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  1. Did I imagine this or were there rumours Eduard is doing this?
  2. Bizzare. I had one of those (real Cup Noodles) from Tescos the other day. Unfortunately though it wasn't very nice.
  3. When I saw this thread I thought it was being released at last.
  4. Nice to see it coming along at last. Also nice to see clear wing lights. Something not all manufacturers do for some strange reason.
  5. Am I missing something? What's the point in dragging up this old thread?
  6. I can't figure out where 2 identical parts go. Photoetch parts P/e 16 if anyone can help?
  7. Yes thanks for those silberbferd. Great help! I can actually see where those 2 parts fit now,
  8. I'm making AMG's 1/48 109 B1 but because the instructions aren't very good and clear I can't make out some things very well especially where parts E6 affix to the seat. I can't find many references at all so if anyone can post any good cockpit and seat photo's it'll be much appreciated.
  9. Another thing that should have been done years ago. And the E Type hasn't been served well in diecast either. The new Norev 1/12 scale diecast looks nice but for years there was really only the old Burago one. The Autoart one from a few years back looked odd too (tyres were too small and the stance was too high).
  10. Usual disappointing Revell New years list of reissues etc. The E-Type is really welcome though....but why did it take them so long to do a new tool of this famous, popular car?
  11. Great news but I still haven't made my Valiant yet.
  12. I know this isn't a new or rumoured kit announcement but I keep getting notifications that someone's replied to a post I made (often in this section though I've had it in other forums on this site) but when I check there's no reply. Anyone else had this?
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