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  1. More work has been done, and the J-26 is nearing the finish line. After a few touchups, the prop will be decaled and the canopy installed. Now I'm wanting to do a later model Mustang in Swedish service as well... And to think - I don't even care for the looks of the 51! Thanks, Stay Healthy, Tweener
  2. Xtradecals have finally arrived, and the Stearman is almost ready for them as well. After I replace a strut and make a few touch ups to the underside and to the wheels, they will go on. Curiously, the roundels and aircraft numbers in this sheet are far larger than those on the Aztec Decal sheet for the same plane, and slightly darker as well. I plan to use the roundels and tail stripes from Xtra and the numbers from Aztec. The spare Aztec Roundels will then likely find their way on to either an Avro 504 or an AT-11, but no decision has yet been made. Spot also the Peruvian Schem
  3. Last summer I bought Academy's 1/72 P-51B during a visit to Canada, and subsequently painted it before realizing I didn't really know what markings I wanted to put on it. Since then, it sat back in it's box. Over the past few weeks, I've started to go back through unfinished kits so that I can finally get them done. Using some Swedish roundels that came from a Microscale Texan sheet, I decided to finish the P51B as J-26 #26001, the first Mustang in Swedish service. The aircraft came into Swedish hands after an American pilot landed it there in the spring of 1944.
  4. Continuing with the Latin theme, this time I've started a Peruvian Avro 504K, stationed at Las Palmas in the early 20s. The old Airfix / MPC is expectedly lacking in detail, and the fit of the bottom wing leaves much to be desired, but has otherwise so far been enjoyable. Blue Rider decals will at least make for a slightly more colorful finish. I expect it'll be a while before this one is done, being that I need a some paint and I've just lost my job. In the meantime, I can finish some small detail painting - the engine, cowling, wheels, and prop. In the meantime I have 2
  5. I've since finished the decals and added the clear parts - hopefully a photo or two will follow this week. I also found a trove of photos of Guatemalan and Dominican P51s, which had me excited, and then I lost my job. A good chance to clean down the stash a little then, even moreso than the other day when I finally scrapped some kits I either couldn't or didn't plan to finish.
  6. I'm still considering adding that other metal strip, but I haven't decided whether I want to use steel or silver enamel to do it. As for the section under the rudder, I have it painted black, but I think I need to make it a little longer based on the photo. Hoping to have this one done tonight other than the gear doors, but then I think I've lost the tail wheel. Hopefully the spares will provide something close enough if I can't find it. In other news, I bought Dominican decals and an Aires Gun Bay for the Tamiya FB.VI Mosquito, so I should be starting in on that soon. Perhaps I should fi
  7. I've been very happy with it so far, thank you! I'm already planning on at least one more Guatemalan 51, and a WHIF P-38 may follow. Word is they purchased a single one but it never left storage before returning to the US and the warbird circuit. Thank you! I've been having a great time making common subjects in uncommon guises lately. For an update, she is now on her legs. I had to reconstruct the left-side 315 after the first decal fell off, but that is almost done. Inner gear doors, tailwheel, and (eventually) tail stripes, and then she will be done
  8. While waiting for the paint to dry on a few other projects, I started eyeing the Airfix P-51D I had sitting on the corner of a shelf with no future plans, and conspired to finish it. After looking over @RidgeRunner's various Guatemalan Mustangs, I decided to model #315. The Airfix kit isn't the world's finest to build, owing mostly to the softness of the plastic, but the detail and fit are both more than sufficient. I'll certainly be building more in the future. The Blue tail stripes will follow eventually, just the same as with the PT-17 and AT-6. For now I'm glad to add some
  9. Was excited to find this as I'd just started in on a few Heller kits, but then they're both almost done already! Time to peruse the EvilBay...
  10. I'll have to check in on Hannants, eBay seems to have a modest selection of 9-cyl engines, but nothing with just 7.
  11. As a quick distraction from the 4 ongoing P-40 builds, I picked up Revell's old Stearman. I'd been hoping for a simple build, but then the interior and wheels provided didn't make the cut. I've replaced the wheels with some close-enough spares and scratched a floorboard with rudder pedals and control sticks. It's far from accurate, but then it's better than nothing at all. Guatemalan '33' markings for this one courtesy of Herb - thanks again! My only question with this one - where can I get a suitable 7-cyl engine to replace the kits 9-cyl PT-13 engine? Stay healthy,
  12. I've seen a set of the Hasegawa flaps on Ebay, may have to give those a go... In the meantime I'm taking it easy and finishing my Academy P-40E and Hasegawa P-40N. I've added a Verlinden resin cockpit and Quickboost resin exhausts to the P-40N and may yet had the extra Marabu bomb racks once I decide on a scheme. I may go with one of the options from the Academy 40N, or if not, it'll be an RCAF Kittyhawk IV from 1946. Thanks, Tweener
  13. I'd spent a couple minutes looking for the Eduard set last night and couldn't find them... I may just have to find some way to make them from plastic card, or I may just have to build the kit without them. Neither seem like exciting options... The other thing I could do is simply plug the gaps with plastic card and use the slightly oversize bottom flap piece from the Verlinden set. The inside of the wing would lack detail, but worse things could happen. Thanks, Tweener
  14. A first update! Most of the progress has so far been focused on the wings - specifically the wheel bays and gun bays. I ultimately decided not to buy the Aires resin wheelbays, fearing for the strength of the wing, and used the center section of the Verlinden part after cutting out the roof of the bays. The final shape isn't fully accurate, but the depth is, and the more restrained detail of the PE looks far better IMO. The bad news is that the replacement flaps by PART simply did not fit, and even if they had, were too fragile to be much use. They were discarded, and s
  15. Might want to make it a recliner, this could be a while! It's already been a lot of fun, I'm hoping to get a few photos up today. The engine is already mostly painted and ready for install, and the radio bay has been constructed. I just need to figure out if the bay was painted Zinc Chromate Green or Yellow. 5 Hours, 5 Months, or 5 Years, that is the question!
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