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  1. GrahamS

    Beefeater tour guide - brilliant!

    I do like listening to Bill. He is do entertaining and informative. And he doesn’t like children Graham
  2. Oh boy, this is such good stuff. Graham
  3. GrahamS

    Airfix 2019

    1/24th TSR2 with full weapons load. I’m going to be disappointed again aren’t I? Graham
  4. Hey! I studied there too! Though it it was The Herts College of Art and Design (in St Albans) when I was there and modelmaking was just a lowly HND. Had and a great time with Brian and Mike (not sure if he’s still there?), in fact such a good time that I failed the course...... Graham
  5. GrahamS

    Grump Britain.

    There was an all you can eat restaurant in Manila who would charge extra for food left. I thought strange at first, but nobody had much left on their plates. Having said that, the food was jolly good so you didn’t want to leave any! Graham
  6. Karawanken? Jeez, I really need to grow up..... Graham
  7. GrahamS

    Wittering Victor

    Nice. Can’t have too many Victors. Graham
  8. GrahamS

    Biggles Flies Undone

    I’m not jealous, not jealous at all. Nice one. Graham
  9. GrahamS

    No wonder the planet’s sinking under rubbish

    Presumably fresh sheets.......? Graham
  10. GrahamS

    No wonder the planet’s sinking under rubbish

    To be fair, I only bought six because they come in packs of three (why is that?) and I needed five! And I haven’t bought any for about five years and I was beginning to look as if I needed recycling myself. Graham
  11. GrahamS

    No wonder the planet’s sinking under rubbish

    No politics intended, Mike, just my utter dismay at sheer absolute waste. Feel free to delete/lock/recycle if you think it’s going to go South (though I know you don’t need my permission! ). Graham
  12. I’ve just bought six work shirts. The packaging consisted of: 12 sheets of tissue; 12 plastic clips; 12 individual pieces of plastic (2per collar) 6 sheets of card; 6 small strips if card; and 2 outer plastic bags. All of which has been suitably disposed of. No wonder we’re drowning under piles of rubbish and running short of resources. Graham
  13. https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/#public Graham
  14. GrahamS

    Manuals/guides am I the only one who doesn't use them?

    If all else fails, read the instructions..... Graham
  15. Blimey, a blast from the past. Nice. I too, got mine with the Hercules. Absolutely loved both kits. And the Bloodhound still ranks as a favourite (it’s SO Thunderbirds!). Graham