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  1. Very nice build! One of my all time favorite aircraft!
  2. Newer F-35s' don't have the ram panels painted. So, yours actually looks quite accurate. You did a stunning job! Looks really good in flight!
  3. Looks very nice indeed! Although, I'm going to wait for the G model to come out as that is my favorite variant of the Phantom.
  4. Does anyone know what retailers will carry this kit? Really looking foward to getting one of these!
  5. Take care with the bottom wing seams running the length of the wing. Mine kept popping open for some reason. Other than that, the kit is an absolute joy to build!
  6. Wish I had known that before I cut mine off.....oh well.
  7. To be honest, I have been dealing with severe depression for a looong time now. To have a friend to text you completely out of the blue and say they are lucky to be your friend lifted me to above cloud nine. Completely made my day. Whatever problems you have, just know you have people that care.
  8. With some refinements, that XP-54 would make a pretty cool air racer! I think I'll get one and do just that.
  9. I haven't really thought about doing a work in progress for this build. Mainly because I build slow and my free time is almost nonexistent. But, I may consider starting a thread if I get far enough along that I can show some meaningful progress.
  10. Awesome model! I'm currently building the Revell A380 in the proposed freighter version that was canceled in FedEx colors. I have been looking for a good match for the purple as it seems it isn't really purple. It looks like it has a blueish tint to it. I would like to build an MD11, but the Eastern Express kit kind of scares me off from building one. You have done a great job!
  11. For the troubles you had, you sure did an awesome job! Well done!
  12. I have built two of them. What I did to the wings was I epoxied two brass rods along the entire length of the wings. It helped stiffen up the wing pretty good. I also glued the two bottom halves together, then the top to try and reduce the bottom seam on the wing as much as possible.
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