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  1. Have done some changes since the last update. 1. Re-arranges a couple of the figures 2. Added oil spills and oil absorbents(they are basically materials used to help soak up as much oil spills as possible. 3. Re-arranged the cab and pallets to make room for a forklift(still contemplating if it will remain) 4. Added a couple of fire extinguishers. Will have to add a couple of signs too. 5. I managed to straighten out the kink in the overhead crane. Probably not 100% perfect but way better than in the last update. Things lef
  2. Thank you. Glad you appreciated it.
  3. Appreciate it the uplifting comment, Richard.
  4. This is a result of down sizing a diorama. The older version of this vignette, was called ‘Fire Fight’, which was slightly bigger. I am still adding small details to it but it is pretty much done.
  5. I guess so. Not really sure how that situation would play... Here is a Youtube clip and photos of caddies:
  6. I kitbashed/scratch built a mobile trailer caddy unit for the trailer. Since I am not able to put a tractor in front of the trailer, I thought it would make an interesting eye candy for the viewer and for the scene as a whole. There are different weight variations of these units. I decided to go with one that would almost handle the weight of this trailer in case the the landing legs would give way.
  7. There are locks at all four corners, underneath the bed, similar to container trailers.
  8. Great tip. I'll see if I can mimic that on the inner doors. If not, I'll just leave it as is. But thank you for that added tip. I'll remember that next time. Thank you kindly.
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