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  1. Initial releases were out of register, then the decals were so thin they were tearing, to counter this Eduard added a thick clear coat. Which modelers soon discovered could be stripped, but it is a risky process that could result in tears or decals lifting. Too risky IMHO. I love their research and decal selection, but I’ll no longer use their decals.
  2. I buy their overtrees and detail sets separately now, I avoid the kits with decals and instructions now.
  3. I’d continue paying what I was paying for kits that include Cartograf decals. I am very disappointed with their own decals.
  4. I can’t see the difference in the bulges, later in production the Vb definitely had wider bulges. I’ve compared the kit bulges with preserved Vb’s and they match to my eye. I’ve now built an early Vb and will have images posted soon. Absolutely everything is in the IIb kit to build an early Vb. The only thing missing is the front windscreen with internal armour, although there is one on the sprue, it won’t fit as it is missing the curved fairing below the windscreen. Although if the external armour windscreen was installed and then trimmed down to the fairing, the internal windscre
  5. Definitely is Sulc, the remaining are triplets, so it would be the same employee. I’m friends with a Dragon artist, he always uses member of our club to put on the gear before he does his art (he photographs people in the full uniforms and paints off the photo). So it is funny that we can recognize faces in his boxart.
  6. I just built a Vb with the IIb sprues, not nearly, everything is there.
  7. In stock and I received shipping notice from HLJ today, should be in my hands in 2-5 days (FEDEX)!!!!! I can’t wait! At long last! And these RCAF decals and resin parts are due soon too! http://lemdecal.com
  8. The real translation; the real surprise release was the A-10, but too many people guessed it and we don’t want to give out all those free kits. To work around this announce the Fiat and then push it back to 2022. Release the A-10 in the next quarter.
  9. The canopy opens from the front because the canopy on the F-35B is shorter due to the fan being behind it. Therefore the canopies are of different length but the same shape at the front. By having the actuators and mount at the front this standardizes the parts across the fleet. Instead of having two types of canopy actuators, the F-35 has one. A byproduct of this design is the ejection seat can be removed without removing the canopy. And most the weight is in the front of the canopy and therefore this arrangement takes less force to lift the canopy which results in less wear in th
  10. I know this of no use to you, I had two 1/72 Caribou kits from a friends estate sale not too long ago. Only $20 but I passed them onto 1/72 builders in my club. I can check and see if they will part with them.
  11. Why didn’t you tell the rest of us?
  12. He’d often joke with us that it wasn’t his real name. That he was using an alias while in Canada. I think it may have been true. Only our administrative people probably knew the truth.
  13. I wonder if the Wolfpack leak of an A-10 was all a ruse to throw off the guesses for Kinetic’s surprise release announcement. Ironically he even called the A-10 as going to be a surprise release.
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