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  1. I figured if I bought an Authentic Airliners Trident from Kurt, EE would have released their version the following week......still waiting !
  2. FLCH

    The Weather,

    Yes it’s allowed at my airline, we live 1200 miles apart on days off so there’s not much “domestic” going on, but we agreed I’m the boss at work, the rest is up for negotiation ! We usually fly together 90% of the time so it’s a much easier task seeing as we can anticipate each other’s moves, so the need to jump in isn’t there after flying together for the last 12 years.
  3. FLCH

    The Weather,

    I flew into Manchester during Ciara, not often you hear the throttles hit the stops going forward then a second later hear them hit them back on a 767, we had an "enjoyable"ride last 3000 feet, plus or minus 20 knots, but the F/O greased it on. She got a round of applause after we got to the gate, I slept with her on the overnight....... Oh did I forget to mention my First Officer was my wife ? ....Shame on me !!!!
  4. Very nice ! Numbers on the bottom both going same direction ?
  5. They might have had a technical problem right after take off, maybe flight control related, circled close to the field just in case they had to return, fixed the problem and then proceeded to the destination ? Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. It doesn't have to be specific at all as different planes park and get serviced, maybe stains under the engines wherever they maybe, for oil spilling on the ramp, or hydraulic fluid spills, sometimes even tyre skids as last minute adjustments have to be made because the initial approach and speed was all wrong.......Me ??? Noooo never made that blunder before in 30 years of driving on the ground.........
  7. She's a beauty ! Just a hard working, bring home the bacon workhorse you see every day. Maybe a few oil stains on the ramp would be perfect
  8. Great job Linescriber ! I can't fathom building a 1/72 biplane never mind mixing and matching parts from different kits. I didn't realize what a tough bird the Wapiti was until I read Spitfire Singh which I'm about halfway reading through, great book on the birth pangs of the Indian Air Force.
  9. Fantastic machines ! How did you get that awesome multi colored finish on those canopies ? They look really cool
  10. Beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft ! How did it go together ?
  11. Does anyone know if the T4 interior is black or gray ? Thanks for any replies !
  12. You just saved me buying 3 sets ......Thank you !
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