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  1. Hi, That ;looks great. I'm not real familiar with the Nuffield concept designs but they look really interesting. Can't wait to see how your build turns out. Pat
  2. Hi, Your build looks great so far. Can't wait to see more
  3. Hi, Don't forget the sign for the side of the ship
  4. Hi, Thanks for posting all these build photos. It is fascinating to see how you accomplished your build. Pat
  5. Hi, Your build looks great. Pat PS. The looks of the EXETER have really grown on me over the years. It has such a clean and purposeful look, where you can kind of easily see why things are located where they are and what they do. As opposed to some of foreign cruisers with their Layer Cake like appearance with multiple layers of superstructure stacked one atop the other.
  6. Hi, Your build looks great. I particularly like how you painted the cranes. Pat
  7. Hi, Your build looks nice, and I always enjoy what-ifs.
  8. Wow, your build looks great, and its fascinating for me to learn about projects that I may have otherwise never heard of
  9. Hi, Your build looks great. I wish Airfix had done more RN WWII stuff in 1/600 scale. To me it was almost a perfect scale. Bigger than 1/700, smaller than 1/350 and easy to measure stuff since 1mm ~ = 2ft (or close enough)
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