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  1. One way or another not had any time, or inclination, to be at the modelling desk. Picked up the Weekend Edition boxing of Eduard 1:48 Bf108 a few weeks ago, a great relaxing build. Finished as my interpretation of one of the machines seized at the beginning of the war. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics (for the top camouflage) and Italeri Acrylic for the underside yellow - which was a a bit of a pain to do! Light wash with oils and a a spray with Tamiya flat clear from a rattle can to finish. Decals from the spares box. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thankyou! While continuing to search last night I found this page: http://ww2liaisonaircrafts.e-monsite.com/pages/content/messerschmitt-bf-108-2.html Some nice photos here, nicely proving @Graham Boak is entirely correct
  3. Been away for awhile, very busy the last month or so. Picked up the rather nice Eduard 1/48 Bf 108 which I would like to finish in RAF colours. I would like to build it as DK280 (see http://www.coltonhistorysociety.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=WWII_Plane_Crash_in_Colton_July_1944) which from my browsing around on the internet appears to be dark green and dark earth camouflage on top, yellow undersides. I think I can source the main markings from my spares, the question is what roundels to use? From the photos I have found it looks like Type A under the wings, Type A.1 on the fusela
  4. Thanks @Pollitt! Still decalling. It’s pretty hot here in Perth, so I’m doing it in stages. I think these must be the best decals I have used from Airfix. Slide off the backing really easily, easy to move around on the surface, and pretty strong so can take a bit of handling. However they are really thin and once they have dried they really conform well to surface detail - maybe that’s due to the warm conditions? Started work on the underside today - the dayglo is VERY bright, the photo doesn’t do it justice.
  5. Decalling underway. This may take awhile...
  6. Very nice. I just up to the decal stage with mine
  7. My pleasure- although from memory this one was tough and required a lot of fettling.
  8. Hi Al. I must admit I was a bit worried about coverage with the brush painting. What I did first was spray the whole airframe first with Tamiya white primer from a rattle can. I then painted the orange bits - I was surprised that it only needed a couple of brushed on coats. I then masked and sprayed the silver from a rattle can. Then all that was needed was a few little touch ups with the orange. Very happy with the result- much more confident about the Gnat and Vampire that are in the queue.
  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I think so as well Steve
  10. I was fossicking around in a cupboard in the back of the garage and found a bit of (my) modelling ancient history. Its the High Planes 1/72 Sea Fury - purchased way back in early 2000's, if not before, when I first started back in the hobby. It was my first experience of a limited run model, and it shows. Abandoned well over 10 years ago, and looking rather sad. I cleaned it up, and did the last few bits to finish it off (heaven knows how I managed to not lose the canopy). Doesn't look too bad. Paint is a patchwork of enamels and acrylics - and laid on rather thicker than
  11. I am at the gloss coat stage. Canopy attached, last bit of painting done and then a coat of floor polish added with a large flat brush, specially purchased for the occasion! Always happy to get to this stage - the gloss coat protects what can sometimes be a the fragile surface of the acrylic paint. Decals next....
  12. Doesn’t help me I’m all the way over in Perth, Western Australia. Local hobby shop had the latest issue at A$25
  13. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I’ve just bought another one
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