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  2. WOW, certainly some dedication put in on this model, I think another award winning model coming up
  3. Wow really great model, i like colourful aircrafts from the 50th
  4. There was also a further aerial on the forward part of the port flare bay door as shown on my photo of XH168 over my house in Paola Malta in the sixties :- HTH Dennis
  5. Because I really have no control when it comes to starting new kits, here's a build of 3 Airfix 1/48 Bf109s at once....
  6. The lack of propeller can modify appearence a lot, so I think one canot exclude Ki 51 Sonia, Again problem with dihedral, but I did not found yet reference photo from front with removed prop.... J-W
  7. Thanks mate Cheers Nik. The wash is off and I have to say it does look quite nice. There's a few high spots where I've somehow managed to go through a Matt and gloss varnish and the paint layers so they will need a touch up. No idea how it happened but it's an easy sort.
  8. I remember Clay Lacy driving that DC-7 around the course. I was just a kid and thought it the coolest. maddest thing ever Check out this website for the full info. Also the pic of his "human fly" DC-8 display http://airportjournals.com/clay-lacy-the-planes-ive-flown-the-people-ive-known-part-2/
  9. Thanks everyone! Managed a very quick update before the house wakes up… Firstly the title - you've been very kind not to point out the error. Operation chastise was carried out on 16–17 May 1943 and this year's 2019 so that's (9-3=6, 1-4, carry 1 = 7, calm down) seventy SIX years ago. Goodness knows why I though it was 75. Old age, that's what it is. Corrected! Tilly says thanks for all the good wishes. Grrrr-woof! Normal service will (hopefully) be resumed after the pup goes home next Wednesday 29th.
  10. http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/bobcat48006reviewbg_1.htm
  11. No it doesn't. The "missing" trim tab actuator is where it should be, on the opposite side of the tailplane from the D shaped access panel. Notflip: to be explicit, the D shaped panels that you have circled point downwards. The trim tab actuators are on the top surfaces. Those tailplanes will only fit properly when fitted the correct way in any case. Check out the root fillet., a quick dry-fit to the fuselage will confirm the correct orientation.
  12. OK time for a B-25 update: I masked the bomb-bay area then shot an overall coat of acrylic 'light black' as a shadow-coat. Next I sprayed three coats of Tamiya XF-5 lightened with yellow. Instead of dry-brushing the highlights, I added more yellow in to the base green and carefully painted those 'high' edges - it looks very false just now, but under washes and filters it will be fine. Once that had dried I applied two (brushed-on) coats of Johnsons Klear in readiness for the washes and the rest of the weathering layers. The seats were treated to some generic USAAF seatbelts from a True Details set that I bought by accident over twenty years ago ! Have a great weekend all, best from Middle Earth. Ian.
  13. While I'm here. I don't suppose anyone has the Do 335 night fighter conversion kit in some dusty dark corner? I would really like to do one. I'm forced to slow down now. I have to wait for the masks to arrive. Hopefully next week.
  14. I'm a Fencer too (or rather was). Like all of us started on Foil but then fenced Sabre at Junior and under 21 level. Got fed up with crap judging (Sabre was only steam at the time) and virtually left the sport. Went back in my mid 20s and fought Epee thoroughly enjoyed it. Prof. BoB Anderson was my coach - which makes me a Syth Dark Lord..... Was at Ireland v France in Paris a good few years ago (Brian O'Driscols last international) - a bar in Paris wanted to charge me €18 for a pint of Heineken. I nearly suffered a pre-match injury from laughing so hard....
  15. This takes me back. The Alan Hall conversion in Airfix magazine from the late 1960s was the first conversion I tried and I was delighted to discover that I could indeed shape balsa wood. These were the days of clear dope and talcum powder mixture and plastic wood. Lovely model and well done.
  16. Today
  17. Hello Christer A, I still have the photo's, now hosted on a Flickr account. Thanks for reminding me as I've been meaning to update the links in my Sea Hornet thread.
  18. A Boxted machine. I'll make life simple and purchase a Kits-World decal sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KW72075 Hope to visit their museum soon
  19. It's a good kit. I have built two. Take your time and dry fit to make sure you know how it goes together. Make sure you sand the tops and bottoms of the wing spars flat you don't need to take much off to do that and it will help later in fitting the wings. Troy is right about U/C - I drilled and pinned mine and would recommend it - I used .5mm steel rod you don't need much really just to add strength around the joint. Lastly and most importantly - enjoy it....
  20. It's been a while between drinks but I started on some paint this week. The first round of greys starting with the FS36270 courtesy of Mr Color H-306. Cheers, Mick
  21. There was a step by step article covering this in good old SAM, including scale drawings. Would have to dig but I‘d say some time between 84 and 88. IIRC there’s an online index for SAM that should get you to the required issue.
  22. Sven, Another great series. Thanks very much for spending the time to post these. Bjarne
  23. Hello Dears, I never gave up a project, so here I'm back ! Nothing came out since Flickr was Under maintenance , so I hope it work now ! Ok it seem to work on this way ! Loading new pics on flickr still is a problem to be fixed ! It was Wednesday, we get to SWMBO's friend who is an ace for baking ! This cake was an absolute winner !! Now I received this from a big yellow house in UK !! 2 cans of Sky… Okkkaaaaayyyy Emoji did'nt work !! Now, I will restart the Sikorski with some help from a friend ! This one is the best looking one for me, Now, I'll find some pics of the real thing ! The color table on AMP kit is …. Let it go !! Here are the sprues, a bit of flashes but it look good ! On with some detailing now, and this thread is now about 2 flying pianos and a Griffon The mad man is "De rigueur" Indeed !! Sincerely. CC
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