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  1. Little late but if it helps pics of red top pack pylon and fairing.
  2. Your seat does seem more upright. I do really appreciate all your help with this John. Im leaning towards undersized bloke. Both 1/48 scale. Ground crew is from my lightning about 5’9
  3. He’s certainly that. That small platform is where it’s supposed to be mounted according to the instructions. That’s where I held it for the pic. I’ve tinkered with how the seat is held to the rail levelled the seat with the throttle console and he’s still miles high. Any lower and he can’t see out. Measured the floor and looked at as many pics I can find of the floor makes me think the pilot step is too low. (Roughly 8” tall) I’ve even taken to warming him up in a flame to straighten his back etc
  4. I normally don’t use 1:72 unless I need to hide something. But I’ve never had one so silly and Ill placed looking.
  5. Well with lots of tinkering I think the cockpit is just bad, gap between floor and instrument panel looks too big, seat too high. And measured the bloke. He’s only 5ft with short legs and long arms edit: if you put the seat lower so he can reach the pedals he can’t see over the instrument panel to the outside.
  6. Fantastic looking lightning to be. I’ve mot many in the camo scheme on here. With regards the strakes I think the airfix instructions are wrong in saying silver edge. The ones I’ve looked at are rubber edges with a small leading edge metal strip to stop erosion of the rubber. (If you wanted to adjust whilst they’re turned around)
  7. Me again with more questions! You may regret saying always happy to help John Cockpit is nearly complete but can’t get pilot seat to look right. Looks like my bloke either has very short legs or the seat is too jacked up. Does the seat sit on a step or move up so high? Had a look at our b2 and it looks and is locked flat to the floor. And just a pic of a grey instrument panel I’m assuming I’ve done the right panels in grey?
  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks John. The 1/48 is a perfect size. I’m looking at getting another 1/48. Thank you. There’s something about the red especially on the silver that just makes it look good.
  9. Finished this a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for some sun to get some good pics (which promptly hid behind a big black cloud on the first pic!) Trumpeter 1:72 lightning F1A of 56 squadron 1960s. Acquired from a friend minus a seat so seat made up roughly just to fill the void and bloke unused from a Canuck model to hide the dodgy seat. OOB build otherwise and painted with humbrol and revell paint and trialed a can of silver for the NMF which really shows up the texture in the plastic I didn’t realise pre painting. Not a bad build except for the instructions/decals. They only supply enough decals for 1 missile of either type and the 56 squ decal instructions only show one side so lots of guess and cross refer to other schemes. Word of advice for anybody with this in the stash. Do not glue the jet pipes in till the end I hadn’t and glad I didn’t as it needed some nose weight which can be pushed down the rear fuselage to the nose. So here she is added to my 15yo F6 and with an F2A in the stash I think a lightning Air Force is likely.
  10. Thanks John and Giorgio. Was just the info I was looking for. Have been studying different pics with 3 instruction a3 sheets ticking off what I can find on pics. Based on what I’ve seen I might go for a pylon and scratch build some camera pods. As mentioned above the wings seem lacking from pictures of many markings. I only have one other question so far:- flap internal colour - Silver or white/light grey? I’ve from pics come to the conclusion gear bays are silver. Thanks for your wealth of knowledge John.
  11. Just about to start the airfix 1:48 Canberra as WT309 raspberry ripple. And have a few questions. 1- As A&AEE Boscombe would she have any bomb bay load? (Read she was ground test but have also seen her flying with Boscombe down on the fuse) 2- Would all normal stencils be omitted with the raspberry ripple scheme? Airfix instructions just have lift end trestle points which mostly aren’t even annotated on the instructions and some emergency cut here, ejector seat, ground power. 3- Would she fly with a full crew of 4 or just pilot? Probably questions for @canberra kid but all input gratefully received from any other fonts of knowledge.
  12. Always nice to see a real story against an actual aircraft so nicely presented and finished. Well done On a splendid job.
  13. Thank you. Yes check it carefully especially the gear legs and attachments. Thanks. Yes mine is OOB. The only decal issues I had was the normal with the long yellow lines breaking. Not a huge issue to just realign the break. As I said above if you want to make a proper mk2 you will need to delete some windows and add some vents etc. There’s a nice mk2 adjustments thread on BM I used.
  14. Thank you. That’s a touch question. The airfix does have an interior, not that you can really see it. Thank you. 24 blade tips done twice too! First time I wasn’t happy with my ration of white to red. Thank you.
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