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  1. Further to the info I gave, I thought you would be interested in a few pictures of the core and the issue with the airfix core. Side by side comparison of the two parts This shows as far as you can get the first first ring onto the airfix core without serious sanding and modification The resin replacement allows the ring to just slide on with a nice snug fit And final view of all the parts dry fitted to the core. There is a slight change to the build order when using the resin core a
  2. Yes, I don't think I am allowed to build the 1/24 Typhoon until after we have moved house in a few months time, alreay have 5 display cases and cabinates to pack away May get away with a few 1/48 fighters though
  3. Wow, Proving the adage of less is more there. Very subtle and restrained weathering on a super sharp paint finish. Love it! Matt
  4. Love this, wonderful build, finish and diorama to finish it off. I have been coverting this release for a while now, I think you may have made me buy one tonight! Matt
  5. Again thank you all for your kind words, never thought I would get this reception for the Hellcat! Well I have offered it to my friend who inspired the markings and finish. If he doesn't have the room for it then I guess I will have to make a case for it! (or find someone else who does have room!) Matt
  6. Wow, many thanks to you all, I really wasn't expecting this response! Malcome, I found out about the issue from Nigel's Modelling bench channel on Youtube, he does a very detailed build and analysis of the good and bad points. He started producing the resin cores and I found mine on eBay. The video will explain more than I could on here. Many Thanks, the modelling desk is an old roll top bureau as it allows me to roll the top down when I am away or we have guests and my clutter just disappears. Keeps the long haired Wing Commander Happy!! Cheer
  7. Looks every inch the work horse she was. Wonderful build and finish. Matt
  8. Oooh I do like that Lovely build with a cracking finish, reminds me of building that kit as a kid, although with the decals straight onto the 3 colour plastic! Matt
  9. Hello All, Latest one off the bench is Airfix's lovely 1:24 Hellcat. Painless build with only issue I encountered being the engine core being to large for the rings to slide onto. Luckily I found this out during prebuild research and manage to locate an aftermarket resin version. I hate to think the amount of sanding, shaving and swearing that would have happened otherwise! As I started the build a friend of mine mentioned that his Grandad was on HMS Ruler and worked on the Hellcats and other FAA aircraft stored on board. HMS Ruler was the fleets resupply carrier, holdi
  10. Wow! orange is a horrible colour to work with in my experiance, and to get it looking solid and deep, you have done an amazing job there. What a cracking build, thanks for sharing. Matt
  11. What a beautiful build and finish. Brough back some happy memories of flying from Heathrow to Teesside on a DC9 to see my Grandparents. MAtt
  12. That paint finish is outstanding! Just going to sit and drool at it for a while. Matt
  13. You have done a wonderful job there, looks every inch the sleek war goer. I know what you mean about wanting to do some more, it is a real pleasure of a kit to build, and the cockpit looks wonderful under all that glass. Can't wait for you to start the next one. Matt
  14. It is a lovely little kit which you have built and finished superbly, just need another 8 to go with it now Matt
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