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  1. The instructions give a binding to Hataka paints as well. But the green in the set is really different. At first I also painted my model with Hataka paints, but then I painted over with Mr. Hobby's paint. Great job, best MB.152 I have seen, thanks!
  2. Of course. I haven't decided yet for sure, but we'll try to cover as many options as possible. Perhaps it will be several themed boxes.
  3. Mk. VI and Mk. IV will be done. Different fuselages.
  4. Of course the floats version would be.
  5. We will work on it. So far, our production will not cope with 1/48. Large.
  6. We are probably fond of aircraft of the same period. I am a modeler myself and I want some models for my collection. Since they do not exist, or if they are, then they are not of very high quality, we have to produce them ourselves.
  7. Hi all. Test assembly of the model. Happy viewing! :)
  8. Thank you, I have this book. All options were taken from there. Here is the first option, it will be on the box.
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