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  1. Tail-Dragon

    Weathering – New paint-job, long journey...

    Just a suggestion - for the weathering of a hurried white paint job over camouflage, why not look at some photos of the surrender Japanese Betty's that were painted in much the same manner?
  2. Excellent. I'm looking forward to the release, and, at the same time, wondering how difficult it would be to convert to a high backed Mk XIVe - my personal XIV of choice!
  3. Tail-Dragon

    RAF colours

    I airbrush Tamiya acrylics and have been happy with this mix ... My mix of Tamiya 2:XF-49 Khaki and 1:XF-52 Flat Earth Tamiya XF-81 RAF Dark Green I think the Dark Earth is close enough for a simple mix (there is a lot of variation in the original batches of WW2 paint), the Tamiya green seems just a touch to dark under future but lightens up after a flat coat. More importantly, the colors "look" right to the eye, without the jarring red/green contrast of Tamiya's XF-52 alone.
  4. Tail-Dragon

    RAF Dark Earth

    I did some tests with Tamiya and Gunzie a while ago ... Tamiya Acrylics - RAF Dark Earth paint mix - comparison I have been trying different mixes to get an acceptable Dark Earth color with Tamiya Acrylics, and have come up with one that satisfies me, see what you think. A is Tamiya XF-52 Flat Earth B is Gunzie H72 Dark Earth C is Tamiya custom mix that appeared in Hyperscale, of 1:XF-72, 1:XF-49, 1:XF-55 D is my mix of Tamiya 2:XF-49 Khaki and 1:XF-52 Flat Earth E is Tamiya XF-81 RAF Dark Green The tops and bottom of the test card are brush painted, the center darker portion is after a coat of Future. For comparison, I'm using the paint chips in the RAF museum's book "British Aviation Colours of World War Two". Photos were taken under natural cloudy sunlight and incandescent light. natural cloudy sunlight incandescent light My Hurricane painted with mix "D" and Tamiya XF-81 Dark Green ... and with a tropical scheme Hope this helps, Colin
  5. We welcome you back to the proper side of the Atlantic!
  6. Thanks a lot, it was a fun "old school" build. Here's a couple of more photo's of the original that might come in handy with your build ...
  7. Airfix’s 1980 kit of the 1/48 Mosquito FB VI converted to a Molins’ 57mm Mk XVIII ‘TseTse' sub-hunter. The main gun was a standard British Army 6 pounder anti-tank gun, fitted with an auto loader and could fire 25 rounds in 20 seconds! The .303 machine guns were reduced to 2 (for sighting purposes) and an additional 900 pounds of armour were added. 26 were so modified. The kit was rescribed, the small scoops and the carb intakes on the engine nacelles were opened up, and a scratch built gunsight, details and wiring were added to the cockpit. The propeller blades were reshaped and the spinner openings reduced. The mods required were adding the late style bulged canopy, removing the 20mm cannons and shell chutes, and replacing with brass tubing for the 57mm cannon, breech fairing from spare pieces of bombs and missiles, breech hatch and shell eject chute from plastic sheet, reinforced inboard flaps with strip, and adding additional armour plate to nose I used Eduard brass seatbelts, a Squadron vacuform late style bulged canopy, Griffon etch carb intake screens, and a lot of plastic sheet, strip, brass tubing, and assorted bomb/missile parts for the breech fairing. Paints are Tamiya Acrylic and markings are a mix of Aeromaster nationality, Barracudacal stencils, Aviaeology serials, and masking and painting for the “O”. Weathering is with oil paints and pastels. Hope you like.
  8. Tail-Dragon

    1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    Actually, it's not PRU blue (that illusion is probably due to my lighting) I used Tamiya's Ocean Grey. In the photo's the Mossie is in an Intruder scheme (it was built up from an existing FB VI) of Sea Grey Medium/Dark green, but the modified sections were a darker colour and I was guessing at Ocean Grey. By the way, it's the 1980's issue of the 1/48 Mosquito, not a 1/72 kit.
  9. Continued on this thread ... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034028-mosquito-xviii-tse-tse/
  10. Tail-Dragon

    1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    Well, I think I'm about ready to call this one done. The old Airfix kits can build up rather well despite being 38 years old! I'll post more photo's over on "Ready for inspection" later, here's some for now, hope you like. Colin
  11. Tail-Dragon

    1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    Well, I've got the Mossie markings on, a mix of Aeromaster, Barracuda stencils, and masking and spraying (the red/white "O"). After a flat coat will come the pastels ... I think the "O" came out rather well ...
  12. Tail-Dragon

    Hurricane wingtip lights

    I had a simple mnemonic for this Red left port, and I visualized a Russian freighter leaving Murmansk (I know, it's stupid) but the visualization worked, and I never forgot which was which.
  13. I'm starting the weathering on my 1/48 Airfix Mossie converted to a Tse Tse - I'm doing the oil pinwash prior to decaling so that I can do the pastel dusting after the first flat coat. We'll see how that works.
  14. Here's some new photo's of my progress on the Tsetse Mossie ... Progress is being made, slowly, Hope you like, Colin
  15. Tail-Dragon

    Show us your stash!?

    I'm afraid my stash has become somewhat of an embarrassment, but at my building rate, I'm good until I'm at least 140! Like I keep telling the wife, I have a plan for each and every one ... ... it's a sickness!