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  1. Beautiful! The organization I used to work for just bought a fleet of those helicopters! I would love to build one!
  2. Wow, four at once? I have trouble with one at once! Outstanding work!
  3. Awesome news, this is my Holy Grail! I’ll be buying several to start!
  4. Yes, the red edge doors are there. It didn’t stop me from cutting my skull a few times . I know why they were painted red, to conceal the blood marks.
  5. Mine arrived in Canada from HLJ, only four days after I ordered it. I haven’t opened it yet, each year at Christmas I sneak a gift under the tree and label it “To Dad, From Dad.” This will be the one!
  6. Those dimensions are close to a standard length Herc, the image definitely represents a stretch. If it is a standard length kit I can totally convert that.
  7. Those of us who worked the Herc put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into her. She is still my first love despite finishing my career on CF-18s. I’ve been on J models although I never crewed them. No attachment to them for me. I earned my keep on E &H models. Recently my son flew in the cockpit of an H model that I did the acceptance check from Lockheed, Georgia in 1990. I’d love to model that serial number. She was my girl. When I said I was disappointed a J model was being tooled I should re-phrase that, I was heartbroken. An E or H offers modelers a lot of color and nationality options, a J offers us gray, gray, and gray.
  8. Wouldn’t be too hard had they not decided to tool the stretch version. I was hoping if they tooled a J they wouldn’t tool a stretch, there are aftermarket resin engines that I am certain would fit with modifications to backdate to an H. An E would be a little more work.
  9. The J isn’t flown by 69 different nations. The earlier E & H models were. The stretch J isn’t flown by many nations. Not many color options either. I served on E & H models. Lots of decal and color options. Also civil options for another nine operators. Herc fans have asked for a long time for a new tool Hercules and the pulse of the community has been asking for a E & H. Huge error tooling a J model.
  10. Not what I wanted, and E or H would have been a better seller.
  11. Anyone see this kit yet on the shelves or online, Oct 19th has passed, and now it is December 1.
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