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  1. Fantastic build of a car, I'd never even heard of before reading this thread !! - Reminds me so much of those mid 1980's Buick GN's in it's styling. I'm impressed so much I'm going to head-over to a well known on-line auction site and see if I can find one... wonder if they're in-stock at BNA ? Cheers from across the ditch. Ian.
  2. You have my attention ! Ian.
  3. Hey Shaun, did this ever get finished ? - enquiring minds need to know ! Ian.
  4. Ian

    S15 Silvia

    No it is the lighting... the flakes are minuscule, in the real world you can barely see them. And because I used two coats of Pearl Clear, I would, next time use just one, to make the effect even more restrained. Ian.
  5. First Aoshima kit, and loved it ! - no hassle, just a wee bit of flash in the window openings. This is the Vertex boxing which means the deep skirts and front & rear dams are pre-molded on to the body so you can go straight to clean-up & prime with no delays. Colour is two coats of Tamiya TS24 Purple followed by two coats each of TS65 Pearl Clear and TS13 Clear. All cut & polished with Tamiya three-part compounds. Wheels & Tyres are Aoshima too, but after-market 18" WedSport SA70's which I de-chromed and re-painted. Other than that what you see here is what came in the box. Very quick build and looks great on my JDM shelf. Please feel free to make any comment, ask any questions or hurl any criticism. AFN Ian.
  6. Ian

    Mitsubishi GTO

    Can't see any flaws in the clear parts, matey... Nice straight build, I have the same kit and may well do it as my next car build, definitely not in red tho' !! Ian.
  7. Ian

    Aoshima Huracan

    Want one of these so much (along with a Tamiya NSX), but very hard to find at a reasonable price (certainly not over the counter here in NZ). Beautiful finish and great to read that it's not a kit that fights-back. Ian.
  8. Such a handsome car... I'll be looking for one of these on eBay very, very soon !! - Great build, sir. Ian.
  9. Ian


    Thanks all for the comments, as ever always appreciated and never taken for granted. Next is a break for summer hols for a couple of weeks, then back with a grey jet !! Best from NZ Ian.
  10. Ian


    SKG 210 / SG1 Summer-Autumn 1942, a sub unit of the [well known] Bf110 unit. Surplus 109E's used as fast fighter-bombers in small flights all around the Northern and Central Russian fronts. Ian.
  11. Started on the 9th of December... Every year I try to do a 'clear the bench' build over Christmas, this year it was this one: Not sure why folks seem to shy-away from the Trumpy 109E kits almost all the completed ones that I have seen are from the Eduard and Dragon kits. Ahh well... I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this one. Perfect fit everywhere, lots of detail, excellent etch, decals and phenomenal clear parts. (not so excellent rubber tyres tho'). For a change I broke-out my enamels for the 74/75/76/04 colours, all of which I mixed using my preferred Mk.I eyeball method. Highly recommend this to anyone contemplating a 1:32 build and perhaps a wee bit put-off by the excessive parts-count and cost of some of the 'uber kits' around just now - I got this off a well-known on-line auction site from a Chinese based seller for just £16.50 !!!!! (that's as good as giving it away) even down here to NZ the postage was just ten-quid. So here t'is all done only addition is the kit specific Eduard Zoom set which includes the harness too; And I have to admit that I'm very pleased with it. Please feel free to hurl any criticism, ask any questions or make any comment at all. Thanks for taking the time to look and Happy 2019 to all here. Ian.
  12. Always enjoy your work, Mathias, this is one of your very best. Need to ask, are the wing tanks different sizes / types ? - they don't appear to line-up on that overhead shot from the rear. Ian.
  13. Ian

    Crud & Custard

    Y E S ! Y E S ! Y E S ! Y E S ! Ian.
  14. Ian

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Remember doing this one in 1:72 from the old Italeri kit. Great as ever to watch your work, Richard. Ian.