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  1. Refer to photos for antenna locations/numbers and natural metal tones. MER and bombs from Hasegawa Aires cockpit. wingtip lights (curiously missing from kit) built up with acrylic gel medium. Needs nose weight (clay in nose). Oh I forgot remove gun camera.
  2. I've only just tried it with this model through the airbrush > I like it, have brush painted other parts and it brushes well also.
  3. Aifix P-40 done as Boyington's AVG aircraft. Besides adding rivets a bit of Eduard PE was used. Decals are a mix of kit and Kits World. Paint is Model Master medium green and fiels drab lightened a bit with white and wood, bottom isair command grey from True North paints.
  4. Folded rotors, added 2nd set of flare dispensers, cable cutters, intake covers, modified antenna suite, markings printed stripes painted, Flying Leathernecks Canopy & Wheel Mask Set
  5. Finally bought some ink for my printer to do the markings-stripes are painted...
  6. It'll sort itself out next time I move it-they're Friulmodel tracks
  7. I'm too old for that newfangled stuff. I just use Model Master and a brush/airbrush.
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