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  1. Oh nice, great back story and fab colour scheme, nicely done. Graham
  2. Said the actress to the bishop..... Graham
  3. Blimey, didn’t realise the 730 was so big! Graham
  4. Very nice. Love the addition of the Rapidly Blooming Window. Graham
  5. My gob is well and truly smacked.... Graham
  6. Didn’t realise you knew my mother in law..... Graham
  7. I’ve never forgiven Heller for that absolute monstrosity that is/was their 1/72 Concorde. Graham
  8. I don’t know if anybody has tried www.lookaftermybills.com - they look for the cheapest offer and after 12-18 months automatically do the same again. I may be mistaken, but I think they featured on Dragon’s Den. Haven’t used them myself so can’t comment, but given I’m with British Gas I might give them a go. Funnily enough, BG keep asking me for my gas readings.... Graham
  9. I ordered from Amazon on Wednesday with a stated delivery on Sunday by Royal Mail (bit surprised as didn’t realise they delivered on Sundays). However, it arrived on Friday, so no problems from me. Having said that, we post about 600 letters a day from work and I would suggest that about 5-10% goes AWOL. Graham
  10. More updates: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-s-mars-perseverance-rover-provides-front-row-seat-to-landing-first-audio Graham
  11. GrahamS

    Covid Jab

    I got the text on Tuesday and booked my appointment for 9.00am yesterday. All very efficient and I was mega impressed. Felt fine yesterday but got a bit fluey in the evening which has lasted until now and I feel really . But like Terry it ain’t going to put me off the second dose. A couple of days with manflu is infinitely better than a few weeks on a ventilator, or worse. Graham
  12. Sell the youngster and add to the stash with the proceeds. Graham
  13. I too watched it live on NASA TV. I was riveted, it was SO tense but I did have a smile on my face when it was announced it landed safely. Looking forward anything and everything that it turns up. you’ve gotta love the Americans when they do stuff like this (not that I don’t love them anyway, of course.....). Graham
  14. GrahamS

    Covid Jab

    The wife got her certificate emailed to her after her second jab. The problem with this is I can see that they would be very easy to forge. Graham
  15. Ooo, that would do me nicely. Anything less than 25 degrees centigrade is cold to me. Did once spend a bit of time in Huhot, Inner Mongolia, where it minus 32 and hated it. Graham
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