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  1. Kit - Italeri re-boxed Accurate Miniatures. Paint - All enamels. Decals - Eduard & kit. Extras - Eduard Zoom set. IL2M-3 Sturmovik 23rd Ind. Assault Regt. Soviet Black Sea Fleet Late 1943. First time I've built an IL2 and first time I've finished an AM kit. Engineering is superb IMO, as long as you take the time to read how other folks built theirs AND test fit... especially around the wing-to-fuselage assemblies. All the paint tones are mixed using my favourite (un)reliable Mk.I eyeball method using Humbrol, Xtracolour and Tamiya enamels. I bought a sheet of 'Authentic Decals' but they shattered into molecule sized fragments as soon as they hit the water so I used Eduard 'stars' and the kit supplied bort numbers / guards badge. Not too much else to add, if anyone wants to ask any questions, make any comments or rain-down any abuse, that's all fine. Have the rest of a great weekend folks... best from NZ. Ian.
  2. D*mn they are good, really good. Ian.
  3. Not picky at all - I don't know very much at all about that sort of thing so any chance to learn is fine by me. Ian.
  4. Very nicely done... as has been said, so good to see one NOT covered in mud... they were all 'new(ish)' at some time ! Ian.
  5. Museum quality modelling, nothing else to say.... Ian.
  6. Superb... really would like to get my chipping technique to look this good. Ian.
  7. Cheers Gaz.... I did have a Sherman on display at Waiouru for three years - it's back home with me now. http://www.kiwimodeller.com/index.php/forum/39-armour-showcase/31961-nz-firefly-vc I was in the Manawatu a couple of weeks ago (Palmy) so that meant a trip in to Mr. Models to see Ross of course - so naturally some 'goodies' followed me back to the car !!. Best from the 'Naki Ian.
  8. Tamiya's still superb wee Universal Carrier: Built pretty much from the box with just some 'tarps' and an Italeri 'Boys' rifle from the stash. Markings are from Star-Decal (35-C-1148) - which are a quite thick in my opinion - for a vehicle from the 19th Bt. 2nd NZ Divn' in late '41 / early '42. Not too much else to say, the 'Caunter' colours are 'home brewed' using so many other folks builds as reference and the always (un)reliable Mk.1 eyeball method. Not too shabby for a 43 year old kit... as ever all outrage, questions and comments welcomed. Best from NZ Ian.
  9. Only just found this thread because I've bought the same kit and was 'Googling' around t'interweb for other folks' builds. Great build JP and if I can come anywhere near the same quality with mine, I'll be VERY happy indeed. Best from NZ. Ian.
  10. Outstanding build, perfect photography. Ian.
  11. Kit - Tamiya Paint - (Interior & load-out) Humbrol & Xtracolour enamels. (Exterior) Tamiya acrylics mixed-by-eye. Decals - Superscale & Afterburner Extras - Eduard 'Zoom' interior set, Tamiya 'Detail Up' pitot, Hasegawa AIM-9 & Instrument Pod. General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin F-16C-50 Fighting Falcon Assigned to Brg Gen. Donald J. Hoffman 52nd Fighter Wing Spangdahlem 2002/03 Until recently I'd not built an F-16 in any scale for over twenty years, now there's two !!. Not quite a 'shake'n bake' as some thought and attention to the construction sequence is definitely needed. That said all fits very well as we've come to expect... well except the decals - mine shattered into atom-sized pieces as soon as they hit the water, but I was only ever going to use the stencils for the drop tanks. I found some spare in the stash so just got on with it. Eduard Zoom set was a delight to fit and makes a shed-load of difference in my opinion. Faded and battered paint is not typical for a 'Wing King' but I've chosen to show this aircraft soon after it's operational deployment to Iraq & Afghanistan, not sure about the historical provenance but I really like the way it looks - hope folks here do too. If anyone is interested, the WiP is here: Next I'll be finishing an IL2, then... who knows.... Feel free to hurl abuse, comment or ask a question. Best from NZ. Ian.
  12. Ian


    ...unexpected and welcome day-off work, so finished the Falcon: Thanks to those who followed-along. More pics in the RFI section. Best from NZ. Ian.
  13. Ian


    Thank you, Zach... cannot see the 'rattle-can' reference, maybe I edited it out. The only time I use them on aircraft builds is for clear coats before decaling. No matter, was able to grab a couple of hours this afternoon (it's Sunday here), the Falcon is now up on it's wheels all the nav & position lights are on as are the wingtip rails & missiles. If I get time tomorrow evening, I'll finish-off the 'office' and spray the exhaust nozzle. Definitely on 'short finals' now. Best from NZ. Ian.
  14. Wonderful workmanship, I envy your airbrushing skills. Ian.
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