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  1. Following from some model airplane information, Barracudacast makes two 1/48 scale resin replacement Griffin Spit five-bladed propellors: Barracuda BR48026 - Griffon Spitfire 5-Blade Prop (Late) BR48026 'late style 11’ diameter prop' Barracuda BR48093 - Spitfire Mk XIX 5-Blade Prop (Tapered) BR48093 'as fitted to many Spitfire Mk. XIXs, XIVs and XVIIIs. There were 2 styles of blades, a wide blade and a later tapered blade seen on most Spit XIXs in service.' The second one has narrower blades in the outer 1/3 of the propellor, subtle. So, based on Roy Sutherland's research on these^, there is some variation in shape across these ac. ilj
  2. Great job and you have a new nick name: 'The Come Back Kid". ilj
  3. Brilliant summary of why the 1/48 Academy XIV high back kit looks so odd. Thanks for posting! I would advise, if you want an easy route to a 1/48 scale high back XIVe and/or a high back XIVc, go with Paul Budzik's advice in his videos. The high back XIVe is simple as the Airfix XIVe low back has the appropriate wing, so all you need to do is add the spine (wood or plastic). The Eduard VIII conversion is more complicated and it gives you an XIVc. I recently completed both, with my moderate skills, and neither conversion was very difficult. ilj
  4. that is just beautiful... I have followed this thread with great interest - thanks for everyone's thoughtful contributions, and your stunning model Colin ilj
  5. Here's an idea whose value came and went long long ago... a Defiant special type with a lightweight fake turret with fake guns in it, but eight inconspicuous forward firing MGs mounted in the wings as per Spitfire-Hurrican. These ac would fly at the front of a formation of conventional Defiants. When 109s made head on attacks to avoid the turret guns they would be dealt with by these specials. Did the RAF already think of this? ilj
  6. Wonderful job on your model - outstanding. Looking at the pictures reminds me of 1966, myself, six years old, at Heathrow, looking at the VC-10 I had just deplaned from. Strong memories: 1) huge tail of the aircraft with massive horizontal stabilizers like oversized angel's wings (photo 10-361, above), 2) unearthly dark blue and white paint scheme, 3) being half asphyxiated in gusts of kerosene smoke blowing across the tarmac, and 4) being violently sick on the floor of the transport taking us from the plane to the arrivals area. Well done! ilj
  7. YEP I agree, I've found this to be the most successful method for me personally as well NICE XIVs ilj
  8. here are some additional images of these the port wheel of RB169 got bumped and has gone wonky - the axle is soft Airfix plastic, and this is why I like brass landing gear (NH654 has the G-Factor brass landing gear struts)
  9. Spitfire XIVc RB169 MN-F, No. 350 Squadron, RAF Lympne, October 1944. (this ac is depicted in some decal sets and profiles as having an 'e-wing', but its serial number and one contemporary image suggest 'c' so I went with the 'c-wing')
  10. Spitfire XIVc RB169 MN-F, No. 350 Squadron, RAF Lympne, October 1944. Spitfire XIVe NH654 DL-? [N sic], J-M. Maridor, No. 91 Squadron, West Malling, 7 July 1944. 1/48 Airfix XIVe bubble top (A05135) x2 and Eduard VIIIc (84132) kit bash, Barracudacast four slot resin wheels (BR48317), Ultracast seats (48068), Ultracastcockpit door (48216), Master spitfire E wing guns early (AM48005), Master spitfire C wing guns (AM48004), G-Factor brass landing gear. Tamiya X&XF acrylic, Alclad Aluminum II metals, Testor’s Dullcoat, Prismacolour pencil, brass rod, Nitinol wire. Thanks to Paul Budzik for the inspirational how-to videos.
  11. Is there a 1/48 vacuform canopy generally available for the Fairey Barracuda? (Special Hobby kit is what I'm looking at) ilj
  12. I followed the suggestions in Paul Budzik's video, working slowly, and it worked out pretty good...
  13. Great work! You nailed it. I'm working on a couple of XIVs, a c and an e, by combining Eduard and Airfix plastic. WIP images are over on the other side... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/spit-xivc-spit-xive-wip-t531512.html ilj
  14. How suitable would the pilot figure (very nice) from the recent Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire 1 kit 61119, that has a 1940 pilot, be? Would the appearance have changed significantly compared to a late ww2 RAF pilot? ilj
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