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  2. Chaotic Mike

    Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest

    So I've been at it again. This time, it's been Maketar masks and a range of home-brewed RAF roundel colours (75% Red, 25% NATO Brown, and Blue with a dash of black). Definitely look better to me than decals, although I might have to revisit some of the roundel areas if I can't live with some elements being a tad eccentric, in the true meaning of the word. Anyhoo, 3 more pics... Rivet counters will be pleased to see that I reversed the photoetch around the gun bays so that the fastener holes are now by the trailing edge. Next step will be out with the hard-to-spray Humbrol 90 Grey-green, to do Mr. Beamont's codes. I know its hard to spray because when I did the tail band, all manner of delightful splattering and/or dreaded needle tip drying occurred. Laters, taters...
  3. Dave Swindell

    Panel line wash

    Good quality water colours, works over any type of paint and can be removed completely if you don't like the end result. Apply over a gloss coat and you can get very clean sharp panel line effects. Apply over a matt finish and you can do wear and tear, shadow shading, staining etc. Allow to dry and wipe off with a damp tissue or Q tip. The more damp your tissue, the quicker you remove the wash. Barely damp and you can gradually knock back the effect until it's what you want. Don't like it? paint brush with warm soapy water and you can wash it all off, let the model dry and start again. Got it right? seal it in with a light spray of your preferred varnish.
  4. Gundylunch

    Norwegian Vampire FB.6

    Thanks Nils ! - Duly corrected
  5. Very nicely done, I especially like the subtle shading variations in the paint. Cheers, Bill
  6. Another...wow! I am at a loss for words!
  7. Casting my mind back 20 years when the Tamiya kit was released, I recall the trim tab actuators being moved to the top surface on the target-tug variants to avoid entanglement with the tow line. A quick online search turned up a few images of TTs configured this way. The other feature copied from the Hendon Beaufighter is the provision of two sets of shell ejection chutes in the wings, which is common to Tamiya's interpretation. Hendon's example has a patchy history and I believe may have been fitted with .303 and .50 wing armament at different periods in it's life, which would explain it's configuration. All period WW2 images of service aircraft I've seen show only one set of chutes, Cheers, Bill.
  8. colin

    Nakajima Newbie

    Very nice Kate, it looks quite a big bird with the wing span even for 1/72 scale
  9. Shelliecool

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    Silver coat down on the crew door, and a new coat of Quick Shine gloss drying. Hopefully on to the dreaded decals soon.
  10. dogsbody

    Bristol Beaufighter TF.X (03943) 1:48

    So Revell didn't mold a separate exhaust collector ring for the front of the engine cowling ? Well, that's a fail. Now the modeller will have to carefully cement these together and try to remove the 3 seam lines. A separate piece, like almost every other kit manufacturer has done, would be a better choice. Chris
  11. Pete in Lincs

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    The LH panel is indeed the earth point and has a three pin power socket in there. The RH is the normal ground power point. I cannot now remember where the ground comms plugs in though!
  12. Now that's the way to tart up an old kit - fantastic! Cheers, Bill
  13. She's beautiful! I've been following your WIP, and you've really done the old gal justice. Cheers, Bill
  14. Navy Bird

    F-86F-40 Sabre 1:32

    Very nicely done. Man, that's a lotta stencils! Cheers, Bill
  15. Niknak

    Down among the sprouts

    Hi bzn20,thank you. I think thay are allotments. Nick
  16. bigbadbadge

    RAAF Beaufighter target tug

    Wow this is fantastic what a great looking Beau. Thanks for sharing. All the best Chris
  17. pheonix

    Sopwith Camel

    For a scratch build that was mighty quick... A first class model, I do like the fornt elevation - you have really caught the shape. P
  18. Chris Thomas

    Typhoons and Limejuice

    Yes, Limejuice was a callsign - I believe for one of the FCPs (Forward Control Posts) which organised close support in the latter stages of then war (these had replaced the better known VCPs (Visual Control Posts) developed during the Normandy campaign. Napalm was dropped by Typhoons during the last weeks of the war, on a small number of operational trials by 193 Sqn. The containers were 90-gallon ferry tanks (twice the size of normal Typhoon LR tanks) with a detonator attached. Eduard's BFC has just offered a 1/48 kit of one of these Typhoons in colourful postwar markings, complete with the weapon.
  19. DMC

