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  1. Try Fox Model Transfers, they have coach lining white strips and rounded corner decals. I used these for my mode of Invincible. https://fox-transfers.co.uk/general-alphabets-linings?colouralpha_lining=2699&p=2
  2. It is my model of HMS Brereton that you have seen on this site. The starting point of the model is the Atlantic Models Ton Class HMS Nurton kit (it was originally marketed as HMS Upton) ATK35007 https://atlanticmodels.net/kits/index.html. There is a small amount of conversion to make HMS Brereton and I have described that on my build log. It was a nice kit to buiild. Good luck
  3. As having been part of the design team for this ship and others, I can tell you that design is by committee as it is full compromises. and as for biscuits, there were never enough to go around for us to fall out over.
  4. Fantastic, I really like how you have added the little extra details too. It has been a pleasure following your build I look forward to your next one.
  5. At the risk of finding me. The air weapons mag is at the forward end of the hangar, the torpedoes are rolled straight out of the magazine into the hangar where they are preped ready to load on the aircraft.
  6. The model is still beautiful. I do understand your pain though when something you spend so much effort and time building gets damaged. I am glad that you feel you want to keep the model after all that has happened. I had a model which was destroyed (maliciously) and it affected me so badly I actually stopped building models for about 5 years. I started on a replacement but I still can't manage to progress it so many years later. As it is I am currently in a state of dread as I am waiting to receive my collection after a transit across the Atlantic in a shipping container. Seeing your post
  7. I would say that the Hawk Graphics decals are more accurate. There is a standard for pennant number dimensions but I don't know wat the size should be. As for the display cases I use, I get the covers manufactured by PlasticOnline: www.plasticonline.co.uk and the bases are from wood that was off cut from a hardwood deck.
  8. That's not the major cost driver, although efficiencies are made between the first and subsequent vessel builds. Whilst the hull shape may be the same, altering the mast and fitting new combat system equipment impacts on weight and stability. Also each customer may have different space requirements, so there may be changes inside the hull which although not visible change the construction. New equipment will need more cooling and electricity too, all these changes to design add up. Don't worry Governments also think that if they use someone else's design then it would be cheaper.
  9. In answer to your question the answer is no. Each of the three countries ship designs are different enough such that the None Recurring Engineering costs cannot be spread so easily. Also each country has its own budgets. Any savings in cost per ship will go back to BAe the UK government will get a cut of that in Tax but it won't pay for any more Type 26s
  10. Topsides = vertical surfaces = walls. The actual term for the external walls are screens but I wouldn't worry about that. Not wishing to upset you but HMS Westminster didn't carry the Portculis badge on the funnel until around 2002ish before then she was part of the 4th Frigate squadron and carried a large number 4 below the Crown. Also as she was a Swan Hunter built ship the Crown is gold all over and doesn't have red in it. I happen to think the badge in front of the bridge is about the right size. They are actually quite large and certainly bigger than the badges
  11. I use Humbrol 127 as my topsides grey, I find it a close match having had opportunity to test it against the real thing.
  12. I have a copy of that photo, but it is still in the container with all my modelling bits. It is an interesting photograph because it show the DLF1 fitted port and starboard but the Anchor is missing. That is not normal, she's lost it. You can see rusting around the hawse pipes and there is corrosion and weathering indicating the vessel is not just out of maintenance period when it maybe expected that an anchor may be removed. Also the gun barrel is not in the usual stowed position. All of which indicates that this photograph was taken when Westminster was on deployment, probably in the South A
  13. I wouldn't have thought that you really need to fit the spurn water as the bottom part of the pe railings will do that for you, unless that is you want to thicken it up. Love the progress so far your build is tempting me to get one of these.
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