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  2. Great work on your Harrier ... One minor thing ? Its a VMA-331 Bumblebee Harrier ? Not a VMA-311 Tomcat ? You may want to edit the original post to reflect this ? Again great looking harrier.
  3. Admiral Puff

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    The main difference between the two was that the C-47A had unsupercharged R-1830s, whereas the C-47B's R-1830-90Cs were supercharged (because that variant was intended for work "over the hump" in the CBI theatre). The usual way to distinguish them is that the 'A had shorter carburettor intakes (inlets aft of the cooling gills) whereas the 'B's intakes came further forward. As with many aspects of the DC-3/C-47, this wasn't a hard and fast rule, and some 'As can be found with the longer intakes. To further confuse things, the 'B's superchargers were often removed post-war to make the C-47D, although the long intakes usually remained. As is so often the case, it's best to try to find a photo of the aircraft you want to model and be guided by that.
  4. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    CA-27 Avon Sabre Mk.30

    Might tag along on this build, i like my sabres.
  5. tomcervo

    ICM 1/32 Gladiator

    Clear your workbench . . . https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-32040-gloster-gladiator-mk-1--1191383
  6. Wow that is beautiful. Love the inspiration as well. What kit?
  7. Today
  8. Heading for 40C (104F) at home today so I touched up the undercoat and got the top coat on this morning before it got too hot. I used AS12 Tamiya Bare metal silver from the can. Nice and simple.
  9. Slywolff

    Airfix Hawker Hart (restoration)

    Hello Seahawk, Thanks for posting your comments! I took a look at the Demon kit gun and yes it is considerably smaller than the BE gun... the BE2c gun looks like a howitzer compared to the Demon's gun. With the Airfix Demon kit in my possession, I recently obtained the Kora detail kit and that has a nice resin replacement! So in short I can purloin the Airfix Demon gun and use that on the Hart! Good advice thanks!
  10. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Steven, has the cold weather hit down there yet? When I got up at 07:30 this morning, it was -34C. It then warmed up to -24C this afternoon. Chris
  11. dogsbody

    Canadian Hurricane 5656

    Lucky sod! Chris
  12. Frank083

    Kinetic 1/48 CF18 2017 Demo Jet

    Wonderful rendition! That scheme looks terrific! Hats off! Frank
  13. Frank083

    Trumpy Wellington Mk III 1/48

    Nice update! All those new additions look awesome! Keep going Canadian fellow Frank
  14. noelh

    Listening to the Solstice

    Disappointed to say I started to follow this thread but fell off the line quite quickly. Too much going on in my life. Ironic considering you're just the other side of town from me. I say town but being from an actual city, Galway is a bit small. It's a biggish town, get over it. But I'm back on board, looking forward to the result.
  15. noelh

    Aer Lingus

    Leaves Ryanair as the state airline. The golden harp over St Patrick's blue. Aer Lingus just A N other airline in the IAG group with a drunken shamrock.
  16. playtime

    Roundel colour paint matches

    Small confession, in the interests of preventing any potential panty bunching and wasting everyone's time, this is for a stick/tissue free flight job with an electric ducted fan. I just don't want it to look completely crap after I used the right colours for the aluminium/green/grey surfaces and got decent results. The supplied decals looked awful and the red was completely off register. Previous experience of decals over painted tissue were not positive (I ruined a damn decent rubber-powered Do335) either although apparently possible. So I decided to put my circle cutter to good use (I picked up one of those DSPAIE widgets to do tank wheel masks) and paint the things on. I also just inferred the colors my Dad used for an R/C Sea Fury cos I have the (21st Century ) Humbrol tins here - Gloss 19 Red and Gloss 15 Blue - and they don't look too bad on the Fury...
  17. f111guru

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    I really wouldn't be surprised with that thought. I've of different things to dilute paint Ron VanDerwarker
  18. f111guru

    Able Dogs's Nest, AD-4 and A-1 H

    CC, Did this it seems 20 years maybe ago. I think it was Superscale decals on and Academy E model kit with the Verlinden F model update kit. The slats and flap are scratch built because there were none at the time. Now I have 6 sets of slats and flaps. I'm going to see is oz mods still have there's available. Not meant to distract from your build. Happy modelling. I'll have to take some digital pictures of the skyraiders I have in-progress for the last 15 or more years. Ron VanDerwarker
  19. ridinshotgun

    Kit suggestions

    Thanks but no German. I have zero interest in German and not spending money on it if I have no interest.
  20. bentwaters81tfw

    Kittyhawk RF-101C 1/48

    Nowt much wrong with that. Can't have too many Voodoos
  21. Yesterday
  22. mirageiv

    RNoAF F-16s Part 1-- A and B

    Thank you Cookie for your (too!) kind words again, always happy if you like the models! I finished the B here: Thank you to those who commented/liked the thread and I hope you like the F-16B. I'm going to take a break for a bit before finishing the other F-16s, I think I need to do something different tbh as the motivation has temporarily worn off a tad for these. Cheers, David.
  23. Comet rescues Comet: The kit lacks the Pitot, and the kit's Ratier logo decals for the props are a joke, so I got this Pitot from an SBS kit I built some time ago (I made one out of tube and of wire for that one) and fortunately there were also enough SBS's leftover Ratier logo decals, phew! thanks SBS!:
  24. rob Lyttle

    Curtiss Tomahawk IIB

    https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-40-warhawk/ Some great refs here, if you haven't seen. Yeah, a lot of these new moulds have flatted tyres, and rectangular stubs to line them up. The wheels are not interchange-able. I think I like it, but it's the instructions that are at fault. It really needs bringing to attention. You'll be alright on the next one!. " You catch me once, shame on you. You catch me twice, shame on Me"
  25. Great effects and the weathering on the grey panels. Superior workmanship on the wiring. Ron VanDerwarker
  26. Mark4700

    B17E Old Maid ser 41-2409

    Unusual scheme. Love it.
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