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  1. Nice work on the SU 7! At the present moment I am building one also. Poor cockpit and some other issues, but not a nightmare.
  2. Beautiful paint job TuanNA, that camouflage its new a VAF paint scheme? Keep the good work
  3. Many thanks bbudde for the clarification. I sent a PM to Matt in order to check before ask Italeri.
  4. Hello Based on Scalemates that F 18 its a rebox from an F18E made by Italeri, why don't you try ask Italeri if its available and get a new part, ask for price including shipping. They have a good customer service. Normally Revell don't cellophane the model boxes. All the best
  5. Hello LewisWood Usually I use Mister Levelling Thiner (aka MLT) with Tamiya ansd Mr Hobby with good result, my ratio is 1:2 (paint:thiner) pressure 15 PSI, I like thin layers in order to build the color, so far no problem. Check the surface of your model, do you primed the surface? All the best.
  6. Hi Nice and easy model to build, no cockpit and wheels bay detail at this scale, but pilots included! Good fit, engraved lines. Tamiya Paint used, blue tack for masking. No major problems with decals.
  7. Hello My presente WIP Scale - 1/48 Brand - Hasegawa Decals - Aeromaster Cockpit - Aires Engine - Quickboost Cowling - Quickboost Paints - AMMO MIG US NAVY WWII Color set (thined with Mister Levelling Thinner) and Tamiya, primer AMMO MIG ONE SHOT Chipping made with PRISMACOLOR Silver pencil.
  8. Very nice kit, used Aviaeology Decals, Brengun PE air intake, Ultracast propller and spiner Tamiya Paints.
  9. Nice model to build, cockpit tub need some care in order to the fuselage halfs glue easily.
  10. Hi The colours get darker after the varnish? Nice job on the masks! Looks good..
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