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  1. Kit - Airfix A05138 Paint - Acrylics (internals, checks, stripes, glare panel, etc). AK & SMS lacquers for NMF. Decals - Model Alliance & kit (stencils). Extras - None. NA P-51D Mustang / Mustang IV Assigned to Flt. Lt. A.S. Doley 19 Squadron RAF Acklington, Spring 1945 Been determined to build 'Dooleybird' for years simply because of 'that' box art from 1974. Had the MA sheet in the stash since the early 2000's and even had a set of resin 'gills' to fit the Hasegawa kit. BUT WAIT, Airfix announced they'd be doing a 1:48 British Mustang IV in 2019, so I ordered it locally and guess what... the 'finless' D-1 (A05138) turned up - b*gg*r !. Well I always wanted to do 'Frenesi' from the 357th FG anyways so why not, and that's when I discovered that all the parts for the Mustang IV except the Aeroproducts prop are in the box. OK, not an issue, let's just see if that the spare (Aeroproducts) prop in the Hasegawa kit fits ?... (spoiler alert) yes it does, and perfectly. So here t'is, 'Dooleybird' in 1:48 but not quite as Airfix intended and definitely not as the old Matchbox box-art showed. Kit builds nicely and any flaws in the finish are mine alone - and there are plenty of flaws. This is the third paint job that this build has worn, no idea how I 'effed-up' the previous two, but I did, spectacularly however both times I somehow managed to save the painted-on yellow stripe & checks. Please don't look too closely at the NMF, it's much rougher than I'd normally do, TBH after three tries I was just happy not to have a thumbprint in the paint ! As ever please feel free to ask a question, offer a comment or scream abuse, it's all fine. Next will be another Series 5 Airfix build, then on to a couple of Fw 190's. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  2. Cheers folks, appreciate it. Ian.
  3. Kit - Tamiya Paint - All acrylics Decals - LF 48-07 Extras - none Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 Vanatoare Gr.7 Central Front Summer 1942 The Tamiya 1:48 109E kits are just great for quick builds, yes there are newer and better detailed kits around, but for sheer VFM, the Tamiya kits are hard to beat. I've added only belts made from masking tape and AM decals to this one because I wanted a quick project to keep my recent (Tamiya) Spitfire company on the shelf - also a factor was the very simple two-tone (three if you count the yellow) paint scheme. Nothing else really to say, the paintwork is heavily faded with pre & post shading which unfortunately my phones' camera isn't clever enough to bring-out so you'll just have to trust me on that. Not added the aerial wire yet because the next model show here isn't until November !! The Romanians were supplied a large number of refurbished 109E-3's in early 1941 just prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union, hence the title of the thread. Feel free to ask any questions, make any comments or criticism - yes I have dirtied-up the wheel hubs since I took the pics, they don't look as stark now. Have a great weekend everyone, all the best from a decidedly autumnal Middle Earth. Ian.
  4. Making no apology for dragging this back up to the top of the stack again - just scored one of these kits locally and can't wait to get my teeth into it (missed-out the first time around). In terms of comments, I can't add anything to what's already been written. Absolutely superb build, and if I can get mine to 50% of the quality of this one, then I'll be bl**dy happy ! All the best from NZ. Ian.
  5. Thanks folks... very much appreciated. Already started on the next build with two more 'lying-in-wait' after that one. All the best. Ian.
