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  1. The re-released 1/48th weathering decals for the 22” Eagle Transporter popped through my letterbox this morning. Blimey, there sure are a lot of decals, four sheets in all and enough for at least two Eagles I’d say. I got them from Tony at Timeless Hobbies. Graham
  2. Funny looking Canberra. Nice build none the less and great tribute Graham
  3. I saw that on the listings, but wasn’t too sure (let’s face it there’s a lot of total crap on Netflix!), I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the heads up. Graham
  4. Just checked mine and it appears fine, but thanks for the heads-up. Graham
  5. Wow, that is big! Love these big builds. Your daughter a Westworld robot? Graham
  6. There was a chap, Anu, just outside New Delhi, who owned a fax and telephone shop. Anus Communications…… Graham
  7. Go to work? I think you need to sort out your priorities…… Graham
  8. Well, I think I got away with it. She’s not said anything and I’m still breathing… Graham
  9. Well, I now know it’s not a myth! Mine’s sat on the sofa next to me. Fortunately SWMBO is working til 7.30 so I can spend a few hours drooling over before I hide it behind the Victor Graham
  10. GrahamS

    Mis-heard words

    Didn’t the Bee Gees, at one time, want to “Stick it in your lemon dip”? Graham
  11. Holy moly, I didn’t realise she was that big. Nice one. Graham
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