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  1. Hi friends. Need help. Perhaps someone has additional information or photos of this A-31? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you. The previous model (D.500) was metal. I decided to do this like this. The model also provides other options, perhaps you would like them better.
  3. Hello everyone. The last finished model. I hope you will enjoy.
  4. May be... Preparations are underway.
  5. The last finished model. I hope you will enjoy.
  6. Wrong. Any differences will be taken into account. Different fuselages, landing gear, etc. Two different models. These are only preliminary, general renders so far.
  7. Yes, it will be done. Now my designer will finish work on the AT-9 in 1/72 and start the AT-12 / A8V1.
  8. Great, thank you! Definitely it will be implemented in the next box.
  9. It would be very interesting to see. You have a photo?
  10. Yes you are right. I first stained the model with olive, then painted yellow spots. It seemed to me that it was more logical to paint this way.
  11. We used this book for work. Everything is described in great detail, a lot of photos.
  12. Hello everyone. Last completed model (s). It was very interesting to make a spotted camouflage. I hope you will enjoy.
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