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  1. Yup! I think that is the way to go with the turrets! I ‘ll keep this thread at hand when I start my Exeter (currently work and kids about to graduate and leave to college keep me more than busy!) marco
  2. Hi Papa, I use normally Colourcoats “C01 Teak” (Sovereignhobbies.co.uk), there is also Tamiya’s XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan (which has a tad of pinkish color in my opinion). Marco
  3. Thank you Jamie and Arnold! Some other interesting details like the searchlight located on the bridge. Marco
  4. And for the benefit of us all, is it possible to post the picture here? Marco
  5. Thank you, guys. Close to finish this years-long project! marco
  6. Well weaponry is done. I painted and glued all the parts to the machineguns. The PE ammo belts look quite nice, although I would have liked them to look less straight in the 0.30" boxes. They look nice, though, no complaints. Once installed on the Cashuat, they play the part, ready for combat! I started the final part of the weathering process. I have to say that I have been working on weathering as I have advanced with the project. Washes were applied, some pastels, and this is the part that I like most, the artist oils subtle effects. Salvadoran Cashuats showed different grades of weathering, some of them were quite weathered, others were better kept. I took one of the "not so weathhered" references. First I applied some "scratches" ramdomly using gray and dark brown color pencils, nothing that you should really notice but contributes to the whole result. Then I started adding artist oils "curtains", ramdomly, truying to achieve some tone variations. This is the passanger side already with the oil curtains: Compared to the side w/o artis oils (ok, the light is different, sorry, but it looks "flatter" than the other one): And I can always add as much effect as I want. Marco
  7. Ok, it has been a while, not lazy, just wanted to show some significant advances. I finished painting the figures, applied light/shadow with artist oils. I prefer to work with oils on gloss finish (that is why the figures look glossy). After oils have dried, I will add equipment like backpacks and/or belts, cans, ammo packs, etc. and finally seal with dullcote. Meanwhile, working on the ammo boxes & supports for the M-60s and 0.50" turret. I glued the 0.50" shield in place. Eduard 0.5" PE ammo came in handy, I only had to thin the inner walls of the ammo box to make it fit into the box, and then easily went into the feed of the MG. It all came together perfectly! The ammo box and belt are not glued yet, as I need still to paint the box and apply decals. The Kevlar turret cover issued with facial tissue/white glue looks quite convincing! And currently working on the M-60 ammo boxes supports. I issued the supports with Evergreen angle and 0.13mm plastic sheet (in white in the picture below). As the ammo boxes will be open, without the cover, I had to thin the walls for the ammo to fit in properly. The ammo boxes fit into the supports, as in real life, and the support, once painted, will be glued to the M-60 pivot, being able to swivel with the MG. Almost done! Marco
  8. Look at this one, Jamie. 2 Doors. I think that Shapeways got the correct structures, although little bit overdone for my taste. Marco
  9. Thank you, Jamie. Starting to believe that they actually had 2 doors at the back, there is evidently one on the right side, and I definitely can scratchbuild the two oval plates on the roof and the horizontal rectangular one at the back. "A" turret has two ladders on the sides of the back plate as well, not on B turret. Nice touch. I will keep on looking , there must be something. Marco
  10. This is an amazing project! I was wondering about the MKII turrets details. There are definitely couple features missing, like the hatches between the cannons on the front, the small round access doors on the sides of the roof, periscopes, couple rivets. I can´t really find references showing any other outstanding features of the turrets, as the Shapeways turrets do. I haven´t been able to find pictures showing the rear part of the HMS Exeter turrets either, have seen other Mk II turrets on other cruisers without access doors, or with only one door. Do you have a good reference showing the rear part of the Mk II turrets? Marco
  11. The swiveling gunner seats have always caught my attention, a detail not often seen from the outside of the Cashuats as they are hidden within the gunners compartment. Believe it or not, the seats were equipped with safety belts. Only a few reference pictures show this detail, and for the most part they show ripped seat belts, I guess nobody used them anymore. I decided to issue seat belts in different "stages" of deterioration, just for the sake of showing them: One complete, two ripped stubs, and one side without belt at all. I issued the belts from the metal sheet that seals the wine bottle´s cork, excellent material, borrowed a buckle from a USAF PE set, and there you are. They look quite real and worn out. One ripped belt. And the final result, installed in the vehicle. Weathering included drybrush with steel, gunmetal/rust, graphite. Note the marks on the floor caused by the swiveling seats. Marco
  12. I chose all the equipment that the crew (and soldiers around the vehicle) would be carrying, from different Vietnam figure sets, and a couple backpacks made of resin from "Greif". I painted them either Olive Drab of Field Drab, and then added shadows/lights with artist oils. I located some equipment in the vehicle, random, I wouldn´t really know what and how they carried inside, but this was my best guess. A belt with magazine packs, canteens, hand grenades, backpacks, sleeping bag, generic bags, ammo boxes. Gunners carried their own M-16, I positioned them the best I could. Notice the swiveling seats for the gunners, in most reference pictures they are not in use, gunners are seen always standing. Once I glue the roof in place, not much in the drivers compartment will be easily seen, but most of it will be noticeable by opening the doors. Once I put the 2 gunners in place, it will look crowded. Several details still pending, mostly on the M-60, M-2, and swiveling seats. Sorry for the excessive light in the pictures, I will improve it next time. Marco
  13. Some more advances, started working on the Admirals Pinnaces and on the 8 meter row boats. The row boats as provided in the kit are ok, the only thing that I did to them was open the slots where the rows fit when in use, five on each side of the boat. To the left, a boat without the slots, to the right, already with the row slots. Although before the start of the war, several pictures show the Graf Spee with at least four 8-meter row boats, the pictures around the time of the Battle of the River Plate only show two of them. I modified 5 just for the sake of trying to chose the best ones (the kit offers like twelve of these thingies, don´t know why so many). Then I added some scratchbuilt railing and and others to the Admirals Pinnaces (Shapeways), using copper wire. Let´s see how they look when finished. To the right the non-modified pinnace, to the left the one with added details. Notice that the 3D printing will need some sanding on the hull sides. And some other work on PE parts like ladders and the wave breakers on each side of the forward superstructure, hope to paint and glue them in place soon. Marco
  14. What was the colour of the Walrus airplanes on the HMS Exeter in December 1939? Silver as in prewar pictures or camouflaged as indicated in Trumpeter’s instructions?
  15. The color scheme of the Walrus airplanes on the HMS Exeter in December 1939, was still aluminum or were they already camouflaged as Trumpeter’s instructions suggest? marco
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