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  1. If you look at the 3rd photo in this tweet you can see that you might be able to pass silvering off as realistic now
  2. Greetings all, Does anyone know the name of the fonts that are currently used for serial numbers and for pilot/maintenance crew names on RAF jets? Cheers David
  3. Is the storm shadow carried on the same pylon as the underwing tanks - or am I going mad?* * Both is a valid answer too
  4. Apologies @MT1 I missed your post. My plan is for a RAF one too. The detail photos seem to be mostly a mix of Italian and Spanish birds - with some German and a few RAF ones. That being said I think a lot of what's in there is going to be applicable to all of them - if there's specific areas you're interested in then let me know and I'll see if I can let you know what there is for that. I will say I'm glad I bought it though David
  5. Many thanks. I'll have to think what's the best option. I might be able to get away with it - it's more the general look of the picture than it being 100% accurate (if I'm allowed to say that!). It's like you say - the AA kit is nice but bleeding expensive. Thanks again David
  6. Just to say thanks again for the recommendation on this one - got it yesterday and it's fantastic
  7. Hi Alan, Apologies if I've missed this somewhere in the thread - I may have got distracted by the pictures - but where have you got the rods for the in-flight display from? I'm playing with an idea for an in-flight display and trying to figure out how to do that is something I'm solving - 5mm sounds a world better than 14mm Ta David
  8. Thanks @magman2 - do you have any rough idea of the cost of it? <70 quid for the AA one I assume? Cheers David
  9. Hi All, I'm not sure if this makes sense - but every now and then I see a photo and it lights a spark and I feel like I have to try and model it... With that being said - I came across this https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4202803 and I'm wondering if I can check the vehicle in there - to me it looks like a FV103 - but I'm not all that good with armour I'm afraid. Am I correct? If so - are there any 1/35 alternatives to the AA kit - or any suggestions for something similar that would also have likely turned up as a target in a similar situation?
  10. Thanks Richard, not sure how I'd missed them. They're super useful!
  11. Cheers Tony, I'll try and get ahold of that one as well. David
  12. Completely agree - they really were superb and much more captivating.
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