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  1. FLCH

    Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C

    Great looking Trident ! 26 decals ? if they were how were they. Lots of noise and smoke !
  2. Hoping the 72nd B-58 will be available again soon, both Revell 1/48 and 1/72 are going for pretty high prices on E-bay.
  3. FLCH

    Bf-110, Minicraft 1/144

    That canopy framing is fantastic ! Never in a million years could I do that .
  4. FLCH

    Monogram F102

    Great looking model ! those Century series aircraft all had personality and very eye catching markings back then. Did you add any aftermarket like intakes etc. or was it oob ?
  5. I just bought the kit, you have done a fantastic job, how did it go together ?
  6. There is a 1/48 Academy SU-30 MKM (with canards and TVC) on ARC recently, I think the conversion was by Naza Model Art, it looked very impressive to me, I'm not sure if he has conversion kits for the Hobby Boss kit but he has (or had) them for the Academy kit. Maybe we can all email him and he'll make a bunch for the HB kit !
  7. FLCH

    The Holy Grail the Mecca of model shops.

    Parabellum is fantastic, I used to bid my trips to Birmingham just to get things from there sadly I don't go there any more as my airline pulled out of the station, it was funny to listen to the fellow modellers talking, every other word was profanity laced....it was awesome ! Scale Model Supplies in Minnesota has one of the largest selections of kits in a 3 state area, it is very impressive, you can find a few nuggets like Jameisons used to have in Glasgow. Wonderland in Edinburgh still has a great selection and prices, the Avation Store in Amsterdam looks good too, but I can't be bothered to head there on layovers.
  8. FLCH

    Airfix Vulcan

    Beautiful ship ! I see you've even put the small gap between the bottom of the windshield and the fuselage, very impressive. You think a gap like that would interfere with the airflow, but I imagine the nose airlfow blanks the gap. Great attention to detail !
  9. Great model of a fantastic aircraft I especially like the tinted windshield very nice touch, and I'm even more impressed by your tidy workbench !
  10. I have the Aeropoxy Folland Gnat in 1/48, any idea what needs to be done to it to make it an Ajeet ? It has IAF markings for the prototype Ajeet.
  11. FLCH

    1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    Awesome ! did you use pre cut masks or do it the old fashioned way ? Either way what a great model !
  12. FLCH

    Trident question

    Thanks for the detailed info , this forum is such a wealth of facts and figures ! The Trident is one of my favorite airplanes always looking up in the sky as a kid seeing those red wings against the blue sky.
  13. FLCH

    Trident question

    Thanks for the quick reply ! Appreciate the info.
  14. FLCH

    Trident question

    Started to build the F-Resin Trident 3B, but found the wings were very warped, my question is can you use the Airfix wings, tailplane and engines ? I did read the 3 had a larger wing chord but the sizes on both kits looked identical. I did notice the F-Resin had a cranked wing and the fence was in a different location. Also did the 3 have unequal fairings as I understand the Trident 1 (or was it 2 ?) housed the APU in one of the fairings hence differing lengths ? Thanks in advance !
  15. FLCH

    Vampire damages runway at Halfpenny Green

    The very same, I flew out of there back when dinousars were alive and manned flight was in it's infancy.