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  1. Feast your eyes upon my weary Beaufort. I brush painted two (newly purchased but seemingly OLD Humbrol paints...!) onto the surface. The paint was so bad - so bad! - but I stayed strong, continually stirring and shaking, etc. to get it to mix and settle. Anyway, I finally got the paint looking...as good as it would get. So I sprayed it with my usual Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear. And this happened... If that's not enough to bring a grown man to tears than I don't know what would (slicing my thumb whilst trimming a part, that's what!). The rest of the paint is fine on the whole aircraft. It's this ONE spot - anyone have any ideas on why? This has happened before and I can't work out a common denominator! I'm thinking I should abandon the TS-80 but I like to give my aircraft a dull coat and I'm unsure what to replace it with - living in Canada I might not have a ton of the usual options. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  2. Ahhh, what an ingenious idea. So simple yet so effective! Will absolutely be trying, many thanks!
  3. You may have posted this earlier and I haven't noticed, but what product do you use for your filler? It looks to be fairly easy to work with. I'm currently using the Tamiya putty which can be hit or miss.
  4. Glad to see you've got the drop on this one!
  5. I'm in the same boat you are, my friend! I was in the Air Cadets and planned on going to RMC, but before I knew it I was 6'5" with a new-found arrhythmia and looking for a new career choice. I'll have to settle for watching the Snowbirds. Nice build!
  6. excellent work! Always some extra appreciation for a fellow brush painter - I also like the one folded wing!
  7. I'll give my experience and take from it what you will - typically, to make sure the decals last a long time, I do a gloss coat over the whole aircraft. Then, I apply the decals. THEN, I apply a second gloss coat to "seal them in". Now they will never peel. After all that, I do a dull coat, because I think they look silly being extremely shiny. Yes aircraft have a sheen, but...y'know. You could also consider the dull coat "weathering" since it's been around dust and dirt, etc. Long story short (too late): Gloss coat, decals, gloss coat, dull coat. All this being said, I'm also still experimenting with how much is necessary, etc.
  8. This will be great to see! Question about the EDSG/DSG scheme, you may have seen my post in the WWII thread asking which paints people use - which brand(s) are you going with?
  9. I'm with Chris - professional eyeballer as you called it
  10. "Tedious" is the word that comes to mind as I feel the muscles cramp through my hands just thinking about applying those decals! Nice work getting them all lined up.
  11. I could always try a mix and match - AK Dark Slate Grey, and then use Tamiya XF-54 (Dark Sea Grey). This way it wouldn't be overly dark...but it feels risky. To answer what @Troy Smith mentioned near the beginning (re: acrylics vs enamels) I use enamels when I have to (and this looks like I have to) but I prefer acrylic. That being said, I looked at the Humbrol EDSG (123) and DSG (224) - does anyone have any experience with how those look? @stevehnz what say you? Have you used either before?
  12. They do look dark, but if I'm sticking to brush-painting it may be my only option. It can't be stressed enough how important your test strips are - a perfect visual guide!
  13. Hey all, What are your recommendations regarding paints to get an accurate TSS? Trying to find the best Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey (one of my favourite schemes)! It should be mentioned I'm a brush-painter, and rattle can user. I was lucky enough to get the new Airfix Beaufort for my birthday so my research is just beginning! Jeff
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