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  1. Very nicely done, this is the only F1 car I have ever wanted to build... shame it's not in the catalogue anymore, and the eBay sellers are asking a mortgage for them !! Ian.
  2. Built so many 'What Ifs' over the years but not too much recently. I still have the Rafale and if memory serves, it was the first build I completed after moving out here to NZ.... Appreciate the response folks, maybe I should find something in the stash to have some fun with again. AFN Ian.
  3. Such a fantastic response, thank you folks, really appreciate the kind words. Best from NZ. Ian.
  4. Definitely not... no controls for the GitB on this one. Ian.
  5. Thanks, Reggie - there's a USMC F-4B in the stash to go with it Ian.
  6. Kit - Hasegawa PT6 Paint - All acrylics & AK Xtreme Metal lacquers Decals - Furball 48-045 & kit Extras - Aires resin seats, Eduard & Airwaves kit specific etch sets, cockpit & IP wiring, wheel bay plumbing using various gauged of wire and plastic card etc. F-4J Phantom II VF-102 'Diamondbacks' USS Independence 1973 / 74 One of the kits I brought out to NZ with me over eight years ago... I
  7. ...actually both ! For the wheels I carefully ran a drop of thinner around the rim, then roughly tapped the pigment mix over using a large round head brush, then in the centre, dropped a (very) tiny amount of thinner off a plastic toothpick to 'weld' the powder to the hub - and repeat for all eight outer wheels and eight middle wheels ! For the lower glacis, rear and shields, I tapped the powder off the brush first, then applied the thinners with a pipette, then added more pigment straight away over the top - if it needed more after it dried, I just repeated the process
  8. TBH, Simon, in future, if the model is going to be wearing a complicated or busy camo pattern, then I'll simply use the black & white pre-shading technique with post-shading if needed... if it's a monotone or simple two-tone scheme (like a Soviet 4BO Green & earth tan or American OD & Sand), then I will 'modulate' the tones. I'm relatively new to modulation and as a technique I really like it, but it's just that 'a technique' no better or worse than pre & post shading just works in a different way. HTH Ian.
  9. Kit - Tamiya Paint - All acrylics Decals - Star 35-876 Extras - JR turned aluminium barrel, Tamiya kit-specific 'Detail-up' etch set. PzKpfw V Panther Ausf D Pz.Abt 52, Late Summer 1943. Wanted this kit since it was first announced - my favourite German WWII vehicle by a country mile. Kit build is 'typically Tamiya' the usual perfect fit and engineering, did struggle with the kit supplied rubb
  10. Thanks folks, appreciate the kind words. Ian.
  11. Picked this kit up about three years ago in a New year sale at my local (only) toy & hobby shop. This is the Italeri 1:48 Arado 196 as re-boxed by Tamiya, it's not a bad kit - surprisingly big tho' - similar in size to a Stuka or a P-47. I built it with no extras, just straight from the box and really enjoyed it. Details in the (very visible) cockpit are a little light and some details are a little 'chunky' but IMHO that's a small price to pay for having something just that little bit different in your cabinet. Paints are all acrylic, I didn't have any RLM 72 & 73 for the camo, so
  12. Superb conversion work and excellent finish on the paintwork aswell. Ian.
  13. Like the rest of the guys have said, outstanding detail work, excellent finish too. Ian.
  14. Make no apologies for bringing this back to the top of the pile. Absolutely stunning piece of work, very difficult to make such a 'slab sided' subject catch the eye - well modelled, sir. Ian.
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