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  1. GrahamS

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    I think they’re called “Children”. Graham
  2. Halfords: great range of colours, convenient to use, good coverage, no messing about with the airbrush and cheap. Graham
  3. GrahamS

    Best Intro's (tv and film)

    Absolutely love that series. I can, and do, watch every episode time after time. Tom Selleck is brilliant. And yes the music’s pretty damn good too. Graham
  4. GrahamS

    A boy called Sue, or Lesley or Marion or even Yvonne?

    It is. Ask me how I know. Graham(L)S
  5. GrahamS

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Old Giger just couldn’t stay away from “that” shape, could he? Graham
  6. Lovely. Those figures are so well animated, sculpted (printed?) and painted. Rest of the stuff is not bad either! Graham
  7. GrahamS

    Grump Britain replacement

    Union flags flown upside down. You don’t fly the Stars and Stripes with the stars at the bottom do you? So why the Union flag? It’s not difficult, really,it’s not! Get it right! Grumble grumble, Chunner chunner... Having said that I did once have to tell an ambassador that he was flying our flag the wrong way..... Graham
  8. GrahamS

    Best Intro's (tv and film)

    Along with previously mentioned Thunderbirds, UFO and Stingray there is of course..... Graham
  9. GrahamS

    Spains New Submarine Woes

    I believe the same thing has happened to the French. Graham
  10. GrahamS

    Spains New Submarine Woes

    About 35 years ago St Albans introduced a multi million pound one way system in order to aliviate congestion. By about 11am on the Monday morning the system went live they were making broadcasts on the radio telling people not to go to StAlbans as the entire town was gridlocked. Apparently it took one driver seven hours to get out of one of the multi stories. A week or so later the roads were reverted to more or less the old system. Graham
  11. GrahamS

    Rabies: Government advice

    https://news.sky.com/story/gaffe-as-civil-service-magazine-prints-poster-telling-parents-to-shoot-rabid-children-11443626 Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Graham
  12. GrahamS

    The Alien 1979

    If only the sequels/prequels lived up to it. Cracking model. Graham
  13. GrahamS

    Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    This is all really good stuff, lovely work. Graham
  14. GrahamS

    New Beluga revealed

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-5897345/Airbus-oddly-shaped-Beluga-plane-gets-makeover-making-like-animal-lookalike.html I kinda quite like it. Graham
  15. GrahamS

    Smallspace 7

    All being well I shall pop in Graham