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  1. Nice build, and do I see an Omega/ICM fuel tanker in the background?
  2. 'Adventures in Green Stuff' continues....! I have attached the figure's head to the torso using the connecting plastic part from the kit (shorn of the high collar which was for the tank crewman). I thought that this would give me the right height and 'sit' of the head on the torso, which it does, and also the figure is looking slightly to his right which I think is more interesting than straight on. I then sculpted the turtleneck undershirt for the crewman and re-did some of the seams on the float coat. I also started building up the putty on the figure's back...going quite quickly with this,
  3. Hi all, here is another update. I am calling the head done! I added both of the 'cranial' plates to the helmet, the front one from plasticard and the rear one from putty. The plasticard had to be 'persuaded' to conform to the curve of the figure's head with superglue, and settled down OK apart from at the top, which had to infilled with putty to smooth everything off. The rear cranial was a challenge...I tried very thin plasticard but it failed dismally to conform to the curves, even when boiling water was used. Not much better was wine bottle foil, which was too delicate and easily folded. I
  4. Hi All, Small update for you. I have added the cloth coverings for the earphones, and sculpted a pocket and part of the lining for the 'float coat' on the figure's torso. I will thin the lining quite a bit, and probably fill in the areas in between with more of my green putty mix. I removed all the moulded detail from the torso and started to fill in all the longitudinal creases that are present in the Bundeswehr tanker's uniform, as I don't think that they would look natural on the USN crewman's uniform. Next step is to add the outer coloured shells to the helmet with thin plastic
  5. Wow, excellent work! I am dabbling with some sculpting, converting a Tamiya tank crewman to a US Navy carrier deck crewman. Not nearly so ambitious as you! I have found a couple of internet tips useful so far: I work with a mix of Alteco 2-part epoxy resin and 'green stuff'. The mixture is very, very pliable and fairly sticky but holds detail really well. The other invaluable tip was to use a touch of hand cream to stop the stickiness on your fingers and tools, any brand works apparently. I use 'Epaderm' cream, which I have plenty of as I have dry hands anyway. One other tip I found was using
  6. @junglierating super, thanks very much. Those will really help, especially with the top part of the helmet.
  7. Great B-52, and thanks for the useful tips in your video
  8. I had already seen this amazing build on Facebook, but I think it deserves double praise, superb!
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