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  2. Hi Woody37, You asked, "The bit that threw me last night is the angle of the wings where they butt against the fuselage, they aren't at 90 degrees to the wing, rather they cause the wing to angle down. Is this the same on yours?" The answer is "No" if I might explain, the wings on the FM Halifax are short in span coupled with the thin fuselage plastic walls it makes it tough to get alignment true and straight. I used a machinist square to get 90 at that critical joint. The 2x 80thou spacers and the internal 1x 80thou filler makes for a strong even base to align the wings. Yes the bomb bay is critical to provide support to the whole aircraft so spend some time on getting it right and true. Too thin a width bomb bay and you will get an alignment problem with the main wings because of the thin FM plastic in that area. What I'm having a problem with is the rear fuselage is twisting because again of the very thin plastic FM used coupled with their poor care when pulling the molds and letting them cool. I will have to make a gig to support and clap down holding the aircraft straight and aligned when I'm ready. Not to confuse people with two builds here ...I posted just 3 image of my build on Hyperscale as a WIP in "Plastic pic's" to help those whom wish to take on the beast. PHIL.
  3. Eric Mc

    737 Max

    The plot reminds me more of Neville Shute's "No Highway".
  4. One thing that occurs to me - in the reviews I've seen, we see the modeller merrily stick tape on the model and ripping it off immediately with no ill effect. The problem is that in real world masking, the tape often remains on the model for some time - and maybe this is giving the chance for paint and tape to interact so unpleasantly Colin
  5. Biggles87

    Scam alert....

    We used to get a lot of calls telling us that there was a problem with our internet, but that seem to have dried up recently.I heard an item on the radio yesterday saying that a gang of internet scammers had been arrested somewhere in the east, so perhaps the authorities are starting to catch up with them,let’s hope so.
  6. What DOES she have in her left hand?
  7. Nice to hear compliments for a kit as delivered. Looks most impressive, at any scale! So, paint next you say .. a deep dark blue I presume?
  8. Mishubishi Ka-14 Prototipe. Kit build from the box (Eduard IJN seat belts & some cooper wire) Paints :https://mrpaint.sk/ Thanks for the tips and help: Nik Nikolas Millman . More words and history: http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2019/09/samos-148-fine-molds-ka-14.html T.p! Samo Štempihar/ P.k Slovenija
  9. JohnT

    737 Max

    Bit more today on BBC suggesting return to service by the New Year https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50151573 Not sure how much confidence I will have flying one tbh and I am pretty sanguine about such matters
  10. JohnT

    Scam alert....

