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  2. Finally the first coats are going on. As these started life in the U.S. the first stage is to finish in standard colours for the day, i.e. grey undersides and Olive upper (Mr. Hobby names). Today I thought I would be brave and use my new airbrush for the first time. It is a Harder and Steinbeck Ultra, and I got it around eight months ago, but didn't want to use it in case I broke it. However, my cheapo brushes apply paint with much spattering involved which, according to Google and YouTube, means they are nearing EoL. So I thought I would take a chance and use an airbrush that cost more than 15 quid, would it be any better? Yes. That was easy. OK, to quantify; I found that I could reduce the psi from 20-22 down to around 15, despite this the paint still flows quicker, more evenly and to a better finish. It is also a cinch to clean with a very quick break down procedure. Definitely worth the money, and means I will need to get another as I have found that mixing between Vallejo and Tamiya/Mr. Hobby is a right pain. So this will be used for Mr Colour (and Tamiya), the old brushes will be for Vallejo until I get another. Oh, I forgot, this is supposed to be a build! You want to see pictures to show I am not just waffling on. The underside is a nice smooth finish with just a hint of the pre-shading visible. I would appreciate your comments on this, is it enough, too much, not enough? There will be a touch up session as there is a smudge on the belly pan, and I will also try to add staining from the radiator vents at a later date if I feel brave. The upper surfaces look a bit better I think. I now need to add some more masking before doing a bit more pre-shade and covering with Russian colours. Hopefully things will progress further soon. Thanks for looking.
  3. Me too - I babysit enough already! Seriously, the break wasn't too bad, and no pins were required. As long as she stays off of it she should heal quickly. I just went a picked up a knee scooter for her. Never knew there was such a thing. Cheers, Bill
  4. Maybe because Hasegawa put it in the same box as the F, which did see combat, so that is a more popular subject to build.
  5. Cheers Nikolay - just the hard way as I could have got the Airfix kit. The general advice on the Contrails kit seems to be don’t bother but I think she turned out ok
  6. Very nice! I want to build this jet in 1/48, hope that somebody releases the decals soon! Chris
  7. Thanks Ian, for your most kind comment! Thanks Stuart Thanks Mr Biggu, glad to have you following along. As an aside, I note with interest you are located in BC; I have relatives in Vancouver, indeed at least two occupy their own spots in Mountain View Cemetery! I was lucky enough, in my youth, to visit the place (Vancouver, not the cemetery) as part of a back-packing trip around North America - sadly, my arrival coincided exactly with my cousin's departure for a holiday in the UK! Anyway, I digress... The nose is now on, and some PPP applied which will be sanded down tomorrow hopefully: I decided that the IP would be better fixed to the inside of the canopy, thus giving me the opportunity to fill any gaps before fitting the canopy to the fuselage: Getting there!
  8. When Spencer Flack had his MkXVI restored, he had new wing tanks designed for the gun bays. Gave a range of 1000 miles. Don't know what else these guys have done.
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  10. No doubt some dialog of that sort went on. Still, they love me and actually correspond with me more than they do with my wife. I guess it's a throwback to the exoticism of the colonies. Mystery and excitement!
  11. tonyot

    BFP Corsair video

    Yup,.... some good film there and some of it was new to me,...... very useful indeed and it was nice to see an American actually mentioning the British use of the Corsair,....I know exactly what he meant when he said he would like to see other channels cover this part of the history of the Pacific war covered more generally! Cheers Tony
  12. Thanks Simon The visit to the Air Museum in Malpensa was great - lots of jets and some pioneer aircrafts. Quite some civvies too. And lots of helicopters! The museum is in the former Caproni production plant, and there's even a Bertone collection with dozens of concept cars Thanks Bill, much appreciated Too late for your suggestion, I've already glued the little b...ger. Smart one though - similar to what I did with milliput for the airbrake. I should have thought of that Ciao
  13. Hi Adam, Lucky you! I am very jealous. Yes I do still have the molds, somewhere, I might even have a spare set of tips lying around. PM me contact details.
  14. I've posted these before on some other Phantom thread, but seeing as it's relevant I'll stick it here too. John
  15. Has anyone used the Aerokits detail set on the Airfix kit?
  16. The fuselage registration and nose stripe looked ok too. While the test print included the miles logo, it was so small that I didn't bother cutting it out and trying the size. While it won't be seen once the model is framed, the underside registration was ok. I normally take photos of the models from a scale eye level before framing, so wanted the underside registration on the model.
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