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  1. Really good looking build. I find airfix is a bit hit and miss my javelin was a really good except decals and my harrier just everything bad. Never had one that smells. Did washing the kit help?
  2. Have the same model in build at the moment. What did you use for the upper fuse colour? The revell paint number in the instructions seems too dark to me.
  3. Looks fantastic. Delta dart and delta dagger are the two left for my century fighter collection I’m trying to put together.
  4. Think ground crew over serviced the body gear at manufacture. Had to trim 1/8” off the length and thin down the gear door.
  5. My latest build 1:48 harrier FA2. Nice model with lots of manufacturing defects (thus the very short body gear)
  6. Really nice. Would love to have a proper look inside and out of a javelin. I volunteer at the local museum too so get to play with jets like the sea vixen.
  7. Unfortunately I found that it’s too big after it was on. Realised that the gaps and location didn’t match with the instructions or pics I was using for reference.
  8. Finished this a little while ago. Airfix 1:48 javelin. Really nice model to build fits nicely just let down by the decals. Fin flash too large, “port outboard gun” for the port and starboard side, and flap control on the aileron? Minor let downs on otherwise I really nice model.
  9. Old 1975 tooling of airfix fouga magister. For such an old model surprisingly good fits and still good decals!
  10. Thanks Colin. As you said I was thinking of using it as a barrier. Humbrol clear is water based so thought it would seal the acrylic.
  11. Anybody know if enamel paint will react with acrylic paint (rattle can) if you put a clear coat (humbrol clear gloss) between the two?
  12. Little late but only just found this. Always good to see a 681 squ spit. especially as my grandfather was on the squadron and remembered working an S for Sugar as he once told me.
  13. My last build of 2019 Saab JAS-39D from Revell. Nice model to look and and build tho a few inaccuracies in the model to correct. Mainly the angle of the nose gear door being at 45 deg and not vertical as per the instructions (paperclip mod required) Must thank Julien for the walkaround post that was invaluable for checking colours and position of the gear door. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/71776-saab-gripen/
  14. Was a little warped but nothing a couple of pegs when glued didnt fix
  15. Thanks for the suggestions all... Will try the brass pin option first.. Sure I can find something from work suitable. Rob that would be sacrilege to me.
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