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  1. Ian

    Supra GT

    Well thanks (yet again) everyone. Great to see this wee thing is still generating some discussion. FYI, the GT2 that donated its' decals for this build is on the bench just now. Main body paint is done and I just need to add some 'flourishes'. Starting on the chassis and running gear this week if I get time. Ian.
  2. Tamiya's excellent (aren't they always), Nismo boxing of their 350Z coupe. Tamiya TS-47 'Chrome Yellow' and TS-94 'Metallic Grey': As ever please feel free to post outrage, ask a question or male a comment. Have a great weekend everyone. Ian.
  3. Ian

    Hurricane I

    Thanks everyone, glad that you like it and really appreciate the positive comments and feedback. Taking a couple of days away from the bench just to re-stock the creative juices (I find Yorkshire Tea is perfect for this), then on with the next project - a helicopter !!. Stay tuned. Ian.
  4. Kit - Airfix (new) 1:48 Paint - All enamels Decals - Kit, Aeromaster & Old S4 Airfix kit Extras - Quickboost resin exhausts. Hawker Hurricane Mk. I 32 Squadron RAF Biggin Hill May / June 1940. Enough has been said & written about this superb kit, so no need for me to add to it all. Loved every minute of it, like the Defiant & Spit V I've already built (and I have the P-40 to come). Go buy one, build it and enjoy it !!. As ever please feel free to hurl abuse, ask any questions or make a comment. Next... a helicopter ! Ian.
  5. Ian


    Thanks for that, but he didn't actually give me the kit, I simply promised him that I would build 'a Mosquito' because he likes the aircraft and he appreciated the way I build my models. Once again folks, thanks so much for the comments & feedback, I'm very, very appreciative. Ian.
  6. Ian

    Kittyhawk IV

    Thanks everyone as ever really appreciate the comments and feedback. AFN Ian.
  7. Still my [automotive] 'Grail kit'... Great build Jurgen, looks very special in this yellow, not going to be able to ignore it in a crowd !! Ian.
  8. Ian

    Kittyhawk IV

    Cheers Alan, appreciate that - changed as suggested ! Ian.
  9. Nice build Tony, had a feeling somebody here would do an RAF one very quickly !!. Still waiting for Eduard to release a set of kit-specific masks before I attempt mine. Ian.
  10. Kit - AMT/Ertl 1:48 Paint - All acrylics Decals - Ventura Extras - Ultracast resin seat, Hasegawa wheels. Kittyhawk IV 'Gloria Lyons' 18 Sqn & 2.SU RNZAF Bougainville 1944 Hot on the heels of the Mosquito comes an (almost) OOB build... AMT's twenty-year old (give or take) P-40N built as the well known 'Gloria Lyons' just before it was returned to NZ and repainted & refurbished. At this time it was 'owned' by 2.SU and used by 18 Squadron at Bougainville. As ever thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to hurl abuse, ask a question or make a comment. AFN Ian.
  11. Ian


    Thanks everyone for the very kind comments. Very much appreciated and definitely not taken for granted. Next will be another couple of 'props'; A Kiwi Kittyhawk, and a BoB Hurricane (new Airfix kit). Thanks again. AFN Ian.
  12. Kit - Tamiya 1:48 Paint - All enamels Decals - Superscale Extras - Ultracast resin exhausts & wheels, Master .303 barrels (added after photo), Eduard kit-specific Zoom Set. DH Mosquito FB.VI 107 Squadron BAFO Gutersloh 1947 Even though it's a Tamiya kit, I really took my time over it as I built it because I 'promised' a friend (and fellow modeller here in NZ) that I would, however that was four-and-a-half years ago. So after spending some considerable time on the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' I decided to get my backside in gear and finish it as my first 'major' project following the recent house-move. So here you have it, please feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or hurl some constructive criticism. Thanks for taking the time to look, have a great weekend folks. Ian.
  13. Unlikely it would be anybodies favourite aircraft but very nicely built & presented model. Like this a lot. Ian.
  14. Ian

    Subaru Impreza WRC '99

    I don't mind the cost at all... unfortunately we can't get them here in NZ because of the chemical make-up - tried and tried, simply not worth getting a visit from Customs and a Police record !!. Tamiya Mica Blue is pretty d*mn close to the Subaru Factory blue so I'll go with that. Best Ian.
  15. Merci, Antoine, but it's not me that's been away from the bench, just the Mirage !! - No matter it's back now and progress is happening: Little by little the camouflage is being added. Almost done now. Ian.