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  1. Thanks Dermot! Haven't got near the bench much recently, so progress has slowed somewhat. But I got little bits done. I noticed a scratch in one of the HUD panes, so I made new ones and got them in. And I got the cockpit added to the upper fuselage, and here's how it looks now (the seat and HUD are still dry-fitted): There's a horizontal line on the back wall of the cockpit, where the upper fuselage meets the cockpit back, that I have to decide if I can live with, or want to try to mask and take care of. Really the only thing left to go into the fuselage before I join the halves together are the internal exhausts. They need to be painted/weather before being added, so I got them sprayed last night: It's hard to get a good pic of them online, but from what I can see, they look like they're a metal colour that's highly weathered, so that's what I'm going to try! Thanks...
  2. Thanks Jabba. We'll see how easy it is to turn the idea into reality! Pretty much finished the cockpit now. Here's how it looks: Pretty happy with it. The Seat and HUD are only dry-fitted as leaving them off will make it easier to mask the fuselage and they can be added later on in the build. Next up is painting the exhaust vanes that go inside the aircraft, so that they can then be added to the fuselage and masked off. And then, I think, I get to add the cockpit tub to the upper fuselage and close the fuselage halves in place!
  3. Thanks, you gotta love PE for detail! Speaking of which, I'm off work today and between getting other messages done, I've made a start on the Instrument Panel as well. Here's how it looks now... More work on it this evening hopefully...
  4. Thanks, if it goes well, it would definitely add to the build. Got the Ejection Seat finished now I reckon, not too bad and I'm happy enough with it... Next up is the IP I reckon, though I need to do the rudder pedals as well.
  5. Another little bit done this evening. Touched up some of the paint around the cockpit on the fuselage, and painted some details and did some dry-brushing on the ejection seat: Am pretty tired now, so I'll leave it as it is. Want to put a wash on it tomorrow night to bring out the seat padding, and then there's some PE to go on, seat belts and some handles etc. Have Monday off too so with some luck I might have most of the cockpit done by then.
  6. Another little bit done tonight, and here's where I stand... Tomorrow night will get some painting done on the Ejection Seat, and then more PE goes on, along with some more PE on the cockpit panels. And then I can get started on the IP as well. On another note, it's a while away, but I'm tempted to try to recreate the 'masking' on the picture I posted; numerous panels are in black instead of the two tone grey... I'm thinking it should be doable with some tape over the black primer before doing the camo in grey. It would definitely make the scheme even more interesting!
  7. So, with the tyres done, it's on to the cockpit. I was a little torn between just using the kit details (which aren't bad) but in the end I couldn't resist the PE sets that the guy I'd bought the kit from had sourced for it. So I got started on it last night, getting some of the paint sprayed on the fuselage around the cockpit area, and also starting work on the PE and assembling the seat. Here's how it looks so far... The white 'sill' on the cockpit needs to be tidied up a bit. Next steps this evening will be to get some black paint on the correct parts, and then continue painting the details on the seat and adding a lot more PE! I didn't get a pic but I also got the inside and outside of the canopy masked. The inside was masked by the templates that come with the kit, the outside masked by the aftermarket masking the previous owner had bought, it was very handy to have both!
  8. I think he's gone with our suggestions!
  9. Finally got a bit more work done on the treads on the wheels. I'm happy enough with the results, it's subtle enough, but that's always better than stark and obvious! I want to put a bit more of a wash on the white parts, but that's it really for the wheels/undercarriage Time for the cockpit I think, and I reckon I'll get started on it in a few evenings. Thanks...
  10. My thoughts exactly!
  11. Great, thanks Jabba. I was wondering if they retracted or came off or something like that. Any pic I've found includes them, but of course they're not going to be taking pics while on a mission! Haven't got near the bench in a while, but hoping to get back soon and to get the wheels finished and move on to the cockpit.
  12. Have started work on the tyres. Decided to follow a tip I saw on FB, though it's fiddly and probably suited to 1:32 scale (or better modellers than me!). Firstly I sprayed the tyres matt black: Then I got some tape and tried to replicate some treads... Next step is to do the other two tyres, and then spray them all anthracite (my usual tyre colour). In theory, that will give me a very dark grey/black tyre with black groves for the treads. We'll see though. Already I'm not certain if the tape is too wide. That said, it's really just to give a representation of it I suppose...
  13. Yep, I’ll be using Tamiya tape alright, it should be fine. Undercarriage doors should take care of the wheel wells, so it should only be the bomb bay that needs the tape.
  14. Well, after a few days away I got back today and have spent a happy hour or so at the bench. Got a few bits and pieces painted and glued on. Got the FLIR done, I tried to capture the clear blue on the dome part, but it doesn't show up too well... I also got some bits glued onto the upper fuselage, including the FLIR window, the intake covers and the bits that the tails will attach to. One of the intake covers wouldn't fit quite right and will need a bit of filler... On the lower fuselage I got the three wheel wells and the bomb bay glued in place, along with the DLIR window. Here's how it looks from the inside and from the outside.... I glued in the upper part of the bomb racks as I realised that they had to be glued in before the centre wall in the bomb bay, and the centre wall can only be glued in before the bomb bay is glued to the fuselage! It hopefully won't be too awkward to mask, I'm hoping to use the undercarriage doors to mask the wheel wells. So, so far so good. Next up are the wheels, and once I have them painted properly, I pretty much have all the peripherals done, and I can move onto the cockpit, and the PE that's going in it.
  15. Getting there slowly! Wow, quick building, looks great, love the scheme...
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