paint the lightning on helmet? free hand? or use a mask? again, congratulations, another beautiful Tomcat to your collection cheers
  5. fantastic work, well done, a clasic Jolly Rogers with appropiate weathering. cheers
  6. well done, excellent Viggen flock cheers
  7. stunning work, absolutely a gem, one of the best Tomcat I ever seen (if not the best...), congratulations, well done Sir. The Early Wolfpack scheme is iconic and one of favorite option for many modellers, but hard to achieve properly. congratulations again cheers
  8. wow, as I said on your youtube channel, amazing model, really beautiful, all done with masterfully...incredible work well done cheers
  9. wow amazing flight deck Tony, really well done, I love it cheers
  10. at facebook today (on Mirage 4000 topic) modelsvit announced Mirage 2000 release by end of 2020 cheers
  11. thanks for all information as 2 and 41 Sqns (FGR.2) were the only that use EMI Recco Pod, what other weapons can use at the same time of pod? a recco configuration? 2 or 4 AIM-7/Sky Flash + EMI Pod + bombs (CBU)?+Sidewinder? there are too few pics on net of FGR.2 with EMI pod and none with other weapon... cheers
  12. Amazing information, Thanks you a lot!!! cheers
  13. thanks for all information, I only found some pics of FGR.2 with recco pod and sneb rockets (after Jaguar transition of many attacks Sqdns). Nothing about Nuclear Role. Cheers
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