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  1. Ah, now that makes sense, thanks for explaining it!
  2. Thanks for that info. Is it just me, or does the Future GB thread seem to have about 15 or so threads since 2019, and then nothing since 2015? It looks like lots of stuff is missing, I mean isn't there something like 27 entries in the vote, where are all their threads?
  3. Cool, anywhere I can find the list of STGBs for 2021? Had a quick look and can't see it.
  4. On a different note, is there a separate Bunfight for STGBs?
  5. Has it ever happened that an apparent clear winner near the end of the month started losing votes as people moved them to other GBs and it ended up not making it?
  6. Ah cool, hadn't seen the Bovington one, just looked it up now, looks very similar, though the white is outlining the brown, instead of in the middle of it. Kinda glad I hadn't seen it, would have been harder to do!
  7. I did a bit of research and I think it's based on a pic of what's called the Aberdeen Jagdpanther, and there's some uncertainty if the scheme is the paint degraded over the years, or a paint job added after capture. In the end it's probably not an accurate scheme at all, but I still liked the look of it!
  8. Ooh, hadn't seen this GB. I have a 1:48 Hobbyboss Mig-31M that I keep avoiding building, mainly 'cos it's so bloody big! This GB could be the encouragement I need...
  9. Well, for me the most important GB is this one, as this is the one I have a kit for! I tend not to keep a stash as such (I currently own 4 kits). I'd be worried that if I vote for another one as well, that one could win instead! I might vote for this GB early and then leave the rest of my votes 'til near the end of the month to vote for other GBs I'd like, as long as it doesn't put this one at risk!
  10. So, while I've been on BM for 9 years, and done a good few GBs, I've never been involved with the bun fight. Am I right in thinking that while we have 9 votes, we can only vote once for any particular GB? And I assume that the best way to tactically vote is to only vote for this GB and no other?
  11. Hi all, Well, probably my 4th AFV since I got back into the hobby, and one close to my heart. Always loved the Jagdpanther and I last built the Matchbox 1:72 one back when I was a kid. Always knew I'd build a bigger (and hopefully better!) one eventually, and I finally got it done over the summer. This is built out of the box and it's a lovely kit, apart from some over-engineering. The tracks are the perfect example of this, over 500 parts in them alone, and while they look ok, it's not really worth the effort. Next time I'd definitely get metal tracks. I went with the
  12. Lovely result, especially in that scale!
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