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  1. Beautiful mud splatter paint job. I wish some kit manufacturer like Meng or Takom would do the MKVIII too.
  2. Cheers for that. Some of what you said I knew but other things I didn't know. Great info!
  3. Shame to hear that your heritage isn't in the best of states (mind you ours can be neglected too) but if I'm in Belgium again I'll be paying a visit to the museum.
  4. Thanks for the info. I take it you work at the Brussels museum?
  5. Thanks. I can't find that particular Revell paint but I thought I'd try a tin of Humbrol 159 Khaki Drab which seems ok.
  6. Thanks for that and the paint recommendation (it wouldn't surprise me if it's found out one day if at least some MKIV's were painted more of a green colour). I've got some Revell paints here somewhere so I'll have a look and see if I have some.
  7. I'd get the Meng or Takom kits too but you could always do a battle damaged version maybe? Though it would probably be a good idea to do it in a way where you couldn't see the bare interior.
  8. Typical WW1 tank colour question here. I'm building Mengs Whippet and I need to know if the overall colour is correct. It says to paint it olive brown but the colour does look more green than brown in the instructions (like maybe Humbrols olive drab 155). On various searches I've done people have said Whippets were painted like MKIV's and were more of the usual tan/khaki brown colour they were painted in but others say they were more of a green. And I've read that the example in the Royal Museum of the Army in Brussels is thought to have been painted a dark green. I'm doing the example
  9. I've got the AMT Akron. Looks a lot better if you leave the framework off the fins (they're not supposed to be there anyway).
  10. Thanks for that list. Seen a couple like Aces High, TB6 and LOA but haven't seen some of the others.
  11. I'd like to see more airships especially the R100.
  12. Yes. Good idea. I've got Encore's Blue Max version of Rodens Pfalz too.
  13. Look forward to this. They should do a Blue Max movie version too.
  14. I'm making Cyber Hobby's 1/200 kit but I can't seem to find much info regarding the exact colours for this period. The pilots are tiny and not very detailed in the slightest but I thought I'd put them in anyway.
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