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  1. Paul E

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    Thank you for the comments, the pace of the build has slightly improved due to the influence of the bad weather over the bank holiday weekend. However this should be seen as an abnormal event unlike bad weather on Bank holidays. So I have managed to finish the markings on the flight deck. This was a tricky and time consuming task particularly trying to keep the lines straight. Even with pencil marks for guidance they still managed to go wandering off. Any way here is the finished result, firstly of the bare flight deck: And one with the island in place: I am not sure what my next steps will be, but I need to do some painting of the masts and funnel caps and I need to start looking at the boats. Thanks for your patience, and I hope to have an update soon.
  2. Paul E


    I have just come across this discussion by chance as I spend most of my time in the maritime part of the forum. I especially like this one though, my colleague has told me a lot about the Australian FFG upgrade project as he was intimately involved in it. However I am a bit more conventional and I have wanted for quite a long time to model a frigate on frigate clash from the American War of 1812, in particular the capture of USS Chesapeake by HMS Shannon. During which Chesapeake's dying captain uttered the order "Don't give up the ship" and thus created a motto for the US Navy. I have even found a source for similar ships at 1:700 scale, all I now need is time and a much smaller stash!
  3. Paul E

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    I know it has been since I last posted on this build, things are still progressing even if it is a glacial pace, so thank you for your patience. Fitting the railings into the hull openings is a slow and laborious task with the PE rails having to be cut carefully to size to fit into each of the openings. Once cut to size the railings were carefully glued in place. Not very exciting I’m afraid. I have also added the photo etch to the island superstructure: Before I can fit the superstructure to the hull I need to address the issue of flight deck markings. The Jecobin plans that I have are not very helpful on this front. I did however find this very useful photograph in one of my books: The kit decals are somewhat lacking with regard to the flight deck markings, providing only the thick black and white flight line and none of the white lines. My fix to this was to purchase some 1mm with white line decals from Fox Transfers: Applying the decals is quite challenging, particularly trying to keep the lines straight. I am not too happy about the kit supplied flight centreline decal, it is too short and the white bands either side of the black line are uneven. Had I known before hand I would have invested in more decals from Fox Transfers and done my own. Any way although I still I have a way to go, I think you can see where I am going with this. The next update will have the flightdeck markings complete. Soon I hope. Thanks for looking Paul
  4. Paul E

    HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    Seeming as I was once the physical security design lead for the carriers I can assure you it will be difficult for scrotes to get on board so I certainly hope there will be no need for the RF team to brandish their weapons for real, otherwise I have done my job wrong! All sailors have to do weapons training just like fire training. It is part and parcel of being in a disciplined armed service, just because guns aren't mine or that particular ratings thing doesn't mean that we wouldn't use them in the course of our duty if we were called upon to do so. To be honest I would be more worried about the gung ho types.
  5. Paul E

    HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    I happen to agree, guns are hardly my thing either and I was a Weapon Engineer! There is more to serving in the Royal Navy than toting personal military hardware like Rambo. Free foreign cruises in the sun being one.
  6. If you want to make the sea dynamic you need to add a a swell, possibly with the Light Ship riding up it. I use a putty based material to form the wave. The key thing to remember is the wavelength between the peaks of the waves and the height of the waves are related. If you want high waves caused by a stiff breeze for instance you are looking at a wave height of around 4m with a wavelength of around 75m, with occasional white horses forming. In the shallow North Sea the wavelength would be shorter but it would still be measured in 10s of metres. I hope this helps.
  7. Paul E

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    There is a builders model of one of this class that was once on display in the Glasgow Transport museum many years ago. Apart from being at 1/48 scale the most striking thing about the model is that the railings and other items made out of brass were unpainted. It is a stunning model which is enhanced by not painting the detail.
  8. Paul E

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    I know it has been a while since I posted any progress on this build. In fact progress is actually what is lacking. I don’t seem to be achieving much at all with this model. I had a look at some of the detail on the model and decided that it would benefit from some minor enhancements, starting with the Aircraft refuelling hose reels. I bought some photoetch cable reels to help with this task: For the hose reels located on the Island structure I decided to “face” the moulded reel with one side of the reel photo-etch. The reason for this is that these reels are less visible than those which are located in the walkways around the flightdeck. For the reels in the catwalks I filed off the mouldings completely as my intention was to replace them in entirety with PE reels. The reels located in the walkways needed a little more detail, so I wound some fine copper wire around a rod to represent the hose. and fitted it to the PE reel frame. The other task achieved was painting the hull and the superstructure Topside Grey. And finally a view with the parts dry fitted together: That’s it for now. My next and not so exciting but fiddley task is to fit the railings in the hull cut out. Thanks for your patience, I am hoping it will be worth it in the end.
  9. Paul E

