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  1. Ah, I'm afraid I've had to admit defeat on this one, I just don't have the time, energy or motivation to get to the bench. In fact, I've actually decided to sell some kits, including this one, so it's definitely not going to happen now! My apologies for entering the GB and then not getting involved at all, very rude of me. Best of luck to everyone else working on their builds!
  2. Sigh... Ok, another month gone, and Plastic not even cut. I was away for a few weeks, and the heat and Jet Lag has left me with no interest in modelling at all. First world problems, I know! However, I *think* this should be a fairly easy-ish build, so I haven't given up on getting it finished, I have two months left. Getting it started would be a good first step though!
  3. Unfortunately, I've gone from a Throat Infection to Covid to a Sinus Infection, so I have been in no mood to get to the bench at all. Hopefully I will get to this over the next few weeks, and hopefully it'll be a quick enough build so I can get it done in time!
  4. Ah, thanks for confirming that @Col., I appreciate it!
  5. Well, we'll see how well it goes first! But I am looking forward to hopefully not having to deal with seams, Not on the fuselage at any rate!
  6. Hi all... I'm cheating slightly here, in that I'm not actually building a model of a Century Fighter, just part of one! I've enjoyed building the Eduard Instrument Panel kits, and while I expect this to be a bit more complicated, and take a bit longer, I think it's a great idea for a model kit. Here are some pics... As can be seen, there's a fair bit of plastic, and some good Instrument Panel details etc. There are decals for the IPs and Helmet, and also some "fabric" stickers for the seat belts. I reckon the key to this build will be the detail paint, getting each switch etc. just right. I've barely looked at the instructions yet, but we'll see how it goes! Not sure when I'll start either, this weekend is a busy one for me! Thanks...
  7. Loved this GB, thanks everyone for all the great builds and thanks @Col. for all your hard work! I have a quick request. I had all sorts of issues with my images and where they're hosted, and I'm now moving them, so hopefully that will fix the issue. However, I realise that the gallery is locked. Any chance it can be unlocked for a little while so I can update my post in the gallery with the new picture urls, @Enzo Matrix? Thanks! Update: Enzo got that sorted for me, thanks!
  8. Thanks a lot! I'm also trying to move my photos to a new site, so hopefully they'll be visible now, I just have to update the whole thread!
  9. Made it with 1 day to spare! Took me 4 months, but got it done, and it's a beast of a kit, but I found a place on the shelf that it can just about squeeze in to! The scheme is a real stand-out one, even if it took ages to paint. Kit: Eduard (Zvezda) Hind D Scale: 1:48 Paint & Weathering: Airbrushed with Mr. Paint and Tamiya, Weathered with Oils. Extras: DN Models Mask Set Build Log: Here
  10. Yeah, unfortunately village.photos seems to have gone to doo-doo, I'll have to find a different photo hosting site *again* Anyhow, I'm actually finished! Finally got the last jobs done, the pitot tube, some aerials, the doors etc. All a little fiddly, especially with not many places to be able to hold the kit. But it is all done now. All in all, it was a long, complicated build. Over 4 months, and while the build itself was as fiddly as a 1:48 Attack Helicopter build can be (SO many things hanging off it!), it was definitely the scheme that took the most thought and planning/patience. That's the problem with interesting schemes, they look great, but then you have to figure out how to recreate them! I am quite happy with the result; the biggest let down for me is the build itself, I still haven't mastered seams and the more basic stuff. I'm delighted with how the scheme turned out though, better than I could have hoped for! Thanks, as always, for all the help and encouragement and advice, I do love doing GBs here on BM. Special thanks, of course, to our glorious leader @Col., for his constant support! Such a great GB, and so many excellent builds out of it, which *is* the point after all! Anyhow, here are some pics, it's not an easy build to take good pics of because of its size, but I did my best. I'll put some in the gallery as well. Thanks!
  11. Thanks a lot! As it happens, the main rotors are a snug fit so dry-fit is all they'll ever need, which makes it easier if I ever need to transport it. No more progress yet, I really need to get the Pitot done (I have to assemble, prime and paint). Maybe this evening or tomorrow evening...
  12. Thanks! Finally got more done, and some obvious progress! Got the rotors weathered and a matt coat on them. And got the rotor heads assembled... I also got the tail rotor finished... Got the main blades attached as well, and here's how it all looks, top and bottom... And finally, a little dry fit on the aircraft, as it would be rude not to! I've since got a couple of little jobs done, the gun is added to the front (and still moves!) and the two tails have been added as well. Next up is making/painting the new pitot, and I need to add some aerials and the doors. But the list of jobs left is getting smaller, as the aircraft gets bigger!
  13. Yeah, I've fallen into this trap too, I have more time, so have slowed down! But hopefully will still be finished in time!
  14. Thanks! @Toryu It's my own fault, I normally get all these bits and pieces done at the start, so I don't have to face them later, but I didn't do them all in this build. Finally got the decals done. I miscalculated slightly, forgot there were only 5 rotors! But still, 26 decals per rotor took a little while. Here they are, waiting for a gloss coat (which has since been done). And the replacement Pitot arrived... Just have to make sure I don't break this one! Next up will be a wash on the rotors and then a matt coat.
  15. Well, that's just great news! There's a chance I could still be finished before the 15th, but I'll *definitely* be finished before the 29th! Thanks @Col.and @Enzo Matrix!
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