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  1. Thanks Mark for your heartfelt words of appreciation for my intention of keeping Thomas' Space Shuttle legacy alive in my Launch pad project, what I will now share with him. And if you've read his STS-41D thread to the end, you'll have seen that I've already taken over his awesome lighted Hammerhead Crane and integrated it into the Tower, along with his beloved flashing beacon, which never had been installed on both Launch pads ...
  2. Hello everyone, after my longer stopover at the London bus stop of the Route 76 Waterloo-Victoria, as well as after the exhausting but ultimately successful 3D prints of the Track Shoes and Main Sprockets for the Crawler Trucks I want to turn once again to the Early LWT (ET-8). After a long bickering in summer with Shapeways' service team, with whose print quality of the modified WSF Intertanks (right) I neither was satisfied, nor I wanted to accept that fact, I had been fiddling even further together with Michael Key and at the same time still modified some so far missing details. These concerned the so-called Flange Closeouts at the connections of the Intertank with the LH2/LO2 tanks, which were sprayed by hand. Source: NASA This photo shows such a Flange Closeout area after manual machining completed. Source: facebook.com (Craig Capdepon) These Closeout areas I've looked at in my photos of the ET-8 again closer and had marked them in the following images for a detailed discussion based on Michael Key's current 3D model. Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (Jester) Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (Jester) Source: retropaceimages.com (STS-6) By comparison, this transitional area had not yet been differentiated enough in his model, what I have explained to him. While the flat area of the Closeout-2 is too narrow, the subsequent beveled area appears a bit too wide, which I have marked in this photo, and what one can see clearly on the right edge. Source: georgesrockets.com (George Gassaway) In the next image I've put the original photo and the 3D model directly next to each other for comparison. As one can see, the flat area of the front Closeout-2 should be widened to 2,5 mm, so that the remaining slope is only 1 mm wide, measured to the leading edge of the IT, i.e. 12 mm is the distance from the lower edge of the vent to the leading edge of the IT. BTW, the Closeouts at the end of the IT require the same changes I've marked with tape to overview at this WSF-IT. These changes were largely taken into account in the next model except for a small detail. In his model, however, there is no smooth transition from Closeout-2 to the 'normal' Closeout, but a step/staircase that is caused by the different inclinations of both areas, which is not correct. However, by widening the flat area of Closeout-2 should allow a smooth transition with the same slope. And even these transitions could finally still be adjusted, after which the 3D model looked perfect. And this is now definitely the final Early LWT Intertank for my STS-6 Shuttle Stack, Source: shapeways.com (The Aerospace Place) but which I did not order it in WSF, but in FUD, that was delivered in the meantime too. Unfortunately, one can not see well the Closeout details on these FUD photos because of the transparency of the material. And the IT also fits well with the other two Airfix ET parts, but has now to be thoroughly cleaned again in the ChiliDent Laboratory, wherewith finally would be completed this stressful IT chapter. And on this occasion, the Track Shoes and Main Sprockets will be patched up as well.
  3. Hello everyone, maybe you already wondered about the break, but at the moment I am still busy completing the London Bus (1:24) of my best German Raumcon friend Thomas, who had gone much too early last year. He wanted to gift this Routemaster to his wife as a reminder of her time in London, but whose completion he must have postponed again and again and therefoe unfortunately could not finish it anymore, since he was probably too busy with his beloved Launch Pad project ... Therefore, his wife had asked me if I could not complete the bus, because allegedly only the outer decals (advertisement, line, etc.) would be missing, which of course I could not refuse her. In the same sense I have also taken over parts of his awesome project Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39A with Discovery STS-41D, which I will integrate into my project keeping his legacy alive and in memory of him in this way ... But it just was not only the missing decals, as his wife had meant at first, but the complete window set, etc. had to be installed, and also some small stuff then came to it, and so I also had to get a few spare parts from Revell ... And this is how the bus looks right now, I hope for being able to send it next week, and finally fulfill my promise with the Routemaster's final Rollout. So far from my intermediate stop at the London bus stop Route 76 Waterloo to Victoria ...
  4. Cool Mark, and how are you satisfied, what did you order, 16 Flat Ori (FUD)?
  5. Thanks Rich, but now it's enough with the 3D show, the rest of the Crawler I'm going to scratch ...
  6. Hello everybody, today came the Main Sprocket Set of 16-Flat Ori, which I have checked out closer, to see possibly, which side did lay below and therefore on the support wax. Well, what do you think? I suspect that in the first picture one looks onto the bottom, which was lying on the wax and seems to be a bit rougher than the top in the second picture. Under my LED lamp, the difference comes out a little better, therefore the same order of images, here is the view onto the bottom, and here onto the smoother top. So well, I'll have to clean everything anyway in the ultrasonic bath, both the Track Shoes and the Sprockets. That's it now with the 3D printing but first, and I'm very satisfied with the result. And my special thanks to my ARC friend Joe (crackerjazz), who did an amazing 3D job.
  7. Good morning, friends, the Main Sprockets are rolling now - Shipped!!!
  8. Thanks Rich, and Hello everybody, my expectations of SW have been met, the Main Sprocket Set of 16-Flat Ori (FXD) was already let pass without hesitation and is In Production, wherewith also my 3D print projects would have been finished for now. Why not immediately so!
  9. Hello everyone, my friend Joe has uploaded the two Sprocket Sets of 16 faster than expected and also sent me the screenshots of the related Support Material. Here is the support wax arrangement at the Flat set variant, Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) and here at the Upright variant. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) And here one can find both sets at Shapeways. Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) Source: shapeways.com (Crackerjazz) I have now ordered the Set of 16-Flat Ori (FXD), and I'm curious if SW will print it without any trouble, what I expect, or if they will pull themself up again at the wall thicknesses (< 0,3 mm).
  10. Hello everybody, and now back to the Main Sprockets, for which my friend Joe has meanwhile also modeled two variants of a Set of 16. Here is the set with the flat arrangement of the wheels, although the set is upright in the picture, Source: arcforums.com (crackerjazz) and here the set with upright standing wheels. I mean, he should upload the Flat arrangement, but whereby he has to be careful to select also the Flat print orientation! Hopefully there is no Déjà vu experience with Shapeways ...
  11. Thanks Paul for your great interest. But take your time, meanwhile it has become a very long way ... And if you want to read my report from the beginning, then you will find the first 16 pages in the NASASpaceflight Forums, then it goes on with the LED lighting ... So dress warmly and keep ready enough provisions ... ... And then stay tuned!
  12. With this you could presumably be right, although to my inner feeling those were still much more hours ... And against 1:72 my tired eyes would certainly have nothing to oppose ...
  13. Hi Kirk, this is related to the scale problems of the old Revell Launch Tower Kit (4911), whereupon I've pointed this out at the beginning of my project. On the kit box is written indeed 1:144, only what is in it, is not everything 1:144, but a wild mix. Only the Shuttle stack and the RSS-PCR are 1:144, but the main problem is the Micky Mouse MLP, which is only 1:200!!! That's why I decided to compromise on building the MLP and Crawler in 1:160. If I would start once again, I would scratch build everything in 1:144, but that's illusory ...
  14. Thanks Kirk, nothing is impossible, but I will be satisfied if everything is illuminated, which will be difficult enough. BTW, one should not forget that 1:160 is a damn small scale for scratch building, and that my Crawler will be based on David Maier's Paper Kit ...