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  2. I think you'll find a VC10 runs on Avtur, Avtag Jp4 and if you can get one on a carrier Avcat... Avgas is 5 star petrol. or was when I was refueling the Vc10 and Chippy's in Berlin.
  3. Good to see this one getting some more attention - it should look great when you’ve finished it. I’m liking your LTS attitude to the less important issues too!
  4. Giorgio, Continuation of the fuel pump blisters onto the landing gear covers can be seen on the Norwegian MkXI, walk around here. (as can the front hood) Good luck! Tomas Enerdal
  5. Great job, well done!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I will continue with the decaling on this coming weekend. Thanks all for the comments! - - - - - - - - KINETIC 1/48 F-104G STARFIGHTER Gluing the final parts in order to get this bird prepared for some primer. Also did the ejection seat: The Martin Baker Mk. Q7 ejection seat that replaced the older Lockheed C2 seat. Nice touch is that the kit actually comes with two different headrests - this 'narrow' one, and the little bit wider one that was used in the Italian machines. No Italian markings in this kit though - but it's quite telling that eventually there will probably be one. The older C2 seat also comes with the kit which is nice if you wanna do early version (kit decals are for mid-late '80s german planes though). Germany & Italy started modernizing the seats late '60's & early '70's. Not sure how it was for the other countries. I really like this Vallejo Plastic putty. I mean it's really bad at making seams disappear - but it's really good at filling gaps such as the wingroots or other things that you don't want to have a gaping hole, but you don't want to completely smooth out either. Easy thing is that you can just put it on, don't have to be particularly tidy, wait for it to harden a bit and then the excess comes off easily with a cotton bud and water. You don't lose details and the filler stays in the gap. Nice stuff for certain purposes - but not really as a general putty for really smoothing out seams. I prefer Tamiya stuff (dries up much harder and cleans off with alcohol if needed) or CA glue for those purposes. Just need to wipe off the surface with some alcohol to get all the dust & dirt off and glue on the clear parts - and we're ready for some primer. Wingtip tanks are not glued in yet - I think I will paint them separately. Paint scheme will be german NORM 62 - which I think is a great looking camo with it's sharp lines.
  7. That looks grand, you have made a fine job of it, rigging and all. Cheers Dennis
  8. Ron, Several references ("The History", Morgan/Shacklady and Warpaint 72, Darling) mentions that the modification to Mk V cannon was introduced early in Seafire III production. No date or serial given, though. In a crown drawing of the Seafire III installation the Hispano Mk V is identified. This has recently been published on p.221 in Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature No.12, Spitfire Part 1 (Merlin-powered). The fairing looks much shorter, could possibly be seen in pics of real a/c? (I haven't looked, yet)
  9. Hi, Thanks for the help. I don't think i can get this as i've never ordered from hobby easy as i have had problems getting things from abroad which have put me off. But thanks for looking, Cheers, Rodders.
  10. Hello Konrad, Splendid. This shows what you can achieve with a little 1/72 chopper. Colorful scheme brings it all out. Regards, Orion - The Netherlands.
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  12. Avis models S1 Cockle and S4 Satellite nice kits, went togther well thanks for looking
  13. Looks like two pictures of DA-G on the same patrol, the erosion patterns are identical Not that that matters, its great to see the mighty Sunderland in action I just love 'em
  14. To be fair I'd be OK with @Jamie 's paints but there is no way I can justify buying six tins of paint just to get the one I'd like Not his fault, these impositions are forced by financial pressures And I am as yet forbidden to drive after my operation so I cannot go trawling round the model shops nearby And so! Humbrol's Acrylics get the gig In natural light the Mr Models grey is not quite what I look for but should act as a reasonable base for the Humbrol Ne'er mind hey, ☺
  15. Yeah I noticed that...In my defense I was following the decal sheet instructions. In any case it's far too late to do anything about it now. I went through and painted on scratches and texture onto the wings using a fine brush and some Aquagloss thinned with water. I'm pleased that it worked out nicely. It's hard to see in photos though as it's only visible when the light plays across the surface. I also sprayed on the exhaust stains using an eclectic mix of Tire black (XF-58), flat earth (XF-52) and metal colour 'Exhaust Manifold'. The thinking being that the metallic would prevent the trails from going overly matte. Not sure it worked but it imparted a nice colour to the mix I guess. From what I've seen the trails are quite brownish. I also noticed the panels around the exhaust went a bit iridescent when heated up in more modern photos. Not sure if this happened with wartime planes, but I added a very faint mottling of heavily thinned clear blue to somewhat replicate this. It's a very subtle effect and again may not come out in the photos. I found airbrushing these trails onto metal colours quite tricky because they were very faint and hard to see, I think I may have gone a bit heavy in some areas due to this. Also the area is quite awkward to spray into, I held the plane upside down to so I could sweep my airbrush over the path without hitting the wing. After these photos were taken I touched up the trails again, they're still not perfect but at least a bit more even now though the left side went down a little heavier than desired. Can't take them off and start again so I think I'll just stop now before I go overboard. I think I'll tackle some of the little bits like the various lights and gun barrels next and then I'll move onto the remaining parts. Also I got my Falcon vac replacement canopies since I'm not too happy with the kit one. I'll have to attempt to cut these out at some point, it's my first time with Vacform parts so it'll be interesting.
  16. From what I'm aware they have only done this in 1/16. The 1/8 may have others.
  17. Cheers Tony, thank you A bit more to do before decals, Massimo. Thank you Thanks Rob, glad you like it. Despite not having proper propeller(s) Thanks Johnny I've been out to Lyon (France) for a couple of days, attending to an exhibition (business, not modelling related) so once more no progress during the week. I'll hopefully manage something tomorrow Ciao
  18. Hi John, Yes, I have that on p311, but it is a general arrangement drawing and not necessarily to scale. I'm wary of such things as I once did a 1/48 Westland 'Wendover' (Lysander with rear turret) and after scratchbuilding the rear fuselage found it was too short! I quite like Vickers stuff and admit to using general arrangement drawings, plus photos from National Archive, to do a series of prototypes including the biplane G4/31. There are, or were, people out there who could 'see' the shape and create it in wood. Failing that a CAD image which could then be fed into a 3D printer Is there anyone out there ?
  19. Have to say my biggest issue is the poor editing of the digital issues. Blocks of text missing, clashing colours that make reading captions or looking at images impossible and images lying over text. This isn't just an issue with SAM, rather with almost every magazine I receive digitally. Problem is I've no idea who's best to bring this up with.
  20. Of course - we ship worldwide and have many US customers. We only charge what Australia Post charges us.
  21. Hi all, Just to let you know some exciting news in that the 74(F) `Tiger` Squadron Association have launched a webstore selling 74 `Tiger` Squadron related merchandise. All profits from the sales of any merchandise sold will go directly to the `Tiger360` fund in support of the restoration of our unique F-4J(UK) Phantom, ZE360. New products and designs will be released next year and I can also confirm that some exciting artwork is being produced with a release date sometime within the first 6 months of next year. (More on that in due course). Click the following link to the ZE360 Restoration page below and scroll down to the webstore link to see whats on offer at present; http://74sqdn.tk/ze360-restoration-page/ And don`t forget to catch up on all ZE360 news on the Association website and thanks for looking. (An advanced special thanks if you choose to buy something and therefore support the restoration effort).
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