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  1. After a few days away I ended up forming the Bisley nose - this went a lot easier than I was expecting. I used parts of a spare 1/48 500 Pound bomb and some plastic sheet to fill in where the clear parts had been on the Blenheim V, and I soon had a convincing Bisley nose. I added a little bit of filler to round things off, and later some superglue for some of the small scratches. After primer, things looked good - and then something that I can only describe as deeply confusing started to happen. It appears as though the combination of filler (Tamiya Grey) and superglue, despite not initially reacting, caused a lot of melting on a few small parts of the nose, and I've been trying my best to correct that for 5 days. Somehow, the spots simply won't go away, and I'm not exactly sure what I'll try next. Despite how things may look, I assure you this isn't the PDU Blenheim! I also sourced both of these fine works - Sure. most of the info in them is found in the Bowyer and Warner Books, but they were $8 and I rather evidently enjoy the Blenheim. Speaking of books, if anyone knows where I can get the Richard Franks book on the Blenheim, please do let me know. I'll pay *a lot.* Thanks all, Tweener
  2. Not much progress on the PDU Blue Blenheim in the last few days, other than small touch ups to interior paintwork and the fitting of some of the canopy. No photos of that, but I do have pics of something that should be more interesting. The other night I got curious about my MPM Blenheim V, and started messing with some parts. I realized that it wasn't a bad kit, but that it wasn't one I thought I'd be happy with building. With that in mind, I decided to take the relevant parts that make a Mark V and splice them onto an Airfix Mark 1. This started with the turret base - note also the use of Blenheim exhaust gills in place of the PE ones Pavla provide for their Roc. That's back on the bench too! Before long, I had this - The modification isn't terribly difficult so I haven't taken any other pics, but I will once I make progress on scratching some of the interior. I think I'm gonna end up making the Bisley prototype with the 4-gun nose but if I don't have any luck with that I can always go with a Mark V, in which case I'll go with Portuguese markings. More soon, Tweener
  3. I have the Whitley, but no means of copying the map. I may just take that one and trim it to fit in the Blenheim. As for the crankcases - thanks for the reminder. I'd been painting them Neutral Grey. I keep finding more and more different schemes, it gets challenging to actually decide which one will come next but the Blue one seemed like a must-have so I set right into it. I've seen a few references to the blue Hudson but the actual color seemed inconclusive - if you find anything interesting I'd be very curious to see it as well seeing as Special Hobby is (supposedly) remaking their Hudson for next year.
  4. The PDU Blenheim, as promised: Painting the blue has been surprisingly easy - I started with 2 coats of AK PRU Blue, but felt this was too dark, so switched back to the Vallejo Faded PRU Blue. Good news is that I can use the AK paint for a SEAC Mitchell at some point in the future, should I ever decide on a final paint scheme or find the shelf space for it. The next steps for the Blenheim are adjusting the Eduard seatbelts, painting something of a map on the navigators table with a 20/0 brush, finishing the exhaust rings and crankshaft mount painting, and attaching the first parts of the canopy. All of that (other than the belts) has to wait until I finish some sanding around the bomb bay doors, which should happen tomorrow. Best, Tweener
  5. A confession - I love the Bristol Blenheim. To that end I've compiled a number of books, PDFs, and photos, and now I'm starting into the decal collection I've compiled in the last few months. By collection, I mean this, and this isn't even all of it - The partial sheet is an AML set which I used parts of for Finnish AF BL-117 - to be posted here soon. So far I've completed BL-117 and the previously posted MK. 1f YX*N, and at least 5 more will follow these, if not several more. Currently I'm working on a PDU Blenheim in blue, as was recently discussed. I'm not convinced of the color, but frankly, I like the idea (and look) of a blue Blenheim. Next will likely be a Bolingbroke, though which type I can't yet say. If I can find interior pics of a IVT, I may go with that, but if not I'm leaning towards a IVW if I can source engines and cowls. After that will be YB*N, a MK. 1 with black/white undersides. Yugoslav, Romanian, and Japanese Blenheims round out the list of one's I'm most interested in making at the moment, pending further research into Coastal Command a/c and MK. Vs in SE Asia. An Indian Air Force V may result from that given I already have the MPM kit on hand. Photos of the PDU machine to follow once some paint dries. Wish me luck in the ward... Tweener
