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  1. I've read compelling arguments that the bottom of "tsu-134" depicted in Airfix's A6M2 kit is a yellow color. There is a lot of useful information in this thread: My question is... what yellow would I use? Is it a plain ol' Testors yellow, or more of a yellow orange? or is it something that we may never have an answer to...?
  2. I'm planning to start building the Hobby Boss version of Takeo Tanimizu's A6M5c and have some confusion about it's propeller and spinner colors. Does anybody know? it would be great to have a photo... I looked at b/w photos for probably a couple hours total on the internet and only found the pictures of him standing next to his victory markings. None that showed the front. The confusion is because Hobby Boss shows the spinner and propeller to both be that mahogany "Propeller color", while the Hasagawa version I built in college had the propeller as bare metal and the spinner as dark green. All the profiles I found in my searching have variations of those two, plus a green spinner/mahogany propeller, and another one I can't quite recall right now. No real pictures though... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. You made that look quite nice! I'm a member of the Starfix-survival club having built their Spitfire Mk. XIV (well, that's not really what they called it, but that's what it became!). As with yours the scale on mine varied between something like 1/46 to 1/57 depending on where you measured. nicely done!
  4. Beautiful NMF! That can be very difficult to achieve. Nice job!
  5. That's beautiful! I really like it in a camo scheme. It's such a fascinating aircraft to begin with and you've done a wonderful job with it. The camo is very well done.
  6. What a great idea, and beautifully executed! It makes for a very striking model.
  7. Wow, very nice! It's such an interesting subject too.
  8. I hope it does! It would be neat to see another Gray Mk. VII! I always miss something! I'm glad you pointed it out -- I hate missing important details. That one is on me because I used some spare Eduard gears b/c the detail was better than the Hasegawa gears. I was so worried about getting them to look right from the front that I completely missed the angle when looking from the side. I'll bet I can fix it...
  9. Thanks everyone! I had a ton of fun with this build and I really love how it looks. It just tickles my OCD a little bit.
  10. Thanks everyone! I really like the grey and blue paint scheme as well, it was one of the reasons I wanted to tackle it this time around. Despite the trouble with the wingtips (and decals), it was a fun build.
  11. That is a beautiful build, Roman! It's incredibly realistic looking. I really appreciate the VVS scheme too. I'm getting more and more interested in VVS lend-lease aircraft...
  12. From one P-40 fan to another: Beautiful job! Sorry to hear the Hataka paints weren't good for brushing b/c I love them for airbrushing. In general I like their colors too (except for their late war Luftwaffe!). Anyway, your research, scratchbuilding and patience with new paint has paid off! It's a build to be proud of. Nice to see an Merlin-engined P-40 too.
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