  6. Kit - Eduard 'Profipack' original issue. Paint - All acrylics. Decals - Kit & Aeromaster Extras - none. Bell P-39Q-20 Airacobra GC 1/5 'Champagne' Southern France September 1944 Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I genuinely forgot that I had this kit until it 'appeared' during a stash tidying session... happy, happy modeller ! Everything you see here comes from the Profipack box with the exception of a couple of decals. The build was so straightforward - not one to rush, you need to really think it through and read-ahead - but virtually problem free until you get to the wings which are realistically thick on the leading edge but unrealistically thick on the trailing edge. It's a known issue with the kit and easily solved with the robust application of 'some modelling skills'. After the usual primer-coat, I decided to try to achieve a heat-faded / bleached effect for the paint using the usual pre & post shading techniques and lightening the OD & NG tones (both Tamiya). I read that many of the French P-39Q's were taken from stockpiles that had been in North Africa for a few months in open storage so this is what I've tried to replicate. Weathering & leaks etc are mainly achieved with W & N oils and some MIG washes, the exhaust plume is Tamiya 'Buff', 'Red Brown' and dry-brushed oil-paint and I'm really pleased with how it came out.. Eduard would have you build the French 'option' as a late P-39Q-25 with a four-blade prop but by changing to a three-blade Q-20 and altering the side number I've employed a little artistic license (also explains the painted-over Stars'n Bars). It may upset a purist or two, but I can live with that. Please feel free to ask any questions, make any comments or criticisms. All the best from an Autumnal NZ. Ian.
  7. Fantastic build simple as that. SMS silvers are excellent, started using some of them last year, great 'local' pants. Ian.
  8. I must have missed this build because I was on holiday.... what an incredible build. Wouldn't look out-of-place in a museum. Very best from New Zealand. Ian.
  9. Yep, Like Keith says wheels & body colour really suit the car. Nicely done, matey. Ian.
  10. Nicely done - probably my favourite F-14 Squadron marking. Best from NZ.
  11. Very nicely done, Travis....
  12. Easy.... Because I don't have a model competition until November so I'll attach it then ! Ian.
  13. Thanks folks, appreciate the replies. Yes Keith I'm very pleased with the effect, I've done t before but this is the first time I think it looks 'just right'. AFN Ian.
  14. Kit - Airfix 2007 limited release Paint - Tamiya acrylics, Mr. Color lacquers. Decals - spares, kit & Dutch Decal 48036 Extras - None Spitfire F.XVIe Sqn. Ldr. Ron Gold 322 (Dutch) Squadron, 2 TAF Twente, Spring 1945. So contrary to the Tamiya Spitfire that I built simultaneously, this was not a good experience. The fit - especially the wing-to-fuselage joint was horrendous with lots of plastic-card 'packing' and then filler needed. Details were are soft and poorly defined, panel lines are all engraved, but I would question the accuracy of some and the prop & spinner - I believe it's the same as that fitted to the Mk.IX ? but just looks out of scale and bulbous to my non-expert eye. All that said, I really wanted a late-mark Spit' on my shelf and wasn't inclined to go out and buy the Eduard kit, when I already had this in the stash for years. So yes there are problems, no it doesn't look too 'flash' but it'll never leave the cabinet so in a way, I've achieved what I wanted. As ever comments, questions etc, etc welcomed. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  15. Kit - Tamiya 61032 Paint - All Mr, Color lacquers Decals - spares & Superscale Extras - none Spitfire Mk.I 611 (West Lancs) Squadron RAF Digby Summer 1940 One of my favourite [modelling] memories is the first time I built this kit sometime in the late 1990's. It was, I think, the first Tamiya 1:48 kit I ever built and it was a revelation. Fast forward to now and I bought this from a club member for very few dollars simply because I really wanted to re-live that original 'rush' of building a quality kit without extras just for the joy of it. Yep it was an absolute joy. Three weeks start-to-finish and easily as good as I remember it from first time around. Not too much more to tell (unlike the Airfix F.XVIe which I built alongside it !) - first time using all Mr. Color lacquers and apart from the horrendous odour, a great experience and now firmly set as my 'go to' paints for as many builds as possible. Still have a load of enamels and acrylics, but I will use these as often as possible. Superscale decals were probably twenty years old and behaved perfectly, their Quality Control back in the day was incredible IMHO. Just in-case you were wondering about the 'local' reference... I'm Liverpool born & bred, and before moving out here to Middle Earth, I lived about a mile from RAF Woodvale so 611 West Lancs Sqn is as about as local as I could get ! - Thanks all for taking the time to look, all comments, questions and outrage welcomed. Best from NZ. Ian.
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