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  1. The Hasegawa F-8E has an IR sensor mounted at the bottom of the windscreen, this was not present on early Crusaders or remanufactured early Crusaders. The F-8K is a remanufactured F-8D with no sensor so the windscreen ends in line with the side windows. The Hasegawa's windscreen's bottom is higher and there's a hole to moint the sensor. I drilled out the center windscreen and used a piece of clear plastic to replicate the early-longer center pane.
  2. Hasegawa/Muroc Models 1/48 F-8K. Three ways I ignored the conversion instructions: I used the kit windscreen by removing and replacing the center panel and filing the forward section down to fit the fuselage, when finally placed I filled/sanded with cyano glue. I did not replace the center of the wing, I removed the hump from the kit wing, filled the void with 2 part epoxy putty and filled and sanded a top coat of cyano glue. I figured this was easier than trying to fit a rep...lacement center section and deal with 2 wing seams. I used the kit intake completely and found it fit no problem.
  3. Besides the sensors under the wing I simply used an Aires F-14 A chin pod and Eduard F-14A PE for the cockpit and resin GRU-7 seats.
  4. Finished Dec 30 2019 is Tamiya's F4u-1A Built OOB This model has been in my "to build" closet for a few years in completed sub assemblies. Every once in a while I'd get it out and fit it together and say to myself" where will I put it? It's so big." Well finishing this was my New Years resolution, here it is basically OOB except I made a canvas IP cover out of epoxy putty. Started 01/01/2020
  5. Yikes!. In 50 years of building I hope that's the first time I've ever done that! Fixed:
  6. Aires seats, a bit of Eduard photo etch, Super scale markings (They did however print the red/white blue stripes backwards needing to mask and paint) Resin exhausts, wheels.
  7. The lower nose piece was terribly warped. I tape assembled the fuselage and left it for almost a year but the nose remained warped and that led to other issues during construction, in fact if you look down the intake the fuselage and intakes don't meet properly. I chose to model it in this configuration as 95% of the time it's like this, but also when in the STOVL configuration the flying surfaces should be drooped and the kit makes no provision for this and I couldn't fine any decent usable photos to attempt that conversion. 2 things to keep in mind-I haven't seen any photos of a service F-35B with a blade antennae on the spine so fill that hole and it looks like the main gear's main strut is a very dark metallic color.
  8. VMFA-211 decals by Furball, Gunpack from someone on Shapeways (sorry don't remember who)
  9. Model Master buffing Aluminum for the metal and Floquil signal red over white for the red.
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