  6. A rather poor turret indeed - for my future FROG builds ill be using spare parts from Airfix MK IV kits to build up the turrets. I reckon with a hint of work it'll look far better. Thanks you three, I've gotten a lot of fun from some older kits as of late. I threw together an Airfix G50 right quick the other day and painting is coming along well - it may be entirely done in under a week at this rate! I could've been fooled into thinking it was 10 years newer than it really is - I'd forgotten how nice FROG could be at times and it makes me want to hunt down some of their others as well! Desert colors, that's something I need to look into more with Blenheims. I recall Tony had made one or two but a number of his posts are gone, as unfortunately is he, so it may take some time to get the right notes. In a day or two I'll have the second of 7 Blenheims up here as well, and with any luck the third within a few weeks. I've not decided on which to build for #4 yet - I'm debatingbetween the Proto, a bomber with white / black undersides, and Finnish delivery civil codes, and any input is most welcome. Best, Tweener
  7. DK has a sheet of B25s with both a PRU Blue and Bosun Blue ex-Dutch machine, though I believe they call it Oxford Blue. I've also seen the color referred to as Kings Blue, for whatever thats worth. Both are fairly nice schemes, I believe Tony had done them up at one point. Many thanks for this. I really can't decide whether or not to go ahead with a build on this one... One one hand I love the thought of a blue Blenheim, but on the other I shudder at the thought of being proven wrong. Seems there isn't much evidence one way or the other so I imagine I'll go ahead with it.
  8. Evening all, Tonight I've got the old FROG Blenheim I/1F on offer, finished as YX*N of the 54th OTU undergoing experiments and training with radar equipment. I find the old FROG builds up better than the new Airfix kit, but that may just be down to those blasted engine cowls and the annoyance of the bomb bay on the Airfix tooling. I used spare intake trumpets, aerials, and radar gear from the Airfix 1F boxing to add some life to the FROG kit, with decals coming from an Xtradecal sheet. I have all of their offerings for Blenheims and Bolongbrokes in 1/72, alongside sheets from AML, SBS, DK, and others. Needless to say, more Blenheims are on the way! Right, the pics Being all black, there's always some measure of visible dust... At some point I plan to go back and add a hint of chipping and wear, but for now it takes center stage on a shelf dedicated to Bristol Twins. Thanks in advance, Tweener
  9. According to the Warner Book, aircraft LY was V5376, lost following anti-shipping sortie, which obviously contrasts with any possible PRU operations. Do you recall which source notes it's PRU employment?
  10. Has anyone else experienced issues with the forum posting the same reply 2-4 times as of late?
  11. I wasn't referring to the suitability of the 24 and 25, but rather to the strangeness of them having been painted in Blue. In any case, seeing the other angle of the Blenheim coded LY leaves me all but convinced that the airframe was not repainted, given the top of the horizontal stabilizer and the area just above said codes. Buying the DK sheet may have been for waste unless I end up making the coastal command scheme.
  12. One Blenheim was modified for the role but found unsuitable, so I can't imagine any non-modified airframes would've been considered for it. At the same time, I know some B24s and B25s in southeast Asia ended up in PRU Blue, so crazier things happened...
  13. Camotint, yes. I don't recall where I saw it described as champagne-like, but the photo I saw definitely gave that impression as well. I'd seen that photo and somehow didn't make the connection it was the one on the DK sheet. To me at least, it doesn't come across as blue - something about that line on the top of the horizontal stabilizer throws me, though in theory that's just a shadow.
  14. In the DK Decals sheet for the Blenheim, a PRU blue aircraft is included. I can't think of any reason to believe this actually existed, but then I know that some Blenheims were used as PRU trials planed in a champagne like color, so perhaps this scheme is related? Does anyone know more? Thanks in advance, Tweener
  15. This is a sheet I truly need to get my hands on at some point. The Colombian 52s are of interest, much less the O-47 and Mexican Kingfisher... Someday!
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