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  1. Well, they are simply wrong.... I too have the Dynavector (about three in fact) and I will, at some point, mate it with the Airfix. the Dynavector is a lovely kit, even for a vacform. Graham
  2. Ooooo, can’t have too many TSRs! Graham
  3. Before or after you’d ‘fixed’ it? Graham
  4. Spectrum TSR 2 , now I REALLY love that idea! Graham
  5. I caught that on the news this morning. Could be fun, will look forward to it. Shame it won’t be a MI film though. Graham
  6. Well, I’m with Martin on this one. Great to see ya back. Graham
  7. Just got this off YouTube via a Facebook page: Turn your volume to loud. Graham
  8. Yeah, gotta love that. Can’t have too many TSR2s. Graham
  9. Anybody watching this? Going to need a strong stomach! Graham
  10. Finally got round to watching it after unintentionally buying it from Sky. Well, what can I say.? By the end I just didn’t care. They seem to have fallen into the trap of too many computer generated vfx substituted in place of a good plot and script. I’m afraid sticking your hand in the air, producing cg lightening and pulling a sex face just doesn’t do it for me (in terms of a movie, other times it can be justified). Graham
  11. Just watched this on Netflix. Great film/documentary. A must see for anyone interested in space exploration. Even SWMBO who’s not really into such things watched it with interest. Graham
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