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  1. Just got confirmation of a reservation for 1 kit. Can't wait. Cheers, Ruben.
  2. fantastic news, a must buy for me in 1/32. I was trying to buy the real thing ( 1/1 260 ) a long time ago but life got in the way. Thanks for the info.
  3. That's an excellent looking model Jeroen, thank you for putting the pictures up for us. I've been wanting to get one of these for some time and it looks like IBG is the one to get. Cheers.
  4. that's a gorgeous looking Saber, nicely done.I
  5. It looks excellent in the photos Wayne, one of my favorite tanks beautifully modeled. cheers, Ruben.
  6. our prayers and best wishes for a full and good recovery for Mrs. Taxi. On the problem of heat near the ceiling, a powerful ceiling fan will help distribute the heat. Just reverse it in summer for the a/c. Regards, Ruben.
  7. Ordering one of each version to start with, probably will be getting more. Way to go Fly, now bring on the Draken.
  8. Thank you for this info Julien, in 1/35. wonderful news, I have all the other 1/35 boats & subs and this should fit right in.
  9. Thank you GMK, great pictures. I'm off to try to find more info on this. Love the scheme.
  10. firefly7

    RIP Hardy Kruger

    His part in The Wild Geeze was superb. Great actor, may he RIP.
  11. Beautiful model Sabrejet, of a most interesting aircraft.
  12. yes, the Jupiter 2 by Moebius is 1/35.
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