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  2. I like the Kagero books best. On the technical side, they contain very useful scale plans and drawings, which seem to be very accurate. The photo captions should be taken with a grain of salt though.
  3. That is very ingenious Adey! When I did mine, I was not so scientific. I built a 'crate' for cargo (I was so chuffed about getting the planking and wood effects!) and filled that with lead but it was way short, and I foolishly thought that the wheels at the back would help keep it level. So I built the rest of good ol' Bev, had fun and games with the paint (incompatabilities etc), ended up with something that looked like it was made from leather, and a tail sitter to boot! I ended up taking off the lower glazing and filling that whole interior with lead, painted it black, and no-on
  4. I have studied the excellent resources and have the colors for cockpit understood. I still have an issue with cockpit floor. I can use the RLM02 for the green gray primer for the floor, called ALG-5 primer. However I have seen photos where the seat and floor are a dark green resembling fs34102. Which do you think would be better? Thanks!
  5. I'll sit in on this one as well if you don't mind? Always something to learn from your builds Stay safe Roger
  6. Thanks Nikolay It's an interesting idea isn't it? Maybe I should think about some others… or maybe not!
  7. Take the Lynx route for ultimate security: “down and welded” (as I have repeated to more than one ATC repeating their “Check gear” call...)
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  9. Hi, for what I remember, according to the posts related to Akan's work many years ago, there were two different greens for metallic planes: an olive utilized up to 1935-36 and 3B, that was more dark green, around 1936-1938. Both were based on two oveposed layers of paint of this TB-3 This image of two helmets could show 4BO and 3B. Removing the brown traces of rusty metal, it's not too olive. This image of a fragment of Spanish I-16 from Isaac Montoya seems to shows two layers of paint. The upper one could be Soviet AII green, the lower o
  10. I note you don't specifically relate the picture to the text but just for clarity, most references give JX577 as the serial for G-AGIE. FP244 was G-AGFM. Nice picture which I have not seen before.
  11. Hello Dears ! Yesterday, after 8 hours on the roadside, soaked by cold rain, I was'nt in the mood to cook a sophisticated meal.... So it was U.S Army Viet Nam meal nicknamed Beans & dick... Then dishwashing and at least, a bit of modelling... I worked on the Shar and on the Hurries... Another bit of an idea... I saw the horn on the rudder, why not add the actuator ?? Look good to me !! Then the lenses for the cameras !! One is done, next one tonight !! Hey Gents !! It's almost 20 days in 2021 and I did'nt start no new kits....
  12. Hi, Chris. Thanks, but I'm not sure the quality of my work would stand up to larger photos. Thanks for your comments. Thanks, Pete. Yes I agree. Imagine trying to escape from a 109 in one. Thanks. Although it had a short service life, it was the main stalwart of Bomber Command pre WW2 Thanks, Russ. I appreciate your comments.
  13. He probably would not have had a chance to climb out and use his parachute anyway, probably better to be comfortable ............
  14. It is a rough old kit, I painted it Humbrol 87 a blue ish grey following a post from a modeller in Spain! Some nice interior detail.. The Buchon was a kit I built in 1985 (?) using parts from an Airfix 109E and a Frog or Heller 109F and various scratch parts... The kit lacks wing fences and cannons... The single part canopy is massively thick!! But I decided to separate tha canopy in to the open position. The wheels are wrong the replacements were donated by a friend from a late model AZ 109.. I also ma
  15. Fantastic Miragev IV Such a graceful plane, you really did her justice!
  16. “ I think the gun pod was only used on QRA in Germany, so 19 and 92 sqns. UK QRA a/c carried acentreline tank instead.” Alhenderson I was part of an Eng Wing Exercise weapons load team (Skyflash Trophy winners in 1984) at Coningsby from 1980 until I moved to 29(F) in 1985, doing QRA several times, & stayed until they converted to Tonka’s. Our standard fit was the same as RAFG, with 2 x Fletchers, 4 ‘winders, 4 Skyflash & SUU pod. We only fitted centre line tanks for transits on deployment IIRC. Centre line tanks might have been a Leuchars QRA fit, due to their intercept ar
  17. So many options with Aggressors. Great job on those two.
  18. @Corey in Colorado That helped thank you
  19. Thank you, Bill! Yes, these parts are nice addition to the kit and I’m having fun working with it since I’ve bought the proper tools.
  20. The intake colour is the same Light Grey as the undercarriage wells/ legs and speed brake wells. Can’t remember the BS number but Lt Aircraft Grey rings a bell.
  21. Very interesting; I have this one on my watch list and I want to do it in the Kazakh markings, thanks for the advice and photos. The decals may have been but you made them look good.
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