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  1. Can't wait to get one! Going to build mine as Special Kay before she was painted in her camo colors.
  2. If I remember right, the Bearcat was designed to fit the R2800 engine into the smallest airframe possible. Stunning builds!
  3. They are considered the high end of short run kits. Really looking foward to this kit!
  4. That's a big a$$ bomb hanging on each side! Outstanding work as always. It's refreshing to see what can be done to a kit OOB to make it stand out! You nailed it!
  5. As successful as Spruebrothers is, I think they will have the capital to invest in such a project. I think where they would need help is in the research, development, and tooling phases. In my opinion, I think this is where the partnership with Phantom Phreaks is beneficial.
  6. Looks like they are going all out on these kits. I wonder who will be doing the tooling. The price I am not concerned about too much. I know it will be high considering what goes into tooling these up and the level of detail they are proposing. My guess is somewhere around $250-300. Of course, just pure speculation at this point.
  7. Update. A partnership with Phantom Phreaks. A new company?
  8. Just saw this posted on facebook. Can anyone shed some light on this? Hopefully the link works. https://www.facebook.com/groups/215551215532252/permalink/1298332650587431/
  9. Stunning build! I just cracked mine open. The panels you glue onto the fuselage fit extremely well. You can't even tell they are separate pieces!
  10. This has been on my wishlist for years! Thank you ICM! Now, if you can just tool up a new tool B-26 Marauder to go along with this one!
  11. I was really hoping for a modern version, but this will still be welcomed by many.
  12. Crappy paint job??? What are you talking about?! I think it turned out great!
  13. Very nice! You did a fantastic job on the paint!
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