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  1. Wow, Thank you all so much for your kind comments Yes this was most definitly a quick build, I was fortunate enough to have 2 weeks leave booked in when the Anson arrived on my doorstep, so I made the most of that. I averaged about 12 hours a day on the old girl with a small break on Thursday when I realised I have run out of matt varnish, doh! I have been chatting to a friend who is also building the Anson and he has reported back a similar issue with one side on each undercarriage nacelle not lining up properly and leaving a step that needs sanding back, so something to watch out for. Again thank you for your feedback, has made me a very happy chap! Matt
  2. Thank you I used GX100 for the gloss coats and GX114 for the flat coat. They are such nice varnishes to use. Matt
  3. Hello Everybody, I have been eagerly awaiting Airfix's Anson and have been throughly rewarded for my wait. Just so happened that as the kit arrived I started a bit of leave, so all other kits have been put on standby and the Anson has had my full attention, hence going from box to finished in less than a week!! Built from the box and painted using Mr color, Tamiya and AK paints, Mr color GX range of varnishes and gently weathered with oils. An almost painless build, some serious thought has gone into the internal engineering of the framework which shows in the ease of build. I had some isues with the undercarriage nacelles aligning up square, but I think that was modeller induced error, I shall just have to build another to find out The glazing is some of the nicest I have come across for a long while, thin, clear, friction fit and flexible. Well onto the pictures, hope you enjoy those half as much as I did building her. Matt
  4. Oh that is just amazing! 179 and some Tooms, thank you for sharing, put big smile on my face. Matt
  5. Hi, is the Tamiya M20 armoured car still available please



    1. Derbyeomanry


      Hi, i'll take the M20 please. How much inc postage please.

      What payment method do you prefer




    2. Angell328


      Hi Neil,

      I have sent you a private message as it is bit less public for payment info and addresses. Will send you a msg with payent details on.



  6. 1.72 scale you say?!!!! Ok, that's it.....I'm packing my tools away.....I have seen perfection in miniture! Amazing work and a fitting tribute. Matt
  7. The dedication you have put into this build just shines through from every angle, stunning Sir, simply stunning. Matt
  8. Very kind of you to say. I was on guard duty when we got the notification through about 179, soon had the gate ready for what seemed like every reporter in the world turning up! Miss the boys still. Matt
  9. Thank you very much, yes the eduard parts are a game changer for the back end. Nice to see another herc vet building the old girls up, I look forward to seeing your fleet take shape. If the lads at work didn't know how much I enjoyed sticking plastic together I don't think I would have been inudated with build requests a case of making a rod for my own back I feel! Yes I wonder what will happen in the future with TAC airlift, time will tell I am sure. Matt
  10. Not moved a Helicopter yet, lots of armour, vehicles, random palleted loads, air dispatched boats and self loading freight They normally chuck the Heli's in the C17's, no complaints here! My build No.8 is going to be a full CDS fit, that is going to be a fun few days of scratch building Thinking of having a landrover in my build, bring my two interests together. Matt
  11. Sounds like you will have a fun build on your hands for the load not just the Herc! A load like that will help disguise the fact the interior walls are a little bit sparse in detail out of the box, looking forward to seeing your project progressing. Matt
  12. Thank you kindly. Without getting too political I think the Herc will be missed in the short term due to how we operate. The A400 isn't a Herc replacement as such, it will be able to do a lot of what we can do, but not everything. So the way we operate tactical transport will have to change to reflect that. We have many A400's, I think 20 at last count, but they are having teething troubles which makes operating the entire fleet right now unfeasible. Personally I don't want the old girl to go, I still think there is a solid place for Hercules operation in the wider plan, plus on a selfish note I am a one trick pony and the RAF is taking my trick away!! Matt
  13. Thank you, they really are a labour of love, much like the real ones! Unfortunatly the chaff and flare dispensers in the Zvezda kit are of the J type, so I had to scratch build the K dispensers from plasticard with a milliput skin sanded to shape. Yes we still have SKE which is used fairly often, just not in the big 12 ship formations of days past. Matt
  14. Thanks Chap! Yes the Zvezda Hercules kits are wonderful, few little areas to concentrate on that I have found are common across them all. The fuselage halves seem to curl in along the mating edges, more noticable along the lower edge. My guess is the plastic constricts on removal from the mould. Gluing a few inches at a time with clamps seems to help, but I expect there will still be filler required on the underside. Talking filler, where the forward undercarriage blisters attach on the underside there is a sizeable step that will require filling and contour sanding. The forward individual cockpit windows are best fitted before the fuselage halves are joined together as you may need to remove the lip that is supposed to support the window glass, but actually stops them from sitting flush with the fuselage skin. I have found the best way is to remove the lip, sand the edges of the glass for a snug fit (if required) and then support from both sides as you glue. If you are having the ramp open then a strip of thick plasticard glued under the ramp floor to cargo bay floor is a wise choice to stop it parting company from the airframe from the slightest knock, the butt joint area is very small!! Enjoy the build, even with these little niggles it is still the best 72nd Herc out the box. Matt
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