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  2. Great. I have a thing about interwar biplanes that comes round on a regular basis. Think I'm into the start of the next cycle!
  3. So you may remember that the subject of this build DS664 A4-K, was in its way back from Berlin when it was attacked by a Ju 88. Cannon shells shattered the rear turret, driving perspex into the right leg of the rear gunner. He returned fire as a blast of flames scorched his hands and melted his oxygen mask to his face. The Skipper gave the order to bale out. The rear gunner momentarily opened his turret doors, but the heat was intense and he glimpsed his burning parachute. Confronted with two options, jump or being roasted alive, he turned his turret on the beam and rolled out backwards. A little more progress and I’ve got a coat of Klear on ahead of the decals. I’ll let that set hard over the weekend before starting the decalling
  4. Hello my friends. I ordered the Big Ed detailing set for 1/32 Tamiya F-14 Tomcat But I ordered the aircraft kit from Trumpeter manufacturer instead Tamiya. My question is would they fit together or am I asked to do some cuttings etc. . Thanks for your help.
  5. Magic have videos on YT and their own site - no Spit specifically, but Lancs used Merlins as well. (I'm trying to find out if a set of older laptop speakers might work better)
  6. They were intended for use on escort carriers and the main problem seems to have been that they could not take off in a short distance with a useful load. They were apparently colloquially known as Cheesecakes in the FAA. The standard French interior would have been blue in that case.
  7. Pete is right. The signal pistol was situated just inside the main door, almost at floor level beside the crewman's seat. Here is a view of the forward bulkhead, with the crewman's seat and the location of the signal pistol and holster. Note the door access to the engine and cockpit. More detail on the crewman's standalone safety harness. I mentioned earlier that I thought it was three straps but it is in fact two. I also found this drawing, which shows the dimension, in inches, for the actual positioning of seats. Probably too late for your build BIll, but other's may find a use of it. Later, I'll start looking for data on the external elements, such as access ladders, markings and stencil positions. It may take a while as I only work at the museum on Thursdays and I will have to fit these searches in between 'my day job'! cheers Mike
  8. Stash! Tony just don’t have the time or the inclination at the moment. A new job and 16 hour days I can’t really justify indulging myself in some much needed plastic therapy
  9. The front engine exhaust is looking like this.... They're just slid on to the manifold, so it's not a done deal. Opinions....? A bit oversized? I'll think on it. She's up on her feet.... I got the undercart on. The kit includes 2 pairs wheels, bigger and smaller. These are the bigger ones.... Rather than using the "collar inside the wheel" method supplied, I found that the wheel inner face is a real neat interference fit on the axle stub, so I'm using push - fit for these. Smaller wheels seem to be for the Swiss option, with no spats fitted. My Lufthansa plane will have the spats. I think the splay of the legs looks about right, but if you were going for an in-flight look, I think you'd have a few issues with getting the "angles of dangles" right for an unloaded undercarriage. Right O. I need to foil the spats before painting.
  10. Has anyone got any details/drawings/GAs on the attachment/sled for a Grumman Gosling/Widgeon to a P6 catapult. I have done the usual searches, but it has not brought up much of note, anything will be useful but a pic would be wonderful. Tommo.
  11. A fair bit got done today, wheels painted, undercarriage legs sorted and quite a bit done paint detailing the cockpit for a start... Loads to do yet, but things are moving in the right direction. I tried out the canopy on a dry run. Gulp! There's going to be a bit of modification needed here for sure. The fit of the front part is good. The back end is a different story, with it being a mm or so short towards the rear and a bit more than that from the roof line to the lower sill. This is not the Monogram I know. I'm more than a bit fond of the very early efforts from the company. I loose interest a bit when Mattel got involved. The P61 dates past this period and there's a bit of a negative reaction from me as far as quality goes. Ejector pin marks on gluing edges and way too much flash don't inspire confidence in buying more of the companies products. Having said that, all the faults are fixable, it's just that I'm not used to doing remedial work on Monogram kits. To give Mattel their due, they soon acknowledged they were out of their depth with model kits. The company knew the toy market, not the model kit one at the time. The problem seems to have been that although they soon gave the model makers free reign again, they had lost some of the original toolmakers. The company tried really hard, with the Peacemaker and other big kits but something had been lost along the way. Bringing Shep Paine along, with his fantastic diorama models, got a bit of the old fire back, but it was an uphill struggle. Speaking of struggles, I can never think of this P61 as anything other than a Monogram kit, regardless of the name on the box! Tony.
  12. Or the one on the tail. XS664 was known as Arthur on 51 as it was half a Nimrod. I only saw it once whilst on 51.
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  14. Pleased you liked it Troy. As for the spinner, as you probably know 19 Sqn played around with different colours on them during 1940. This is interesting because of the two tone nature to it. Sadly it's the only photo of a 19 Sqn Ib from the 3 or so weeks they had them.
  15. Since the last update I`ve attached the engine bay rigging using the Gaspatch 1/48 scale turnbuckles and EZ line. When it comes to the landing gear I`ve used the fishing line instead of the EZ line - it gives so much to the structural rigidity of the undercarriage. Finally, I could use the absolutely magnificent Steven Robson`s spoked wheels. They are like little jewels, I can only hope my model is worth them. And finally, the radiators have been installed.
  16. Ventsislav, Great information again. I know Kora Models show the profile with their 1/72 decal sheet for Ju-87 White 46 with RLM 76 overspray. It's a couple of weeks before I need to make a decision.
  17. Bugger... I mislabelled the pics? I can't be trusted. I can even remember checking to make sure I'd labelled them correctly OK - fixed it. Hopefully the cache will play catch-up soon and we'll have them the right way round.
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