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  1. More nice pics. The cockpit is definitely quite lacking especially as it's a larger kit.
  2. Thanks all and interesting points. Just as well I asked as I was about to paint it the same colour as my FGA9.
  3. I'll have a look see if I can find it and good luck with the 4 types.
  4. I've got a spare Tamiya Beau and I was thinking of making this aircraft too as it looks like it has many parts that can be used but it's interesting to see that. I don't think I've seen any photo's showing that side of the aircraft.
  5. I built Revells 1/32 Hunter FGA9 many years ago and I painted it anthracite grey like the instructions said. I didn't really look into whether it was correct or not at the time as I assumed it was correct but after digging out and starting my FMK6 I've looked at cockpit photo's and like many other aircraft of the era it looks like it should be a flat black instead? I've seen some people say grey and others saying black.
  6. Yes. I can't see why Hasegawa wouldn't ever do a new Sally seeing as more obscure Japanese aircraft have been tooled. It's time Hasegawa did a new Sally.
  7. Very nice. Might just invest in one or more of these myself.
  8. Strange....I had a dream about this when I fell asleep only an hour or two back and the thread resurfaces. Anyway nice box art!
  9. I think the Blackbird's more popular than some people think. Most people who build kits are older blokes and amongst these older aircraft enthusiasts the Blackbird's very well known and liked because of it's beautiful shape.
  10. I hope the engine nozzle's better than the one on the T11.
  11. Another subject I'd like to build but when I'll be able to because of time, other projects and lack of space I don't know. Does look promising though.
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