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  1. The last finished model. Not the easiest model in the assembly... But the result is worth it.
  2. I have. This is a great edition! Very detailed, lots of photographs and color illustrations. The model was made using this book.
  3. Hi people. Does anyone know where I can buy this e-book? Mail to Ukraine now delivers very problematic.
  4. Another box will be released later, China and US Air Force markings
  5. Only the first, military version was made. Work on other options will continue.
  6. Work on the 3D model is at the final stage. Due to errors in the first 3d model, we will make a completely new one.
  7. Hello! Test assembly of the new model. With the exception of the thread for the antenna - all parts are included in the kit. Enjoy watching
  8. Hello everyone. Last completed model. Aircraft of Major Schnaufer, gruppencommander of the IV./NJG 1, early 1945. Old Monogram/ProModeler. For the construction, used Eduard color etching, turned barrels and radar antennas - Master. Decals are a mix of native ones from the set and Print Scale. Happy viewing!
  9. By the way, maybe anyone else have more photos of Vanguard Mk.1, except BW209? Or was it the only one who was tested in the RAF? Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone. An attempt to make Vengeance from the museum. How I managed it - see...
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