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  1. That is looking lovely, I always thought the Buccaneer was an elegant looking aircraft.
  2. I don't know what you have for reference's, but here's a link to A-J Press volume on the Maryland. Lots of good photo's and color scheme's there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/751p154i9k51czp/AJ-Press Monografie lotnicze 96 Martin Maryland.pdf?dl=0 Colin
  3. Yes, I've done that on the above for some of the knobs (it gives you a knob or rivet shape), problem is, it's hard to be consistent, and the dome is 90 degrees out from what you need for throttles. Here's the final result (minus paint)
  4. I've pretty much finished with the cockpit upgrades (other than finishing the gunsight) and it's getting to be painting time ... hope you like, Colin
  5. I'd like to share an idea I had. Fast, simple throttle, gear and flap levers with a strand of copper wire. Hope you like ... With your #80 drill bit reversed in the chuck (using the shank end), wrap a thin copper wire 3/4 around the bit. Bend the tail end to center the disk, and snip off extra Flatten the loop with tweezers, and fill center with super glue (I add some talc for filler). Sand sides flat. Install into pre drilled #80 holes in quadrant. If you drill right through, you can cement with crazy glue from the bottom, avoiding any excess cement on the throttle quadrant. Hope you like this idea! Colin
  6. … another little piece that absorbed my time, the fuel cock controls ... … so many tiny pieces!
  7. This is magnificent - the only words I can come up with! About the props, I see Quickboost has released a set of props for the Revell 1/48 Beaufighter, might these work for you? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QB48896?result-token=FjSSo
  8. We're creating our own sub-set … Canuck Modellers! I'm currently working on a Beau, so, here's some info that might be of use ... Hope some of this helps , Colin
  9. Here's some more in progress stuff ... The corrected horizontal stab/elevators ... Modified and unmodified stabs And the modified dorsal gun - an Airfix Hurricane breech grafted onto the kit barrel/mount, with a pistol grip and photoetch ammo belt added lots more to go ... Colin
  10. Thanks everybody for the great information and photo's Here's my attempt at replicating what you've shown … I grafted a spare Airfix breech (from the 1/48 Hurricane) to the Tamiya barrel/mount, and added a pistol grip/trigger, and a cut down photoetch ammo belt. What do you think ? (more details to add, of course)
  11. That is looking spectacular - surely the finest build of this monstrosity ever! Every time I look at your work, I drag out my FM Halifax and shudder!
  12. I would not try to seal the printed decals with Johnson Klear - when you go to apply them, it will dissolve and possibly run (plus any decal set you use will attack it). Best option (which I use a lot) is Microscale Liquid decal film - fantastic stuff - just brush on heavily to the decal paper, and it virtually disappears when dry! I seal old letraset to clear decal film with it and use as a normal decal, complete with Microset and Microsolve. Next best option is a spray can of clear, gloss lacquer. An option you might consider is spray fuselage sides yellow, measure the thickness of your codes and both sides of the outline together and cut masking tape strips - lay out your letters and apply camo. Then you can center your red code letters on the yellow background, I did it on my Mossie, and it works (you might require doing the letters in sections, but with extra code letters you have room to adjust, and patch)
  13. My wife (SWMBO) whole heartedly supports my modelling - she gets to pretend for hours a day that she's a widow. Not sure how long I could be lying dead in my modelling room, if it wasn't for taking the garbage out once a week!
  14. Thanks very much, those are exactly what I needed, Dogsbody, you seem to be me go-to guy for Bristol photo's! Thanks much! Colin
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