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  1. New model DoraWings (ex-BPK) A variant of the plane that crashed in Western Sahara. The incident killed two crew members and female Australian Army Medical Officer Major Susan Felsche.
  2. Dear friends! The project is not easy, reliable information is not enough. Therefore, we will be glad to have any information that is useful. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks! Perhaps this is Robert Scott's P-43, I cannot say for sure. Also of the possible pilots for this aircraft is Jeffrey O. Wellborn. Work on 1/72 is already underway
  4. I'm not sure, but in some article I met a mention that on the white "4" the insignia were painted over. So I glued them on and then painted them over.
  5. Let me calm you down a bit. MB.155 is not being developed yet. Work is underway only on 151/152.
  6. I didn't plan to hang bombs. They are in the set. There are also photo-etched bomb racks
  7. Test assembly of the model. The main task was to show the capabilities of this set. I hope you will like it. [/url
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