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  2. hairystick

    Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    Not attempting to cross the motorway was a good decision. The horizon coming upward at a good rate of knots is never a good thing. He is quite correct about selecting the size of field to land in too. Picking a large field isn't always needed. Quite a few lessons to be leaned from that video.
  3. TheBaron

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    I've just realised in that last shot how the figure directly beneath it appears to be ducking away in terror whilst the co-pilot is flinching and the pilot is saying 'The blue wire - I distinctly said the blue wire!' Go and wait outside the headmaster's office. Any more of that and you'll be joining him young man. Please. With just a dash of soda and a slice of lemon.
  4. Britman

    IWM Duxford May 26 & 27

    I am of the same mind I am afraid. Duxford was my only show of the year. Now with the "bank" out of bounds and all this online malarkey its ruined for me. I am with you on Shuttleworth and Yeovilton , but unless I am down west its Shuttleworth for me if at all.
  5. CedB

    Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    Nearly missed this one but here now - nice start Shellie, the Lieutenant looks smart Are you going to be (gulp) rigging?
  6. Excellent! Welcome aboard and thank you for your complimentary reply. Cheers Dennis
  7. CedB

    Vista Fairey Fulmar.1/72

    Lovely result Steve, good job
  8. They are very nice looking models Ced, especially the one above. Salubrious to say the least. Gotta go dinner is on the table and Billy and Mandy (Bull Arab dogs) are eyeing off my share.
  9. Alpha Delta 210

    Duxford Air Festival May 2018

    Thanks Mick. Despite what has been said on a certain other forum, I think that it was a balanced and varied show, but the RAF presence (in the form of the Chinook on Saturday only) was completely eclipsed by three participants from the French Air Force.
  10. I'm with you matey... except the bit about your models not being potential winners. If we're happy with our results, that's what really matters IMHO
  11. Today
  12. Thank you all mates, that you like it. And for the interesting conversation! Its real fun to be here! Cheers Tom
  13. Cheers guys yes it goes together very well. Managed to get it painted. Next decalling hope to complete it before months end rgds
  14. I never heard about this type before. My first thought was that it must be some what if. However you've made me read about it here for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_XF-88_Voodoo . In particular to me as to physicist the most interesting is "supersonic propeller" . I thought that it s not existing...Thanks for technical lesson . Very nice couple of resin and vacu kits. The NMF on vacu is very difficylt due to quality of surface, so you did a great job on this. Regards J-W
  15. Bullbasket

    I-16 Rata - Spain 1949 - Eduard 1/48

    Lovely little rodent. Nice one. John.
  16. LDSModeller

    B-34 Lexington Questions

    Hi Tweener, The RNZAF received quite a number of B34's in the Pacific theater WWII that were/had been in use by USAAF - these were Ex RAF orders Here in New Zealand at MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) have a preserved B34 see link attached RNZAF B34 I would take the external colours with a grain of salt, but interior is original colour - you can see are not US Interior Green It has the glazed nose. There are NO FS numbers for RAF paint colours manufactured by US Companies to paint aircraft ordered by the British Air Ministry in WWII immaterial what some folks might tell you. Britain and US came up eventually with ANA colours for Lend Lease aircraft, but again no FS numbers (that's post WWII) Regards Alan
  17. Shaun

    Some Tornado questions

    The first early scheme was Barley gray top sides and light aircraft gray underneath, later aircraft had an overall med gray colour. Best was to spot the scheme is the roundel colours, pastel pink/blue, white stencils, later scheme dark roundels and dark gray stencils. What I've always found strange is that RAF TWU hawks were painted med gray back in the 80's, while the F3 & F4's were in the lighter barley gray.But with fading over a few years its hard to see shades in some photos.It this photo the older gray has darkened, compared the fresh painted nose section! https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/XX185 Tornado F3, old fuselage colours, newer coloured wings. https://www.planespotters.net/photo/503713/zh552-royal-air-force-panavia-tornado-f3
  18. It could be added here hat single Buzzard was used also in Poland as personal machine of general Zagórski - the commandor of airforces bfore 1926 This scheme is in one box by AZ. Thanks, the two-seater F4A was temptaiting me a bit also, so I wish you enjoyful conversion/kitbush work Sorry for dissapointing.. . I think that about Buzzard I've learn when I bought some 15 years ago the Spanish book mentioned in previous post - so for me it is still less known type, even it is in fact the well known one. There are two more airplanes with roots deeply in WWI, all Britts BTW. Those two others are DH9 and Avro 504. I hope to do them soon. DH9 will be also from SCW and Avro 504 will be "N" from Belgium, 1940. Many thanks for comments Regards J-W
  19. Amazing, if I had been shown those photos and asked to guess the scale I would have said 1:32. Incredible in 1:72. Cheers, Nigel
  20. This will be worth following. BTW, they are trim wheels in the cockpit.
  21. Sean_M

    P-51B Mustang III

    I am trying to understand why there were so many variations in the camo patterns. Richard Franks at pg 68 and 69 of his book says there was a standard and late. Unfortunately the late picture is to fuzzzy to make any distinctions. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  22. I'll pull up a chair for this one. A rare bird indeed and with an interesting history.
  23. I have second one of these in the stash and transfers for a 771 Squadron plane based in Gibraltar. I am thinking about it for the Mediterranean MTO GB. But I have just uncovered a Frog kit and may see how buildable that is, as the Azur kit is a bit of a challenge.
  24. Very nice weathering! Håkan
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