    Tbh I get so hacked off with this nonsense that we screen all calls now and ignore anyone we don’t know. The auto response says if caller genuine they will have address. Post a letter and we will verify they are genuine becfore entering into any discussions. Its going to kill electronic communications such as telephone calls, email etc. if someone doesn’t get a grip on this. Come to think of it maybe removing the tyranny of business email is not a bad thing
  11. Love the Wimpy, looking forward to watching this come together. Wheels up or down on this one? Roger
  12. Although this isn't a Britmodeller topic, I thought that some of you that use Windows 7 would like to know that Microsoft is officially ending Support for this excellent OS with effect from the new decade. Specifically 14th January 2020. You can catch a little bit more information from them here, but what they won't be so keen to tell you is that your Windows 7 key can be used to activate a downloaded version of Windows 10 without any coin of the realm changing hand... so a free upgrade, which is nice. They'll be mining the heck out of your data of course, which is why the phrase "there's no such thing as a free lunch" holds true. There are ways around that of course. So if you want to migrate to a supported OS with regular security updates etc., you really do need to make a decision. Go for Windows 10, or try Linux, or the windows-like ZorinOS that is designed with the Windows user (or Mac user) in mind. I went to Windows 10 for ease, but took the precaution of getting a license for Spybot Anti Beacon, which blocks off most, if not all of the ways that Microsoft harvest your data either due to your ignorance of their doing it (who reads these T&Cs?), or relying on you not noticing that they're doing it. MS have gone to great lengths to hide this, and where they have to ask your permission, they spin it so that it seems like they're doing you a big favour. They have also scattered the settings far and wide to prevent you from going down a single list and unchecking all the boxes. You can fix it all manually if you know where to look, but they have a habit of adding new things with updates, resetting some of the settings you have selected or changing them subtly to ensure that have the excuse if called on it, and of course they're relying primarily that people just want to use their PCs, not have to faff about all the time checking settings. Anti Beacon does all that for you if you pay the small license fee, or it will do a lot of it if you use the free version. They're the same people that have the Spybot SD product to keep malware and adware off your PC, so they have a track record of decent products. No affiliations here, just offering y'all some information in case you weren't aware on the basis that if you screw it up you can't blame me, so there!
  13. Hi Colin Thanks sharing your experiences with Xtreme metals. I have to say that mine are very similar to yours. It sprays beautifully and dries to a hard finish but then the tape issue rears it’s ugly head. I should also say that I sprayed it over a coat of Xtreme black base. Like you I saw the Flory review and am wondering where I’ve gone wrong? I find you can also see where the edge of the tape was. This isn’t over spray by the way! Ive also started using Hataka orange line laquers recently which also spray very nicely and have had a similar problem with tape residue there to, even after de-tacking. Perhaps the Tamiya tape doesn’t like certain paints? James
  14. AFAIK, It's not a P-51A as it misses the small went window in the left hand windscreen Other things to note is the early type antenna mast and the blanked-off quarter window hiding a camera. /Finn
  15. I recommend White Tack instead of Blu Tack.
  16. Just remember to mask off the middle canopy panel! So many don't on that kit... Will you be correcting any of the inaccuracies or leaving it as is?
  17. But is that a "P-51A" (Mustang II), or a Mustang I/IA?
  18. Ratch

    Airfix 2020

    I thought this was the Airfix fantasy thread not the Flyhawk one
  19. Ouch, I had the same thing happen with Mr Colour paints, Masking tape glue left on the white paint. Binned the kit in the end. these might help. http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/tools_techniques_and_reference_materials/f/18/t/141261.aspx http://cs.trains.com/mrr/f/88/t/130897.aspx
  20. You have a good eye. I just checked it against my Academy Hornet and they are very close. I'll have to remember that when the Modelsvit one comes out if they use a vac canopy Thanks
  21. Hi Red Dog, Great work! I like the subject and I like what you did with it! I am a newbie so in my very humble opinion, maybe the color variation within the camo could be a bit subtler, because from some angles it almost looks like a camo within a camo. Just an observation on otherwise great build. Keep it up. Cheers, Nikola
  22. Microscale 72-97 appears to have the same 'issues' as the Xtradecal one, then - no tank flashes, and four-colour tail flash, as seen here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/227K-Microscale-Decals-72-97-USAF-F-100D-Super-Sabre-Insigne-1-72/254343605764?hash=item3b380f6e04:g:HSMAAOSwPVldZp-o Also, it has less in the way of numerals to mix 'n match... Looks like you need this Wolfpak one: https://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/references/reviews/118-decal-reviews/273-wolfpak-decals-72-030-sabres-corsairs-a-demons
  23. Hi Sniffer Tom, you are rekindling old memories by mentioning ModellFan! I used to religiously buy that magazine when I was working from Holland, so many centuries ago! It is great it is still going, when so many modelling publications have bitten the dust over the years. Wonderful Africa is around 39 Celsius today, and on Monday they are forecasting 48 Celsius... Not good. Cheers JR
  24. On second thoughts maybe How about using the ludicrous round holed filter meshes as sacrificial offerings? They are certainly unusable for their primary role
  25. Not just the rear fuselage but from behind the canopy to as far aft as you can see.
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