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  2. Nice job, so well finished Tony (as always), I'm always amazed at the consistency and speed that you churn them out... Well done..
  3. I wish that my models came straight out of the box like that Simon, mine must have been handled roughly because they are always in bits ............................ regards, adey
  4. haven't even checked a walk around yet! Blimey, you will have a job there Hakan, there aren't any left .................. Me and a friend visited a Stirling crash site in the Peak District about thirty years ago after a long walk across treacherous peat bogs. The Stirling had not caught fire and one of the huge wheels complete with deflated tyre was still there, partly sunk into the peat. The wing fuel cells were still there too complete with camouflage paint. And this was the substantial remains of another Stirling that crashed on Mickle Fell in northern England. This photo was taken in the 1970s and it has all been removed now. I love to see the old Airfix kits being built. I received a Stirling for Christmas when I was twelve, the excitement was amazing on opening the present. It was moulded in black plastic and was built in no time ................... if only regards, adey
  5. Did you have fun fitting the little bit between the elevators and rudder? I forgot to warn you about that. John
  6. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/72 Boeing E-8C 93-0597 (Ex QANTAS B707 VH-EBU)

    I have been tinkering with the E-8 and managed to install the wing tip HF antennas. I also splashed some paint over it only to find I needed to do some touch-up filling (spitfire for size comparison) [ Parked on the shelf of doom after I noticed the paint issues Since these shots I have knocked the nose gear off twice and a couple of the antennas which are back on. Time for a final sand and repaint of the base colour before masking up the engines, canoe fairing, and landing gear
  7. Today
  8. Sabrejet

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    Any news on the Caracal FJ decals?
  9. Nice job on that oldie, I haven't seen one in these colours before, it looks good. Steve.
  10. Another obscure yet facinating subject, I will follow as usual
  11. brewerjerry

    A Good Hampden?

    Hi An interesting idea, as it is only located about 1 hr from me cheers jerry
  12. This must be a universal constant I think, I experience the same effect on my cycle to and from work Think of it as a little extra free exercise... Cheers, Stew
  13. Chuck1945

    P-61 B to A conversion.

    Early ‘A’ production had a translucent radar cover, hence DML molding it clear. Early experience showed extreme sunlight could deform/melt the covering and having it painted didn’t interfere with the radar operation
  14. Phone Phixer

    No.11 Group Reformation

    Definitely. As one of my past squadrons, I would love to see 19(F) reformed.

    "Bar rigging" (is that the right term) 1930's biplanes

    hi ALL, I recently bought (2) sets of STARFIGHTER E Z RIGGING #PE-01 for a pair of P12E/F4B-4 Models that I am buildin' but I discovered when working on the MONOGRAM F4B-4 and attemptin' to Super Glue on the Upper Wing it was right where there were large Injection Pin marks of where I had filled with a big blob of Mr. Surfacer..... hhhhhhrrrrr! The MATCHBOX P12E ? NO PROBS Also that the Brace leans forward to the Location Point on the Fuselage not directly to the Fuselage as the Photo Etch Part is cut to be hhhhhhrrrr2 ! ....seems a bit wide and is not an Aerofoil Section Oh well ....... I have lots of "Seat Belt " Etch in stock now ! ....... goin' back Armature Wire as I had previosly planned. cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  16. Sonoran

    Query: British Caledonian DC-10 wing colours

    Those inspar panels are not light gray, they are Corroguard, top and bottom. I have original McDonnell Douglas factory documents that show this.
  17. There were three exit holes between the front legs and the wings, those are drilled and their exhausts made from slanted and thinned metal tube: The white areas are masked and metal color airbrushed:
  18. Rabbit Leader

    Would people really pay that for a Wingnuts Jasta 5 set?

    I agree with the theory of waiting until life’s just perfect before cracking open some rare or expensive kits, however we should also be mindful that we probably have a ‘modelling sweet spot’ where ones skills tends to slowly diminish as we all get older. The trick is knowing when this period is? My 1/24 Typhoon is one such kit that springs to mind, so when that actually gets built is anyone’s guess. It will though at some stage - probably when I think my skills are better then what they actually are! Cheers.. Dave

    Heller Dewoitine D 510

    I can tell could for the accuracy of the kit scale wise, but I built the Smer version in the recent 10th Anniversary of Britmodeller Group Build, and it turned out well. The only issue were ones I created. Good luck if / when you decide to build it. cheers Pat
  20. Hairtrigger

    Desert 109 Emil - ICM

    I like that.. Weathering and tones really work, the canopy looks pretty good to me. I'm doing an old Frog 109F going for the yellow 14 Marseille s aircraft N Africa 1942 option.
  21. ColinChipmunkfan

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    Agree with comments so far- I bought SAM for the first 20 years of its existence - many of those when it was just black and white. I got fed up with yet another article on Fairey Fireflies and since then have only bought odd magazines when there is an article on a particular model I am interested in. This means I only buy maybe one or two magazines a year.
  22. Mr B

    1/48 F4U-1D (1st post!)

    I like it nice
  23. Hobo

    F-15I Ra'am 1/72 Hasegawa

    Hello Libor, Another fantastic build. Just wondering, you said that you thinned the paint way down with Tamiya retarder in order to get these extremely fine feathered edges. I'm just returning to the hobby after many years away and I’m wondering if you could you please tell me what percentage of paint to retarder you used? Did you just use Tamiya retarder to thin the paint, or did you use a thinner also? Finally, what does “pressure controlled with micro-valve” mean? Thank you and once again I'm very impressed with your work. I just picked up the "Continuation War" book from Valiant Wings Publishing and was very impressed with your I-153, MS-410, Hurricane, and Buffalo builds in 1/72. I look forward to your next build!
  24. Thom216

    F-18F Superhornet

    Great looking colors on that bird.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Pinback

    Eielson AFB and Fort Wainright

    Now they have made my morning- especially the Stratofreighter! Thanks for posting Keith
  27. @Gorby Nice job on that somewhat unholy little beast, you've made it look rather good. Thanks to for mentioning me in your decal application, I hasten to point out that its not MY method but one I picked up on elsewhere & am happy to share, it works so well. That could have had a laugh 'cept its so damn sad what was going on back then. I recall as a youngster ready about these on Pierre Clostermann's "Flames in the Sky" & being horrified at the barbarity of them, hence my describing @Gorby's model as an unholy little beast. Otherwise, yes, I did think that rated a Steve.
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