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  1. Please forgive me in advance for any future frustration this post may cause
  2. Just a hairy Revell thread end that didn't get trimmed ('till you pointed it out)
  3. Here's Hobbycraft "Bluenose" Grand Banks Schooner. It resembles the Grand Banks Schooners in design, but I chose not to mark it as the Bluenose. The deadeyes and clocks are from a Revell Mayflower that I found on that auction site for less than $20 because it had no sails. The sails are printer paper soaked in water and placed over the kit vacuformed sails and painted with white glue and allowed to dry.
  4. Built this one about 5 years ago.... Blast update and Meng and Tamiya equipment
  5. Easy build except for the wing fit that I noted above. I use Future and yellowish water color
  6. ICAP-2 late Aires cockpit and a mashup of decals from Flying Leathernecks and a couple of others
  7. Thanks again everyone you've been kind. No one noticed though.........the support wire from one horizontal stabilizer to the other was not glued and when I placed the plane for photos I moved it forward I've since placed it and tacked it down but it always seems to happen that I don't notice things when I'm photographing....
  8. Thanks Gents. If you have been staring at one in your stash let me just say that while the instructions look intimidating the build is not if you have the patients for the rigging
  9. Not perfect but I haven't built the perfect one yet. Just happy to have i finished after staring at the box for years....
  10. Sometimes it's just a question of economics. I can use these on my Albatros as well Or I could just build in 1/72 and say to heck with turnbuckles...
  11. Yes John, GasPatch turnbuckles. 80 million of them ....
  12. Been at it a week but today was a grueling first day of rigging...
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