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  1. Another top notch build, what else can we expect from the resident Vulcan expert? You made me go from "meh, V bombers are okay" to reading about them in my free time. Thanks a lot!
  2. That's a striking Spitfire, excellent work! What paints did you use?
  3. That is one of my favourite comparisons - sidewinder next to a Tempest. If that had happened.....boy would that have ended the war early.
  4. Really great technique for different panel shades. Your picture also highlights just how absolutely LONG and (relatively) narrow the Liberator's wings are! Excellent progress.
  5. A war weary Yak and a good one at that. Would you recommend building this kit, after the troubles you had?
  6. Love it! One of my favourite things about modelling - whether you like the finished product or not, the only thing left to do is move on and it's a fresh start.
  7. Fantastic work, especially on an old kit (how original of me to say!)
  8. Amazing work, so glad you'll be doing 2 more of these. Certainly lived up to your controversial (and hilarious) WIP title!
  9. That's the same as my brother and myself, and he and I live too far away to really help each other with stuff. Not that you asked, but I thought I'd let you know you're not alone, in modelling alone!
  10. Well I made a little bit of progress, so that's something! One of my least favourite parts of modelling is having to drill out holes yourself (as intended in the instructions). It just feels like I'm doing their job! You put the holes, I put plastic IN the holes! Anyway, here we are: And then I was a little disappointed in the detail of the interior. I know that when the bird is all closed up, you really can't see anything (I mean...ANYthing!) but I expected more than this...even the instructions hoped piece 2F would look different. That's called "zero surface detail". Aside from those two things, everything fits together well at the moment. Like I said, hardly any detail in the cockpit so not much to show.
  11. how would I correct them if I choose to? Thanks for the heads up about the flaps, I'll be keeping that in mind!
  12. 'I'll be making a run down to my local shop in the next couple days so I'll see what they have in stock. I may end up going with whichever they have, but it seems to me that either are a good choice, and probably will look better than nothing. Thanks for all the opinions guys
  13. Here's a question for some (or all): I've never used any decal softeners before but I'd like to up my game, since I see the impact they have. Do I need to buy both MicroSol and MicroSet? Or just the MicroSol?
  14. For this kit I'll be doing a military livery, but if this one goes well I'll buy another and venture into the airline schemes. I'm fairly certain I'll be building it as the RAF Dakota, but if I can figure out how to make it the US livery as it was on June 6, I may do that instead.
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