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  1. Even though I haven't stuck it yet I tried fitting the main cockpit floor part (with the seat and joystick parts etc all glued on to it} but I noticed the joystick actually bends when you put it in position as it goes right up against the cockpits left side and the seat goes up against the main cockpit rear so that the whole floor part bends down at an angle. Anyone else have trouble with this? It looks like I'll have to remove the stick and glue it elsewhere and the seat. It also looks like the joystick will interfere with the main cockpit dashboard.
  2. Shame they can't add a new sprue or two to make the Halifax more accurate.
  3. I've seen people saying about PVA before but when I've tried it it just hasn't stuck the plastic. It doesn't weld like styrene glue does from what I've experienced. Same with Clearfix.
  4. They are a bit daunting yes but I can only speak for what worked for me (on the previous page). Again I did get some tiny bits of glue on 1 or 2 windows but I found that after slightly scraping away each aperture so the fit wouldn't be too tight and putting a very thin bit of glue on each surface with a cocktail stick the smudging of glue was very minimal. Have a read of what I did and give it a go on 1 window to see how comfortable you are with doing it that way. I found that once I started and got the hang of it I managed to finish it in 1 night (which I was surprised about).
  5. Shame to hear that. I noticed in the instructions (and remember reading a review years ago) that you need to put a 1mm strip of plastic before joining the fuselage halves so the nose fits on ok.
  6. Hadn't seen that. Good stuff.
  7. Nice clear photo. I've stuck all those parts now (obviously not the fuselage together yet ) but I find it helps to keep checking how it's coming together by using unglued main parts (such as A8) etc. Hopefully I get it all to line up.
  8. Cheers for that. Great diagram and I'll have a good detailed look at it tomorrow.
  9. Nice. Hopefully I'll get this for Xmas to gp alongside my Academy Stratocruiser.
  10. Do you mean they're compressed on the kit? I know photo's can be deceptive and maybe I'm wrong but the wheels do look a bit smaller on the Halifax to me when comparing these 2 photo's....... http://www.tangmere-museum.org.uk/aircraft-month/handley-page-halifax (3rd photo on the left) http://www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/AARG/lancaster.html
  11. Thanks. Looking at those pics they don't seem to resemble much of what MPM's provided.
  12. Thanks for that. It's amazing how little interior reference is out there on the web though.
  13. I think it must have been after the problems were apparent as he does point them out. I don't know how correct the Matchbox wheels are but when I've fitted them into the new Revell kits undercarriage the gap between the top of the tyre and undercarriage arch looks too small compared to the real life photo he provided in that link.
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