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  1. Next bit done. With some of the clear parts cleaned up, I was able to glue them to their painted halves. Here are a couple of them... As can be seen, the clear parts are nowhere near as clear as I'd like, and I don't think they're going to improve much more. But to be honest, at this stage I just want this build done, so standards are dropping. I also got the monocoque and the headrest section masked, with the half that's gonna be clear covered. This was pretty awkward with all the complex curves and shapes on the inside. Since taking that picture I also got the left hand side primed with black. Well, the inside of it anyhow, the outside on the left was further masked before the black, as pink primer will be going there. So as of tonight I have the inside primed black, and next is to mask that off and then prime the outside pink and then put down some red over it. I'll hopefully get the masking done tomorrow, not sure about the primer/paint though.
  2. So 5 weeks later, and I haven't gone near the bench at all. But yesterday I went to a local club meeting for the first time in I don't know how long, and today decided it was time for Operation Finish the wiffling Ferrari! (Edit: Wiffling? Is that what the profanity check went with? ) So I spent a few hours today finally getting every clear part cleaned up and removing the injection pin marks as best I can. They're not perfect, but at this stage they'll do! I also had a pic on my phone from last month that I hadn't put up, the decals on the nose. It almost felt sacrilegious cutting the Ferrari badge in half! Anyhow, next step, hopefully tomorrow, is masking the clear parts that need to be half painted. I will finish this build!
  3. A little more progress and a few more pictures. Hope I'm not dumping too many pictures up here, but seeing the progress keeps my mojo going! Started putting the carbon fibre decals inside the parts I'd painted. Lots of complex curves and awkward shapes, but MicroSol is my friend. Here's a little bit on the rear side of the intake (with MircoSol still drying)... And inside the nose didn't work out too badly, considering how awkward the curves are there... As you can see, there's a clear part sticking out! The nose consists of two halves, and a small section that glues into the bottom of both of them. So I glued it in and then masked one half of it. That clear part needs to be polished a bit more. I also did a quick dry fit with the other side of the nose, which also needs to be polished more! Finally for today, one of the hardest things with this build is keeping track of where I am and what still has to be done, as well as figuring out where do I paint, where do I mask etc., as clearly I'm no longer following the instructions. So, today I noticed that I'd forgotten to put on some red stripe decals along the side of the undertray section. It's basically a transition line from the black of the undertray to the red of the side of the car. So I put them on. Of course, they cracked (as that's what the decals do on this kit) but I can cover the cracks with spares. One advantage of doing half of the build clear is that I have spare decals that I'm not using! That's it for now, work continues slowly!
  4. Thanks! I tend to advise people not to zoom in too close with my pictures! Got the gloss (for decals) done last night on the red. Next up is some gloss on the inside of those parts and then the carbon fibre decals.
  5. Progress slowly continues... Now that I've done the engine cowling and have a sense of the steps to do a half and half piece, I decided to do the nose next. It's actually cut in half vertically, so I can do one half fully without having to worry about masking the clear half. Just as I was about to start on the nose I decided to make the painting side of things a little more efficient, so I also cut out the reminder of the small clear parts that are going to be painted, to do them all at the same time. I spent a while cleaning all the pin marks, which wasn't as successful as I'd like as some of them are awkward to get to! Then I assembled a couple of parts that could be done before painting. Then I primed the inside black, masked that and then primed the outside pink and the put some red down. Here's the little collection of painted parts... Next up for these parts, hopefully this evening, is some gloss. Then that can dry before I put decals on the outside, and carbon fibre decals on the inside. More gloss on the outside and they're all done too. I have a couple of little touch-ups to do. The Marlboro decal on the side of the engine cowling cracked a little, so I'm going to put another part of a decal over the crack and that should take care of that. I'm also waiting for replacement decals for some small decals that died on me. And I have to clean up, as best I can, the clear halves of those parts painted in the pic above, lots of awkward pin marks there to take care of. I also have to face the fact that then I can't really avoid the monocoque itself any longer. It, and two other smaller parts that attach to it, is the last clear part really. Though it's probably also the most awkward to clean the pins marks from and mask, due to its complex shape. So it's not going to be fun getting that part done. But, all that said, I also have to be a bit positive here, I spent so much time on the carbon fibre decals and the engine etc. as I was avoiding the clear parts. Now I'm actually tackling them and slowly getting through them. It's a while away, but once the monocoque is finished, the back is well and truly broken on this build, and after that it'll be a good bit of *very* careful gluing and assembly and some little jobs. It's funny, after telling myself I'd have this build done for this show, or that show, and missing the deadline every time, I might finally finish it in a year when all the shows are cancelled!
