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  1. Throughout the day I have made more progress, and she is now essentially done, sans a gloss top coat, windscreen, and wheels. Tomorrow the gloss coat will go on, and soon I will be able to order the Hawker Fury kit needed for the wheel spats. Hopefully I'll be adding this one to the display shelf within a few weeks. That's all for the moment, Thanks, Tweener
  2. Over the past few days, I've constructed most of the Airfix Bristol Bulldog. Originally I was planning to build it in the provided Swedish Scheme to compliment my Gladiator and an in progress Avro 504, but I instead found that Japan debated building the Bulldog as the JSSF in the early 30s, and decided to build mine as such. As usual, I added some detail to the cockpit, including a new seat, control stick, floor with rudder pedals, and radio rack. It now looks like this: Before long, the kit practically assembled itself, which I found remarkable for the age of the moulds:
  3. Ah, the SARO London... What I would give for Matchbox to have produced one!
  4. Both are looking great, and I'm especially happy to see the older kit built to such a nice standard! I may be the only one, but I seem to more enjoy building the older toolings of kits to the best level I can instead of buying the newer tools and having everything already provided. Hence my love for Matchbox and Heller Gladiator kits. I'll have to try the FROG and older Airfix next.
  5. Thanks you three! I had considered buying a KORA Decals sheet like I did for a previous DH.60G, but the lack of tail stripe decals put me off from doing so and I chose to settle for close enough. I'm not quite sure how Matchbox got the color so wrong, but I suppose companies today often make similar mistakes too.
  6. I'd say Roy Huxley in particular earned his pint - I'm amazed every time I buy a matchbox kit! Many thanks Ralph! Hopefully more Yugoslav aircraft will follow - I think a Hind will be next, converted from the Airfix Demon.
  7. Good evening all, Today I have for your viewing another of the venerable Matchbox Hawker Fury's, built as the kit provided option of a Royal Yugoslavian Air Force machine. As typical of the kit, it built well. My only additions were some internal framing that is no longer particularly visible, and a fuselage number 81 as seen on a Kora decal sheet. Without an actual photo, it's accuracy is unknown, but I wanted to break up the flat silver finish. And yes, the Matchbox kit is accurate with these markings. While most Yugoslav Fury's had a different radiator and landing ge
  8. Following with interest, as my own build is on hold until I can source some depth charges, belts, engines, and more silver spray paint.
  9. I've got some good news then - a Heyford is definitely in the future plans! The sure sign of a MB Classic! Last night, a walkway was added to the rear fuselage and the left side bunk was completed. Once this was done, painting began. I decided to paint the walkway with Vallejo Neutral Gray to break up the interior green, but it is far darker than proper NG and will probably look not far short of black once the fuselage is closed up. I decided that it would be cool for the piece that is the base of the middle gunner's position to be removable once the mod
  10. Thanks for the kind words all; hopefully I won't disappoint as work continues. @Quiet MikeAs for the paint scheme, I am (as of now) undecided, but I rather fancy some of the RCAF schemes I have seen. The decals that came with my boxing weren't any good, so I will have to take a look around and see about replacements and / or sourcing alternative decals. Today I finished assembling the tail section, and for now, it looks like this compared to the Matchbox Hawker Fury I have going as an easy side project: To say this build will take up some space in the case is an unde
  11. Thanks you three! Hopefully I can do this fine kit justice. Just today I have gone and added some more framing, as well as one of the kitchen units and the start of one of the bunks. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish and add the other bunk, as well as something of a floor for the rear gunners station. I have 2 photos of the area that I am aiming to match as best as I can. Here is how she looks now: Additionally, work on the top wing and tail has begun. Next up I plan to get started on the bottom wings by cutting out the bomb recesses. That's all for the mom
  12. Well this looks nothing short of absolutely amazing! I've been considering the AZ kit for quite some time but don't have the confidence to deal with the butt fit of the lower wings. Might I ask, was there something wrong with the kits top wing that led to it's replacement with the resin part? Or does the resin part simply look better?
  13. Good evening all, Today I have the early stages of Matchbox's 1//72 Supermarine Stranraer, which has turned out to be a far larger model than I had expected it to be. Following the build of (and information from) @Vulcanicity, I have scratched some interior detail, though my final result will be slightly less impressive. Ultimately, I hope to add depth charges under the wings, new engines (and maybe new cowlings), new machine guns (Brownings, instead of Lewis Guns) and I have the Thunderbird models mask set ready to use. Here is what I have so far:
  14. @VulcanicityMany thanks for the scans and information. I've been spending some time today debating the extent to which I plan to detail my build, having just completed work on the cockpit and station immediately behind it. I think that I will forego adding much in the way of detail to the middle gunners station, as I feel the opening is too small for much to be seen and will likely be faired over on my build, but I may just try to detail the nose gunner position. In any case, I'll need new decals as the included ones aren't any use. I feel inspired to build a RCAF machine with depth charges an
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