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  2. The 1/72 Sword kit looks like an improvement over the Emhar kit. Like Bill, I built mine because I had it. I know there are modellers that sell their old kits when a better one comes out, but where’s the fun in that!
  3. Connecting from Perth. Much nicer connecting in ADL than MEL.
  4. Ha ha I had had ripped them off already when I read this, could not wait. I will do a bunch of little touch up’s but not too bad.
  5. Great build, I have a survivor of that same kit, I like how even then you faired in the windscreen.
  6. A battered old bird, great weathering ! Wulfman
  7. A truly excellent build, great modelling indeed ! Wulfman
  8. A lovely build in a very interesting colour scheme ! Wulfman
  9. I'm loving it! I've got a Sabre in the stash and you have inspired me! Thank you for the clear description of the products and process you employed to achieve that absolutely remarkable finish I am going to save those details and use the same complete method when I do mine "I finished this on 4/10/2022. It was a build 30 years in the making" This had me thinking for a while. It had been a thirty year build and you've finished it in the future???? Then I laughed....you're from the States! You do your dates Month/Day/Year......in Oz we do then Day/Month/Year!!!! Great build Thanks for posting
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  11. Rare color footage, RAF in WW2
  12. One point, having been thinking about prop blades, in reply to @Antti_K I think SH use the Seafire XV blades, and the Spitfire XII blades are not as wide at the base.. maybe the Airfix blades are not as bad as i thought, though, IIRC, they did then use them in their Seafire XVII kitA quick reveals them to be still too slim and the wrong shape. I used the blades in the Aeroclub XII conversion as guide when I tried to reshape them, it a lot easier removing some excess than it is to build up a too slim blade.... You can see the lean to port from the reduced gear leg pressure as well Both from here that has a load of Mk.XII photos https://www.destinationsjourney.com/historical-military-photographs/supermarine-spitfire-mk-xii/ HTH
  13. It's good to see the drive train taking shape, Jamie.
  14. You're right Bill! Thanks PC, and d'oh! I'll clean that up. Well this just about made my whole year! Thank you for following along, I feel truly honored and will do my best to make you all proud (no pressure then Cookie). Thanks Charlie, you have exquisite taste in stash building! What plans do you have for them? Thanks Giorgio, it's difficult to see the riveting on camo, but that's realistic I guess, and good practice for future natural metal finish builds. The surface detail on the Arma kit will make for a really cool NMF I think: Oh, and I'm not sure if I've mentioned how excited I am to see that you've begun paint work on your Phantoms
  15. Good call Ced! I love this scheme with all the mismatched panels.
  16. Yesterday
  17. yes. The colour of the disc indicates what the blade is made of and covered with. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234918219-propeller-markings-on-spitfires-and-seafires/ "Regarding the markings within the coloured disc I can add that the Horden-Richmond Aircraft one shown in my first response above with the green disc and HRA text was made of Hydulignum with a Rotoloid covering and Armoured Sheath as identified by the disc and letters HRA. Jablo Propellors Ltd blades had pink discs while Horden-Richmond Aircraft Ltd blades had green ones, Rotol Airscrew Ltd blades had white while Yellow ones were seen on The Airscrew Company Ltd blades. The lettering within the disc would vary which would indicate the Material , Covering and Sheath of the blade so marked." the linked Key forum thread is broken, but I know I had posted the images here on occasion. OK, found it https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/103145-propeller-markings and https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/79363-questions-on-spitfire-propellers-merged Ah, OK. Now... believe it or not I'm not that interested in Spitfires, but you end up absorbing info on here by osmosis.... But, there are different spinner makers, and they used different locking systems. a Key type with one slot, and one with usually two screw between each blade. The only ones I have made a bit of a study are Hurricane spinners, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235078582-hurricane-rotol-spinners-the-cm1-vs-es9-quest/ there did not seem to be any logic to what was fitted, except one type was used initially, and the other became more common. I'm not about to go on an image hunt, but I suspect you may find the same applies to Spitfires, this goes for blade types as well. It does on Hurricanes. I honestly don't know. I suspect neither do Airfix, and some of these are just 'generic' items, or appropriate to maybe the XIV of "XVIII" kit... Airfix - research. I raise you the wing stripes I mention above. The 2nd part may reveal some of these, especially regarding the two Mk.XII batches, EN*** and MB*** IIRC. Some of it maybe just that in reality it didn't matter particularly, say the type of blade or spinner used, and it was what was available. It's late, and I really don't want to go down the rabbit warren of image hunting and detail checking, say the above points, but the above may give you a few pointers as to how far you want test your sanity, I mean research facilities and abilities.... pidä hauskaa! (I honestly hope auto translate is working) T
  18. Thank you so much mate. New builds are coming up, stay tuned!
  19. The Kinetic kits are a good choice for first generation Harriers, another option may be the Hasegawa Harrier GR Mk. 7/9 or AV-8B kits - Revell also produced a reboxed version of the RAF Harrier. Hope this helps.
  20. Sorry, all i have is what you see. I do have an Airfix in1/72 scale but that's all.
  21. Thanks Mark bery kind fella, very pleased with it. Sorry for my late acknowledgement, I hadn't realised ot has gone to two pages. Thanks Chris
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