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  1. I think it may have dictated by mission requirements; range vs required ordinance. Doesn't seem to be unheard of, though. Even North American adds for the P-51D showed both ...
  2. I finally finished my 404 Sqdn. Beaufighter, as it would have appeared on the morning of D-Day. While Coastal Command would usually have used semi-armor piercing warheads, on this day they had the 60lb warheads for Flak suppression, and still carried the 'Universal' bomb racks on the belly. This is the Tamiya kit (1/48) with a huge list of corrections/additions/mods. It's painted with Tamiya acrylics, weathered with oils, and pastels, and Aviaeology's 'AOD48002m RCAF Beaufighters in Coastal Command' decals. Hope you like, Colin Build log: Beaufighter build
  3. Just for fun, I thought I'd do something really beat-up, so, I'm taking a stab at 'Tex" Hills P-51b in China, 1945. It's ICM's P-51b, with some scratch building in the cockpit, a homemade vac canopy, and some parts from the spares box. I might tone down the chipping on the nose, I just haven't decided yet, On the real aircraft, the paint appears to have been coming off in sheets! Thanks for looking, Colin
  4. I wasn't sure what could be seen through the vents on my Tamiya 1/35 Tiger, so I spent way too much time scratckbuilding the fans and rads/fuel tanks. In the end, evem with a powerful flashlight, they are all but invisible! Oh well!
  5. Beautifully done! The complete display, kit and the base, are first class. The 'Scammel' (first kit I've seen of it) looks like something out of Mad Max - Thunder road!
  6. This is the 1/35 Academy M3A1 Stuart "Honey" in the correct 'Caunter' scheme (not the incorrect 'blue' scheme that Academy showed). Custom mixed Tamiya acrylics using Mike Starmer's formulas, RAC insignia painted, kit unit decals. Lots of small details added, all tie downs replaced with brass wire, latches and hinges added to stowage boxes, rack for water cans scratch built, tow cable from fine solder, etc. Last two photos are with Dragons Valentine tank, another Desert warrior. Thanks for looking, Colin
  7. Not that it means much, but I went with aluminum silver on the struts, and chrome on the oleo's. Looks to be a good match for the Beaufort above.
  8. I did a comparison to the color chips in the RAF Museum book "British aviation colors of WW2" a while back, and Favour Tamiya's acrylic XF-81 (item E). The darker top half is under a coat of Future, but when a flat coat is applied, it dulls and fades back to a very close approximation of the color chip.
  9. I also like the ICM Spits! Aside from the sink mark problem, the other issue I found is, if done out of box, the gear is overly long, and incorrectly raked. The solution is simple, shorten and attach with a brass pin - makes it easy to correct the rake.
  10. I finally got around to working on some unfinished builds (I can't believe it's sat on the shelf for a year and a half!), so I started again on the Beaufighter. Some initial weathering, and the Aviaeology 404 Squadron decals have been done, and I'm going to keep plowing on till it's done (I hope). ... again, thanks for looking, Colin
  11. Just as an example of how crisp and sharp you can get with tape, I had to do this with a translucent decal a while ago ...
  12. If you burnish the tape edges down with the rounded end of a paint brush handle, and fog the black on in thin layers the result should be crisp and sharp.
  13. If it is the 'renowned Canadian model maker' I'm thinking of, he had previously released a 1/48 resin Tutor that was fantastic, along with appropriate decals, and only served to show how bloated and misshapen the Hobbycraft effort was. A box set of nine, please!
  14. That is an absolutely lovely FG-1! I'm going to have to follow your lead on this, congrats!
  15. If you are ambitious, you can make the observation blisters by vacuforming side windows, I just used a piece of tin can bent to the correct arc, and a piece of wood sanded to a tear drop shape. Just make it larger than required, and trim to a tight fit. This is 1/48, but should work on 1/72 also ...
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