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  1. It’s a very easy conversion if you cross kit a Hasegawa TA-4J with a Hasegawa A-4M, no cutting of parts or kits required, everything is included in those kits to make an OA-4M.
  2. Isn’t it a F/G/H engine panel arrangement?
  3. Very nice, don’t apologize for all the pictures!
  4. I have a photo of Wally’s missing man flypast at his funeral, my former boss flew the missing man position. Nice build, thanks for the tribute.
  5. That what I was planning/thinking too. Build the wing up on the sprue.
  6. Awesome build, my daughter was photographed in the cockpit of that jet when she was seven years old. The photo ended up on the front page of the local paper.
  7. Very nice, I served in 440 when we had 9 Twin Otters. We had 7 in Edmonton and two in Yellowknife at that time.
  8. I think the large sprue gates is their answer to all the short shots they have been experiencing. They made larger gates hoping the flow into the mold improved. From what I can see the biggest weakness of the kit is the fuel cell cover. I'm picking mine up today once the shop opens.
  9. I had a Sea Fury on pre-order at my local shop when they first released. My kit didn't have the clear sprue. I took it back and we went through the other five kits on the shelf. Only one had the sprue. The shop wasn't happy because Airfix wanted the kits shipped back instead of sending them five new sprue.
  10. Not puzzling at all. My lab purchases medical products from India, definitely lower standards even though they are required to follow FDA and Health Canada standards. Lower pay, lower education = lower quality. I have one of these kits on hold at the local shop. I’m still picking it up tomorrow although it is disappointing to see the quality is reduced after reading all these reviews and viewing online videos.
  11. I would like those decals too, being I am from Edmonton.
  12. We had an all black Voodoo in Canada, it was quite impressive.
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