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  1. I've done about a half dozen WWI types in my life and they were all before I cared about such things as rigging. However, with about 10 more in the stash, this is really helpful information! Thanks!
  2. I hope this technique works as well for you as it has for me! I made a charcoal rubbing of all the parts before I sanded the lines off... although it looks like its too late for that now! I highly recommend the pentel orenz 0.2 mm pencil (https://www.amazon.com/Pentel-Mechanical-Pencil-Barrel-PP502BP/dp/B01G7C1L16/) because anything bigger just doesn't look right. Plus, they have the small white eraser under the cap that works great for erasing mistakes (which, you know, never happens!). The only other word of advice I have is that any dull coat that goes over the pencil line m
  3. I spent the whole day at the hospital with the lad and was very proud of his good-natured humor and positive outlook. He took every opportunity to make the nurses laugh. I, on the other hand, found myself surprisingly sad. But he and I had some good-natured ribbing back and forth and I think he's feeling quite normal again. If he can work up the courage to give himself a shot in the morning he will be home. I am going to bed. I'm am surprisingly exhausted. Thanks for all the good thoughts!
  4. Thanks everyone. I reread what I wrote, and noticed that I neglected to mention he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. A rotten thing to happen to a 12 year old and something I've feared for a while because it runs in the family. It was the first time the E.R. called us in the middle of the night to tell us to go there. His labs from the doctors appointment that afternoon had just come in and they said he needed treatment immediately. Depending upon how quickly his blood sugar stabilizes, he'll be home between tonight and sunday night. Can 2020 be over now?
  5. I think this is going to be the last post for a little while. My middle child went to the Hospital last night and I think I will be too distracted for modelling. He will be fine, but there is some adjustment ahead. I will get the Frank back to the state I can see in my mind! Watch this space...
  6. I will definitely try it out on a test piece, but I know how hazardous Lacquer thinner can be on plastic! Found out the hard way.
  7. I didn't post pictures, but I put a new coat of metallic and the sanding indentation is noticeable enough that it needs to be fixed one way or the other. But I agree with you... at the very least the wings need to be stripped.
  8. Dennis -- Brake fluid was my go-to in the 90's and it worked very well. I refurbished an F-5E, an SBD Dauntless and a B-66B that way. But that was before I discovered lacquers and even Simple Green won't make those budge. I'm keen to try the Tamiya thinner. I'm a little scared of oven cleaner and NMF after my bad experience with Chemicals and Alclad documented here: I'm really debating what to do. One option is to rig up a jig to just get one wing at a time in the simple green that will likely take off the Silver leaf but not the Mr. Surfacer. Then I could sand
  9. Ha Ha! Of course, now I see all the postings....
  10. I'll follow along if I may! My dad built this kit in the early 70's and it hung on my ceiling when I was a kid. He still has it, and says it was his best work, and rightfully so! He hand painted the complicated and ornate camouflage that was in the instructions at the time (don't know if it's the same pattern today) and he did a beautiful job. I've wanted to get my hands on this. I can't wait to see how this turns out. The scratchbuilding you've done so far is terrific!
  11. Well, no dice. It looks just as bad as before, just sunken in, instead of raised. I would strip the paint off, but my preferred method of Simple Green doesn't strip Mr. Surfacer and I would have to take it all the way to plastic to get it to look right. Does anyone have any ideas how to get paint off, short of sanding? I would like to preserve what little surface detail I have. I suppose I could make this one the camo one and strip the old one down and make it NMF, but I'd like to figure out how to fix this instead. Because what would I do if I didn't h
  12. Well, this hurt... I had to keep telling myself it was for the best... I woke earlier than usual and had a little time before work so I tested a couple of ideas. Since I'd sprayed some swatches of these paints on my mule earlier, I thought I'd try solvents. The paint thinner looked like it would put a dent in the paint so I carefully used it on the model. It took off the silver leaf lickedy-split, but the Alclad was stubborn and only a little bit was coming off with all the scrubbing. That's why the starboard wing looks different from the port wing.
  13. That looks spectacular now that the decals are all finished. The rib tapes may been a pain, but it was worth it in the end.
  14. Arrgh. It's always something... So I painted on the Alclad White Aluminum on the wings and it didn't look right at all. It looked like glossy silver paint, not like a metal, like it usually does. Then when I pulled off the tamiya masking tape this happened: It was a ragged edge and it looked terrible. But that wasn't the worst: Yeah, the tape stuck to the Alclad and pulled a chunk of it up. So, I took it to the sink and sanded it down with 3600 grit sand paper. Except it won't budge. All the silver leaf around it
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