    1:700 Fleet Air Arm roundels

    You can get modern Royal Navy ship marking decals at 1:700 scale by Hawk Graphics which have roundels and tail boom words in in Hi-and Lo visibility; http://www.avrmodel.com/en/accessories/4004-1-700-modern-rn-ship-markings.html Obviously there is much more on the sheet and to make it worth while you will have to build more modern RN warships at 1:700 scale. Go on, you know you want too. Paul
  10. This is a really good rendition of a mediocre kit. The bit that impresses me most though is the Sea Slug launcher at the stern. Not a piece of Photo Etch in sight, fantastic! Paul.
  11. What a fantastic transformation from the rough and ready original kit. Despite the issues discovered along the way you should be very proud of what you have achieved! Thank you for sharing the links too.
  12. Paul E

    HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    Thank you for the comments they are much appreciated as always. My apologies for the delay in posting an update, I have been wrapped up doing other things recently and so the build of HMS Invincible has been put on pause. As an upside though, my model making work area is much tidier. So as mentioned in my last post I have started work on the walkways around the edge of the flightdeck. These also took a lot longer than I expected. The photo etch kindly provides the new bulwarks with the cut outs in place to replace the moulded plastic walls, they are thin and would look accurate. And that is as far as I am going to go in praise of the PE! If you are a masochist then fitting the PE walkway walls is for you. If you are a sadist you will enjoy reading about my anguished attempt of fitting the walkways. If you regard yourself as normal, fit the kit items and read no further! The idea was to replace the moulded bulwarks of the kit with the PE items, to get a nicer more accurate look to the model. Without thinking I selected the starboard side walkway and cut off the moulded wall as can be seen in the picture. This seemed like a sensible idea as the moulding is inaccurate because there are no scuppers in the starboard bulwark: So far so good, that is until I offered up the PE part. And it didn’t fit as it was too tall! No problem says I and I trim about 1mm off the top. At least the PE is at the right height, the disparity around the step down can be readily fixed with a bit of filling. However spot the problem: There is no part on the PE fret for the bulwark aft of the liferaft containers. Fortunately I have spare brass, a steel rule and a sharp knife. Disaster averted but teeth gritted! Now is the point when I should have known what was coming when dealing with the port side. You would think lesson learnt. Oh no! I do it again; I trimmed off the moulded bulwarks without checking the PE! I offer up the largest part of the PE bulwark to the walkway and….disaster! Not only is the piece too tall, it is also too long and worse of all the stepdown didn’t even align! Take a Deep breath and count to ten. Out came steel rule and sharp knife, again. However because there are scuppers in the bulwark I have to cut the 1mm off the bottom to get the get the scuppers to align at deck level. Of course the advantage of this is that the misaligned stepdown gets cut off too: With the height fixed and a solution for the misalignment sorted it was necessary to look at adjusting the length: One down, five more to go! So far so good until: Yes it is too short! I think you get the picture as to why this has tested my patience. Out came the spare brass again. Hopefully with some careful filling and filing it will not be noticeable. Next job was to sort out the step downs. I elected to use plastic card in the end as it was more malleable and I feel I would get a better finish. And that’s that, finished………..I hope. Apart from tiding up and painting. Anyway here are the results of fitting the PE walkway bulwarks: Had I known what I was letting myself in for I would not have bothered with the PE bulwarks. And my advice is stick with the kit moulding, carefully drill and file out scuppers and carefully file down the thickness of the bulkheads. I think you would still get a good result but with less frustration and annoyance. I have yet to decide what I want to do next. But finishing off fitting PE to the hull and painting it are quite high on the agenda. Thank you for your patience and looking.
  13. I have been quite fancying building the OzMods kit of HMAS Vampire since I visited her at the Maritime Museum when I passed through Sydney a couple of years ago. I have seen these kits on e-bay and always wondered what they are like so I am very interested in this build. Considering this is your first outing with a resin kit at such a small scale you have done very well. I find that much depends on the manufacturer when it comes to the quality of mouldings and at first look this doesn't appear too bad. Nothing that a bit of careful tidying and minor filling won't fix. Much depends on your own inclination when it comes to detail. I'm afraid I am not a good person to ask on that front as I tend to like adding lots of detail. The loss of Voyager was awful and avoidable and should never be forgotten.
  14. Thank you, Yes my Dad is very pleased with this model. I must admit I am pleased with it too and nearly didn't let it go. They are quite an attractive looking ship.