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  2. Hi all! Yes, unfortunately I am not able to post updates as often as I would like. As I said, I build several models at the same time. And now I'm trying to finish Widowmaker, which looks like it's going to test my patience. And unfortunately, we are promised power outages, so that some evenings will be non-working. I glued the fuselage halves together. There is nothing interesting about this. First, I cut out rectangular holes in the front part and made an imitation of air ducts. Sounds cool). But there's nothing to see there. If you assembled the F-15 model from Hasegawa, then I made approximately the same “imitation”. I made a “mount” from a rod from the frame so that I could “fasten” the nose part without gluing, this is not necessary, I just wanted to see the whole picture). I started engraving the panels and imitating the fine detailing. My copy has an interesting drawback. All transverse lines in the tail section are at an angle to the longitudinal axis. Well, you already know what to do))) As usual, the ICM model serves as a sample. But... As you can see, ICM has many of its own problems: Alex
  3. Anything he doesn't say will be given in evidence anyway. Martian the Just 👽
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  5. Going to probably going to be quick and dirty updates for a while. Not devoting time to things other than building, so no construction articles until later. Seat bucket, beam and head box are assembled. They are actually designed to work like the real thing. The three parts ride on a pair of stainless steel tubes. As it is now the seat can actually adjust up and dawn, though I’ll set a height when the seat is installed in the cockpit. Sharp eyes will see a badly frosted decal on the right shoulder of the bucket…it’s already removed and will be replaced. As something of a test mule for how I'll tackle the painting of the jet, the Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod got painted up. Good to break out the custom micron and sling some paint with it. MRP Dark Camouflage Grey with a Dark Ocean Grey were the base colors. Oil paints, burnt umber stains and white dot filters, were used for light weathering and paint variations. Pencil and technical pens loaded with silver and black inks were used on the panel lines and fasteners. Back to the grind stone, more soon, probably… Timmy!
  6. And the PZL P.24. Not fighters, but also the Lublin R-XIII (as well as the R-XIV and experimental R-XIX) and RWD 8.
  7. Fantastic. As others have said, the finish and weathering are excellent. Not overdone marbling. Love it.
  8. I was away from forum for couple of months but the progress you made is amazing as always Tony. I did some similar post processing works using Blender to generate weighted tires in the past, but zbrush result looks incredible. Serkan
  9. I’ve seen your 1/72 plane, really admire your result and willingness to go that route. Seeing that build definitely made me want to make a VF-84 Crusader eventually. I think what’s held me back from that method is 1) the windscreen is still exceedingly hard if not impossible to correct and 2) since I plan to build a lot of Crusaders, I worry the nose shapes will be difficult to make close enough the same between builds.
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  11. I think what I enjoy most about your work, CC is the relentless enthusiasm and positivity. Such fun to read 🙂
  12. Understatement of the year goes to…. 😂. I’m not a car guy, but that would be my absolute fantasy car to own. Good luck with the hunt for the Porsche. Some years ago a colleague took me to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart when we had some spare on a business trip. While they all tend to look the same to me, I did enjoy the visit and gained an appreciation of the Porsche elegance.
  13. That’s such a cool looking aircraft. I really must get around to building one someday. Yours looking good, Alistair, enjoy the coming fettling…
  14. Hi Rob - I just finished admiring your Starfighter & this Mirage is another lovely job! Chris
  15. Thanks Bill, now that you have pointed that I can see the hoses on the top connector row🙃- I must be going bonkers! Chris
  16. Nice one Rob, I'll look out for the completed project. 👀 I really must try a more modern rotary winged build. 👍 Watto.
  17. That is very impressive! So neatly done fragile little birds. Should look wonderful in a collection! Yes, I do the same. White primer for yellow, orange, red if I want them bright or light grey primer (mix of white and standard grey) if I want these colours look more dull. And I use a lot white primer to get really white surface. Probably I use more white primer than yellow colour afterwards.
  18. Very nice work Mark, this certainly looks to be a well fitting kit.
  19. I looked around and nothing really was up to the desired standard or still available. But old school scratching has its charms. So, here we go. Started with the cockpit, of course. This needs a lot of work to make it look representable. The details seem to stem from that by gone era where fantasies in plastic were the standard. The consoles look nothing like the real thing so I decided to remove all the details there and scratch build those. The instrument panel however does look quite accurate so not a lot of attention is needed there. The intakes also are in preparation since the inside didn't fit and the edges are simply way to thick. There also were some gaps in the plastic where none were required although they did look quite deliberate. Anyway, nothing that a bit of putty couldnt solve. The hardest bit will be to replace the ejection seats. Again, the parts in the kit sort of look like the real seats but the plastic is way too thick and the shape of the back rest, head rest, arm rests and, well, the rest is all wrong so, they will need reshaping. Since this is an old school build, I will make my own. It's going to be fun Overview. Consoles not that good but the instrument panel will do (with some added details later) Cleaned up tub and subsequent adding of details to the consoles.
  20. If it's any consolation I've ended up buying two of a kit on a few occasions due to my 'errors' during the build and/or the paint job! That said with the Airfix Zero the instrument panel gave no issues at all and went together without too much fuss, along with the Eduard kits I've built which also didn't have this particular problem either but I suspect there could always be some minor variation in parts during the molding process. Pat.
  21. Thanks for this - a chap in the US who is knowledgeable about the Dominator had a decal set made for the exact aircraft above and has kindly offered me a set. It’ll give me another option and it would be quite nice to build an operational, combat veteran… decisions, decisions.
  22. That is a beauty of a kit! And nice recovery on the spacing inside the intake.
  23. Very different indeed. But far too small for my liking, despite being one of my favorite aircraft. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. JR
  24. I am wondering if ‘The British Phantom Aviation Group’ will be attending the Newark ‘cockpit fest’ in a few weeks time? Previous event photos have shown the forward fuselage with the refuelling probe extended - if that is the case I might well be able to get some photos.
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