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  1. This is just what the Doctor ordered! Can’t wait but I have to wait a full year?
  2. Tamiya is supposed to release a FAA version. There were given access to Vintage Wings Corsair during their deign of the kit and a handshake agreement was made that they’d release a FAA option. There is some evidence of this in the metal etch, Sutton harnesses are on it.
  3. These instructions are awesome for FAA Corsairs https://fundekals.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/FD32003_Inst.pdf
  4. I don’t think yours will appear, I ordered from the same seller and mine never arrived, he did provide a refund. My gut says he never shipped and until Jeff and I contacted him he didn’t ship Jeff’s order either.
  5. Did you really? I need to check and see what you sent me! I thought I bought one! Total bonus if I bought two!
  6. Very nice Jon, you have long been one of my favorite online builders. Is this your first published work? If so long overdue, if not I guess I’ve been living under a rock.
  7. Kind of funny, obviously they flipped the stencils and we’re not English speaking painters.
  8. I don’t know how many times I checked and missed it each time, I have three fuselages. I knew I had two in tight, I was actually missing seeing the third which was 180 degrees opposite.
  9. Odd, I just checked my box and I only have one of each. One of the reasons I bought this boxing was the three fuselages and flexibility it gave me. I’m going to send Eduard an email in regards to this.
  10. Turns out this was not the case, there are only two fuselages in the boxing.
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