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  1. Really great, do you have any 'how to' tips on the painting and weathering please?
  2. Really nice, looking forward to following your posts!
  3. I quite agree, the detail on them is stunning and looks really accurate, I genuinely don't know how Eduard do it!
  4. @Flight Line Media and @ColinChipmunkfan thanks both, I do like a challenge!
  5. Hi all, I've got most of the...shall we say...'less fun' parts of the build out of the way. By this I mean the screwing/gluing together of the mdf structure of the diorama (I decided to put the roof, back wall and end wall together, and attach the base much later on); and also hacking large bits off the Academy Hornet to make way for resin parts! I did add the first bits of detail on the small end wall as this was straightforward to do. I still need to add some detail to the door, a couple of first aid boxes and I somehow need to scratchbuild the two wireframe stretchers that are mounted on the wall (see my drawing in the pics below). This is before even starting the main back wall and the roof! The holes in the ceiling that you can see in the third picture are for the LED lights. I formulated a plan for the base; drill out holes for the tie-down points and mounts in the 3mm thick perspex sheet overlying the white mdf, then coat the rest of the deck in Tamiya texture paint. I can knock it back a bit with some sandpaper if it looks over-scale. The bottom pic should give an idea of what the resin gear bays should look like on the Hornet. I opened up one small hatch on the top which a 'white-shirt' (Squadron Plane Inspector?) will be looking into. I've also done a little on the resin cockpit but nothing interesting enough to post yet...I will shortly be able to set up a painting station in our under-stairs cupboard. Will post again when I have laid down some paint on a few bits.
  6. Nice work, looking good! Question on the mfd's, what glue did you use to fix down the foil?
  7. Thanks Marklo. I did actually get one piece of the mdf cut at B and Q (well, one cut!) before the fella decided it wouldn't fit in their rig to cut safely. Thanks for the tip on the planer, will give it a look!
  8. Here's an idea of the diorama setup, with one of the Reedoak figures for scale:
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