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  2. I do like that Dave, now I've seen it on a decent sized screen, I reckon the soft edges to the green mottles work well with the sand colour to give a nice impression of dustiness, as these aircraft must have looked at times. Steve.
  3. What a great photo, thanks for posting it. Cheers Dennis
  4. June and July issues of SAMI now available on their web site, which they were not yesterday.
  5. That’s not good to read. I recently bought a Sword T5. What is wrong and what needs improving? I paid £35 for it. I see the Neomega set is £32 plus postage and the Airfix kit usually goes for 60 odd these days. So I guess that gives me 60 quid to improve the Sword kit and break even.
  6. Thanks for the info . I took the sizes 11 odd yrears ago from the now defunct Antipodean Hawks
  7. That forward fuselage looks superb Tony. Wait, what am I saying ............. that is the whole fuselage innit! Totally agree Bill. Challenging to use, but once mastered supreme. Can't wait to master it! I'm currently finalising the paint/wear on two 1/48 Derwents which will live inside the open bays of a Meteor F8 build for a friend. I'm finding many different greys, metallics and other shades of other colours here and there, seem to be doing the trick, in order to give an over greyish well used metallic "lump", and agree with @Pete in Lincs and @hendie re the in service look. These Vixens are going to be the biz I reckon. Terry
  8. FS. 36270 is Vallejo AV71275 or Humbrol Medium Sea Grey 158
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  10. Thanks guys.The canopies were tinted with several coats of tamiya smoke diluted with mr leveling thinner.The coats were sprayed on the outside of the canopy only because when I tried it on the inside it tended to pool up and create blobs and an uneven layer on the surface.
  11. Hello to all of you.I have just finished this little zlin.it is not the best kit out there but again nothing that an avarage modeller cant build.I painted the model with gunze acrylics and varnished it with vallejo satin varnish. Enjoy the photos
  12. great effort ... have you considered removing the rivets all together and use a rivet wheel to recreate them ???
  13. The view is not pure side on, therefore the fuselage will appear deeper in proportion to the length. Whether this will result in the difference quoted I don't know (nor care, particularly, not an era of great personal interest) but using a measurement based on this photo will result in a fuselage that is too deep on the model.
  14. Another fave from my youth, I really love seeing this getting some TLC
  15. Hi Pete A nice set of photos that are adding to every bodies understanding of the three crew positions. Could you give a measurement of the Nav table from the partition bulkhead towards the pilots seat please ? This will finally give me(us) a proper size with which to correctly modify the Nav's table in all Lancaster models. Thanks in anticipation Ian
  16. Excellent Model with great original decals. Have you given any more thought to selling the decals or the artwork file? I have an ALPS printer which can easily print white {for personal work only). thanks
  17. For the timeframe you are building you are definitely looking at using Skyflash......Selwyn has beat me to the punchline with the thread search for the differences. Duncan B
  18. Fine modelling work happening there! Congrats! I've seen the Jindivik on display at QAM (Caloundra, Queensland, Australia) and have eyed it off as a modelling subject.
  19. Some more progress. The clear roof transparency was cut to size and fitted - then all carefully blended with a some fine white Milliput, and some Mr.Surfacer 500, and judicious sanding with 1200 wet and dry. Seemed to work OK. Then pushed ahead with the canopy masking, some rattlecan undercoat (Tamiya Fine Grey) and some touchups (Mr.Surfacer 500 to the rescue again) which is where we see her now. Oh, also made the rear tail springy thing. Laminated 3 x thin strips of 0.2mm styrene formed over a marking pen (to get the bend) - with a bit of Tamiya Thin to weld it together. Next steps will be paint. Fuselage is blue with a polished metal front portion of the nose. Wings, empennage are silver. Am going to black base for the silver - then will spray with SMS (The Scale Modellers Supply) aluminium lacquer - an Aussie supplier. This'll need a flat clear over the top (to mimic the aluminium dope finish) - I like its very fine metallic grain. After the silver, and a bit of masking, the fuselage will be done in a hand-mixed blue - probably going to use Tamiya Acrylics for that. Hopefully painting this weekend - middle of winter in Sydney, but looks like a 20+ celsius weekend. Will glue the wing struts on after painting - they're just going to get in the way.
  20. I was aware that she should have a gloss finish, but it's a personal thing, I don't like the look of a gloss finish on a small model, for me it doesn't look right. Thanks for all the comments & compliments, greatly appreciated. Angelo
  21. That does look the part! Cheers, Andre
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