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  1. I'm a huge Intruder fan and this is one of my very favourite Squadron schemes - great conversion / build and even better to see one that isn't loaded down with racks and racks of ordnance. Well modelled, sir. Ian.
  2. You're far too kind, Bill. Been at this hobby for precisely fifty-years now and it's only in the last five or so that my 'skills' such-as-they-are, have caught-up with my expectations !! - hang-on-in-there friend. Ian.
  3. Kit - Airfix A04061 Paint - All enamels Decals - Xtradecal 72-203 Extras - None Bristol Blenheim IV 53 Squadron Northern France Autumn 1939 The build took just three weeks from cracking the box. That has to be some sort of record achievement for me as normally I prevaricate like it's something to be proud of !! No matter, it's a superb kit with some self-induced niggles and occasional over-engineering but honestly I sort-of enjoyed that because everything really does fit as it should. If you haven't built one, be aware that you probably need some high-end tweezers to drop the prop-boss into place and a kit-specific mask set is a must (I used Montex vinyl masks), other than that, it's an absolute joy. Not much else to say, next from me will be a Eurofighter that I'm doing for a Group-Build elsewhere. As ever please feel free to make any comment, cast any criticism or ask a question. Best from NZ. Ian.
  4. One of your absolute best, my friend. Well modelled, sir ! Ian.
  5. Nicely done, my friend - I was lucky enough to sit in that aircraft at the UH show in '89 (may have been '90 ?). Great to have you back and building again... keep in touch now, y'hear Ian.
  6. Tamiyas kit, built (more or less) right from the box - I did swap the tyres from the RoG La Ferrari which are the same size but a lower profile. Paint is all Tamiya and all from rattle-cans - Grey Primer, then White Primer then Pure White and finally two light coats of Pearl White, all sealed in with two coats of TS-13 Clear. I used Tamiya three-part polish to bring-up the shine but due to my questionable photographic skills that doesn't show in the pics (d*mn*t). Interior is very dark grey and 'wine red' - my own mixes and I'm really pleased with the final look. Realised immediately after taking the photo's that I'd forgotten to put the exhaust tips on, so please don't mention my 'deliberate error' - as I type this they are now in-place ! Last word is the badges - self adhesive enamel that were sent to me by BNA Model World in an order from a couple of years ago 'just to try' - they're superb and I've no idea who the manufacturer is so when they're used-up that's probably it. Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, have the rest of a great weekend all, best from NZ. Ian.
  7. The build is really good, but I'm so jealous of those wheels... REALLY want them on my Huracan ! Ian.
  8. LOVE this ! - not sure how I missed it as I 'follow' the RFI section, seem to be getting notifications only every now and again.... Ian.
  9. Haven't been around BM for a few days so just catching-up. Thanks for all the positive comments folks, very much appreciated and never taken for granted. Got one AFV build on the go just now, but that's a 'slow-burner', just finishing a Ferrari which you'll see late this week hopefully, then a couple of 1:72 aircraft builds. Best from NZ and cheers again. Ian.
  10. Don't often say this, but I mean it... this is just about 'perfect'. Love everything about it, a superb build. Ian.
  11. Missed this until now... Superb build and presentation, the figures are a great touch and really set-it-off nicely. Kudos to you matey. Ian.
  12. Outstanding presentation, really like this. Ian.
  13. Missed this because I was on holiday - one word.... Beautiful - simple as that. Ian.
  14. Making no apologies for dragging this back to the top of the pile: Not sure how I missed it first time around. Great choice of colour, and nice to see one other than in red or white. Not sure what colour to do mine, but it is edging closer to the workbench as I type this.... Best from NZ. Ian.
  15. Great skills here, matey, this is one of many on my 'wish list'... may want to run the pics through a photo editor, try to take some of the brown & pink out - just a thought. Ian.
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