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  1. I finished this one a while ago. Painted with Tamiya Acrylics and used blu tak to mask the Grey/Green demarcation. My first fully air brushed kit! Ready for the new tool Airfix Spitfire V now!
  2. The decals are on. I found the Hannants decals to be a bit brittle, so roundels on the wings are the kit decals and the rest from the Hannant's sheet. I might try a bit of weathering with oils next.
  3. A bit more progress over the weekend and yesterday - I have applied Tamiya XF-52 Flat Earth, and then masked up and applied Tamiya XF-81 RAF Green. Blu tank/Masking off
  4. Hello All, Thank you to modelling minion and trickyrich for allowing this one in under the 25% rule, here is a 1/72 Airfix Skyhawk. Started quite a while ago, it will be nice to finish another kit that was started with good intentions and the kind of left to one side.
  5. After taking part in the Blitzbuild over the weekend, I have done a bit more to the Spit. Used Tamiya Sky. I hope to complete the camo this week/weekend.
  6. Hello! I am wondering if I can include an Airfix 1/72 Skyhawk that is started? I would like to ask if it qualifies as less than 25% completed? Thanks, Rob
  7. Thank you for the Blitz build GB Enzo, the first one I have taken part in (I felt like quitting after an hour and wondering why I had volunteered to build the DH.88). I have now built a kit I did not imagine for one minute would give as much satisfaction, warts and all, with the end result and in a weekend too. Thanks all, see you for the next blitz .
  8. Kit: Airfix DH.88 Comet Took the 2 x 12hr option. Finished with less than 10 minutes to spare. Painted with Tamiya Red rattlecan. Kit is 1950's. Decals 2010's. Decals by far the best part of the kit! Actually really nice decals that would go well with a new tool DH.88!
  9. Hi Tony, Great looking Defiant's, really good. Sorry if you have already been asked this, or I have missed the answer already in the posts, but what paint do you use? All your brush painting is really good and achieves a superb finish, as good as airbrushing, without having to clean out the airbrush afterwards. Do you apply a top coat too? Thanks, Rob
  10. Cracking result! Good job, looks really eye catching with the chequer tail.
  11. And after fitting the decals and swearing at the undercarriage, the Comet is finished, just in time! I'll add pictures to the gallery when I can take some photo's in daylight.
  12. Ready for decals!
  13. The canopy is a bit of a let down.....just applied some masks and ready to spray it, I am trying to just just have the decalling to do later this evening. You win a prize! It is a Tamiya Lotus 107 (Johnny Herbert). I must admit it has sat on the bench for a long time, I must finish it as the decaling went well with micro sol and set (and some patching here and there where the decals cracked). I bought it in '94/5 and then retrieved it from my parents loft about 5 yr's ago!
  14. Looks good, you nearly made it
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