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  1. That's really nice and well presented. I love that era of Soviet heavy metal
  2. Gorgeous detail work on all that plumbing in the back, very nice. Always loved these cars since getting the Scalextric C9 as a child in the 90s. I wonder what that Schumacher fellow went on to do?
  3. A great find in the Oxfam shop in Keswick this week for £2.49. Some great pictures - some arty, some detail, interesting angles etc. Great for inspiration and many types covered: Tonkas, A10s, Jags, A6, Viggens, Apaches, Lynx. I was particularly taken by the weathering on the RAF harriers in Arctic camo. Speaking of Harriers... Chuffed to get this on ebay for £11, been looking to get one for a while now.
  4. That's a really impressive build of an interesting aircraft. Definitely need to get one for myself someday soon
  5. Let's make sure that history never forgets the name ... Enterprise
  6. I've got an itching to revisit the AMT Trek kits of my youth, but seeing that this bad boy arrived in the post last week: I'll say: Go!
  7. Brilliantly innovative and inspiring, thanks for sharing. All it needs is for Miniart to release a Museum Visitors figure set
  8. Ooh-la-la I really like the French navy scheme, c'est magnifique!
  9. You've done a cracking job in making a very old kit sing. Terrific work with the plumbing, handrails and a really nice finish too. Chuffing brilliant!
  10. I've loved reading through this thread. I was given this kit as a birthday or Christmas present back in the 90s. I contemplated building it many times, but I wasn't that interested in armour. I've recently turned to the darkside and been seduced by all things tracks and mud. As far as I know the kit is gathering dust somewhere in my parents' house and I'm feeling the urge to investigate. Thanks!
  11. Inspiring stuff. I love the frosted effect on the ground, vegetation and wheels
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