  6. Cool, thanks, that makes sense. Have actually decided not to do the tie downs on mine, the tracks are going to take up enough time!
  7. Thanks! Ok, a little more done (that should be the motto of this build). Firstly, I've started work on cleaning the injection pins marks from the nose, seven on each side unfortunately, and some of them awkward to get to... Then I finally finished the exhausts. I'd got a tip about putting some Sepia on them to add more depth, and I started that last night and quickly realised that I didn't really know what I was doing! So I sprayed some on here and there and tried to use it to blend the colours a bit, and I'm now calling them done... And then I glued them in place... With that done I decided to have a look at where I was. Sometimes it's good for the mojo to do some dry-fitting and see how it all looks. So bearing in mind that a lot of this isn't glued at all, here's how it currently looks... Just a little proof that it is getting there slowly!
  8. Hi there, Just wondering if it's normal that a 2k Gloss product might lose its shine if handled? I've never used the Zero 2K Gloss, but in my limited experience of the AK Ultra Gloss which I have used (and as far as I know is the same 'concept' as Zero 2K), the beautiful high gloss finish I get is, if not lost, then lessened quite a bit, if I handle the piece afterwards. And I mean like a few weeks afterwards even. So much so that my planning for using the Gloss includes making sure it's the very last step and that the piece is then left alone as much as possible from then on. Is this normal, or something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, but don't hold your breath, this build is coming up on two years going now (on and off) and has a while to go yet!
  10. Some more pics.... I used Tamiya tape to mask out the shape I wanted for the carbon fibre decals, which would then be put on the decal sheet to cut it out... The rest of the inside of that half gets Aluminium Foil added after the decals are done... Had a bit of a decision then, and decided to risk the foil, and do the Ultra Gloss properly, rather than protect the foil and possibly ruin the Gloss afterwards. So I got a few coats of Ultra Gloss done all over, apart from the carbon fibre/foil section, and some masking tape removed, and this part is now done... As feared, the foil around the exhaust got a bit scrunched while doing the Ultra Gloss. I don't mind too much though, this part will glued to a base beside the model when finished, and you'll have to look under it at a tight angle to even see the foil, so it'll be fine. With that piece done, that pretty much confirms to me that my half and half plan, and my method to do it, seems to work out ok. I reckon I'll do the nose cone next, it attaches to the front wing (already done), and comes in two halves, so in theory should be an easier part, as I can just leave one half clear and work on the other half without having to mask the clear one. We'll see if that plans works out!
  11. Oh, and another little update, I've just ordered my 4th sheet of Carbon Fibre decals!
  12. Thanks a lot, I am slowly getting there! Got the carbon fibre decals inside the engine cover today, will do the Aluminium Foil next and then cover all that and do another Ultra Gloss Coat all over and then that part is done. I think what I'll do next is identify all the other clear parts that need to be painted, and clean them up and paint them etc. I'll also clean up the corresponding parts that will stay clear. The toughest part will probably be the monocoque itself, as it will be rather awkward to mask the inside of that, and clean up the injection marks too, so I'll do the other parts first!
  13. Thanks a lot, though the more I spend on detail, the less chance I have of ever finishing it!
  14. Just a little update. I brush painted some Gauzy onto the clear and painted halves, left it for a few days, then put a couple of coats of Ultra Gloss on it and left that for a couple of days. With it all looking good I got the decals on, and here's how it looks... It's gonna get more Ultra Gloss over it again, but have decided to do the inside of the painted half first, to reduce handling as much as possible once the final Ultra Gloss coats go on. So next is some gloss and carbon fibre decals on the inside of the painted part, along with some Aluminium Foil on some of it. Once that's done, I'll carefully Ultra Gloss the rest of it and then leave it alone!
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