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  1. @RichardE , those cold war jets certainly were very pretty. I've thought about scratch building something along those lines, watch this space (no pun intended)
  2. Thanks for those comments guys. Who doesn't like a big gatling gun. I like to think they would have made short work of those pesky UFOs.
  3. This is looking absolutely EPIC, well done sir. The lighting effects are spot on and well worth the hours you've put in.
  4. Love that last pic in yellow and red,it looks a bit 1920s Carmen Miranda, if you know what i mean.
  5. Excellent work, completely convincing and thanks for the details on how it was done, have mentally filed for future use
  6. The snow effect is brilliant, it makes it seem much more realistic and real-world, like it could actually exist.
  7. The field green works very well, in fact it almost gives it an insectoid appearance, like a locust.
  8. Lovely work on that shuttle. Scratch building that carrier will be a task, with all those curves, but a fun project to get stuck into.
  9. Ok what on earth is going on here, no seriously it's looking very cool indeed.
  10. That design is bonkers, but then it's steampunk so that's not surprising. Looks like a really fun build, sort of half model engineering, half Repair Shop. I shall watch with interest
  11. Nice job there, with lots of good detailing. Now I'm off to practise my best dalek voice...
  12. I really like this, it's a classic design and you've done a great job putting it together. I really liked the movie as well, even if the ending is a teeny bit downbeat...
  13. Very nice build. The weathering around the engines is particularly effective.
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