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  1. The small drill indexes (AWG #60-#80, and metric 0.3mm - 1.6mm) can be found online at many hobby sites, tool sales, or Amazon. The large drill index (AWG #1 - #60) was found on Amazon for around $30 plus the cost of the index case (purchased separately - the drills (cobalt) came in a plastic case). The digital caliper was under $20. Ranges from 0.228" down to 0.013", roughly 1/4" down to a fat hair! Covers pretty much anything you will ever have to measure or drill in our hobby!
  2. If you still want to do a desert Hurricane (though not an anti-tank one), the Airfix kit comes with a tropical filter (part 14, 15). You could do something like this ... 'Woody' Woodword, 33 Sqdn
  3. You would need to start with a Mk II kit (the Airfix is a Mk I - different engine/shorter nose). As far as I know, only Hasegawa, OOP Hobbycraft, and the 1960's vintage Monogram did a Mk II in 1/48. Hasegawa does a Mk IId 'can opener', kit HURRICANE MK IId, kit # 09052, (JT52). It shows up on Ebay occasionally. Hasegawa Mk IId
  4. Thanks! That's what make Malta's aircraft such an interesting topic, you could build dozens of aircraft from the same tiny island and the same time frame and never repeat yourself once. The Paul Lucas 'Color conundrum' articles and the Brian Caucchi book have so many unique and colorful schemes.
  5. Oh, I can see a Father/Son contest in the future!
  6. That's an excellent drill sizing chart that dn142 posted above. I would suggest downloading the PDF version, printing it out, pasting on your modelling wall, and investing in an inexpensive digital caliper. (Amazon.ca has them for as low as $13 delivered!) Digital calipers I use them for many, many things. Colin
  7. I've finally finished the third Malta Spit, 'Buck' McNair's Vb. The completed trio ... ... thanks for looking, Colin
  8. I've finished the third of my triple Malta builds. "Buck" McNair's Spitfire Vb. The Airfix kit is a great build, requiring only the removal of the reinforcing strips over the wheel wells, Ultracast exhaust, entry door and seat. AB264 was a Vickers built Mk Vb, originally finished in the Tropical land scheme (with Sky lowers), and delivered on operation 'Spotter'. After arrival, the Sand color only was oversprayed with a locally mixed Grey and the serials reapplied in White. My kit was finished in the same way, desert scheme oversprayed with Grey using Tamiya acrylics, and weathered with pastels and oils. Build logs here: part 1 part 2 Hope you like, thanks for looking, Colin
  9. Finally finished a second one, BR301 US*F . Lots of photo's on 'Ready for inspection" Thanks for looking, Colin
  10. Beurling was recognized as "Canada's most famous hero of the Second World War", as "The Falcon of Malta" and the "Knight of Malta", having been credited with shooting down 27 Axis aircraft in just 14 days over the besieged Mediterranean island. In this aircraft he destroyed 5 enemy aircraft and damaged 2 more, in just 2 days. On 27.7.42, flying BR301 over Malta, destroyed 2 Mc202's, a Bf 109, with a Bf 109 damaged, and 3 miles South of Grand Harbour, a Bf 109 destroyed, and a Bf 109 damaged, and on 29.7.42 flying BR301,8 miles SW of Malta destroyed a Bf 109 . BR301 was originally finished in the standard 'Tropical land scheme' of sand, dark earth and azure blue, but was oversprayed with a thinned blue-grey (most likely USN upper surface blue-grey) while on the USS Wasp for the 'Calendar' delivery. This is the second of my triple Malta builds, a Special Hobbies Spitfire Vc 'Malta Defender'. It also required the fuselage lengthened, the tail assembly repositioned, and the wings moved forward. Build logs here: Part 1 Part 2 Painted with Tamiya acrylics in the TLS, decals applied, then oversprayed with the blue-grey, weathered with oils and pastels. Decals from the IPMS Canada Canadian Aces sheet. Hope you like, Colin
  11. I personally second the call for a 1/48 Twin Otter, can be offered on wheels, floats and skis, short and long nosed versions, military and civilian, and NEVER kitted in this scale before!
  12. I can't see any real pattern to it, other than the darker aircraft seem to get the yellow codes. Yellow codes appear to be seen on 185, 229, 243 and 249 Squadron aircraft almost at random. 249 also seems to use white codes (Beurling's UF*S for example), as well as light grey codes. According to the Paul Lucas research, on the 'Calendar' delivery, something like 1/3 were finished in the 'Renfrew' scheme, 1/3 in the ASU scheme, and 1/3 (desert scheme) refinished on the Wasp. Delivery codes were kept until the opportunity presented itself to apply the Sqdn codes to them.
  13. Spitfire Mk Vc, BP966, was originally manufactured in the desert scheme, then routed to Renfrew, Scotland for shipment to Malta. While there, it was refinished in the temperate sea scheme (as per a misunderstood Malta request), and shipped to Malta on operation Calendar, to serve with 249 Squadron. (As per the latest Paul Lucas research). The 1/48 kit is the Classic Airframes Spit Vc, "Yankee Spitfires", which is the same plastic as the Special Hobbies Spit Vc. The kit is quite nice, with a good cockpit, photo etch, but with a few small problems ... the wrong prop and spinner, the fuselage is too short, the wings are in the wrong place, and the tail is canted up at a strange angle - so - a challenge! The fuselage was cut forward of the windscreen and extended .060" (moving the wings forward at the same time), and the rear fuselage cut and repositioned. A spare DeHavilland prop was sourced, and the spinner chucked onto a bur in a drill and machined down to the proper DeHavilland short spinner. Extra details added to the cockpit, a vac canopy, and Ultracast exhaust and entry door readied it for the paint shop. It is finished in Tamiya acrylics, and weathered in oils and pastels. It is one of 3 (a triple Malta build) and the first ready to be shown, hope you like. Colin (build log here) part 1 part 2 Hope you like, thanks for looking, Colin
  14. After a brief struggle (one decal composed of some 200 fractured parts) the decaling and pin-wash is done, next up is the flat coat and weathering... ... more to come, thanks for looking. Colin
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