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    Too many to list, but these days cycling, astronomy, model railways and plastics modelling take up much of my time.

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  1. Bigglesof266


    Great job!
  2. Bigglesof266

    Junkers Ju-87B1 Stuka - Airfix, 1/72

    Gorgeous ain't it! I wish it'd been around when I was a kid. Airfix did have its original mould B Stuka, but trying to find one on a hobby shop hanger anywhere in my neighbourhood was like searching for rocking horse ****. A very popular model with kids in the early 1960s. At 8 or 9 years of age, I went down to the local hobby shop to buy one. I'd been wanting that Airfix Stuka for ages and had my pocket money saved. Dear old Mrs Scott. Upon my plaintive cry "No, the German one with the gull wings" -'Stuka' was lost on her although even she could recognise the Balkenkreuz, unable to find its header on the Airfix display hanger she pressed me to buy a Hawker Typhoon, which to her mind still had bent/gull wings, ergo just as good. Those four menacing 20mm Hispano cannon projecting from the leading edge ultimately persuaded, as I knew I'd be waiting months for a Stuka, which to a kid, may as well be pronounced a lifetime. Until its fiery end, I had many hours of playtime fun with that Typhoon, but it was never quite the same. A Stuka-less childhood <LOL> until Frog it was if I recall accurately, came to my rescue aged about 13 or 14 in '68 or '69 with a G tankbuster variant with its two 3.7cm underslung wing cannon. But like the Bf 109G isn't a E if the Fall Gelb & Battle of Britain E is what you want, during the years up until my trading off playing with plastic for a career, girls and other stuff, I never quite did get over my Ju 87B deprivation.
  3. Bigglesof266

    1/72 Zvezda Yakolev Yak-3 "White 19"

    Wow! Amazing job in 1/72! I wish my eyes were still that good.
  4. Nice. I may have missed it, but what is the scale? Nearly 47 years ago, my first ever flight in anything smaller than a non-commercial RPT airliner was in a venerable Blanik, which I then went on to train in. Winch launched too, so quite a first ride. Memory's a bit crowded now, but I think we used to get an average of about 900~1000ft QFE of a winch in the Blanik two up. Still in high school, working night fill in Woolworths' supermarket during the week to pay my gliding weekends way. At least it was a cheap launch method even then, and worked especially well for the circuit training phase and a heavier beast like a two up Blanik was on tow with tugs of the day, very likely to be an Auster. It would be some years more before ex-Ag Pawnees were to come into common use redeployed as glider tugs.
  5. Bigglesof266

    Ki-45 Toyru “Nick”

    Nice. I get that. I'm currently building an Academy 1/48 La-7 for the same reason. How does the Nichimo Toryu compare? I know I have some original oTaki kits too, and they go together fast and scrub up nicely stand off. Finishing off their Arii reincarnation of the N1K1-Ja Shiden in 1/48 now. They go together in a two or three easy days and can be finished to the display shelf within a week. Easy builds to completion to get the mojo back and use as a 'hand and eye back in' mistakes canvas. For Japanese subjects in the particular, Hasegawa do a good value fidelity feature balance IMV, and can be sourced at a reasonable price ex-Japan. The newer Tamiya 1/48 stuff, Ki-61-1, A6M3 & A6M5 type Zeros are certainly extra tasty, but the local etail and retail prices are getting a tad too stratospheric for me. My eyes don't really appreciate all that cockpit etch work in 1/48 any more. I'd rather fill it with a pilot as the natural eye magnet. Modelkasten's Japanese 1/48 aircrew are beautifully sculpted and reproduce outstandingly for injection moulded figures. Their Rabaul Pilots set is absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Bigglesof266

    Ki-45 Toyru “Nick”

    Coming along nicely Sandlapper. I share your passion. Ki-45 was a pretty bird. I have Hasegawa's 1/48 in my stash.
  7. Bigglesof266

    Seelow to Berlin

    Too confused/busy for a dio per se. Otherwise, nice work on display. A like from me. Ура..a!
  8. Bigglesof266

    1/48 Arii Spitfire Mk.VIII

    Nice job! Love the majority of the 1/48 series Arii/Otaki kits regardless their production era mould and less than Lidar scanned fidelity characteristics. Their Mk VIII is no exception. Superb canvas which still looks the part standoff OOTB. Decals were different, arguably better, in the original Otaki IJN/IJA/Luftwaffe releases I built or bought, and the canopy moulds finer and clearer.
  9. Bigglesof266

    ‘New’ Airfix 1/48 Bf 109E

    No. LOL. Regardless you choose to link to Scalemates, errantly annotated as "Kit number A05120B" you hotlinked to the A05120 product release. An earlier release of the product. Period. Full stop. Confusing & illogical rather than mere semantics. Either way, here is the correct A05120B product re-release link directly to Scalemates specifically, immediately identifiable as the latest "New!" release No. A05120B, the specific kit the OP the subject of the OP's enquiry. The provenance of the topic subject "‘New’ Airfix 1/48 Bf 109E" A05120B, can then be traced back as desired. No need to thank me. Only too happy to help. Cheers.
  10. Bigglesof266

    Eduard BF109 decals

    Achtung neil_1821! There you go. 1/48 Eduard Bf 109G-6 decals from their store. Five colour schemes Includes colour profile sheet, detailed placement instruction sheet, stencils and scheme ID decals complete mit Hakenkreuze.
  11. Bigglesof266

    B5N2 Kate restoration

    So very pleased to see it, but a super expensive, mammoth task. The "Kate" is such a symbolically significant type of the era and IJN.
  12. Bigglesof266

    ‘New’ Airfix 1/48 Bf 109E

    Right re-release reference No. Wrong box art image. Here's the A05120B cover with the new box art and colour schemes. von Werra in 1/48 is welcome, Priller was already available as an Eduard Weekend kit option. The other, Gimme' a break! How about a med or trop camo variant third option?
  13. Bigglesof266

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Dragon Care direct rules! Even MENG via the circuitous route of my eLHS through local AU distro representation were more responsive and co-operative than this. Took less than 24 hours post notification for the decal set missing in the 1/48 MENG Me-410 kit (checked upon receipt) to be parted from distro stock dispatched properly packed. How to retain customers. Love my eLHS. They're great to deal with. Admittedly, Airfix's 1/72 Bf 109 in this case is a just a Series One cheapie, but then you'd think that would actually make warranty replacement a non-issue, wouldn't you? Feel for you in your frustration.