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  1. There is an idea, 47AD's mascot in 1/72 scale...... hmmmmm now where is that spare Dak kit!
  2. Yes there must be some form of madness involved! I have worked on both versions of the Herc since 2000, so maybe our paths crossed in the past? You all loaded up with your kit, me looking scruffy sitting around on the pan waiting to see you off?! I have the old airfix 70's release of the Herc with the bloodhound missle and landrover, that will have to be in chocolate bomber colours. Oh yes there are a few decent Gulf War artworks to play with as well......oh dear I think I am going to run out of display space before ideas Looking forward to seeing what comes from your model desk in 2022, all the best! Matt
  3. Yep, had to make sure this one was super spot on! Cheers chap, lets see what the next build will be! Matt
  4. I had noticed the Pegasus Been helping you mad lot jump out of servicable aircraft for 20 plus years now, still can't understand your fascination with it!! I am playing around with a K model and a J at them moment, making a Mk3 and a Mk5 by mixing and matching fuselages. The 47 Sqn tail is a must build, together with probably XV303. So many favorite frames to make, if I am not careful I will end up with a bigger fleet than Brize!! Matt
  5. Wow, thank you all for your all praise! It has been a fun build with the added benefit of an enjoyable research project to boot. Biggest bit is knowing she is going off to a good mate who will really love looking at his favorite kite when he isn't wowing us all at air shows in her. Thanks Charlie, she is ready and waiting with a valid BF ready for you to take her off on a jaunt to her new landing ground He hasn't gone off to the darkside as of yet and I just so happen to have 5 of the Zvesda C130J's ready to go on the build pile. Just need to see if he can get it past OC domestic! Although I do spend most of my time getting the 1/1 scale Herc ready for him to take up There are two of the winged master race up front for BBMF flights, although I am surprised they can fit two pilot egos in that tiny cockpit There goes my flight in one! Thanks All Matt
  6. Hello All, Here I have airfix's Dakota made up to look like the BBMF's Kwicherbichen. This was built for my friend who also happens to be her pilot, so had to make sure I got this one right, no pressure! Built mainly out of the box but with the small engine air intakes used, the decals a mix from Italeri and airfix, Invasion stripes painted on, static wicks from electrical wire and lots of modern fitted aerials and lights scratch built from plasticard and sprue. Painted using Tamiya and Mr color in the main with enamel used for detail work. Well onto the pictures, hope you enjoy. Matt
  7. If a Vulcan Liney gives it the thumbs up then job done! Very kind of you chap. Matt
  8. Nice to be back, fair bit of travelling this year has kept me away from the modelling desk, even though on occasion I take the modelling desk with me! Very kind of you to say, hopefully I will have a few more builds completed soon and put up on here. Matt
  9. Many Thanks Pete, Very happy I could give you something nice to look at Matt
  10. That will explain things, all of the pictures of the bombs I used for reference are museum pieces that would have arrived after 82! Pictures of bombs in Vulcans are normally from far away or close up from the tail end Thanks for the detail, I love learning new bits and pieces that will help with future builds, thanks for taking the time out to educate Matt
  11. 3 Days??!! You most definity deserve a medal after that commitment! Your dedication certainly shows with the crisp demarcation. Just realised 1/72 as well, I thought this was 1/48 Matt
  12. Wow I am glad I could rekindle your Vulcan appreciation! Cheers! Matt
  13. Cheers chap, if only I had the room, although the Shrikes are kept safe, you know, just in case Luckily this one was built for a friend, so he now has the problem of finding enough shelf space for it!! Matt
  14. Now that is a clever way of getting some lovely stripes! That is definitly going into the memory bank for future builds. A victor with a pair of bucc's trailing mmmmmmmmm sorry I think I will need a minute here..... Matt
  15. It's a greenhouse with wings! Fair play to you for tackling those acres of glass, I get fed up after a single seat cockpit Proper job there Sir. Matt
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