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  1. Great to see a D's on the cards. Hope it's got some camo schemes.
  2. Another idiot here. Time to clear the house out for this monster.
  3. Not that I want them to rush it and get it wrong but I'm surprised it's not coming out till October.
  4. SeaVenom

    1/144 BAC One-Eleven by Eastern Express

    I admit I haven't built any of their kits but EE have got a bit of a bad reputation though haven't they?
  5. Agree with that. Most of these new jets all look the same. Grey, hideously ugly, boring and dull. I'll take the ugly rocket tank instead.
  6. I don't get those cartoon things at all but the Buk's worthy of my wallet.
  7. SeaVenom

    SAM-11 Missile System

    Even more cool. Meng's might be the best but we'll see.
  8. SeaVenom

    SAM-11 Missile System

    Cool but I hope it's better than their other 1/35 kits.
  9. SeaVenom

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    I think Airfix would have done one by now if it wasn't for the Corgi 1/72 diecast.
  10. SeaVenom

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Let's hope if they're doing a new Vulcan it doesn't end up like their Vampire. Be nice if it's 1/48th.
  11. SeaVenom

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    That would appear to be the case but I suppose it all boils down to whether Eduard or any other companies are intentionally simplifying plastic parts when they could do a lot better.
  12. SeaVenom

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Because kit companies should be striving to get their plastic kits as good as possible. Most people prefer plastic over resin and people mainly use resin if the plastic parts aren't detailed enough. That's why companies like Special Hobby are improving their mould making and bringing out more and more kits made entirely of plastic. If a kit has a choice of a resin part and a plastic part that have the same amount of detail then most people will use the plastic part as it's easier and better.
  13. SeaVenom

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    If that's the case then they shouldn't be doing that. They and all model companies should strive to get their plastic kits as good as possible not intentionally simplify the parts to sell their resin etc. Many modellers don't like resin too.