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  1. On a bit of a roll with submarines. Here is my attempt at the Bronco Models 1:350 kit of the USS Seawolf SSN-21. Very simple to build, but made a bit challenging with a very hard black plastic. The decal placement diagram was also pretty much useless. Terrible stand as well, which I will need to do something about. That being said, ended up ok as a relaxing build. Brush painted with Tamiya and Italeri acrylics and photographed in the very non-maritime environment of my backyard. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks. I know what you mean. The Astute class sub I built while back has a similar “futuristic” look - may be a feature of UK sub designers? thanks - kind of you to say so, however not sure it’s really that sort of standard. The photos are hiding a fair bit!
  3. Picked this up as a way of getting back to the bench after a long dry period in 2020. Brush painted with Tamiya Acrylics, finished with a brush painted coat of floor polish. Base is an old piece of scrap wood (I think it was from an old chopping board that split) with a couple of coatings of decking oil. Build thread (limited that it is) can be found here. thanks for looking.
  4. After leaving this fallow for a couple of months finally got around to finishing. The name plates are in the dreaded photetch, they suggest a blue colour with letters picked out in silver. I took the cheats way out. A couple of coats of Tamiya acrylic blue and the a gentle rubbing back with some very worn wet’n’dry paper. Pretty happy with how they look. I fixed them to the side of the sail with some superglue, and after some final touch ups and sorted the missiles I’m calling this finished. I’m leaving it with the somewhat glossy look for now as I don’t h
  5. It’s great, you won’t regret it. thanks! Yes, I would be seriously tempted to do another. all good thank you!, many thanks. Thanks. It was a complete impulse buy on my part to be honest. Haven’t regretted it. thanks!
  6. Here’s my first model started and completed this year - the Bronco 1:35 Comet finished out of the box as “Iron Duke IV” of 1RTR, 7th Armoured Division in Germany, April 1945. My first go with so-called workable tracks (they are a bit wonky, but most of worst bits are hidden), and there was some more complex photoetch than I am used to (the exhaust cowls at the back), but the rest was a pure joy to build. Used brush painted MIG Ammo SCC15 for the main paint job, with Tamiya acrylics for any detail work. Various oil and acrylic washes to make it a little grubby and a final flat coat of brushed o
  7. Outstanding! Fabulous piece that really comes to life.
  8. Nice! These IBG kits are great - this was one I had my eye on for a future build (sucker for the RAF roundel on the cab).
  9. Thanks @Bullbasket. It was an impulse buy, which actually sat on the shelf 80 % complete for most of last year. Managed to make a hash of painting the road wheels, and almost ran out of my home-brew mix. But it was actually a very straightforward build - probably a good choice for my first one. I was a bit nervous of the decals for the turret, but they worked flawlessly. Be interesting to see the Airfix Cromwells once they are available. I’m just starting a Bronco Comet that I picked up at the weekend (on opening the box it doesn’t look as challenging as the Staghound I struggled w
  10. Thanks! The “scale” on the turret was for use during the beach assault in Normandy, where the tanks were used to give close support to the infantry. The scale is actually degree markings that could be used by spotters to align the turrets even when smoke obscured the direct line of sight. See here for more details: http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/pegasus-bridge-centaur-tank-memorial.html
  11. Let me present my first 1:35 scale armoured vehicle - the Centaur Mk IV by Tamiya. Brush painted with a “home brew” Tamiya acrylic mix of SCC 2 to represent “Hunter” from H Troop, 2nd Battery, 1st Armoured Support Regiment, Royal Marines Armoured Support Group, Normandy, June 1944. Weathered with various oil and acrylic washes. Thanks for looking.
  12. First completion for the year, the Mirage M3 Stuart completed as an Australian example in New Guinea. It’s very small in 1:72 scale! Also an experiment using a new (to me) brand of paint - Mig AMMO acrylic. My local hobby shop is running low on my usual Tamiya paint so I thought I should give this a go. Not entirely convinced - may need to give it another go. It brush painted ok over a coat of Tamiya acrylic as a primer. The kit has a great decal sheet, allowing you to complete the tank as a whole bunch of different examples from the 2/6 th Australian Armoured Regiment in New Gu
  13. Most of my builds were concentrated in the beginning and end of the year during summer vacation time. Cleared a few long time half sitters, and got seriously bitten by the 1/72 military vehicle bug in the last few weeks of the year. Thanks for looking. Airfix 1:72 Mitchell II Build thread can be found here Valom 1:72 Hampden TB 1 Build thread here Heller 1:50 Westland Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 High Planes 1:72 Sea Fury
  14. An impulse buy while picking up supplies, managed to finish it before the end of the year. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oil and acrylic washes. Finished out of the box as a vehicle from HQ Platoon, 11th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, Normandy, August 1944. Build thread can be found here. thanks for looking - and a Happy New Year!
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