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  1. Yeah, what an absolute stonker! Had to Google Stonker. We don’t use that word in Canada.
  2. RCAF used Per Ardua Ad Astra from 1924 to 1968, CAF used it 1968 to 2013. When we reformed as the RCAF in 2013 we went back to sic itur ad astra, which was our original motto from 1920-1924. Your entire post is correct, just adding detail.
  3. All these years on these forums and this is the first time I followed a thread, wonderful work in the Demon! And glad to hear your family got over Covid!
  4. A belated congrats to you! I was hoping you’d get back in the saddle! Great airframe too, several guys I served with fly the 787.
  5. You are correct, the leafs were gold on the armored markings. My mistake. And I do know someone who put one of each on a JEJ Spitfire. I also know a person who said he was going to created a vinyl cling marking that he could put on top of the alternate roundel. So he could switch them when he wanted, not sure how they turned out though.
  6. And that photo is credited to my friend who did the research defending the red leaf. I’d prefer that the leaf be red, I just feel green is correct. I thought that emblem and colors were found on Typhoons, just as Aviaeology depicted them.
  7. Beauty, what a nice build. You have inspired me to build the same!
  8. I think the leafs were green. During WWII the Canadian Army used green leafs on their tank markings. A squadron I served in, 416, flew Spits in WWII. One Spit had a giant green leaf on the nose with a Lynx . Makes sense to me as the Maple Leaf is green. RCAF Vets are split on the color in the roundel on wartime Spits, some said red, others said green. A friend of mine researched the subject for IPMS Canada and he swears it was red. I don’t agree with him. The Canadian Red Ensign, which we fought under in WWII, had three green leafs in it. Our current Canada flag, was first officially flown in 1965. So your theory about our national flag doesn’t hold true in WWII.
  9. I met JEJ and his son at an airshow in Canada, bought a signed Nicolas Trudgian print off of him too.
  10. Your and grandson is a lucky boy! Nice work!
  11. My PMQ was 160 - 6th Ave when I was stationed there. I think your PMQ was the one that my parents brought me home as a newborn in 1966. Same color trim and it had the silver bungalo across the street. I have a picture on the front step with the number, I’ll look up the number. Army has renamed all the streets after battles.
  12. Curious if you know the street address of the PMQ ( if it is Lancaster Park)?
  13. Nice builds! A good friend of mine has designed nearly all of them, he retired a few years ago so the last two (I think), we’re not designed by him. Although I hear he may have been consulted. Jim recently told me how many schemes he designed and painted, I think he said well over 50, I can’t remember (he knew the number of course). He designed a jet for me that I had approved by my maintenance officer.
  14. Good save on the decals and good choice on the replacements, a good friend of mine produced/researched that decal sheet with Eagle Cals.
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