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  1. Yep same kit, from around 2006 I believe... Ian.
  2. Built pretty much from the box, swapped the top .30 turret for a Sherman split hatch cuppola and left-off the tool boxes from rear. Paints are all Tamiya acrylics mixed by eye to 'try' and make the SCC13 Jungle Green. I've no idea what colour the earth is in Mandalay Burma, so mixed up some Mig Farm Soil & Vietnam Earth pigments and hoped for the best... Decals are by Star (35-C-1120) for a vehicle of the 3rd Carabiniers, 245th Indian Tank Brigade in Spring '45. Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions. All the best from New Zealand. Ian.
  3. Straight from the (1974) box, no interior just a two-session build and a little longer on the paint & weathering. One of those Mojo-restoring builds that was a pleasure to finish. Nothing else to say except please feel free to make any comments or suggestions. Have the rest of a great weekend, all the best from New Zealand. Ian.
  4. So I've moved-on a fair way since the last update. Chips, scratches, streaks, pin-washes & filter all applied and 'tweaked' where necessary. Next I'll add a simple overall dark wash before matting down and then getting-on with the, (ughhhh), pastels. More next week, You probably have read that NZ is in national Lockdown, more time for modelling but it is restricting, no matter we'll get through it - hope everyone had a good weekend wherever you are. Best from NZ.. Ian.
  5. Superb finish. One of the best I've seen. Ian.
  6. Now available with decals ! Ian.
  7. Update: After a second priming session, I added shadows & highlights: I don't usually do this but given how dark the SCC13 was going to be, I thought it may help - it didn't really as it turned-out ! Dark base tone: Followed by the base colour, the light base and the highlight - the base colour is made from Tamiya colours: Khaki Drab x 5, Black Green x 2, Sea Blue x 1 and two 'drops' of Lemon Yellow. The dark base was this mix plus 30% black, the lighter tones were the base coat lightened by eye - no exact mix, just until they looked right. As above with flash - emphasises the modulation effect. When this was all dry (this morning), I sealed it all in with a coat of Tamiya glossy clear with just two 'drops' of Khaki Drab added - in effect an acrylic filter to help tie the tones together. Next I'll add the decals and re-seal it again. Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. AFN Ian.
  8. Yep SCC13 was always going to be the colour but my (Mk I eyeball) mix will be slightly different, and as I'm planning on going down the full modulation route it should look very different to my OD builds. Or I could stuff it up completely and it end up consigned to the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' indefinitely Ian.
  9. Ok some update pics: Turret casting added with Tamiya putty thinned with lacquer thinner, and now finished turret basket; Far East Lee's (for the most part) had the upper .30 turret removed and replaced with Sherman split hatches which lowered to overall height of course. Interior all done now. Bringing it all together was a fun session. And now ready for a second round of primer - I also 'cast' the transmission cover in the same way as the turret). Thanks for the comments and responses. Hopefully get more done (and photographed during the week, real life permitting). AFN Ian.
  10. Cannot remember the last time I posted a WIP thread here on BM for an AFV build so here goes: About two weeks ago as the M7 Priest build was coming to a close, I started the (very closely related) Academy M3 Lee, which I plan on finishing as a British / Indian vehicle in Burma; so far this is where I'm up to: The interior is partly built but all painted & weathered. To get to this point, I've used just two oil tones - Paynes Grey & Raw Umber - first mixed together and thinned to make a pin wash, then straight from the tube to create grime and false shadows in the corners and crevices. Also 'sponge chipped' where appropriate with the same basic acryllic mix I use for painting tracks. Next I'll assemble the interior, hopefully that can be done before the weekend. Let me know what you think, best from New Zealand, AFN. Ian.
  11. Cheers for seeing that, John - it's a like mantra with my armour builds, If it has stowage tie-it-down because if you don't you're gonna lose it on the first corner you turn !! Cheers Ian.
  12. This is something that I'd like a crack at... Excellent work and superb finishing. Thank you for sharing. Ian.
  13. Kit - Academy. Paint - All Tamiya acrylics. Decals - Star 35 C 1149. Extras - Stowage from spares box. M7 Priest HMC 98th Field Regt. Italy, Summer 1943 Bought on impulse about eighteen months ago, not a huge fan of artillery builds but I had the decals already so I decided 'why not'. It's not one of Academys better kits, when this was issued, I'm guessing that the M3/M4 generic moulds were getting a little tired, no matter the lower hull builds quickly and easily, the interior is not 'the last word' but busy enough and the upper hull, well you need to be vigilant as you're bringing it together as there are gaps which can turn in to chasms if you're unlucky. Painting was a bit of a hike as I needed to get the fighting compartment base painting and fading done, then the dark green camo on the outside which was masked then the 'pink' for the outside sprayed and matched to the interior - probably created more work for m'self doing it that way around, I just didn't fancy cutting the camo masks to protect the 'pink'... much easier to protect the dark green. I didn't use 'exact' tones, I applied my favourite Mk.I eyeball method... on its own it looks perfectly fine but alongside my M3 Scout Car from last year it looks really pink !!. That said, GO 1650 of December '42 did specify - "The basic colour common to whole of MEF is designated 'Desert Pink' - the disruptive patterns will be in Dark Green (PF No.1)..." The directive 'officially' was recinded in April '43 ahead of the Italian invasion but it took time for all the vehicles to be re-painted in the new Light Mud & Blue/Black colours. So that's it, please feel free to ask any questions, hurl any abuse or make any comments. Next AFV on the bench will be an M3 Lee in late war SCC13 Jungle Green, and given the multi-faceted hull, I will probably go down the full-modulation route with the paint finish. All the best from New Zealand. Ian.
  14. ...wait this is 1:48 ! - that sound you can hear reverburating around the internet is my jaw hitting the keyboard !. Incredible workmanship (and from my part of the world, well, just up the A59 !). Ian.
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