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  1. Hi, I just picked up a bundled lot of Airfix's older boxings of HMS Warspite, HMS Suffolk and HMS Hotspur off eBay. I have thoughts of trying to convert Hotspur to Glowworm and Suffolk to London (though I suspect the Suffolk's hull bulges may become an issue). For Warspite though, I think I will leave her as is for now, since I have always wanted a model of her. Maybe if I can get another copy of her, I may try and backdate that one to something more along the lines of what she looked like at Jutland. Pat PS. I also have a copy of a new boxing Airfix's HMS Belfast and I am going back and forth between trying to build the kit as-is or trying to do her as she looks now, or even trying something totally different like a what-if with either an HMS Exeter style or a rebuilt HMS London style bridge to represent what a ship laid down earlier might have looked like.
  2. Hi, Maybe you could just add the words "Ye Olde" in front of the American decals and hope that people assume they are British
  3. Hi, your build and diorama look incredible.
  4. Hi, I really enjoy watching these builds of smaller ships. Can't wait to seehow everything turns out. Pat
  5. Hi, Also keep in mind though, that things can change a bit in shallow waters, like near a coast. Pat
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