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  1. I had the same problem with mine as well. Although, mine isn't that bad. If you squint hard enough, you can see the warp. I'm going to leave mine as is.
  2. Nice start! I'm building one myself. Although, I'm converting mine into the proposed freighter version that was canceled in FedEx colors.
  3. Just a heads up. The engine nacelles are tricky. I had a huge gap and a decent step to deal with. Ultimately, that's what stalled my build. However, the wings go together wonderfully!
  4. Awesome! Makes me want to break mine out and start working on it!
  5. Well, yeah I read it. If you look at the scale in the catalog, it says 1/48. That's why I was asking. Nothing more. Just asking for clarification. Over and out.
  6. So, is this 1/48 or 1/32? Or are we getting both from Hobbyboss?
  7. Just beware, if you go with the gunze gx100, you have to thin it a lot. Something like 80% thinner to 20% clear. That stuff is almost like molasses.
  8. I'm building the meng kit right now. Fit is phenomenal! I closed up the weapon bay doors and the fit is just about perfect considering each side is four pieces. They mate up perfectly as long as you are careful test fitting them. The vertical stabilizers do have a tricky seam to fill, though, as the seam runs through panel lines. Other than that, I have not used any filler anywhere else.

    The Weather,

    It's almost October here in Alabama and we are still in the high 90's!
  10. The Tu-22 is a big plane itself in 1/72. So, kinda comparing the size of the two, it looks like 1/48 to me. Though, I could be completely wrong on that.
  11. So, is there any news on this one? Are they still on track to release the first boxing in the next two-three months?
  12. I really hope this is true. I have been waiting for one in 1/32 for years! Patiently waiting for ICM to release their 1/48 kit as well.
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