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  1. Looking good. I have done a lot of 'red star' aircraft but if I got this kit I would do it in the Vietnamese colours too!
  2. More fantastic work Kev! Are the yellow bits tape?
  3. Indeed...top build! I just got a Hasegawa Tomcat so bookmarking all the great Tomcat threads on BM for reference and inspiration.
  4. Those seats in particular look great, very nice start on the cockpit
  5. Nice work Tony. My grandad was captured at Arnhem so it has always interested me. Great job!
  6. Superb Foxbat. The finish looks just right to my eye. Thanks for the tips on this kit, I have it in the stash so will be sure to refer back to your thread when the time comes to build mine.
  7. And great work on this build /diorama, can't wait to see more!
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