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  1. Much appreciated John. Thank you kindly. ...and you probably never will... Thanks.
  2. This is basically a 'What-if' project like the other project I did with the M915 Trumpeter kit and burnt-out excavator. The basic kit is the Takom Ukrainian KrAZ-6446 Tractor with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G Semi-Trailer. I had to shorten the chassi of both tractor and trailer to make it feasible for this particular type of design. The original trailer is capable of carry a tank but with these mods, it could carry something a little less than a tank. But again, I am playing with the idea and thought it would be something different than just the ordinary look of a kit version. And yes. The rear wheels are
  3. Thank you kindly Andy. Agreed. though I thought it was cool at first, it just didn't fit right into the SW theme. I mean, won't a hover variation be more effective in every environment?
  4. This is the Hasbro tread speeder, that I modified to a desert speeder instead. I sawed off the treads, the toy-like missile launcher and it's mechanism, and other parts that I didn't want and replaced the opened areas with plasti-card and some minor scratch built and other small detail parts from 'box of tricks'. The result is what you see. I posed the figure that came along with the Hasbro tread speeder. I posted photos without the figure as well. Thanks for looking.
  5. That's it. Thanks. Just updated the original post guys. Check out the new photos!
  6. Aaaawwwww! My humble thanks buddy. Thank you kindly Matt.
  7. Thank you kindly. My appreciation. Thank you.
  8. Thank you Bill. I finally added the amber lights and took some photos outside:
  9. Thank you kindly. Much appreciated. Glad you like it.
  10. Have done some changes since the last update. 1. Re-arranges a couple of the figures 2. Added oil spills and oil absorbents(they are basically materials used to help soak up as much oil spills as possible. 3. Re-arranged the cab and pallets to make room for a forklift(still contemplating if it will remain) 4. Added a couple of fire extinguishers. Will have to add a couple of signs too. 5. I managed to straighten out the kink in the overhead crane. Probably not 100% perfect but way better than in the last update. Things lef
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