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  1. These are crackin’. Really enjoy looking at them. Look forward to the remainder. Graham
  2. I do like submarines (I’d never want to serve on one though) and I do like that. Nice. Graham
  3. Very nice, my favourite scheme and like a lot of others it reminds me of the old Airfix. Graham
  4. Got a copy from the other half (the Eagle Spine Booster, which was to be my main prezzie, has, apparently got lost in the post ), looking forward to digging into it, though I usually only read when I’m on holiday. Graham
  5. Now that’s interesting, not something I’ve seen before. Nice model, I like that a lot. Now to google to get more info! Graham
  6. Not a clip from a movie, and although not on this clip, the one I originally saw had it as a John Lewis advert: Graham
  7. I loved his books, though they could be heavy going at times. Favourite was The Constant Gardener, which really did seem to capture life serving in a British Embassy/High Commission in Africa. RIP. Graham
  8. It is terrible isn’t it - Airfix have a bad reputation for heavy handed panel lines. Why on Earth would you emphasise them by highlighting then in black? It doesn’t make the paint job realistic, unless I’ve missed something and aircraft manufacturers really do highlight every panel with black paint. Having said that, mine’s on order. Graham
  9. How will it improve the flavour of a chocolate biscuit? Graham
  10. I can’t remember which US seller it was, but they said with the change in the way duty was to be collected (by the seller and then paid to HMRC) they would stop selling to the U.K. because the paperwork involved wasn’t worth the effort/profit. I can imagine a number of sellers doing that if margins are tight. Graham
  11. Funnily enough, I was to talking to my mate who sent it to me and we said exactly the same thing. Graham
  12. Interesting graphic from the BBC/NASA https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/science-environment-15882809 Graham
  13. Not sure about classics, but these two make me laugh: Graham
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