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  1. This is an old 1/48 Esci HS-129 I'm trying some heavy wear technique's on. I scratch built an interior and gun sight based on photo's. Rescribed and riveted the airframe, and started by painting portions with Tamiya's acrylic Titanium silver. Then airbrushed several coats of hairspray, followed by thinned coats of a mix to replicate the red oxide primer. Finally chipped and scratched with water, a stiff brush and a toothpick. When it's dry, I'll hairspray again, then light camo so the primer shows in places, then hairspray and scrub and scratch again. Should be an interesting experiment!
  2. Thank you, everybody , for the kind comments. The conversion was a bit of a challenge, but the results were quite satisfying. (Plus - it helped to pass a COLD winter!!) Colin
  3. Very nice indeed, I like the additions to the interior, also. Well done!
  4. Here's my 1/72 Italeri/Wingman C-130J-30 Stretched Hercules operated by the RCAF. It started out as a Testors/Italeri AC-130a 'Spooky' with a lot of scratchbuilding and modifications. I'm very happy with how it turned out, hope you like ... Thanks for looking, Colin
  5. Well … I'm calling this one done, at last. Here's a teaser picture, I'll post more photo's of the completed kit in "Ready for Inspection" Now I'm thinking about doing an 'accurate' KC-130H tanker (the Italeri kit isn't really an "H", but a straight "E")
  6. Decalling is finally done, and the weathering applied with pastels and oil pin wash. I just have to wait for it to dry, then the final steps, unmask windows and polish, add the strobes, nav lights and wipers.
  7. Here's something I wondered about, was Bader's Spit Va named? I seem to recall it had 'Manxman' or 'Lord Loyd' or something like that on the right hand side.
  8. It might be an expensive way to go, but, I've read that Mossie spinners (good ones) are correct replacements for Firefly 1 spinners. There are resin Firefly spinners that should work ... https://www.ultracast.ca/product-p/br48001.htm
  9. I'm still working on the Herc. Had a delay when my computer melted down, but it's up and running now. I've been decaling for FOUR days (Jeez this thing has a lot of stencils, etc!) Getting the walkway boarders lined up was the worst, but I'm getting there!
  10. From what I remember, the wing guns are mislocated too far out, no upper or lower breech blisters, the cowl still has the bulges for the cowl guns, even though none were fitted (plastic is thick enough to sand them down), while there is engine detail viable through the wheel well, it is minimal. Also, the cowl flap in front of the supercharger is fixed closed, not open as in the kit. Here's my build of the Hobbyboss FW-190D-11 ... https://imodeler.com/2017/12/1-48-fw-190d-11-jv-44-a-wulf-in-parrots-clothing/ https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/viewtopic.php?p=2639636#p2639636
  11. Just a thought, Jay's Models in New Zealand has Falcon Vac canopies for the 1/72 Beaufort, vacuforn ccorrected cowls, resin wheel at a very reasonable price, with surprisingly modest shipping. I ordered sets for a friend and was impressed with the quality of the products, and the speed of the service (2 weeks New Zealand to Canada) http://www.jaysmodelkits.com/jaysmk/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&zenid=97he756ki3agr7p1uc5abq33k1&keyword=beaufort
  12. More progress, the props are (at last) finished and assembled. Next step is the gloss coat and decals ... ... finish line is in sight!
  13. Small detail painting almost complete, at last. ... a note on the prop blades - 24 blades, 2 sides, 3 colors each - the masking has taken days, and still the metalized leading edge to go! By the time this thing is done, I may be blind!
  14. The painting continues on the Herc , lots of little details to be masked and sprayed. I'm starting to get excited about finishing this beast! Hope you like so far, Colin
  15. That particular JU-52 1m was converted from a JU-52 3m by (I believe) Bristol Aerospace in Winnipeg. So - it can be done, you just need an entire aerospace company behind you! http://royalaviationmuseum.com/junkers-ju-52-cf-arm Before photo (ferrying to Winnipeg, escorted by a CAF C-47) ...
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