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  1. Thanks for the feedback folks. I'm a BIG believer (in modelling) that 'less is more', I almost always 'under-arm' any aircraft builds. Not saying that presenting your build with a full loadout is wrong, just that 90% of the time I prefer to keep the build looking relatively clean. A couple more here that follow that idea: All the best Ian.
  2. Kit - Airfix 1:72. Paint - Humbrol, WEM & Xtracolour enamels. Decals - Kit. Extras - LAU-3 pods from Hasegawa Weapons Set. Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harrier VMA-513 'Flying Nightmares' MCAS Kaneohe Bay 1976 Bought this on impulse from a mate here in NZ just a couple of weeks before Christmas and decided to get it built more-or-less immediately. Hit the bench at the same time as the Skyraider and built side-by-side. Definitely does not 'fall together' i
  3. Kit - Hasegawa 1:72 Paint - All enamels Decals - Superscale 72-530 Extras - None Douglas AD6/A-1H Skyraider VA-65, NAS Miramar 1958 Had this in the stash for years, so over the post-Christmas & New Year, dragged it kicking and screaming to the bench. Such an easy build like so many of these 1990's era Hasegawa kits, hardy needed any input from me whatsoever. Painted in 'Old Skool' Humbrol and Xtracolour enamels and used decals from a
  4. Superb build and choice of colours inside & out is just perfect. Well modelled sir. Best from NZ. Ian.
  5. Agreed 100%, Metallic (Candy ?) red & white just 'works' on this car. Beautifully done. Ian.
  6. Been trying to decide between this and a Fine Moulds Type 61.... Have to say this build looks superb, very tempted indeed. Best from NZ, Ian.
  7. Thanks all, really appreciate the positive response - and I never take that for granted. So next will be another 1:72 subject that goes all the way back to 1983 (when I was just twenty !). Stay tuned and please stay safe. Best from NZ. Ian.
  8. Cheers Colin I was near 'you' a few weeks back - at the AiC show at Karapiro Domain - small(ish) world, eh ? Ian.
  9. Kit - 1:72 Revell (Hasegawa re-box). Paint - All acrylics, Tamiya & Lifecolour. Decals - Kit. Extras - None. Heinkel He 111H-6 5 / KG 4 'General Wever' Russian Northern Front Spring / Summer 1942 Revell's re-box of the (1:72) Hasegawa He111 finished in Tamiya & Lifecolour acrylics. Certainly not my best work, but as a cheap - very cheap, (14.00 euros at a toy-shop in Germany four years ago), a cheap paint
  10. Wow ! - didn't even know that this kit existed and it looks great. One of my favourite aircraft and great to see one built... wish someone would do a 'decent' one in 1:48 - I wrestled the Occidental kit into submission many years ago... never again !. Ian.
  11. Kit - Tamiya 1:48 Paint - AK Xtreme Metal lacquers, Xtracolour enamels & Tamiya acrylics Decals - Eagle Strike 48-215 Extras - Rockets & bombs from Revell kits. F-84G Thunderjet 79th FBS, 20th FBW RAF Weathersfield 1952-54 Bought before we left UK off eBay and it came with some parts for the Revell F-84 in the box. Along with the 1:48 F4D Skyray, in my opinion this is one of Tamiya's most ov
  12. Welcome back stranger ! Always a pleasure to see your work, Steve, hopefully we'll get to see more... may even be worth posting some of your 'back catalogue' for folks who aren't familiar with your stuff ? Best Ian.
  13. Very nicely done, this is the only F1 car I have ever wanted to build... shame it's not in the catalogue anymore, and the eBay sellers are asking a mortgage for them !! Ian.
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