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  1. For a major military museum the promotion on this has been really dire. Barnet club has attended the show for a couple of years now and they thought it was good . First time for me so I'm quite looking forward to it .
  2. Anyone know what traders are at this show ?? Sod all info on the museum's web page
  3. Cool , hopefully our club secretary should have heard as well
  4. They are leaving it a bit close ..
  5. Did you get an email back to say have been given allocated space ???
  6. Barnet ( I think ) have been allocated tables but as of now we have heard nothing .. Bit crap for a show which is only next month .
  7. Anyone heard or know anything about clubs and traders taking part ??? Can't find nothing on the museum web page or on the net . Cheers Neil
  8. Been looking for a list of traders and clubs ..
  9. Hi , 

    Do you still have the GWH T-33 ??? 



  10. Guys , Has anyone used Montex vinyl masks over Alclad??? Would a coat of Klear protect the Alclad ??? Cheers Neil
  11. Have people got nothing better to do.. how sad ...
  12. Lovely job , ...just one thing you have put the main wheels and legs on the wrong way...
  13. Guys, Two questions , Which type of seat harness was used on the Mk IV Spit ??? also what was the seat made from???? I know bugger all about Spits.. Thinking of doing one of the post was Spits on the Freight Dog sheet .. one of the silver ones... Cheers Neil
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