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  1. Revell 1/48 LGB's and FLIR pod from Hasegawa and Brimstones from Eduard
  2. Hasegawa A-4C VMA 223. More photos in build thread
  3. Finished. I needed this. I've just finished an AMT Kenworth project that took a bit of work (photos in the auto section) and was riveting an Academy 1/48 CH-53E when I realized this build was going. Nice to do something quick and relaxing, the Hasegawa Skyhawk is an old friend.
  4. Got the fuselage together. Nothing special with the cockpit-just a good drybrush. Seat from Phase Hangar Resin. Started to paint.
  5. Today I built the fuel tank, assembled the wings and exhaust can and added the speed brakes and nose halves to the fuselage.
  6. Here we go. First thing to do is eliminate that step in the wings. Printed decals in the photo-2 sets of WP and lightning bolts as one was just a bit too big. Blacksheep markings are for the leading edge slats on my VMA-214 plane previously built.
  7. You folks have dragged me into another Skyhawk build. I saw this group build last year and considered it but recently it's snuck up on me. From 10/64 to 5/65 VMA-223 was deployed on the USS Yorktown on Yankee Station providing anti sub cover. All of the photos I've seen of the four 223 Skyhawks show them armed with Sidewinders. I chose this squadron in this configuration as it's not generally seen, a Marine Skyhawk on carrier deployment armed with Sidewinders. I just finished printing the markings this afternoon (after work) and will post pre-build photos tomorrow. To make this initial post more interesting let me show some previous builds...
  8. 2020 in review. Due to being laid off for most of the year I had plenty of time to whittle down the stash…. January Italeri U-2S Tamiya F-14B February Hasegawa/Muroc Models F-8K March Gallert Models UH-34D AMT Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker April Tamiya King Tiger ICM A-26C May GWH TBD VT-8 Airfix Lightning F6 Tamiya Panther AusfG Hasegawa A-4C June Meng Jagdpanther Tamiya Achilles Tamiya Jagdtiger August Academy CH-46E September Airfix Sea Harrier FA2 Airfix P-40C Hasegawa RF-4B Hobby Boss F-105D October AMT Freightliner COE AMT Kenworth W925 October AFV Churchill “Dieppe” December 24, 2020 GWH T-33B
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