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  1. Thanks! I saw a few pics that showed it red and just knew that I couldn't ignore it. By the way, the bright light at my bench tends to wash out colours a little, the red is actually a bit less bright, and the light grey on the plyons isn't the same colour as the undercarriage etc.!
  2. Finally got back to the bench yesterday and got some work done, so the various bits and pieces are finished I think. Next up is the cockpit...
  3. Haven't got to the bench much unfortunately. I have been struggling with the instructions though, and how vague they are... This is the instructions for the main undercarriage. As you can see, it doesn't tell you where 20b goes. And the piece of plastic in the photo is 27b, also from the main undercarriage, which isn't in the instructions at all! I only have an idea where to put them from walkaround pictures and the Revell instructions from their EF-111A kit which I found online.
  4. Hey there... I just found this, thought it might come in handy. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/7/4/5/154745-93-instructions.pdf It's the Revell instructions for their version of the kit. It's already helped me, as it shows what to do with Part 20b in the main undercarriage (which isn't clear in the ESCI/ERTL instructions) and also what to do with part 27b in the main undercarriage, which isn't even in the instructions at all!
  5. Nice start! I was wondering if it will need nose weight or not.
  6. Have done some work on this. Firstly, did some testing with paint. I have the upper Camo colour (FS36320) but I don't have the lower one (FS364392). So I did a few different shades/mixes of grey along the inside bottom of the fuselage and the upper colour along the top, to see how they look together. I reckon I'll be going with the last one on the right... Then it was time to get started properly. So I got busy with all the bits and pieces, undercarriage, doors, pylons etc. It's a tip I got from a fellow modeller a few years ago, do those bits
  7. By the way, I should have said, I'm perfectly happy for you to lead this squadron! Have you looked closely at the instructions yet? There are parts in the box that I know where they go on the aircraft, but they're not in the instructions. There are parts in the instructions that are labelled, but have no directions to tell you where they go. There are parts in the instructions that aren't labelled AND don't tell you where they go!
  8. Love this aircraft, looking forward to seeing it take shape!
  9. Excellent, looking forward to how you get on with this. I can't help but feel the Hasagawa one will go together easier!
  10. Of course you should do yours too, don't do a different one just 'cos I am! And build whatever scheme you want, it has to sit on your shelf afterwards, so please go with what you want. Looking forward to seeing it, whomever hits issues first can warn the other one!
  11. I'm torn between wanting you to do the EF-111 so I can get tips for my build, and hoping you don't so mine doesn't compare badly! So I vote for the Blackbird! Lost in France can be done in the French Fancy 2 GB in July, isn't that right @Wez?
  12. Thanks @Brad! Have been looking forward to this one for a little while, am already trying different paint mixes for the greys...
  13. Hi all, I got this recently with this GB in mind. Always fancied building an F-111, and going for the EF-111 not only makes it a little different from the usual, but it also then qualifies for the GB! Here are some pics of the box and runners... The yellow decal sheet is the kit one, and the two white ones were very generously donated to me by @Dermo245. Here's the scheme I've decided to go with, the 'Black Sheep' one... The main reason I've
  14. Thanks everyone... I'm actually quite happy with the prop, my first time trying that, and very happy with the exhaust as the first time I tried it I wasn't happy so I gave it another go...
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