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  1. Hi, Your build turned out really nice. I really enjoy seeing models of these interwar/early WWII vehicles
  2. Hi, Your build looks great so far. I really enjoy seeing large scale builds of small vessels. Pat
  3. Hi, I have a copy of the Revell kit that I haven't built yet, and as I understand it, it does have some issues. Specifically, I think that the actual ship has a bit of tumblehome in its hull that isn't necessarily depicted in the model, and the base of the forefoot should be straighter. Also the lifeboats come premolded onto the davits and superstructure side so that they are kind of hollow on one side. Pat Hull Model showing forefoot
  4. Hi, Thanks for sharing. Is that a modern replacement engine, or did they try and find something close to the original? Pat
  5. Those figures look great, but for a second I thought that they were standing on "yellow surfboards"
  6. Hi, That's a great looking build of a nice looking ship. Pat
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