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  1. Thank you. My appreciation. Thank you. He Glad you think so John. Thank you.
  2. Hahaha! Thanks. Appreciate your comment. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. Thank you Dick. Glad you like the results. Thanks. Mmmm bird poo you say??? Will have to examine the method of producing poo, efficiently. Thanks. I have a complete kit of the old amt bulldozer. The parts came from another amt kit I purchase whose parts were not complete. Bought it second hand. The bare steel look was achieved by simply dry brushing with Citadels Leadbelcher color. I don't use an airbrush. At least, not yet. I am still practicing using a cheap model. Thanks. It sufficient. Thanks Chris.
  4. Been testing out more weathering techniques in combination with diorama placements. Trying to make smaller diorama compositions but still trying to maintain, an overall cohesive look. Will be grinding the threads of the tyres to add more wear and tear, and fixing the sink holes on the container. But so far I think it looks good. ------------------------------------------
  5. I still have to add insignia to the 144L front grill which I have to order. The title 'tight squeeze' is relates to the awesomeness of how the driver managed to back in his trailer into a docking bay whose entry way is almost as wide as the trailer itself. This proves how experience the driver is with his truck.
  6. Thank you kindly. Glad you like the build. So kind of you to say, Ron. Thank you buddy.
  7. Yep! I had an idea, afterwards to open up the back so you can see in the trailer. So you would be looking at the interior through the scale perspective of the outer docking door. Oh well! Maybe another time,
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