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  1. Uplifting thoughts. I know the artist. He is a remarkable builder.
  2. This diorama came about of necessity. A diorama had been destroyed by child sometime ago. I decided to reuse items from that diorama together with another diorama to to make up for the destroyed one. Most of the figures have been taken from other smaller dioramas together with newer ones to form this recent version. I have been contemplating a vehicle, such as a pickup, but not too sure. I think the diorama looks good a nd makes a statement as is. We shall see late on down the line if I change my mind.
  3. Thank you Alan. Totally agree John. Thanks.
  4. I decided to put the overloaded truck model in a minimilistic diorama. The plan is to take a photo of the truck from the front and overlay it within a 'Time' or some other magazine-like cover page. This view will be the view the photographer in the diorama, has taken and published as a cover photo for the magazine. I am still working on adding little details here and there and trying to add a figure in front of the truck as well as a ladder and a figure climbing at the rear to place more stuff in the cargo pile. We'll see how far I can take this. A small note. While trying to move the truck to the present position, the axle broke. But I managed to glue it(which gave me some headaches, due to the clumsy pile of things at the rear. It made it harder to hold while trying to glue back the axle. I succeeded nonetheless. So far, I am happy with the results, until I can add the other details. I managed to manipulate a photo of my truck, on the cover of two Swedish magazines. Looks pretty cool: ---------------- ------------------
  5. Glad you had a laugh. Appreciate it.
  6. Thank you. The brand if truck is kamaz from Zvezda. No kitchen sink, but there is a toilet.
  7. Thanks. Although, there is no imagination when it is how they doing in the real world. ;)
  8. Very kind and uplifting words. Thank you. Thank you. Hehe!!!
  9. Me neither Keith. Yeah! I know. Seen trucks that were worst of than this. Thanks Steve. Its a Russian Kamaz. Thank you Hans.
  10. Like my last overload project this one takes things a little further. The scale is 1/35, simply because, I had this vehicle on on that I did not know what to do with it. So I turn it from being a military truck to a civilian vehicle instead. This brand of trucks are sometimes used in the African regions so I thought I would use it for this build. I used whatever fits the bill, from old clothing, rubber, tissue paper, plastic, and odds and ends that I had saved in my ‘box of tricks’, to get the job done. I even added a toilet bowl to throw in some interest. The plastic yellow/orange containers are used a lot in many regions in Africa, so I painted and added them to the mix of odds and ends. I want to thank Ulf Lindgren for sending me the containers. These were 3d printed. He did and amazing job with the fine details of the containers. The drawings were provided by another great modeler, Peter Olsson. Thanks guys. Note. I just noticed, I had forgotten to shave off the thin rubber in the middle of the tyre on top of the cab. Will try and shave it off. Otherwise, it was a fun build. Thanks for looking. ---------------------------------------------------
  11. Kind regards. Glad you liked the results. Just wait for the truck version I'm currently working on getting done. Haha! Most definitely. My next project already in the works, is a truck version, smacked filled. Thank you Steve. Hehe!! I don't blame them. HAHAHA! I can imagine. There are so many all over the world but mostly Africa and India.
  12. Hehe! Thank you kindly. Working on a truck version, now.
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