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  1. No progress to repost today, but look what turned up direct from Asuka in Japan (a little over 2 weeks after I ordered it). There was also a little extra gift of some stowage in the package: I suspect I may have some questions for the Sherman super thread shortly.
  2. Back home after my first trip out of Western Australia in 3 years. Flying was an interesting experience after all this time. Started the process of making the tank look a little used. Started first with a brushed on coat of Vallejo Model Wash Khaki Green, which actually was more a dirty muddy brown. This is not one I have used before, and I rather like it. Adds a nice subtle grubbiness. This suited me fine, as the next step was to add some mud. Not done this before so I thought I would try an off the shelf solution, using Vallejo Thick Mud. This is a thickish paste, which well looks like mud. I brushed some on roughly using an old stiff brush. I was rather surprised how effective it looked. Once it had dried I added a brushed on coat of Vallejo Model Wash Oiled Earth to make it a bit darker, I also used this to just add some variation to the sides as well. I then finally got to glue the bogies on, and here is where I have got to at the end of the weekend.
  3. Thanks George and John. Very happy with how the paint job worked out. Sorted out the decals over the last few days. First I used a nice flat brush to paint on a coat of Italeri Acryl gloss. First time I’ve used Star Decals. They are very thin, and a little fragile, but look good once on. Only issues was the AoS markings, which were a little out of register. I replaced them with items left over from my RFM Firefly Vc. Not quite the same, but I think they look better. I took my time, and once they were all on I sealed them in with another coat of gloss. That’s it’s for a week or so - off to Melbourne for work.
  4. Didn’t take long to get the main armament sorted, even with painting as I went. I lightly roughened the metal barrel before painting it. First the parts. Halfway through. And finished.
  5. At last, the package from Poland has arrived! In the meantime I’ve been keeping myself busy painting the pioneer tools. The wooden handles are a bit “vibrant”, hoping the weathering process will tone that down a bit. Ivd also been working on the stowage and bogie assemblies. A few bits of touching up to do, but they are beginning to look the part.
  6. Just a short update today. Fitted the skids and then a dry fit to the hull. Good news, all the wheels are level on the ground.
  7. But the bullet and put the running gear together this evening. Wasn’t that hard once I had done one or two. The little spacer was much easier I imagine than the spongy layers approach. One evenings work and they are all done. Just some tidying up of seams and the skids to be done.
  8. Ok, hit my first significant problems with this build. First, I managed to break a couple of axles on one of the bogie parts. Not too hard to fix, just a bit plastic rod that needs some fettling. This is more serious. The front of the bogies that the instructions tell me to use (parts 28 and 29) have rather gruesome sink marks. The equivalent parts not to be used don’t, all though have very deep indentations. What do I do? I suspect I will need to have a go at filling and then slathering on some “mud” to hide my attempts at fixing.
  9. Thanks John - I don’t have any, perhaps next time? Baby steps
  10. Been slowly getting the wheels painted. In the meantime sorted out some tie downs for the pioneer tools using some thin pewter sheet from the capsule for a bottle of bubbles from a long time ago - stored away for doing seatbelts in aircraft. It’s probably not terribly accurate, but it looks better than leaving them plain. They look a bit messy at first, but once covered with paint (over Tamiya OD as a primer), I think they will do. I always like this stage, when all the various random glue stains, mismatched bits of plastic and add-ons, as well as other marks get covered up. Back to painting wheels.
  11. Lovely work John, your attention to detail is awesome.
  12. Lovely work. Always good to see an Aussie subject.
  13. Lovely work. As always beautifully presented on that base.
  14. Thanks John. Working from home today so got a little lunchtime painting in. The tracks got their first coat of Tamiya NATO Black. I used a coat of Tamiya Olive Drab as a primer for a couple of thin coats of Vallejo 887. Really happy with the texture on the turret - much better than the too smooth look to start with. Which is good, as I was a little anxious about doing it!
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