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  1. I’m just disappointed that the 1/24th TSR2 that the voices in my head promised me was not announced.. Other than that I’m looking forward to, though my wallet isn’t, the big Spit and the Buccaneer. I might even treat myself to a Fearless for old times sake. Graham
  2. GrahamS


    I moved to St Albans from Blackburn way in the 80s and was disgusted the first time I drank a coffee only to find crunchy lumps in the bottom. To this day I never finish the drink even though I no longer live in a hard water area. Graham
  3. GrahamS


    Would have to disagree. Chloroform is the best smell in the worl
  4. Oooo, that’s really nice. All a bit Thunderbirds. Going to get me one of those - hope it turns out half as good as yours. Graham
  5. No wonder you can’t get a decent secondhand Jag! Good job there are piles of empty cardboard boxes everywhere. Graham
  6. I absolute love that movie, saw it twice at the cinema and have it on blu-ray which I watch on a regular basis. But it seems to be a marmite movie as friends hate it. Graham
  7. GrahamS


    I work for the police, I know exactly what you mean! Graham
  8. GrahamS


    I was mainly thinking of English language programmes - I’m a bit deaf and the wife’s from Thailand and reads English better than she hears (well, never seems to understand anything I say). I can’t be doing with dubbing - I hate it when the lips don’t match what is being said. Graham
  9. GrahamS

    Desmond Tutu RIP

    Great man indeed. The transition from minority rule could have been very bloody had it not been for the likes of him and Nelson Mandela. RIP Graham
  10. GrahamS


    Why, when you select subtitles on the tv, are they displayed in the middle of the screen. A foreign language film has the subtitles displayed at the bottom, so why aren’t they? Graham
  11. I find it difficult to understand how any self-respecting company can sell such a poorly manufactured product. Best of luck with it! Graham
  12. GrahamS

    Possible Scam

    Nothing potential about it….. Graham
  13. Well, I requested a 1/24th TSR2, so I’m hopeful for a release mid next year…. Graham
  14. Depends who’s snuffed it. I can think of two individuals whose demise would cheer up my entire month. Graham
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