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  1. Really nice tonal variation Peter. Nice job.
  2. Blimey Charlie that's a whoppa Any thoughts where you're going to put it? Nice job with the solar panels, very convincing
  3. Thanks, never a truer word spoken. Cool, that's precisely the look I was going for, with a tree growing through said absent floor 🌳
  4. Coming together nicely! It's beginning to look like the real(?) thing. In other news, I've started watching the 'new' Galactica and enjoying it, curves and all
  5. Just been catching up with this, wow. Congratulations Jorgen on a terrific model, excellent finish. I'll remember to look this thread up when it comes to putting together the service module on my J-mission kit
  6. I'm asking for trouble starting a third build, but what hell, how often do sci fi GBs come around? Besides, I think we need some representation from the Red Dwarf universe. On my first visit to Telford last weekend I came across the wonderful Cozmic Scale Models stand (check them out here: https://www.cozmicscalemodels.com/ ) and couldn't resist this: They are 1/12 scale, resin and very few parts. Shouldn't take too long... Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!
  7. Ok space cadets, apologies for the LOS of late, earthbound life has just been getting in the way. I've not made a huge amount of progress, but here's where we're at so far. The hull and wings have been given some Flory Grime and Dark Dirt washes. I've started tackling the bird motif decoration on the underside of the wings. The instructions call for red, but in keeping with this toned down muted look that I'm going for, I've opted for orangey browns. I opted to use Abteilung 502 oils dotted on and blended together, tackling each panel individually for some variation. It's taken a lot of time, but was more preferable to masking and spraying. This is how it looks so far: Still got the outer panels to go ... and the other wing. A bit of Starship Filth was also been applied to a few panels here and there. This ring that sits on the front of the hull (I think it's something to do with the cloak) has been painted in a pale red: I've finally got around to scratching building the bits that I lobbed off the wings. There were two 'prongs' on each wing next to the cannon (possibly they are meant to be targeting sensors?) so I've replicated them with some 1.3mm styrene rod with 3mm beads (sourced from Hobbycraft) stuck on the end: Holes were drilled into the wingtip fairings and they'll slot in like so (not the best pic TBH): They will be a lot shorter, I'll cut the length after I've painted them. Next job will be the cannons and continuing with the wing undersides. Qapla’! This build is brought to you in association with Prune Juice β€” a warrior's drinkβ„’
  8. A chuffing great idea, I'm in. πŸš‚πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ πŸšƒ
  9. Thanks for your kinds words, chaps. @rob Lyttle, not heard of Pyro, just had a quick Google and they didn't ring a bell. I remember longing to track down the Matchbox Surtees F1 car because that would have, ahem, slotted in perfectly.
  10. Go Figure A build that includes a least one figure eg pilot, driver, ground crew, AFV crew, spectator etc or figures/busts on their own. Wide scope for lots of genres, vignettes and dioramas.
  11. Just been catching up with this masterclass in carpentry, metalwork and vac-forming. Top work Steve, very inspiring and informative
  12. Oh boy, I know that feeling. That's looking really nice and ditto what the skipper said about the decal, it looks perfect.
  13. I feel this can't be stressed enough, I speak from experience while watching the 2021 bunfight unfold as a newb. I completely agree with Bertie. If they crash and burn, they crash and burn. People come and go, interests can wane and change. Also, it gives the proposer a chance to rethink or adjust the parameters if they choose to go again.
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