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  1. The prop looks really good (as does the rest of your build). I think i'll be getting some of that typhus corrosion stuff myself !
  2. Not that i can blame you, but we seem to have a real Corvette fanclub thing happening, just wondering if anyone ever tried the old 1/72 offering from Matchbox (?) that was issued in the 70s i think ?
  3. Very glad that Snowberry has recovered from the accident. Looking great.
  4. I'm still enthralled with the PE sheet from 4D so have spent more time this week assembling and trying out the various parts. So far the only issue i've come across is that all my ladders are too short ! I followed the old adage to measure then measure again before i committed anything to the design but they are all wrong. I decided that the only way to really fix properly this is to do another PE sheet and whilst i was drawing this i found out my mistake with the first. When you're in one of these SVG editors you spend a lot of time zoomed in close to the parts to align things etc. I was using a ruler that was part of the design to measure the ladder lengths and in most cases i would draw a rough length and then shorten them against the ruler. The problem is that in SVG-edit when you shorten something it does it from both ends so when i took 0.5mm off one end of a rectangle it would actually take the same off the other end too which invariably i couldn't see because of the zoom. Anyway the second fret was a lot quicker to design than the first and only took about 6 hours or so. Its still not finished but i'm waiting for 4D to confirm the new design will fit an A5 sheet before i add all the support tabs. Apart from the obvious ladders the sheet is full of all sorts of useful bits that can be put away for another project (cogs, wheels for winches, rivetted panels, handrails, lifebelt supports etc etc). In addition to playing with the PE bits i've done some post shading on the hull and some pre-shading on the superstructure. The railings on the oerlikon tub and 12pdr platform are loose fitted at the moment (the ones on the searchlight platform and bridge are fixed). The great thing about the custom railings is that on things like the gun platforms you can, as long as you do your sums right, get them so that stanchions are equally spaced and start/finish at the point where the access ladders come up. You will also be able to see the lifebelt racks which seem to be planked rather than solid, probably very difficult to make in plastic (for me anyway) but a piece of cake with the brass PE. The post shading on the hull (the original grey plus a dash of buff) will be "pulled back" with some acrylic and oil washes later.
  5. Somehow I missed this earlier but i think that looks superb. The small boats sailing alongside and the figures really bring it to life.
  6. Is this 1/72 ?? Its going to be huge. Will be watching with interest. Good luck !!
  7. Thanks Rob, i'll be boring everyone senseless with more PE bits and pieces over the coming days. You've lost me on "6 Ps" i'm afraid but then i am relatively new to all this nautical stuff !
  8. As expected I spent this afternoon working on some of the PE parts, coal scuttles, platforms for the lewis guns etc and i'll add some photos of these later. I suppose all this was working up to one of the parts that required folding/building and for some reason i decided to start with the potentially most complex one of these, the flag box. Anyway i going to put it down to beginners luck but it slotted together simply without the need for any glue ! This is the relevant part of the fret ... and this is the parts assembled
  9. Well i spoke to Iain at 4D and the only change that he made was to add a few more supporting tabs to the parts which i was pleased about. The PE finally arrived on my doorstep today and i am chuffed to bits with it, thanks to 4D it has come out exactly as i would have hoped, all the detail i put in has come through crisply, raised rivets, fold lines etc. This is a real breakthrough for me, it means that all those tiny parts that i just can't convincingly build from plastic or metal can now be drafted on the PC and printed. This in combination with 3D printing are an incredibly powerful set of tools (learning 3D printing/CAD will come later for me, but i'm in no doubt that this is the way to go to deal with the detail that just can't be convincingly done by hand). Anyway here are a few pictures of the finished fret..... No prizes for guessing what i'll be doing tomorrow !!
  10. The site is shown on the cover of the book - www.gpm.pl . A lot of other very interesting subjects too !
  11. I'm no expert but i'd guess that the flight deck was made of linoleum panels separated by metal (brass ?) strips. How wide and therefore how visible these would be at this scale i don't know. Lovely progress and great PE work btw
  12. Thanks Steve, one thing that is puzzling me on this is how to deal with folds. On things like the flag box, lifebelt racks etc i've obviously half etched on the fold lines but was not sure whether i need to adjust the size to take account of the corner. In my design where 2 panels fold at 90 degrees they are butted together and the cyan/red fold line is overlaid on the join - do you find this works or do you leave a gap and put the fold line in that ? Also how wide do you make the fold lines relative to the brass thickness ? My other simpler question is should the design work on folding away from the etch recess or into it, i've assumed "away" but my designs are simple enough this time for it not to matter but it would be useful to know for the future. Thanks Brett
  13. Great to see this on the move again after your set back !
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