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  1. We modellers have been screaming for a new tool Hercules for many years and I have felt of all the new toolings missed the Hercules should have been the “number 1” no brainer for all manufacturers to produce based on the longevity of the airframe, loyalty to the airframe, and sheer numbers of nations who flew it. This kit is a license to print money. And the fact that your hobbyshop sold out of 50 kits in half a day is a clear indicator of the success of this release will be and is. You missed the boat Tamiya and Hasegawa. - Captain Obvious
  2. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! I have two of these kits on the way and I am impatient to build, this will be my first of many builds!
  3. Nice build, I typically build aircraft, I may grab this kit as it is an interesting and unique subject.
  4. I saw a few cars get transported in the good ole days. And lobster deliveries every Thursday to two specific locations, what fun we had. There was also a good spot to sleep at the top of the upper ramp door, right by one of the heat ducts. Just make sure the loadie didn’t forget you were there.
  5. I’ve flown in Hercs a few times with a Twin Huey in the back, on one occasion as soon as we took off I released my seat belt and crawled in the back of the Huey. There was a nice mattress on the floor. I had a great sleep.
  6. Beautiful build! I loved seeng that jet in person when it was in service. One of my bosses in a squadron a served in was posted to the squadron that flew the electric jet and he retired it.
  7. Scooby

    F4U Corsair

    Correct, the Corsair started the war land based in the tri-color scheme. By the time the Corsair was carrier based they were in the GSB scheme. And there were far more carriers and therefore a greater need to easily visually identify which group/carrier the Corsairs/aircraft belonged to when they formed up in the air. Fundecals have images of VMF-321 tri-colored Corsairs on carriers with unit markings as they were ferried between islands. This is on their Whistling Death sheets.
  8. Scooby

    F4U Corsair

    Yes, there were missions that involved carrier landings where Marine Corsairs had hooks re-installed (not just once).
  9. Nice builds! The Revell kit is really the Hasegawa kit.
  10. I’m bumping an old thread, but I was involved in it to, with you that make three of us in this thread who were involved in Mosquito restorations. I was part of the Alberta Aviation Museum’s restoration/conversion of Hairless Joe.
  11. As an ex-418 member we were very saddened to learn of the passing of you grandfather. I was fortunate to meet him many times, he was an amazing man. The first time I met him was in 1986 at the 45th anniversary reunion of 418 Squadron. if you are interested in one of these models built let me know. I was involved in the production of the decals on this model and your grandfather provided the input for the color of Hairless Joe’s hair, which is often depicted as white, he corrected it to yellow and had wartime color comic strips that supported this. The same holds true for the Mosqu
  12. 8 years later I searched high and low, I also can’t find photographs of Thompson Refuellers in WWII.
  13. Wow, I thought for sure this group would know of images. I knew though given my searches came up empty that there obviously wasn’t much, if anything, out there.
  14. Does anyone know of images of Thompson 3 wheeled refuellers in use during the Battle of Britain? I know some wore civilian schemes still, I am currently building a BoB diorama and would like to include Accurate Amours 1/48 resin kit. The instructions list the colors during the BoB but don’t show any images or references. The scheme on the box represents a 1943 scheme. Thanks, I have scoured the internet and came up empty.
  15. For the most part, ordering from the States to Canada is no longer feasible. Often the shipping is more than the product, Spruebrothers is able to get lower economy shipping as do a few other smaller vendors.
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