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  1. Hi, It looks like they kind of went for a Link & Length type track instead of rubber band tracks on this build PS. It also didn't seem like the road wheels were ever really connected to the lower hull from what I could see,
  2. Hi, The Matilda II is such an interesting looking tank and your build of it looks great.
  3. Hi, That's a fascinating looking ship. Can't wait to see more of your build. Pat
  4. Wow, that looks great. I wouldn't have believed how tiny it was until I saw it in your hand. The detail looks amazing.
  5. Hi, Since I have two of the kit, I had considered trying to convert one to a hardtop (like shown below) but hadn't yet got a chance to do so. I was just going to try and trim, sand and putty up the existing "raised" convertible roof as a starting point though.
  6. Hi, I think that I have both but haven't built either yet. I have built a1/72 scale Emhar Female MkIV tank and I liked it alot. I thin k that the Emhar kits tend to be a bit older and possibly not as complex, but that they also may not be quite as accurate as the newer Meng kit. The biggest isuue that I had with the 1/72 scale Emhar kit was fitting the rails ontop. I'm not sure if the 1/35 scale kits have a better fit or not though. Pat
  7. Your build looks great. I like the more subtle look of the camouflage than I have seen on some other tanks of this era.
  8. Yikes , best wishes on your health (and nice job on your model too).
  9. Hi, This looks like an interesting build/conversion. Can't wait to see more
  10. It looks like a very happy whale about to chomp down on an unsuspecting "meal"
  11. Hi, its kind of goofy looking. Thanks for posting
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