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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope to finish this off at weekend.
  2. Thanks Roger and John. Sadly still feeling pretty under the weather, so will only be able to pick away at this.
  3. Another longish break - this time due to illness. On the mend now. Added the aerials from guitar string cut to length and painted black. Some washes of Vallejo European Dust, and a bit of oil dry brushing on the padding on the roof section. Almost done.
  4. Another gap - this time due to a case of COVID. On the mend after a rotten week or so. what is effectively Day 9, brushed on base coat of Light Stone all over.
  5. Thankyou! Thank you - may be awhile yet. This week is looking busy at work!
  6. Effectively Day 8, though 6 weeks on! Finally sorted the last bits of photoetch, made a bit of a hash of the water carrier frame, it looks a bit beaten up. A coat of paint on the main turret.
  7. Well haven’t had a chance to get back to the bench since Easter. And I was so close! I got as far as some minor weathering and a matt coat, and the. That was it for the last 6 weeks or so. It didn’t take long today to add the wheels and the open “lid”. I also had to glue the bits I knocked off back on again… Almost done - just the aerials and some additional minor touch ups/weathering to go.
  8. Day 7. Took some wrangling but the sand shields are on. And a bunch of photoetch. Progress will slow now - back to work tomorrow.
  9. Thanks @Milan Mynar and @Bertie Psmith. Took a day off to go for a short break down south by the beach. Here is the view at sunset after a rather nice fish and chip supper. Suspect my progress will slow significantly as it’s back to work on Tuesday. Day 6 Tracks were the first bit to cause me any significant angst - were a tad fiddly to get to line nicely.
  10. Having a week off so thought I would see how far I could get with the Bronco A9 I had in the stash. My last experience with the very similar A10 was a little unhappy, but I figured why not try again (see here for that previous attempt: Not a full build thread, just photos from where I reach at the end of each day. So far it’s been great - so much easier than last time. Or is it just that I know what to expect? Anyway, it seems to be going together well. Day 1 (Monday) Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
  11. That’s the plan! Thanks for the top about roughing them up.
  12. ok, little bit of a setback. Here is where I was at a couple of days ago. Thinking about touching up the out of register marking, and the a light wash with diluted Army Painter Soft Tone/Dark Tone mix. At which point the decals started lifting. I stopped before I got too far, but too late for the roundel. So after a sulk, I stripped it off, repainted the rear engine deck and used a spare decal. the other decals have lifted slightly, but can hide that with a bit of weathering. I’m going to leave well alone overnight, then seal it with some clear varnish. I only used floor polish before - clearly not enough.
  13. Thanks Milan! Not much done today. Just a coat of floor polish and the decals. Always love this stage, it’s like when the model really comes to life. Sadly the decals are every so slightly out of register, hopefully won’t be full visible once the weathering is done. Also started muckying up the wheels and tyres with some washes, using Vallejo Model Wash “Oiled Earth” and some dilute Army Painter washes on the open roof sections.
  14. Today was mostly painting. Before I closed up the back, just added some fishing weights with some blu-tak to give a bit of “heft”. Here is where I got to by the end of the day. Nice easy paint scheme to do
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