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  1. I am gradually working my way through a build of a Bronco 1:35 A10 Cruiser Tank, and while I am enjoying that I needed a little break. This was a perfect palate cleanser. It took longer to weather than to build. Its the newish Airfix Sherman Firefly and I built it pretty much out of the box, except for added some wire lifting rings on the turret, drilling out the muzzle brake and some effort to represent the headlight guards (the "wire" used was just repurposed staples). Finished as a tank from the Northamptonshire Yeomanry in Normandy, August 1944. Brush painted with MIG Ammo SCC15 and weathe
  2. Not being able to make it to the annual Western Australian Model Expo a couple of weeks ago (my usual stash building exercise), I’ve treated myself to this kit. Does anyone have any information on the decal options that are provided? The 17th/21st Lancers one is identified on the box (albeit limited information - Germany 1963). I’ve identified that two are 2nd Division from the cross keys, and clearly one of those is 7 Armoured Brigade, but that’s as far as I have got. thanks!
  3. @Das Abteilung that’s really helpful- just getting to the detail painting stage! Can I ask what you mean by fender tools?
  4. Brings back memories. One summer while on vacation from uni I worked in the NAAFI at Soltau.
  5. Nice. Like the base as well. Currently working on a Bronco A10, so the following is very helpful information
  6. Sorry @Mike Starmer, typo in the original post title re CT15, I meant the regular C15, not the armoured one (although having seen it now, that looks like an intriguing subject - surprisingly modern looking). Thanks for the very interesting overview. So if I have understood you correctly, it is possibly that vehicles in SCC2 may have had just the SCC14 black disruptive pattern painted, and the top just left as is? Although it also sounds like I could get away with using a paint that has a kind of light earth look to it for SCC4. I think I’ve seen it described as “weak tea” somewhere, although t
  7. What a treasure trove of material! Ok, so I suspect this will not the quick weekend job I thought it may be...
  8. I assumed the OD was incorrect for the reasons you outline. The comment regarding SCC4 was straight from the MAFVA website https://www.mafva.org/british-vehicle-camouflage-1939-45/?v=79cba1185463 but further searching found this thread where it appears there would be some doubt as it was only mentioned in a document. That all being said - if I have read your comments correctly SCC2 should be reasonable - which is good as I have some in stock (what with a trip to the hobby shop not being on the cards due to the lockdown). Strangely enough the box top painting has a vehicle tha
  9. Here in Perth in Western Australia we have gone into a COVID induced snap 3 day lockdown, so I was contemplating a quick build of the rather nice IBG 1:72 C15A truck. I was thinking of finishing it as a vehicle with the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in Sicily, however bit stumped over the colour. The instructions would suggest olive drab, and by all appearances US olive drab (the colour call out is for Vallejo 887). But reviewing the MAFVA website, it would more likely be SCC 2. However it would appear vehicles for the 1st Canadian Corps in UK (although it would appear strictly that that corp
  10. Picked this one up a few weeks ago after the fun I had with Masterboxes Austin Armoured Car. A pretty straight forward build (except for the very small piece at the front which ended up being eaten by the carpet monster). Painted to represent HMLS Kia-Ora which was involved in the Second Battle of Gaza in April 1917. More information on this action can be found here: https://tank100.com/training-combat/tanks-palestine-first-world-war/ The main colour scheme is brush painted Tamiya Acrylic (XF49 Khaki) with various oil and acrylic washes and some light dry brushing. The
  11. Oh very nice - that’s going to have to be on my wish list for the future!
  12. That’s one of the reasons I went for the Polish machine Does mean I have an extra set of PE in case I decide to get another one.
  13. An end of vacation blitz build, 48 hours from start to finish. Love these IBG 1/72 military vehicles. A Crusader Mk III completed as a UK based tank belonging to the Polish Forces in the West (1st Polish Armoured Division I think). Brush painted with Mig AMMO SCC2. Build thread can be found here:
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