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  1. Strange....I had a dream about this when I fell asleep only an hour or two back and the thread resurfaces. Anyway nice box art!
  2. I think the Blackbird's more popular than some people think. Most people who build kits are older blokes and amongst these older aircraft enthusiasts the Blackbird's very well known and liked because of it's beautiful shape.
  3. I hope the engine nozzle's better than the one on the T11.
  4. Another subject I'd like to build but when I'll be able to because of time, other projects and lack of space I don't know. Does look promising though.
  5. Thanks guys. Great info and nice job on yours Adam.
  6. Some other things I'll add is the instructions don't say what colour/s and the only photo's I can see show that the front part of the intakes are part of the camouflage and the only others I can find show the deeper parts either with covers on or black and white or in shadow. I
  7. Sorry forgot to say which one. I'm making Cyberhobby's 1982 Ascension Island version.
  8. From the photo's I've seen they look silver inside. Is that correct?
  9. Thanks for that (I think). Certainly an angle on things I haven't heard of before.....though I might just paint all my tanks green in future so I don't have to think of said pigslop!.
  10. They look good enough to eat .....so yes!
  11. Beautiful mud splatter paint job. I wish some kit manufacturer like Meng or Takom would do the MKVIII too.
  12. Cheers for that. Some of what you said I knew but other things I didn't know. Great info!
  13. Shame to hear that your heritage isn't in the best of states (mind you ours can be neglected too) but if I'm in Belgium again I'll be paying a visit to the museum.
  14. Thanks for the info. I take it you work at the Brussels museum?
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