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  1. Thanks everyone, appreciate the nice comments...
  2. Kit: Eduard MiG-21 PFM Scale: 1:72 Paint & Weathering: MRP and Tamiya paints, Oils for weathering Extras: None Build Log: Here
  3. Well, I'm afraid I've done that thing of taking pictures as I go but not posting them. and now it's finished! So to quickly recap... Did an oil panel wash, and the excellent detail on the fuselage came out really well, for once I didn't drown it in paint! Then I misted on some Matt varnish and was able to unmask everything (apart from the tail pipe as I wanted to keep the chopstick in there to help while gluing on everything. A few touch ups were needed where painted lifted a little around the canopy, but
  4. Thanks Col! Actually Ridgerunner, the main canopy is only held in place by white glue, once the matt coat is done I'll be taking it off again and leaving it open. Good idea about the spare canopy though, I hadn't though of that.
  5. Another little update. Tried my best to get the tail boom colour to match the decal, but didn't quite get there. Ah well... Don't really understand why Eduard don't give you a decal for that part to match the others (though considering how the decals are behaving...). Then I got the whole thing glossed again. Even when spraying on the gloss the air from the airbrush was lifting parts of some of the decals! And that's at less than 20psi after the decals had a good dose of MicroSol. Very strange. Managed not to lose any of them though, and here'
  6. Thanks Col! They are being awkward, even now when I'm touching up some edges of them with paint they're flaking! But I'm also being a moany git and letting it get to me. Once I have another gloss coat on top of them they should stay where they are! I have the red parts and black parts touched up with paint and they're looking better. The yellow is being more awkward, finding it hard to get a good colour match with the paints I have. In the end, while the Revell Matt Yellow I have is too orange, the Gloss Yellow matches quite well, so I'm working with that now. It's fine for little
  7. Happy New Year everyone, though it's hard to feel optimistic about things at the moment! I got the decals done today, but they put up a fight. So fragile, refusing to adhere to any curves/edges and tearing/cracking if you even look at them! Very frustrating, but not a lot I can do about it really. Here's how it looks now, with some of the issues highlighted... MicroSol doesn't seem to do its usual magic to melt the decals onto the plastic, not even the clear film around the edges. So
  8. Yeah, I was thinking that was their plan Col, as the edge of the yellow is definitely irregular and faded. Don't know why they couldn't just end the decal at that irregular yellow line though! I had thought of trying to spray my white over the white of the decal but that would be too easy to mess up. Dry brushing might work, though I'd be worried that the white, even dry-brushed, would be thicker than the airbrushed white and also stand out. I think trying to cut away the white decal is the option with the least risk, it should at least reduce the places that I might have to touch up with pain
  9. Thanks Col... So, last update of 2020. Firstly, I noticed something that I'd managed to miss before, a mould seam on the spine of the aircraft. It's a single piece of plastic, so the seam must have come from the mould, and unfortunately once I saw it I couldn't un-see it! So I bit the bullet and sanded it down and repainted it. It's not perfect now but it's better than it was. And I got the first coat of Aqua Gloss down too. That got me looking at the decals, but the 'main' scheme ones and the over 150 stencils! Feeling a bit daunt
  10. Some more progress on this after a couple of days away from the bench. Once I had the airframe ready for painting, I did white on the upper half. I've struggled to find a good white for painting, but I decided to try MRPaint's white when I ordered from them recently and I wasn't disappointed. It went on really well and covered the black in a few thin coats. Here's how it looked... Then I had some more masking to do. The bottom half is a light blue, and I needed to mask the demarcation lines, and well as make sure I didn't have overspray. Also,
  11. Just spotted this, and I just bought a EF-111A Raven. Pretty certain it's unarmed, so assuming I actually get my hands on the kit before the GB starts, does it qualify? Thanks...
  12. More progress made! Finally got all the bits and pieces stuck onto the airframe, so it was ready for primer. And then I got a light coat of primer on, and painted a few specific panels green/brown (according to the instructions) and masked them off. It's now ready for a second coat of primer to cover the excess green and then it's time for paint. We'll see what else I get done today, with the day that's in it!
  13. Yep, Happy Christmas everyone, hope it's a good one for you all!
  14. Thanks, don't know why I never thought of it before!
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