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  1. This has been sat on my desk for months 80% complete. It’s the Roden 1:72 kit of WWII British Armoured Car (Pattern 1920 Mk 1) finished as “Ajax” of the 1 Armoured Car Company RAF in Iraq in 1941 (or so the box says). Brush painted used Vallejo acrylics and weathered (rather more than intended) using a variety of acrylic washes, Army Painter quick shade washes and dry brushing with oils. Headlamp glass made from some Humbrol clearfix. Not my best work, some of the fit was so-so and as I said I’ve made it a bit grubbier than intended. But that RAF roundel on the turret came out ok, so not too unhappy. Thanks for looking.
  2. I was intending to start a different kit, but saw a pile of these appear in my local hobby shop and just had to have one. It looks like a straightforward build (hope that’s not deceptive). The paint job on the other hand is going to be interesting. I’m going to finish it straight out of the box as a vehicle used in Iraq in 2005/6.
  3. Many thanks - yes I did build it OOB (for the time being). Thanks to the kindness of @badger I have some brass gun barrels on their way to me, so I will eventually update it with those. I've been making quite a few 1/72 or 1/76 vehicles recently. They don't take up much space once complete. Many thanks! Just a bit grass scatter on a MDF coaster from the craft shop. Many thanks. I don't know about 1:35, but I know Tamiya does one (of the AA version) in their 1:48 range. They also do a "regular" Crusader Mk III in 1:48 - I made that a few years ago, still on my shelf: Thanks Steve. Yes they are great. I have C15A lined up next. As for the AA crusader, despite the large bolts on it, it looks strangely modern to my eyes.
  4. My understanding is not so much against aircraft, but was used to some effect against ground targets.
  5. Due to one reason or another not had much time at the bench since May, so with a few days of leave last week I thought I would indulge in a quick build. Here I present my attempt at the IBG 1:72 kit of the Crusader AA Tank Mk III finished as the well known Skyraker/The Princess in Normandy, June 1944: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205201956 Main camouflage colour was brush painted Mig AMMO SCC15, weathering with some Army Painter washes, acrylic washes and a spot of dry brushing with oils. I managed to knock off the gun barrels at an early stage and have replaced them (temporarily) with some cut off pins. Build thread can be found here: Very enjoyable build - thanks for looking.
  6. Some fishing weights in blu-tak were stuck inside to add some heft, and I’m calling this one done (for the time being). More photos later in RFI.
  7. Nice. Would this be the same kit that’s now available in an Airfix box?
  8. On to the final stages. A wash of heavily diluted Italeri acrylic Flat Earth followed by another Army Painter “murky” wash gave me the level of grubbiness I was after. Once dry this was followed by a bit of dry brushing with the flat earth on the tracks and undersides, followed by a very light dry brush with white oil paint on some of the raised features. Just a final assembly and some Matt clear coats to finish off tomorrow.
  9. Thanks @echen. As for the decal, the middle “section” would need a bit of surgery if you wanted the guns elevated (one of the reason I left them down).
  10. Well the “murky” wash of a 50:50 mix of Army Painter Dark Tone and Soft Tone diluted with some water went on well. It left a slight gloss finish which I dealt with by a brushed on coat of Italeri acrylic matt clear.
  11. Thanks @badger , that’s a good tip concerning the wash - I’ll give that a go. I was thinking of using it undiluted for a pin wash around some of the detail as well.
  12. @zigster I actually took my lead on the turret interior from this build by @Bullbasket @badger that’s very kind of you, may take awhile to get down-under though . I was actually thinking of mixing the Dark Tone wash with the Soft Tone to get, as you say, a murky sort of colour. Nice to know that water can be used to thin them if necessary. One question though - I appear to have a spare “Skyraker” decal, which isn’t mentioned on the instruction sheet. Would that go on the other side of the turret?
  13. Here is where I am by tea-time day 3. As expected the decal for the turret roof was a bit dicey, despite being provided in sections. More or less managed to manoeuvre them into position, and only needed a slight touch up with white paint. However in the process I knocked both gun barrels off. For the time being they have been replaced with dressmaker pins cut to length. Not the best job, but better than nothing. Tried something a little different. I’ve been eying up the many ready made washes available, and decided after a bit of reading around on the Army Painter brand, which I think is designed for use with fantasy game miniature figures. I used the Soft Tone wash to dirty up the inside of the turret and make it look less stark. May be a little browner than intended, but I think it’s pretty good. Easy to work with, nice and clean with the dropper bottle. I’ve sealed the decals in with a coat of floor polish with a little Tamiya flat base mixed in. Another coat tonight and I will be on to a little weathering tomorrow.
  14. The answer is pretty quickly @Bullbasket. By the end of the first day construction was pretty much complete - I’m leaving the tracks off to help with painting. I’ve painted the interior of the turret white with Italeri acrylic as that seems from my reading around to be the appropriate colour. I first brush painted a coat of Tamiya Acrylic XF54 Dark Sea Grey as a primer, and once that was dry started brushing on Mig AMMO SCC15. Here is where I have got to at the end of the day, with a start made with the detail painting. The tracks I painted Tamiya Acrylic XF84 Dark Iron. Exhaust manifolds were in Mig AMMO Old Rust. The cannon barrels were painted with Tamiya Acrylic XF56 Metallic Grey. Thanks for the suggestion @badger, however as I am doing this as a quick build I am going with just what I have in the box.
  15. One way of another I haven’t been able to spend much time at the bench since May. Been absent from this site as well - just too much on. I have a few days off this week, and saw another of the excellent IBG Crusaders in the local hobby shop and knew what I was going to do. I’ve done the Mk I, the Mk III and now it’s time for the Mk III AA version. Familiar sprues, the only difference being the AA turret. Neat little decal sheet, and some photo etch. Won’t need the sand shields though, not applicable to the version I’m building (despite the box top image). I’m going to finish my model as Skyraker/The Princess. Nice straightforward paint scheme - SCC 15 all over.
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