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  1. Superb conversion work and excellent finish on the paintwork aswell. Ian.
  2. Like the rest of the guys have said, outstanding detail work, excellent finish too. Ian.
  3. Make no apologies for bringing this back to the top of the pile. Absolutely stunning piece of work, very difficult to make such a 'slab sided' subject catch the eye - well modelled, sir. Ian.
  4. This is museum quality modelling - simple as that. Ian.
  5. Museum quality modelling.... Ian.
  6. Nicely done.... Deja-vu - My version from last year. Ian.
  7. Kit - Airfix Paint - All enamels & AML vinyl camouflage masks. Decals - Academy, Kits World 48058, Kit & spares. Extras - None Curtiss Warhawk 81A-2 Sq. Ldr. John Van Kuren Newkirk 2nd Pursuit Squadron (Panda Bears) American Volunteer Group Burma, early 1942 One of those subjects that I've wanted in the cabinet for so long. When Airfix brought this kit out - like the B-25 - I ordered it directly and may have been one of the first folks here in NZ to get my dirty paws on it. Long-story short, it wasn't an easy build, all the locating tabs and pins needed to be removed from the wings in order to get a proper-looking dihedral, and even now I think it's too shallow, there was also a fair amount of chamfering needed where the root meets the top of the wing. No matter it's all done now and I'm really pleased with it. I found the AML camouflage masks by accident in the Hannants catalogue and bought them without hesitation - d*mn glad I did, because getting the Curtiss factory applied pattern would have been quite tricky. If you haven't tried them for your more complicated camo patterns, I'd say give them a go, they worked great for me - your experience however, may differ. Also first time using Kits World decals... won't be the last, they are superb, reminded me very much of the much-missed Eagle Strike sheets in the way they performed, clarity, register etc. Not much else to say, other than the wing-fit issues, it's a delight, cannot see me doing another 'Curtiss', but along with the (already built) Defiant, Hurricane and Mk.V Spit, this is a superb addition to the Airfix 1:48 range, looking forward to the next one, (don't tell Frau, but I bought the (early) P-51D this morning aswell). Next from me will be a (very) 'Old Skool' Airfix build, which has already consumed more filler and sheets of wet'n dry than my last six builds combined. Best from NZ, AFN Ian.
  8. I like it - very nicely done. Ian.
  9. Only just seen this Dave, I had primered this with Rustoleum (very) dark grey acrylic shot straight from the aerosol, I left it for 48 hours or so then sanded it with 1000 grit wet'n dry & sponges until it was glassy smooth, then shot two light coats of Tamiya acrylic gloss black, again leaving it 48 hours before repeating the sanding procedure. After that I sprayed the first of the AK Xtreme tones - I use only three and depending upon the build I'll mask off two or three prominent panels or hatches and spray them with a fourth tone. I always leave each AK tone a full 24 hours before masking and spraying the next... always seems to work-out for me, never had an issue with the coats lifting in four years. HTH Ian.
  10. Kit - Tamiya Paint - Alclad & AK Xtreme metal lacquers, Tamiya acrylics. Decals - Aeromaster 48-569 Extras - Eduard placard set, Ultracast resin wheels Republic P-47D-27 Thunderbolt Assigned to Major Clay Tice 507th FS, 404th FG Autumn 1944 Not too much to say in all honesty; Tamiya's still superb 2003 kit is a dream to build and really does define the 'shake & bake' kit in my opinion - this is the fourth one I've built and the first 'bubbletop'. The AK Xtreme Metal lacquers continue to astonish at just how 'user friendly' they are... just need some more tones as my choice is a wee bit more limited than I'd like, hence I used a couple of Alclads in this build. As ever please feel free to comment, hurl abuse or ask a question. Next two projects are already on the bench and both come from boxes marked 'Airfix'. Best from NZ. Ian.
  11. What a great subject - nicely built and presented, like a breath of fresh air !! Ian.
  12. Agreed 100%, quality just screams out of this build. Ian.
  13. Superb build and impeccable photography. Ian.
  14. Cannot add to much to what everyone else has already said - Superb build and beautifully presented. Well done sir. Ian.
  15. Love the asymmetric panel fading, beautifully presented too. Ian.
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