    1:48 C-45F

    Following your build reminded me of the time a US Navy Beech pancaked into Masons Creek just short of the perimeter fence of NAS Norfolk, Va. News of the event raced around the navy project we were living in at the time and I peddled furiously to the creek and got there just in time to see 3 or 4 very wet naval personal, one a navy Wave, stepping ashore from, just maybe, a rubber dinghy. No fatalities, if memory serves, just a little shaken up. Liking your build thread. Dennis
  20. paul bardell

    Black September 1918 WW1 Combat Analysis

    Peter I'm not sure - but could it be Kite Balloon? does that fit the context of the book? some one with more knowledge will soon be along with the correct answer. Best Regards Paul
  21. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Eduard Spitfire IXe, built from the 'Royal Class' box that contains masks, photo-etch parts and resin wheels. I chose decal option 'K' for the aircraft of Jean-Marie Accart, CO of 345. Squadron, based at Deanland/East Sussex in September 1944. The model was painted with Gunze acrylics and weathered with artist's oils. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!
  22. Today
  23. Smudge

    Yermolaev Er-2 Amodel 1\72

    Very nice, an unusual subject. I am vaguely familiar with this aircraft, although I too did Google it for some quick background info. I was surprised that more had been built and seen active service than I had thought. If I come across one of these kits I think I will have to pick it up. Great work.
  24. tank152

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    After a long break, its on it's legs! A tad of weathering and a few bits and bobs to add and it done. Tim.
  25. Hello Dears This is not really a WiP since both the 2 ladies has been started 2 years ago ! The Rhino has appeared in some other threads and she is about to enter the paint booth ! Now this kit has a story behind it ! A friend of mine offer that Phantom as a thanking gift ! I was on patrol with my van on a highway, I still was in the access and saw a motorcycle speeding away. A few yards further I saw a car stopped on the left lane (We are on the continent !!) Then I saw the biker a good 50 yards ahead of the car, lying on the ground but did'nt see the motorcycle ! Cursing a lot, I call on the Ambulance and Highway patrol, as we are trained for urgent help, I go to see if I can help the biker. Lord, His leg was in such a poor state, but he looked almost good. But with the integral helmet I did'nt recognize him, My van was placed in protection, I looked at the wound, reporting it to the ambulance by the cell phone The biker then wake up, or retake conscience, and call me by my name… That's a schock Believe me !! It was my friend, I refused to get the helmet out, not knowing if he have a wound to the head… And I stay beside him until he was transported in the ambulance. After his recovery, he asked casually about my next buy of kit and I received it ! The only weird thing is that he told me that, When he opened his eyes, feeling that someone was taking care of him, I looked to him like an angel !!! Me ??? An angel ?? With my face ?? Incredible and … Yes… Weird ! Don't you worry about Thierry, he was still Walking with crutch when he did buy another bike !! Oh and we found the bike a good 100 yards ahead of the crash point, jammed Under the barriers !! Now back to the model ! I included a complete Aires interior, it has been deemed impossible by a French model magazine, So... I did it, but it's not easy a task, Believe me ! But it look far better ! Be carefull ! Aires gave us 2 types of interior, one can do a B or J Phantom The Wheel well must be re-created And of course !! It will be a Jolly Rogers one ! I must confess that I have in my stash each and any aircraft flown by the 'Blackburn's irregulars" So this one will not be too surprising ??? Huh ??? Load of job and the doc are precious, especially for the Air intakes Who was talking about that plaster looking Tamiya white paint ??? Ok, I'll be back soon, I go to prepare the meal, pretty simple today !! some Cordon bleu with belgian fries ! HP saus for me !! Have a great modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  26. Gorby

    Henschel Hs123B-1

    Having wasted too many months of my life on the Italeri 1/48 Hs-123, I wish I had gone Gaspatch because it looks like an amazing kit. You certainly seem to have done it justice because it looks exceptionally well build and painted.
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