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  1. It is no secret they visited Vintage Wings of Canada and that is where they researched and measured their Spitfires, Mustang, Corsair, and the Mosquito (while it was on the Canadian tour). I knew about the Spitfire release nearly a year before it was announced. Only 6 months on the rest. I have zero inside info this time, although several years ago they had the same access to their Hurricane and P-40. Personally I hope it is the Hurricane. One thing Tamiya did promise to the owner that hasn’t come to fruition is a FAA Corsair.
  2. Yup, I was thinking it was a clue. The 1/32 Corsair, Mustang, Mosquito, and Spitfires were all measured and researched at Vintage Wings of Canada. The owner at that facility has a P-40 too. They did measure it, guys I served with in the Airforce work there. Although they don’t have any insider information. They did give me info ahead of time in regards to the above kits.
  3. Very nice build, love the weathering. Real shame Eduard has dropped Cartograf, Eduard’s own decals are useless. Huge mistake by them to print their own decals.
  4. We broke down in Hickam and needed a prop. No way we were asking the USAF for a prop despite being on a Herc base. We waited for the replacement from Canada. It took us a week to change the prop. Stayed at the Hale Kao Waikiki for a week. We broke down in the Arctic soon after, we changed that prop in two hours. We used empty STC containers with seals to get booze through customs.
  5. I’d say about the size, if not a little smaller, than a 1/32 WW2 fighter. I’ve seen them at operational squadrons and on the production line while they were being built while I was training at Bell Helicopters.
  6. Very nice! Are those kit decals? Interesting I didn’t know the nose art panel was moved to another aircraft.
  7. Power cable and that is the gun door. The boxes are used to bypass the Weight on Gear switches in order to troubleshoot faults or simulate flight conditions to run systems that we can’t on the ground. We have to be very careful during these checks as guns can be armed and gear can be accidentally retracted. But there are safeguards in place.
  8. I should have known to look there, I couldn’t remember where the floor came from, I initially thought it dropped down but I then thought it must have slid out. I did remember there was a floor that blocked the exit while using the galley.
  9. As Jeff said, the galley was to the left as you entered. I think there was a slide out floor for the galley, I forget now too. We had two bunks, the top of the upper bunk folded at one end so you could get through the hatch. we had to climb through the hatch to check the lights on the top of the aircraft. I slept many midnight shifts in a bunk. I think all Hercs had two bunks, the kit only has one.
  10. Are those all scratch built 1/32 vehicles? Wow!
  11. Very nice, brings back memories, I built that as a kid. I recall getting it for Christmas as a child in the mid seventies and I was so excited to unwrap it. The deuce spent many hours in the sandbox!
  12. Very nice, love the P-38! All are awesome!
  13. I think you are confusing the loss of the F-117, it was due to flying a very predictable flight path. It is thought Russia or China assisted with the intelligence of the flight path the F-117 flew that night.
  14. I batting 100 in this thread. I just took another look at the IIb sprues, there are 5 props and 5 spinners! The two bladed spinner is one of them.
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