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  1. That's the best compliment a modeler will hear.
  2. Thank you so much.
  3. Thanks. I am sure they have a reserve tyre. Thanks john. Thank you kindly. HAHAHA!!!!!
  4. This is another small and quick vignette I made in-between my current major truck build. Yes, I have been doing quite a lot of them lately. I wanted something to take with me to the GGG exhibition in Sweden, in two weeks time. So I came up with this after seeing a pic on the net. I used parts, which I modified to be able to get the open rear axle effect I wanted. I have lots of 1/24 parts left over from older builds, which I’ve discarded over the years. Hope you all like it.
  5. Not a bad idea. Maybe something for a little project down the road. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. A quick and simple job. Glad you think so. Yes. There is some in the bin.
  7. This was a very fast build. Took less than 6 days(roughly), to complete. It was just something I decided to do in-between another truck build I am currently working on. I was just playing around. I call it, 'The wall of quotes'. Just a collection of different anecdotes that people usually say or have said. The quotes are actually embedded in the concrete wall. At the seem time, I wanted to create an interesting look on the vignette itself, by showing a partial cut-out underground look on the surrounding area. I just thought it would make things a little interesting to look upon. That's me. I always like to take things...One-Step-Further.
  8. Absolutely amazing. Can this be a studio scale model?
  9. tiking

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Great words of encouragement Houston. Thank you kindly for that.
  10. tiking

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Thank you kindly.
  11. You finally gone and done it, eh? Congrats. This is one of the best 1/35 scale model of an excavator, I have seen. The details are excellent. Just read the instructions carefully when assembling the front blade and hydraulics. As well as the tracks hub components. I had to take my bottom half apart after seeing that I had glued the wrong part. The numberings are close together. Anyway, besides that, it went together smoothly. BTW, a compact roller is already out.
  12. tiking

    Scania wrecker & burnt out MAN

    Like the idea Brian. I appreciate you sharing it with us. I like the recovery too. Being metal, it must have taken some work, eh?
  13. tiking

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Thank you Brian.