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  1. Well, an update as soon as I can didn’t quite turn out as hoped, did it. However, some progress has been made, just not always in a positive direction; more of that later. So, let’s just start off with a few images of where I’d got to around about the time of my last positing when I put some of the major parts together to check to see that colour balance and shading etc all gelled. In the underside views you’ll notice that I decided to apply some yellow/orange mix to the fronts of the receiver “bumps” outboard of the intakes and to the rear face on the beaver tail. This probably isn’t qui
  2. Not sure where the time has gone, it’s been a busy month and whilst I have managed some further progress, it’s mostly fiddly details, so at the end I feel that there’s nothing very dramatic to show... but progress nonetheless. First of all, I sorted the engine exhausts and half cowls. The exhausts were a bit bling and therefore had a few more layers of darker Alclad paints applied... mostly using the steel as a base, but with some hot metal beige or hot exhaust thrown in to tone it a little... and some jet exhaust to dirty it down. I then carefully masked around the half cowls and gave th
  3. I was directed to this thread by a friend. I'd considered that what I set out to achieve in this scale was good enough detail wise, but this is amazing... total finescale. The cleanliness of the work is also amazing. May I ask what materials in terms of wire and glues you're using? I don't think my eyes are up to the necessary standard for this, but I have three GWH kits in the queue and ones next after I finish the current academy kit build, so I'll continue to follow this as an ultimate detailing guide. I can't wait to see what you do with the main gear wells.
  4. Interesting read and I like the tone variation added to the main colours. With this kit added to the stash last autumn, it's one I want to build at some point soon... and with a chipped finish. Engines look wonderful too. Great work
  5. So firstly, please let me apologise for the delay in posting anything here; as I implied above, spending all day working on the pc and staring at a screen working, or in Teams/Skype meetings and calls etc, when I come to time off, I prefer to not turn on the other laptop and start doing more writing and if I can pick up the model and do a bit more instead to focus on for a while then I’ll be happier to do that. So...an overdue update follows. As you’ll see from the short post above, my tomcat is now painted (finished painting?) and awaiting some clear weather and brighter conditions so th
  6. I've gotten a bit behind in keeping this thread updated... work has been continuing when time allows and I guess I've been spending my spare time away from the pc and actually doing some modelling; I think i spend enough of my work time at the pc... well, all of it these days. So anyway. Here's a sneak peek and I'll draft (or start at least) a proper update this evening. Light light gull grey bird test assembly by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Sorry for the delay Jonathan
  7. Thanks for the comments Nick.. very informative and useful... and kind. One item I forgot to mention in the post above is that spent a bit of time peering carefully at a number of photos of Witchita 103 and eventually decided to go for the three blade antenna option on the centre section. On my last one, I think I was right to remove the middle antenna on Miss Molly as photos implied it wasn't fitted... and I reshaped the front antenna to suit the photos. On this one, again, the instructions will have you fit the shorter antenna, but i went for the larger one, per photos, and am quite ha
  8. Looks superb. Looks like we're also almost at the same stages in our builds.
  9. Hi all.... so, time for an update as some progress has been made with the ongoing build of Wichita 103. First of all, I managed to join the nose fuselage sections to the rear section and was quite pleased with how this fitted, a small amount of sprue goo was used initially just around the upper spine join as seen in the photo, although I later added some deluxe perfect putty too as this gave a better ane less soft “fill” where needed. I would normally leave the cockpit IPs and coamings off, but they went on earlier than intended due to the width of the cockpit sill; I wasn’t convinced I’d
  10. Hi Nick and Billy. I did spend some time looking at all the lumps and bumps that this model needs to have and whilst the instructions call for neither the rear radome next to the fuel dump port or the two additional bumps underneath the wing root leading edge/intake area, these are needed for 162603... and fortunately the kit has most bits for a A, B or D, so these were incorporated in y build, along with the later fins with the reinforcing plates (again because they're on 162603), but the leading edge bumps are not. Yes, they can be difficult to see... but sometimes very easy. The Daco book p
  11. Thanks for your comments. I really ought to draft and publish an update as I have managed some significant progress since the last post; I guess sometimes I just prefer to stay away from the computer a bit and do some modelling. Update to follow. Cheers Jonathan
  12. Looks really good Sam. I'm guessing you're rather pleased with it. The finish is nicely worn but not overly so, that we see on so many models of these. The cockpit detail is nice to see too... the lighter shades in there showing it well, esp the rear deck. Great work... looking forward to seeing it finished and, I presume, a slightly grubbier and leak-stained undersides. I'd better crack on with an update on mine. Best wishes Jonathan
  13. Hi all, well that’s the first working week of 2021 out of the way. It was quite a busy one so since my last update there’s not huge amount to report. Before returning to work, I had got some of the paintbrushes out and applied some colour into the nose gear bay and to areas needing touch up in the cockpit tub after the rest of the PE was fitted. I also added some clear green to the silver foil projector dish and to the inside of the windscreen. For whatever reason, the windscreen paint didn’t settle brilliantly, so a day or so later, I polished it all back a bit with the Tamiya pastes and I th
  14. Thanks... hopefully I'll not disappoint. Fingers crossed.
  15. Thanks Sam. I think it looks ok. I think the fact that we now have resin colour 3D print panels in 48th must surely mean than 72nd is next... which I think could provide some great opportunities for detail fans. But thanks for your kind comments. Glad it's of some use. Yes get it started it seems to be quite a well thought through kit... or rather, I've not found much wrong with it yet Thanks Neal. Yes they're a good Kit. Sad about Tony's account; perhaps we will see a return here sometime; one can but hope because his knowledge was immeasurable .... of vast usefuln
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