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  1. Hi All. Hope everyone is well and safe. I feel like I am slowly getting there with the Hornet now, the wings are folded and I'm happy with the result. I did look for resin wingfold sets, but in the end 'DIY' was the only option. I cut off and repositioned the flaps and slates on the wing, and removed the wing tips (ensuring that the flaps and slats are in the correct position on those too). I thinned all the trailing edges to get them 'sharp' like the real thing. The white strips where the flaps connect to the wings is a sort of secondary flap which is hidden inside the wing when the flaps are up. If you want to modify your Hornet like I have done you will need to cut the part out of the wing, and trace it on to thin plasticard to make a new one. I found some really useful tips in this video: The rudders were cut out of the vertical stabilisers and repositioned (by different amounts, as this looks more interesting to me). I attached the wingtips with Tamiya extra thin cement, thin superglue and 5 minute 2-part epoxy (in that order) to ensure they stayed put! I made the internal wing structure at the fold point from plastic strip and rod, 2 part epoxy resin and various other tiny bits of scrap. Luckily the wingfold mechanism for the Hornet is pretty simple! I also added the RWR antennas (?) and the LERX fences since the pics below were taken. I'm currently detailing up the LAU-7 wingtip launchers as they will not be covered by missiles, then it's on to the pylons and main gear. Hope you like the pics, sorry again they are not the best!
  2. Wow, this gets better and better! Love the radar in particular.
  3. Great work Sam, glad you can see a little of the cockpit as you made such a nice job of it!
  4. Fantastic work as ever Yufei, thanks for the great how-to notes and photos
  5. Wow that's great, I especially like the cockpit.
  6. It looks like a Uschi van de Rosten one, they are a good source for printed Soviet/Cold War bases. Or possibly Coastal Kits?
  7. Great work so far. I must try some of the Quinta products, they look really nice in place.
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