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  1. Nice build! I finished one a couple of months back, same £5 Lidl deal! I have not posted pics yet as it is an 'in flight' build and needs securing to its base. It is a nice little kit.
  2. Hey Johnny, impressive perseverance with the rivets, they look great! I am taking notes on how to apply rivet decals for later builds...
  3. Wow, really great work Sam. I think I will steal the Maskol panel line/ pre-shade technique for my Hasegawa 'Cat when I get round to it...
  4. I am having some problems with the Alclad gloss black primer. It was spraying poorly straight out of the bottle so I hoped the pressure and also thinned it with Cellulose thinners. This morning it is still tacky.... any hope or will dry? Is it best to use a hairdryer?
  5. Like it! Very nice rendition of a Telic Tonka.
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