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  1. Thank you folks, much appreciated. Getting on with a couple of aircraft projects just now, back to cars in a weeks. AFN, best from NZ. Ian.
  2. And another update: Just before it's all closed-up, here's the last views of the interior, starting with 'The Weighting Game' - see what I did there ? (Copyright Ian A. Jackson 2019) Had to fabricate a small blanking piece to fit into the tunnel on the left side of the flight deck so I could hide more fishing-sinkers and Blu-Tack ! Some general fuselage and flight deck views too: As ever thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. Have a great weekend all, best from Middle Earth. Ian.
  3. OK time for a B-25 update: I masked the bomb-bay area then shot an overall coat of acrylic 'light black' as a shadow-coat. Next I sprayed three coats of Tamiya XF-5 lightened with yellow. Instead of dry-brushing the highlights, I added more yellow in to the base green and carefully painted those 'high' edges - it looks very false just now, but under washes and filters it will be fine. Once that had dried I applied two (brushed-on) coats of Johnsons Klear in readiness for the washes and the rest of the weathering layers. The seats were treated to some generic USAAF seatbelts from a True Details set that I bought by accident over twenty years ago ! Have a great weekend all, best from Middle Earth. Ian.
  4. Yep don't see a problem, Chris. Ian.
  5. RoG's McLaren 570S all done, finished in Tamiya TS21 Gold, with Semi Gloss Black and Alclad Dark Aluminium details. Interior is my own 'cream' and 'light black' acrylic mixes. The CF decals are from Ka Models of Korea (highly recommended). Not a great kit and fought me all the way to the very end - the final assembly is a proper PitA. I knew to attach the dash onto the lip BEFORE adding the interior because I'd read and seen so many build reviews. Even so, the final fit is truly dreadful... All that said, like the Ferrari 458, the finished car is truly a thing of beauty to my eye. Please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions (yes I know the exhausts aren't on yet). Best from NZ. Ian.
  6. Great discussion, gentlemen, definitely worth having, however I made the decision more on 'artistic' grounds, simply because the interior is all green and quite visible through all those windows, turrets etc - the 'silver' bomb bay will break that up visually. Equally I plan on building it with the flaps 'drooped' option, which may not be 100% accurate but definitely makes it more 'interesting' to the casual observer. Keep the comments flowing, great to read them. Ian.
  7. Another quickly snatched hour at the bench before work this afternoon: Managed to spray Tamiya gloss black acrylic on those parts that are going to be 'metal'. It's a small step, but you take-them-when-you-can-get-them, right ? Ian.
  8. Hey folks Been a l-o-n-g time since I posted a WiP thread here, so thought it's time I did just that. I bought the 'new' Airfix B-25 the day it was released simply because it's been one of my favourite aircraft for as long as I can remember. It's sat in the stash, waving and trying to grab may attention since it arrived. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have a couple of hours at the bench, and I finally gave-in to the temptation despite the three other aircraft and two car builds I have going-on ! Build will be straight from the box, decals are going to be from the excellent Xtradecal sheet 72-273. When it comes time to paint, I'll be trying the 'marble technique' for the first time so hopefully I don't stuff-it-up, but if I do, at least it will be 'in public' so to speak !! - During the course of the build if you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please feel free to chime-in any time. AFN, stay tuned - Best from NZ. Ian.
  9. Superbly built, finished and photographed... If mine turns-out half as good as this I'll be very happy ! Best from NZ Ian.
  10. Wonderful 'What If' - really like this. Ian.
  11. Exceptional work. Couple more photo's would be good, Owen, side views and undersides if you have them Ian.
  12. Everything Keith says... 100% agreed. Ian.
  13. One of the most elegant cars ever made in a perfect colour combination, wonderful attention to detail and topped-off with superb photography... what's not to like ! Ian.
  14. Not on this one, the canopy masking was very straightforward - If it was a Hurricane, Ju87 or an A6M then definitely !! Ian.
  15. Thanks folks, glad you like it, really appreciate the comments, never taken for granted. Next will be a return to 'What If'ing' which will great fun. See y'all then. Best from NZ Ian.
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