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  1. A few pics of the real thing currently under restoration. So missing the black trestle lines and torque instructions. If this is of help to you.
  2. I have access to Hunter and vixen ladders. Anything you want specifically?
  3. Very unusual version and very well done.
  4. Thanks. It is very basic
  5. A somewhat quick build for me and frustrating for the perfectionist in me. SB2C-1 kit with no decals. So I chose since I’ve found no examples anywhere else to make it a close as I can to that of the prototype after its crash modified with the larger fin. So I present the XSB2C-1 all hand painted including the roundels (unfortunately nothing in my stash I could use) made with lots of reference to http://axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?523.post And yes I have tried to copy the angles from the production pics. And if anybody knows what c
  6. Thanks. Really versatile then. For most things I use lining tape and then paint but obviously it gets somewhat harder the smaller the part.
  7. Thanks. Didn’t know you could get such tape. Most id seen before is a mask.
  8. Decal stripe tape? All this one is free hand but for others I often use (subject to size) lining tape acquired when painting real aircraft.
  9. Now that is a colour scheme and operator I have never seen before and I have to say it looks great. The pics as said above do make it look bigger than it is. I have just acquired the 1:32 scale version fancy taking the pics for me and making it look 1:2 scale?
  10. Thanks for that but if history Dave, I thought it was old and certainly lacks detail compared to modern standards but you’re right it builds well and looks tidy.
  11. There’s something about the BEA colours that just make it look right. Even the A320 BA did looked better in BEA.
  12. One I’ve had on the shelf a while now the airfix vanguard. A somewhat simplistic model (though I think a rather old mould) that came out rather well. No real issues with decals or fit just a few minor adjustments to the paint based on pictures online eg the black outboard nacelle. Well worth adding to your collection if you see it available.
  13. I found the same. The nose decal is completely different shape to the instruction depiction and really doesn’t fit well. I ended up fitting best I could and filling in the gaps with paint.
  14. A very nicely made example of the F53. Rare to see in Saudi colours too. I am slightly biased when I get to play with this one.
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