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  1. I got the masking done and the black painted, and here's how the wings look now... Not unlike the underside of a early 1940 Spitfire Mk. 1! So they're now ready for gloss, and I have to figure out what gloss to use. I'm not used to doing cars, this is only my 3rd, but I know how important the gloss coat is. I'm leaning towards one of the two component ones, like Zero 2K Clear Coat or AK Ultra Gloss, I'll see what I can read up on (and can buy easily!).
  2. And the next step is done. First time spraying Zero paints, and I'm quite happy with them. Sprayed on quite well, and the red looks the perfect shade. Of course, it's the gloss coat that's the key, but I'm not at that stage yet! Here's how the wings (and side mirrors) look now... Next up is more masking, so I can spray black onto the right hand side of the wings. Then it's onto the gloss coat and more decals.
  3. Suddenly I can't stop the updates! Another bit done, I've the white on the wings... And I've just got a message to say the Red Paint is in and ready to be collected, so that's the next step...
  4. A little update. Got the Brake Reservoir done... Have also used the time while waiting for the correct Red Paint to arrive to look at numerous Pics and Videos online and I now know the paint scheme and decal scheme for the particular Rear Wing configuration that Tamiya give you, so that's good to know. And I have narrowed down which decals from the Scale Motorsport Sponsor Decal sheet to use (the sheet covers both 2001 and 2002, and doesn't come with any instructions). So I'm slowly but surely answering the questions I have. I have pink primer on half of all the wing sections now. Next up is White on some of them, but I'm also fighting some injection marks on the rear wing that I just can't seem to get rid off, and they'll need a bit more Pink Primer on them too before they're painted.
  5. Well, it's definitely very fiddly, so I'm glad you think it looks good!
  6. Another little update. Was planning to spray some Red this evening but while looking up the Sponsorship schemes of Ferrari today I found out that Ferrari changed their F1 Red in 1996. Sure enough, the Red I have is the Red they used in all the decades prior to 1996. It's darker than the one they used from 1996 onwards. So, a little annoyed that I have to wait for new paint, but very relieved that I didn't spray the whole thing (well, half the thing) the wrong colour, I've ordered the correct Red and should have it by the weekend. I can still work on getting the pink Primer on the front wing too, and also getting the white on the front wing and rear wing.
  7. Wow, it's been a while since my last update! I have been working on this, but very, very slowly. So here's where I am... The rest of the suspension and the wheels/brakes etc. are now done and have carbon fibre decals on them... Some dry fitting to show how it will all go together at the rear... The drive shafts weren't done when those pics were taken, but they now are and glued in place. With the suspension bits and pieces pretty much done, I'm now moving on to the rear wing. Have had some issues to figure out exactly which wings should be which colours, as the layout of the wings change race to race, but I figured it out (I think!) and have put some pink primer on them for the red paint... That's where I am now, next up is some masking and then the red and white.
  8. Slow progress continues! I got the engine glued in finally... I also got the seat covered in Carbon Fibre decals, though I don't have a pic of that, and I got the two side 'cushions' done as well... I'm happy enough with them (they look better in real life). To get the effect, I put a varnish coat on the plastic parts, then sifted flour over them when the varnish was still wet. I blew off the excess and then sprayed it when dried, and you get a kind of cloth/felt finish on them. Next up now is working on the front suspension and the wheels, some spraying/masking to be done and then more carbon fibre decals.
  9. Thanks! Funnily enough, your stunning F-35B got my vote!
  10. Woohoo, the undertray is finished! In the end I couldn't stop myself, and I put Carbon Fibre decals on the side pods. and in the intakes as well. So basically it's pretty much covered now I can finally move away from this area a bit. Need a few more decals on the seat underside/sides, and then I can look at maybe gluing some bits to the undertray before moving onto the rest of the suspension.
  11. Some progress to show, but not much! Finally got all the 'external' carbon fibre decals done on the upper and lower surfaces of the undertray. Then I started on the interal surfaces, like under the side pods and the floor of the cockpit etc, using a different weave of Carbon Fibre. Here's how it looks now, with some decals waiting for Microsol and some already being melted by it. A lot of the internal area will only be half seen through the clear plastic, so I'm not too worried about it being perfect. Someone here on BM pointed me in the direction of an excellent site I hadn't seen with lots more photos of the F2001. Very handy, but it shows me that the side pods were also Carbon Fibre, something I hadn't realised. So I'm going to see if I can make masks for them as well. I also reckon I'm going to nead more Carbon Fibre decals, especially if I put carbon fibre decals on the inside of some of the clear parts. Not too surprising really! Slowly getting there...
  12. Thanks for that, a great source of info and it answers the two questions I asked too!
  13. Hi all... I'm building a Ferrari F2001 see through model, and I'm using Carbon Fibre decals, but don't know how much to use inside the car. For example, would the inside surfaces of the monocoque be covered in Carbon Fibre decals? What about the (pardon my lack of knowledge) axles going from the engine to the wheels, would they be Carbon Fibre? Just trying to figure out what needs to be covered! Thanks...
  14. Barely made any progress, but just wanted to give a sense what's taking me so long! Basically for most of the Carbon Fibre Decals I need to cut them to fit different areas of the car. I create a template by using Tamiya tape and sticking it to different sections, and then peeling the tape off and sticking it to the decal sheet and cutting around it. Some of the shapes are quite complex, like the one below: This one is particularly awkward, as that 3D shape can't be spread into 2D, as some of the tape would overlap if I do that. That means I have to decide where to cut the tape (and therefore the decal) so get the shape I want, but also in a way that hides the line between the two decals after they've been stuck down. All of this takes time and energy/mojo, which I'm currently lacking! There are other, 'more interesting' kits in my stash that are calling to me, and I'm trying to resist. I keep telling myself that once I get the undertray section fully decalled it'll be easier again, but so far I haven't got there!
  15. Well, since my announcement of being 'back', I've barely got to the bench. But I have managed a couple of little jobs and I thought it high time I post a picture! So while this won't look much different from the last pic, I have got the sides of the 'vanes' at the rear of the undertray covered in Carbon Fibre decals, and I also fixed the 'scratch' in the skid block and put a matt coat on as it was too shiny for the underside of a car. So basically the bottom of the undertray is done, and next is do the upper sides of it, and figuring out where to put the joins between the different Carbon Fibre decals. Thanks...
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