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  1. I have the A-0 (5005). Regardless that 30 years have elapsed since its initial tool release it's still a nice kit. Your paint job. Wow! Particularly in that scale.
  2. Sounds like your childhood experience might have begun a decade beyond my own? The 1/72 FROG (1972), Matchbox (1975) and Revell (1977 FROG repop) He 111 releases were, unfortunately, too late for me. By then, control-line (as was) aeromodelling had diverted my attention for the first couple of years of the 1970s only to be usurped by gliding which was to preoccupy most of my available leisure time away at a distant field Friday night to Sunday on weekends and every available holiday opportunity for the remainder of my schooldays and beyond until itself usurped by demanding career commitment &a
  3. Thanks. IJMP sure has. But I wouldn't swap for those 1960s childhood yesterdays. Up until the very late 1960s, Airfix was it in my suburb (Chermside) where I did my hobby shop hanger browsing. A smattering of all boxed FROG appeared in TC Beirne stores in Fortitude Valley and the City in 1967 before just as promptly disappearing. The brand reappeared in new hanger and bag packaging in late 1970 early 1971. A couple of years later, Matchbox plastic appeared. How spoilt for choice were we then compared to the 1960s! = ] Not sure when Revell started to retail here, but I don't ever recall seeing
  4. Reading this with your accompanying images evoked a memory I wanted to share. But first, congratulations upon the finishing of such a nice model, especial kudos for doing so in 1/72 scale. Yesteryear of childhood loved the scale of course, but today wish as I might it weren't so, such is diminishing eyesight and dexterity accompanying age I find it so challenging as to become tantamount to tedious. I think we all have models in our mind's eye which hold a je ne sais quoi appeal to us individually, particularly so in childhood. For me it was Airfix's Ju 87B. Sold out every time I w
  5. Loving this thread. I built that FROG Dewoitine D.520 in 1967, and the Morane-Saulnier M.S. 406 in 1970. Amazing how a pleasurable memory of so long ago can be remembered to the year and even related to an approximate time by season or other coincident factor, when these days I can hardly recall what I walked into the next room for by the time I get there! Childhood nostalgia is so envious of the relative availability of old FROG kits in the UK/EU. FROG kits are so very rarely seen in AU. Where extant here, presumably inherited from a deceased estate stash, invariably
  6. Haha. Mojo magicians. Older or newer tool, Tamiya are pleasurable kits to build and invoke aesthetic suspension of disbelief that's for sure. If you like Japanese 1937-1945 period subjects, unless 1/72 is your preference for reasons of space, economy or just a liking for the scale, it might interest you to have consider Hasegawa 1/48 kit lineup for a much wider selection of types, along with Tamiya's of course. Hasegawa's "Val" and early & later "Kate" for instance, if more work than your average Tamiya, build into beautiful detailed models at price points not a lot more than
  7. Good job. Yours brought nostalgic memories flooding back. Long overshadowed and neglected for so many years by major manufacturers other than the Japanese brands who gave them a major push in the 1970s, Japanese types are an interesting study. As long as the shape reasonably resembles the type, skillful painting always invokes suspension of disbelief and arouses interest. In many ways, imperfections regardless, those venerable kits really hit a resonant mark. Better than anything IMP which came before, which for the most part was "nothing", they went together quickly and easily,
  8. Did the kit come supplied with any crew figures?
  9. Your Tamiya (presumably) acrylic paints will work just fine. Still one of the easiest and all round best paints to apply by airbrush in my book. Just use the right thinners & retarder when if applicable. The downside of Tamiya's range is the absence of a hand holding range of shades out of the jar. To obtain authentic shade fidelity in many cases, they require mixing which in the absence of a predetermined formulaic guide, is experimental hit 'n miss until you get right. Vallejo and its ilk (I use them too) also work well, but are less forgiving. Same thinning Medium and additive rules ap
  10. Nice. I built this kit in either late 1966 or early '67 during a childhood which increasingly now, seems a time as far off and different as that "foreign country" Hartley wrote of. Painted it from Humbrol tinlets with a hairy stick too. I always loved the D.520's aesthetic. Recall notes that I was particularly proud of the finished job I made of it, which wasn't always so. It stood on my dresser in pride of place alongside Airfix's new tool 1/72 Bf 109G-6 which had released the previous year. I liked Frog kits and the range of subjects they offered, when I could get them.
  11. Per poll. Having trouble finding either in stock ATM. Thanks.
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