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  1. That is fantastic! The 'Buff" looks so right in the SAC colors.
  2. Thanks! The Beaufighter has made much progress since the last posting, however, it was temporarily shelved while waiting for a set of Falcon Vac canopies, and I just kept getting distracted by lockdowns, life, new grandchildren, and , I suppose, a blooming case of ADHD! It has been calling me from it's cabinet lately, and it's time to soldier on with it. I'll try to post new photo's today or tomorrow. Colin
  3. Other that squaring the wingtips, are there other changes that are required to make an F.B.5 in Canadian service? (not counting the can of Labatt's, and the toque on the glare shield?)
  4. I've been trying to accrue as much info on these (Interim) exhaust shrouds for a long time. It appears they were only selectively fitted in the last months of the war, the majority of NF XXX's retaining the un-louvered type (as far as I could find). The best views and drawings I could find were in the excellent Wydawnictwo Militaria 157 - Mosquito Vol. 1 ... and the Brussels Air Museum ... Wydawnictwo Militaria 157 - Mosquito Vol. 1 drawings (artist unkn
  5. That is just lovely, one of the most attractive jets! That and the Vulcan are iconic.
  6. I enthusiastically second that! I live in fear of the time I foolishly start my FM Halifax (shudder). The new 1/48 Lanc I would most like to see is the Lancaster II.
  7. I've been quite happy with these Tamiya acrylic mixes ... RLM 65 Light Blue - XF 23:2, XF 02:1 RLM 66 Black Grey - XF 24 RLM 70 Black green - XF 27 (lighter, matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips) RLM 71 Dark Green - XF 81 (lighter, matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips) RLM 74 Dark Grey - XF 24:3, XF 27:1 (matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips) RLM 75 Grey-Violet - XF 75:8, XF 07:1 (matched to Monogr
  8. I love it! One of the nicest Butt-ugly airplanes I've seen. I've always toyed with the idea of bashing a J2F Duck to make one in 1/48th. Thanks to you, the idea has resurfaced. Happy New Year, Colin
  9. Tail-Dragon

    Do 17z camo

    My go-to brand is Tamiya acrylics. I use for RLM 70 Black green - XF 27 (lighter, matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips), and for RLM 71 Dark Green - XF 81 (lighter, matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips). They match well with the paint chips listed (just a little lighter, but that's scale effect,) and I've been quite happy with the results. Colin
  10. The P-51D had the wing panel joints, rivets etc. (as indicated) filled, sanded smooth, primed and painted silver to give the smoothest wing surface. This restoration has the most accurate wings that I've seen ... It seems that most restored warbirds have unfilled (re-skinned, perhaps?) wings. While beautiful and picturesque, not historically accurate.
  11. That's an excellent archived site, thanks! I've downloaded most of the photo's, - ref's for my 404 Beaufighter. Colin
  12. Here's an alternative - First, paint the base color, then, download the camo scheme and print out to size. cut out the pattern, hold in place with tape over holes cut in the pattern and spray. Touch up as required, and your done. With the pattern stored on you computer, it's always available when needed. This pattern was originally available here from a BritModeler member - Vanroon. Many thanks to him! Here's another one to try ... Colin
  13. Colin Ford - Marvelous information! Thanks very much - once again, my build has swerved towards increased accuracy, and it is much appreciated. Now to find an unmodified control stick, as I had previously modified mine to a spade grip (Duh!) Colin
  14. You've probably heard this before, but thanks for the informative article and all the research you shared. Your build was excellent, and for what it's worth, I'll be following your interpretation. Colin
  15. Ha! The photo's clearly show the answer is a definitive 'maybe yes, maybe no, maybe sometimes'! Great photo's, the first one clearly shows the original gun camera lens on the port wing tip, which, as I understand it, was feature of the first series (AG***) aircraft. They also seem to confirm that 400 squadron used a red chord-wise I.D. stripe. Many thanks for those. Colin
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