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  1. Actually, I could combine wings from the Vildebeest and a Blackburn Shark to account for the swept sections at the point of attachment to the fuselage, doubly ensuring I can get a correct span and wing shape... Who knows where I can get a good shrink?
  2. Given that the 253 wing is only three feet wider in span, I figure the width of the Wellesley fuselage itself will account for the difference. Split the wing down the middle, attach, and reshape the top of the fuselage to match is my thought process. Now I gotta go find my Vildebeest...
  3. Having made good progress on my Wellesley this last weekend, I started to think... Could the fuselage of a Valom Wellesley be combined with the wings, prop, torpedo, and landing gear of a Special Hobby Wildebeest to create a Vickers 253?
  4. At last, an RFI thread from Tweener. This is the tried and (mostly) true Airfix 1/72 Spitfire 1, with decals from AML replacing the kit scheme I'd never have been able to do. Overall the kit is fine, but losing a few small parts during a move and having to try 4 different dark greens before getting a worthy result did plenty to test my patience and kill my interest. Then my family managed to drop it while I was off at Uni, hence the awkward sit of the landing gear after correction. In any case, it's done. Photos are typically mediocre - I tried 3 different indoor spots before settling on taking them at my back porch. Even these aren't satisfactory, but they're what I've got. The AML decals are rather nice, if very thin. I have another set of theirs for my Airfix Hurricane, which will be the focus once I finish the Airfix Italian Mustang and PR Hurricane from Heller. Oh, and the GB Gnat. Who knew red paint would be so miserable? Onwards and upwards, Tweener
  5. It took a little longer than I wanted to get around to this one, but now that I've wrapped up 2 other builds it felt right to get this one towards the finish line for a change-of-shapes. Tonight I installed the tracks. I didn't realize that some of the smaller links had different details on each side until I was finished, but I obviously won't be correcting them now. The photo is quite poor as I'm only using my desk light (it's past midnight), but I'll make an effort to take better ones tomorrow when I look in to what paint color I need to finish it with. More soon, Tweener
  6. A beautiful result of a very interesting airplane - am I remembering wrong, or were there 2-3 different versions of the 28?
  7. Lovely as always Chris, keep them coming!
  8. I've just spotted this pic on another forum while doing some 'research' for a kit that I definitely didn't pick up after promising myself not to buy anything new... To my eye, it looks like the underside has a few different colors - perhaps reflecting touch-ups over time or replaced panels? There's also (de-icing?) on the leading edges which I don't think I've seen before on a Whitley. But of course, what really catches my eye are the canisters. I read a few weeks ago about some variety of an experimental rear-facing launcher for depth charges - could this be those? Like I said - just research. Thanks all, Tweener
  9. Pete, you've done an excellent job on this. I agree with you on the squadron marking as well. I do feel for the pilots of these - that drop tank is uncomfortably close to the ground!
  10. The New England Air Museum is every bit worth the effort to go - I've been twice and I'll almost certainly be back this summer. Be sure to bring a hundred dollars or so if you do, as they have a bookstore filled with amazing reference material at as low as 10% the typical costs.
  11. If you can excuse the rushed photo from just before I traveled back to Uni yesterday, a key development has taken place! Naturally, I won't be able to finish the paint for about another 10 days. Once I do, some of the cockpit will need to be re-painted, the nose bay will need to be made, etc. So much for quick and easy. More soonish, Tweener
  12. It's a shame yes - though if I can find where I placed the prop and canopy, I'll soon be able to post a captured BF-109G with the red surrounds. Seeing an OD/NG 109 with those will never sit quite right!
  13. This has come out very well Tom, I especially like the red-surround roundels. I may have to source some of those for when I get around to finishing my Academy D Model. Speaking of that Academy kit, I was pawing through it again yesterday. I'm choosing not to imagine the scale of the Hobby Boss.
  14. In a way I do over-schedule but I'm also 'lucky' to only have 4 day weeks at Uni - my current one doesn't have Friday classes. That'll change next year and with any luck I'll have a schedule with more than one class each day too. As for keeping track of builds, I like to take notes about how I plan to approach them; it keeps me on track but some kits have definitely thrown me for a loop anyways, such as the TP-40N I work on occasionally. In the last few days I've made good progress on a few builds: I've repaired the dH,60, finished painting the body of the Hurricane IIC and started it's decals, and I've done most of the decals for the Italian Mustang as well. All the decal work will be finished in a few minutes before I return for my last 2 weeks at Uni. As of now, they look like this: While paints dried and decals set, I finished building the ancient Airfix Whirlwind as well. I have a very special scheme picked out for this one, but I don't have most of the paints for it yet. This is almost certainly the least detailed kit I've built and mine was missing the cockpit piece on arrival. A spare P-40 floor and seat replaced it and a control stick from an Anson was added as well. It'll use it to experiment in weathering given I've never bothered with much and the fact that it was about $5. I only need to decide now if I want to replace the exhausts and wheels. More updates on these in about 10-15 days. My Uni, ever professional, keeps changing the dates of finals. Best, Tweener
  15. I've been working on this kit myself, on and off at least, for some time. I'm curious, might the Georgian L-29s have been overhauled at some point? The Czech and Vietnamese Delfins had a light gray interior and the wheel bays are such a pale grey so as to seem silver. The few photos I've come across of the Georgian ones naturally have turquoise landing gear legs and interior panels. I'd think that buying L-39s would be cheaper than buying and overhauling L29s, but what do I know other than that you've done a great job on this build!
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