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  1. PF Naughton

    HMS Penelope 1944

    Hi, Your build looks great. I wish Airfix had done more RN WWII stuff in 1/600 scale. To me it was almost a perfect scale. Bigger than 1/700, smaller than 1/350 and easy to measure stuff since 1mm ~ = 2ft (or close enough)
  2. PF Naughton

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Hi, I like most planes, though over the years I have found that I have collected a large array of kits, diecast models, books, articles and pictures of the Brewster 239/339/F2A aircraft. Pat
  3. PF Naughton

    Box art

    Hi, This thread has gotten me thinking. To be honest I can't think of a single kit off the top of my head where the box art "got me to buy it" but at the same time (especially when I was younger and built more kits) I have a strong suspicion that at some level there were probably some kits where the box "caught my intention" and as such probably did play some role in getting me buying it
  4. PF Naughton

    IBG Models, 1/35 TKS, Polish Army 1939.

    Hi, Your build looks great so far :)
  5. Hi, Thanks. I'll take a look. Pat
  6. Hi, I haven't done a lot of armor modeling, so if the topic is something that I am interested in, scale isn't all that important to me. Right now I have an interest in WWI, interwar, and early WWII armor, and have built a couple 1/72 scale kits and am in the middle of a couple 1/35 scale ones. Overall 1/72 scale seems ok for larger subjects, but kind of small for the light tanks of these eras, and 1/35 scale seems good for small to medium size vehicles but may be a bit on the large/pricey side for me for really large vehicle, like a French Char 2c or UK/US Mk VIII. As such, if I could find a kit of one of those vehicles in 1/48 scale (at a reasonable price) I'd probably jump to snatch one up. PF
  7. Wow, that's looking nice. Can't wait to see more
  8. PF Naughton

    HMS Aurora (12); Flyhawk 1:700

    Hi, Your build looks great. PF PS. I really like the smaller RN interwar and WWII cruisers. There is something very clean and purposeful about their look, as opposed to some Japanese, US and German designs, which have almost a "layer cake" look about them with so many decks and pieces stacked one atop another that its hard to tell what's what and/or why the superstructures are laid out the way they are.
  9. Hi, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your build. I always liked the look of the Batch I and Batch II Type 42s. Pat
  10. PF Naughton

    RN Carrier catapult bridles, especially Ark Royal.

    Hi, Thanks for posting the link to that video. It's fascinating and really informative too. PF
  11. Hi, Your build is phenomenal. I agree with the others here. If it weren't for the one picture with the lighter I would have assumed your model was much, much bigger. Seeing how big the lighter was in comparison to the ship is really striking
  12. PF Naughton

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Hi, I think the diorama looks great. PF
  13. PF Naughton

    MTB 74 in 1/72 scale.

    Hi, Wasn't MTB 74 the boat used in Operation Chariot, where the tubes were raised t help launch the torpedoes over the anti-torpedo booms in harbor (or something like that)? PF Wikipedia Operation Chariot
  14. PF Naughton

    Career ending maneouvre?

    Hi, Although Shapeways doesn't list the kit in 1/350 scale, I know that that the guy selling the kit ("Dutch Fleet Naval Miniatures") has a number of kits that you can order in either 1/700, 1/600, or 1/350 scale so you could maybe try and contact him to see if he can (or has any plans to) provide the Norwegian model in 1/350 scale. Pat