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  2. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/lab-hlc-rgb-lrv-values.asp?cRange=BS 381C&cRef=BS381C 642&cDescription=Night So a very dark grey would do.
  3. Perhaps we have become more accustomed to looking at models than the real thing and there are a lot of modellers who tend to exaggerate different panel colours. However, if you look closely at my photos you can see differences. There are colour photos on the Web which were taken on the same day:- https://www.escadrilles.org/histoire-et-histoires/11-ec-1972/ https://www.airhistory.net/photo/77374/42138 https://www.traditions-air.fr/unit/photo/003-6-5.htm It looks to me to be different metals or different surface treatment, but not silver paint. Mike
  4. Hello Troy, I didn't check the fuselage bottom panel, is it too flat? I also did not verify the curvature of the fuselage panels but I think that a correction (like in the attached thread) should be feasible. I suspect that correcting the Arma wing fillet leading edge will be a major pain in the back... so, overall my rating of the Airfix fuselage jumped sky-high! This is a very interesting thread I wasn't aware of, thank you! I'll finish building a fabric-wing in parallel so it's most useful
  5. There are many who would agree with you (at least as far as the first exclamation mark)
  6. Today
  7. Hello Gents, Despite the work overload of this week end... I manage to spent a bit of time on the bench... But, I was'nt on the mood... Here we are... More masking on Val... Some tiny touch up here an there, bur I'm reasonably glad... Then I found back this... Not, the @general melchett Armstrong Withworth Canonnette but ... Have a great week !! Sincerely. CC
  8. During the early 1980's the RANFAA was tasked to provide counter terrorism support on the Bass Straight oil rigs. A history of the operation can be found here https://www.faaaa.asn.au/snippets-history-operation-bursa/ In October 2020 the Governor General approved the awarding of the Australian Service Medal with Counter Terrorism / Special Recovery clasp for eligible RAN personnel https://www.faaaa.asn.au/operation-bursa-recognition/ Today a small ceremony was held at the RANFAA Museum to present the awards to Former and serving members of HU-816 & 81
  9. Very nice. You hear about the Polish Squadrons in the Battle of Britain, but forget that they went on to give distinguished service across the whole of the war.
  10. Not had much time over the last 10 days for modelling ! Also my shoulder issue has flared up again which affects my hand. Very painful! Oh well! Remember my old Mum's advice " Don't get old" lol . On advice I have managed to get some gloss parquet flooring acrylic protection fluid so hope to try this out on an old model and maybe use this on this project.
  11. Wow, fantastic model, really impressive ! Another masterpiece from you, I missed a few posts in the WIP so now I sure have to go and check them all, Well done !
  12. Hi Horatio, the former way, i.e. darker color applied first and then the lighter mottling went on. Cheers Libor
  13. First read these https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/colors/color-table.html https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/il-2/il-2.htm To see which Il-2 you have, Vallejo makes lots of shades, but they are awful in their colour matching suggestions. Model air can be brushed, it basically pre thinned Model Color. If in no dreaming rush I can eyeball some Vallejo Vs Akan that I have, and suggest some. You might be better off tracking down some Akan acrylic.
  14. A KC-135 flew over me the other day at like 5,500ft! It was really cool, I will share pictures later.
  15. Even that needn’t be a problem, Steve. As the General has already pointed out, the P-38 (unlike the Sea King!) was not obviously festooned with rivets, so if the paint makes the majority of them hard to discern unless you look closely, that will be fine. The eroded areas - notably the upper port wing root - are where they need to be more obvious. The second of those two photos last night is the port upper wing root, so the place where I was most anxious for this to work!
  16. Very well done Hornet because the Hasegawa in not an easy kit to build ! Just check on your LEXs, the position lights are missing
  17. Loving your work. I've been contemplating a similar scheme for my next build. Am keen to see how this one turns out
  18. This looks lovely Julien, thanks for the review, It has convinced me to get one! -I went for the boxing with the three female 'cadet' figures which are superbly moulded as well. ICM are producing some irresistible kits these days, long may it continue. Cheers John
  19. I built the Revel one years ago when it first came out. Compared to that I won't even notice anything like a "short coming" on this kit
  20. Thanks Chris - hopefully a straighforward build! Cheers, Roger
  21. I think the plan of action for the cockpit is the right one, how easy it is we will see soon. I have my beer and peanuts......... Ian
  22. Lovely job, Jerzi. Don't often see the high altitude scheme.
  23. If I were you I'd use the thinnest wire you have. Proper "scale" size in 1:72 would be 0.06mm! Also the thinner it is, the easier it is to work with as it will bend at a tighter angle where it goes through the holes and won't leave you with an unsightly bend and a wire that isn't straight along its length. You're also correct in that the structural wires were more airfoil shaped, ie flat! They were known as RAF wires (Royal Aircraft Factory not Air Force! Your trivia for today - upon formation of the Royal Air Force the Royal Aircraft factory changed its name to avoid confusion, and becam
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