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  1. Really, Really impressive. The finish and detailing are superb! The finish looks just on the right side of worn, but not overdone.
  2. A real shame. This show is one of two that is quite close to me and although I can appreciate the traders concerns as to the proximity of the MK show, keyboard warriors on forums have destroyed any chance of having a show at another time of the year. I really cannot blame the organizers for pulling the show, if all they get is aggro from various directions. The people being critical should consider that it is not all about them and perhaps consider that all these different model shows spaced across a year promotes the hobby to a wider audience, that either join the hobby, or re-ignite their interest again. I hope you can get the show up and running in 2021.
  3. Hi Chaps, I have a Xtrakit Meteor boxing of the Matchbox kit, is this eligible to join? Cheers, Rob
  4. Superb build, you are on your way. I would now leave the canopy off while you apply a gloss coat. Check the gloss is compatible with your paint or crazing may occur, I know from experience that acrylic varnish over an enamel medium does not go well! Best rule of thumb is don't mix enamel and acrylic mediums. Apply the decals over a gloss coat to prevent silvering of the transparent part of the decals. I also recommend using microset and microsol on the decals as it will bed the decals down onto the surface. Once a matt coat is applied, the decals will look painted on. Rob.
  5. A couple of superb Thunderbolts there Steve, especially the SEAC one, which looks good in that scheme. Rob.
  6. Looks really good Andrew, the aluminium finish looks great, please may I ask the paint used? Cheers, Rob
  7. The Seafire is looking really good.....it should look superb with the rest of the camouflage applied. Rob
  8. Hi Robert, Count me in please, probably looking to build a Beaufighter or a Hudson, looking into the stash. I have been looking at a Sunderland, but never quite got around to spending the cash so far.... Cheers Rob
  9. Nice collection of Tomahawks, building a collection myselt too.....just finishing number 2...I have the Hannants decal sheet to work through Rob
  10. The Stirling looks really good. I like the finish you have achieved, it looks worn and used, but in proportion to the scale of the aircraft. Top job! Rob.
  11. Wow, a superbly built, painted and detailed Tempest. It looks fantastic! Rob
  12. Really good, neat looking plane . The rigging finishes the look of the plane off a treat. Top job! Rob
  13. Looking really neat and good Steve. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago in the LMS, along with the Whitley...I need Airfix to stop releasing all these good quality kits of subjects I'm interested in . Rob
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