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  1. Hi, your build turned out really nicely. Pat
  2. Hi, This looks fascinating. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Pat
  3. Hi, Have you considered maybe cutting one of the soft plastic kits up to make castings of the parts? I have seen other make some smaller parts with stuff you can buy from a Hobby Store. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I did buy something called the Alumilite Super Casting Kit recently and hope to give it a try for some stuff that I am working on. Regards Pat
  4. Hi, Your build looks great. I wish someone would do a 1/35 scale Sea Cat and Sea Slug launcher kit. Pat
  5. Hi, that turned out really nice. She looks kind of like a mini-Vanguard
  6. Hi, I'd like to see an injection model kit of some UK and related cold war era carriers. I have the old Airfix 1/600 HMS Victorious after her angled deck conversion, which can be a reasonable basis for that ship, but other ships like Fujima's HMS Eagle, are either from earlier in thier careers, or appear to only be available as either resin or 3D printed kits, and as such are a bit pricey. A kit of HMS Hermes (either as a catobar or amphious/STOVL type ship), HMS Bulwark, and HMS Ark Royal (R09) from her final deployment would be nice, as would either a kit of HMAS Melbourne, HMCS Bonnyventure, the Minas Gerias, 25th of May, or INS Viraat. Similarly some of the newer aircapable ships like the INS Vikramaditya or the new INS Vikrant or the Italian Cavour would also be nice. Pat
  7. Hi, I fear that describing the MPF turret as being the same as an M1 turret may be a bit of a misnomer, eventhough many references describe it as such. In particular, in lookingat the turrets externally, there appear to be many differences, particularlyin shape. While some of thismay be due to differing external armoring packages, the differences in the front of the turret (where the M1 is noticably assymmetrical, but the MPF turret is not) suggests potential internal differences as well. And the aft portion of the turret is also noticably different as well. As such, as noted by some, though not all sources, the MPF turret is likely more "derived from" or "based on" the M1 turret, rather than being the same as, or an alternatiely armored version of the M1 turret.
  8. Wow, that turned out really nice PS. The other builds look good too.
  9. Hi, That looks nice. Thanks for posting. Pat
  10. Hi, I believe it was their M5A1
  11. Cool, I look forward to seeing how it turns out
  12. Hi, that looks great so far. I eager to see how it all turns out. Pat
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