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  1. All the pics I’ve seen of Vulcans internal and external have been gloss yellow.
  2. What’s wrong with the trumpeter ones? I have the airfix F6 already made (It’s one of my best) and acquired a trumpeter in a job lot.
  3. From memory the only real difference between the two is an additional compressor stage on the 301 and the exhaust are slightly wider and shorter then on the 201. The pics above show a front end 201 and a back end 301 so don’t use that if you want to change the compressor face look.
  4. Nicely done for an old kit still looking good. And just in time for the 70th anniversary of the hunter first flight on the 20th too.
  5. Really nice model. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a whirlwind kit before.
  6. Lovely model Mick, I agree the bucc looks good folded. My S2C is also wings folded config but that was partly because in the same box I have the S2B.
  7. Lovely aircraft. I was looking at the revell 1:72 version on eBay the other day till it got a little expensive. But you’ve done an excellent job.
  8. Very nice reference. You couldn’t just drop it off for me could you? Im fortunate to have a few of my own reference aircraft about but not. Sea venom. Whilst you’re just standing there what colour are the intake and gun ports?
  9. Thanks @NAVY870 that’s just what I want to hear. I have access to a single seat venom but it’s Swiss built and in that I know some panels etc are white.
  10. Just starting the revell sea venom going to build it as the Australian version. And since you said ask you sea venom questions here I have a couple. 1. Any idea of what colour the wheel hubs are (seen some that look silver, others that look that raf sky colour and instructions say white) 2. Any idea on colour of engine bay? (Instructions say a 33% mix of yellow, grey, green) Thanks.
  11. A couple of recently completed projects first being a refurb of the airfix L-1011 Tristar I build long ago complete with dodgy painting, no straight decals, unpainted and yellowing plastic. Since I had the decals still I refurbed from TWA to Cathay. Second is the 1:24 Harrier GR1 that was donated mostly unbuild to the museum I volunteer at (the donor got the kit in 1974 and never got round to building it instead was building the real thing) so I built the model for display at the museum to depict an engine change. Never tried my hand at diorama before so was interesting trying to build jacks etc. Tristar before After Harrier GR1 1:24 On display behind our GR3 Relaxing with his bottle of coke whilst others work.
  12. According to Buccaneer by Tim Laming. 7th February 1980 XV345 crashed in Nevada. Source of in flight breakup of starboard wing traced to cracking of inner wing spar. 6 months later buccaneers slowly returned to flight status. ”it was also suggested that the s2’s larger wing tip fairings be replaced by the shorter S1-style tip in order to remove the source of additional stress, and some aircraft where suitably modified, but not by any means the entire fleet.”
  13. Thanks. Unfortunately not faded. years ago our founder decided that he liked the “baby blue” more then the roundel blue so repainted multiple aircraft roundels and 923 tail in the lighter blue. (We intend to put them back including the tail stripes)
  14. Many thanks Steve, Hopefully with nice weather and less time shifting aircraft and displays around we can make a hit on her this year with not only paint but systems too so we can run her again. (I have the honour of re-skinning the stab) Thanks, in the future maybe I’ll do the other aircraft we have (though hard to find a good sea Prince)
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