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  1. Hi Chaps, I have had this one in the stash and thought I would build it OOB in the 71 Squadron markings, 'XR-C',as flown by Leo Nomis. A pretty simple kit, I was tempted to use it in the Blitz build at the end of the month, but I can find something else for that.
  2. Finished the build, overall a nice kit to bash together.
  3. Another kit to jog the memory...I remember bashing one of these together sometime in the mid eighties. All the best for the build, and I was really touched by your intro and background story to this build. We may not realize it at the time during our childhoods, but the best Dads set us on a path and pass on interests and knowledge that last our lifetime. Like most here, I first came into contact with modelling after watching Dad build a plane with a certain grace and elegance with elliptical wingtips that no other had in its generation. It got me hooked on aircraft. Looking forward to seeing this one take shape.
  4. Nice! I remember building this one too, way back in the mid eighties. I think I must have built the bomber version as I remember using some midnight blue humbrol or something similar and the fighter nose was kept in my long gone spares box from my original modelling foray. Looking forward to seeing you build this one.
  5. Hello all, Here is a kit I probably built around the mid 80's, It is one that sticks in my mind for some reason. I must have enjoyed building it and pleased with the end result! These three colour kits with the schemes printed on the back of the box bring back some memories, I must admit I only ever built Matchbox kits as a rule, with some Heller thrown in. I suspect that I could only afford Matchbox and felt the Airfix kits in my price range were pretty rough and ready in comparison. But wow the panel lines are DEEP! I'll add a bit of etch that was in the extra's box too.
  6. Hi Chaps, I have been working away and here is a quick update on the progress.....I have skipped a bit but it is practically finished now. A really nice kit to build. Stuka_2 by trebor46, on Flickr I primed with grey primer from the LMS and then brush painted with Humbol Acrylics 65, 241 and 242. Applied a gloss coat ready for decals. Stuka_3 by trebor46, on Flickr
  7. Sign me up too, I have a Matchbox Bristol Beaufighter stashed away that I fancy building in this GB and a Airfix Martin Marauder that might make an appearance too.
  8. Looking more like a Stuka now, a pretty enjoyable build! Needs a small amount of tidying up tomorrow, perhaps I'll have it primed on Sunday, but I don't want to rush it too much.
  9. Hello, a bit of work done, I may not finish, but hopefully I can finish not too long after the weekend, even if I miss the deadline. It does seem like a nice kit, just a bit of sanding to overcome the tight tolerances engineered into the Airfix kits. Better this that having a whack a load of filler into gaps I guess, but it does whet the appetite for the 1/48 kit. I have added belts as I am thinking of using the open cockpit option. Stuka_cockpit-1
  10. Hi Chaps, Looking through the stash I thought I would drop in and see if I can get this one done in a week built as a Legion Condor bird. I have the colours needed in acrylic and enamel so I'll get cracking! The plan is to brush paint thinned Humbrol Acrylics and as I have no canopy mask.....I'll cut the window masks by hand.....lets see if I can get a post in the 'build gallery' by next Sunday! Stuka_box_contents-1 by trebor46, on Flickr Rob
  11. Really good! I have a couple of 1/72 Fireflies in the stash, if they turn out half as good I would be happy, Great build quality and really good looking worn paint finish!
  12. Really, Really impressive. The finish and detailing are superb! The finish looks just on the right side of worn, but not overdone.
  13. A real shame. This show is one of two that is quite close to me and although I can appreciate the traders concerns as to the proximity of the MK show, keyboard warriors on forums have destroyed any chance of having a show at another time of the year. I really cannot blame the organizers for pulling the show, if all they get is aggro from various directions. The people being critical should consider that it is not all about them and perhaps consider that all these different model shows spaced across a year promotes the hobby to a wider audience, that either join the hobby, or re-ignite their interest again. I hope you can get the show up and running in 2021.
  14. Hi Chaps, I have a Xtrakit Meteor boxing of the Matchbox kit, is this eligible to join? Cheers, Rob
  15. Superb build, you are on your way. I would now leave the canopy off while you apply a gloss coat. Check the gloss is compatible with your paint or crazing may occur, I know from experience that acrylic varnish over an enamel medium does not go well! Best rule of thumb is don't mix enamel and acrylic mediums. Apply the decals over a gloss coat to prevent silvering of the transparent part of the decals. I also recommend using microset and microsol on the decals as it will bed the decals down onto the surface. Once a matt coat is applied, the decals will look painted on. Rob.
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