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  1. Thank you Pete. I had added that before but it did not look right to me. So, I removed it. Might have to re-think the design a bit better, maybe.
  2. I think this diorama can be called finished. Although, I am still adding small details here and there still. But here are some photos of diorama in its entirety since the last time I uploaded, under a different title. I have been struggling with it because of my figure painting skills over the two year period. I was never satisfied with the results, which always ended up being put aside until I could improve my skills. So here it is with another added, two figures. The theme is simple. Somewhere in Iraq, a group of insurgents are running towards a fight, to help their fellow comrades. Just has they run by the corner of the building, a freelance photographer is kneeling around the corner taking their photos, which in turn will be sold to the 'TIMES' magazine.
  3. Thank you kindly Alan. Thanks to you too. Glad you like the results.
  4. Yes. It's another hover bike. I told you, I was in the anti-gravity mood. Original kit bashing, using parts from the same kit and minor other parts to create this beast. The engines are electrical shells and many small bits and pieces ranging from bits from other kits.
  5. This is definitely out of my comfort zone. But, what the heck! Here it is. This is my version of the AMG GT3 race car. As always, I like to give all my builds a twist in terms of design and/or configuration. The amg gt3 is no exception. My theme for this build is, that, the amg gt3 was originally a competition car, which was bought by private owner. He decides to tweak the car to extreme to see how much power he can get out of the engine. Hence all the added gagets almost protruding through the car headlights(which of course, were removed to make room for the added accessories). The rear lights were also removed and replaced with netting. The windshield was removed to reduced the weight of the car. New gagets were also added all round and in the internal compartments, of the car. The roof was removed as well as the rear glass. In its place extra support for the protective cage at the rear was added. And as you might have notice, I sawed off the doors as well. The look of the AMG GT3 is bad*ss car. Now, it looks brutal.
  6. Thank you kindly. This encourages me greatly. Thank you for that. I thought the seam was OK, as the seams of most pants are visible. Its a little late for that as these figures were done a couple of years ago. I will be more careful on my next figures. Appreciate the constructive criticism.
  7. Thank you Badder. My appreciation. glad you like the results.
  8. Hahaha!!! Could have been. But the imagination of these exceed theirs.
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