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  1. The Eduard set is nice but it lacks cylinder head cooling fins. I used the Aires and found them to be easy to build and use. Again once in the cowling it’s hard to see. If you’re going to have a cowling off I’d go with Eduard as they have the cowling mount rings. If you are building it with cowlings closed the Aires set is hard to beat. Floyd
  2. Nice model. Thanks for the inspiration Floyd
  3. I think I have that Airfix kit. I'll have a look when I return home. I'll just build the OTU one with the yellow nose and Dunn's in a mixed grey/DG. Since this was taken right at the end of August 1941, is it possible that the hastily applied paint scheme did NOT include the bottom color? Is it possible that the belly was still in Sky? This is the only picture I've seen. Thanks for the lead on the other photo. A very hard edge, almost brush painted, so hard. Floyd
  4. His logbook definitely says OTU 59. I could see it as a Mk.Ia. Might be stuck with Dunn’s aircraft. Was hoping to do a Gentile one but nothing wrong with Dunn’s airplane. Thanks Floyd
  5. You are correct. It is 59OTU. I think I can get away with the TLS if I can source the letter decals. I still need to do his Hurricane as well. Floyd
  6. I’m ready to embark on building the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IIa. I’d like to do one of the aircraft that Don Gentile flew. My British references are sorely lacking. As far as I can tell he did his training in the 59 OTU. His first flight in a Spitfire was flying LV-N, not sure on the first letters, on March 8 for 1:10. I have a copy of his logbook. It does not contain a serial number. He is very specific when he flys the Mk.Vb or Mk.IX, so I assume this is either a Mk.I or Mk.II. I’m trying to figure out a few things. First the call letters, serial number. Second is the paint scheme. Is it DE/DG over Sky or is it OG/DG over MSG? I realize I’ll probably never find a pic of the actual aircraft but I’m okay best guesstimate. Another couple of aircraft he flew was LV-D and JZ-31. Barring that I could always do Dunn’s but again that comes down to what colors are that machine. I’ve only seen one pic of the aircraft shot with Ortho film. I’m not convinced one way or the other on that, DE/DG or OG/DG? I want to be as accurate as possible. I’d love a DE/DG Eagle Squadron plane for my collection. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Floyd
  7. I completely agree. I’d rather not do any resin for any kit and stick to decals Floyd
  8. I hope they correct the tail rotor blades. I’ve provided them with the proper pictures. Their 1/72nd tail rotor blades were based on restored aircraft which used AH-1S/F wider blades Floyd
  9. Just remember that the subject you want to do is a G-14/AS from Erla. It has a different cowling arrangement than the one in the kit. Actually that conversion is available from MDC. The Erla G-14/AS features a flat plate in front of the cockpit on the left side. Unless I read that incorrectly and you are doing the bottom aircraft. Floyd
  10. Excellent work. Love it. Wish you would have used the Werner's Wings tail rotor though. Both AZ and Special Hobbies have the incorrect tail rotor. As an ex-Cobra driver it just bothers me some. It doesn't detract from your great work Floyd
  11. 109s are metal, except for the very first ones on the B. FW-190s are both wood and metal. I have one of each of those Floyd
  12. Well that settles that little bit of misinformation on the Xtradecal sheet. Now to see what I can come up with a sharkmouth. I have the Barracudacal sheet maybe incorporate the Xtradecal Sharkmouth which is supposedly designed for the Airfix kit and Barracudacals, Squadron codes for GA-F. I'll have to make this one of these days. Thanks all for the information Floyd
  13. I'm trying to do Neville Duke's airplane AK578 as depicted on the Xtradecal sheet, Early P-40-Part 2. The problem comes in when I did some research that apparently AK578 is a Kittyhawk and not a Tomahawk. Is Xtradecals wrong? There is conflicting information on the 112 page. One place has it as a Tomahawk with the picture of only the front end. The picture is difficult to make out if it is a Dark Earth/Middlestone/Azure or TLS scheme. Then in the serial number portion of the page it describes AK578 as a Kittyhawk Mk.I. Another of my trusted sources, Roy Sutherland at Barracudacals, has GA D as a Kittyhawk as well. I'm so confused. Can any of you shed light on this subject aircraft? Is it a TLS "D" or a DE/MS/AZ GA D? I want to do this right. Or do I need to pick another aircraft. I really want to do a sharkmouthed desert scheme 112 aircraft. I'm trying to use the Xtracals as I never have and they were given to me for this build. Thanks Floyd
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