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  1. Thanks Dennis for your nice compliments. Great if my project inspired you and and if you enjoy your own Shuttle build now. Therefore stay true to your own dreams and not give up. That is the key to success.
  2. Hello everybody, and so now to the result of the analysis and the final inventory control of the Crawler lighting, which is now fixed and can be seen in the following image, which however does not show the STS-6 Crawler, but the Crawler CT-2 that was upgraded for the SLS Program. [/img] Source: NASA The total 29 Lamps of the former STS-6 Crawler are distributed as follows: Driver's cabs: 2 JEL-Hydraulics: 8 Trucks (out-/inside): 8 Sidewalls: 2/2 Beacons Front side (Side 3): 3 Back side: (Side 1): 4 And this re
  3. Hello everybody, after we have meanwhile decided a separate power supply for the Crawler lighting by means of three built-in 9V Batteries, the analysis and inventory of the lamps located on the crawler is now the next step for the definition of the corresponding LED switching circuits, which, however, should become a bit difficult, since there are almost no photos from the STS-6 in which one can see the illuminated crawler. Only on this photo during Challenger's rollout (11/30/1982) from the VAB one can see the crawler, on the front of which (Side 1) one can see 8 lam
  4. Hello everybody, since I now know which point on the pad to pay attention to, I've first viewed my STS-6 photos, and already on this photo from the Rollout, on which one can see the back of the pad behind the RSS, one can actually see the contours of a further Mast (6) at this point, albeit blurred, next to the building in question. Source: NASA More accurate information about this 6th Floodlight mast then again gave photos of the STS-1 like this one, on which in the zoom one can clearly see the illuminated mast behind the building, Sourc
  5. Hello friends, since my Multi-power bank still has a floodlight LED circuit in reserve, I've swarmed out again and actually still have found a 6th Mast on the pad, at this already known location next to the building, about its purpose I had reported in #2007, about which, according to James MacLaren, one could get by elevator or stairwell to the Pad Terminal Connection Room on the ground floor. Source: Google Maps - Street View And next to the building there is actually a Floodlight mast (6), which illuminates the FSS/RSS rear, wherewith the 6th M
  6. Thanks Michael for your enthusiasm, the diorama is still theory so far, but as I know myself, I will also put it into practice, step by step ...
  7. Hello everybody, I want to come back briefly to the Launch pad lighting once more, which I have assumed so far to consist of four Floodlight masts at the corners of the pad, but unfortunately the following photo does not show enough details. Source: spacefacts.de The foundations of the masts I had already glued into my Diorama plan. To scratch these masts one needs more detailed photos, which one can also find indeed, such like these ones here, whereby I always have to consider their historical relevance. Source:
  8. Hello everybody, to err is human, said the hedgehog, getting off the brush ... If in doubt, I always ask James MacLaren, and so this time too, whether he also had been once at the Water tank tower and has seen a Ladder with protective cage as I has suspected it. And lo and behold, he was actually there once and says, that the ladder there probably had no protective cage according to his memory. Accordingly, there were ladders with protective cages on the Launch pad, such as also at both corners of the MLP (Side 1), as well as without, wherefore there were apparently no
  9. Hello everybody, let's get on with it! As it is said in a Bible verse, "He who seeks finds". And so I've actually made a find in my extensive SSWS collection. It doesn't always have to be brilliant HiRes. reference photos, but rather as in this case the following schematic representation of this branched pipe system at the foot of the water tower, from which the different pipe diameters are to be seen, of which the diameter 114" = 2,9 m ≙ Ø 18 mm (1:160) can be used as a reference dimension for drawing of the water tank, which I've also done then.
  10. Hello everybody, during my search for suitable ways to wire the LED lamps, I've already looked extensively around some nasatech.net Street View panoramas of the Launch Pad 39A. And since I was there once, I has been going on with further structuring my diorama floor plan, which goes beyond the immediate launch pad area. The entire Launch Complex 39A (LC 39A) has an octagonal configuration and covers around 160 hectares of land. Source: NASA Due to the associated facet-like arrangement of the huge concrete retaining walls (18°) rising at an angle
  11. Thanks Mark for looking in on me again. Only drawing the tricky groundplan of the Laucnh Pad as accurate as possible turns out to be quite a challenge. And Gino is always present and watching that I draw everything correctly. He's the Pad Security Guard.
  12. Thanks Matt for your nice compliments and stay tuned. For the last few days I've been hanging around the pad map evaluating Street View shots to further structure my planned Diorama, which requires a lot of measurements and an endless converting of measures into my scale 1: 160 for drawing the tricky groundplan as accurate as possible.
  13. Hello friends, and now let's go from the 2D view into the 3rd dimension, for which I've placed the FSS and RSS of my deceased Raumcon friend Thomas Emberger † (golgi63) onto the diorama floor plan, which I took over as his modeling legacy after his death in order to keep an honorable memory of him on my diorama. May he rest in peace ... Then I also added my MLP, which rounds out the picture further. But as a precaution I quickly put the MLP away and parked it in the closet.
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