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  1. You’re quite correct F53. Bit of finger trouble there.
  2. Assuming it’s like the F56 in which case it’s a cooling duct intake for the alternator and generator located left side just in front of the stab.
  3. I can’t speak for the mr2 but I work on an mr3 (I assume it will be similar) the mr3 crew seats have lap belts into pockets each side and shoulder belts that are detachable and link into the spar for take off with the seat rotated. If you need any pics let me know.
  4. A beautiful looking mk2. Funny enough I just came back from playing with a mk3.3 shack.
  5. Thanks all. Just what I wanted to know.
  6. Thanks all. That’s just the info I was after. I had seen some really good examples in RFI but they don’t always tell you any issues. Based on what you’ve said I certainly think a monarch Britannia is going on the wish list and a VC10 and go from there.
  7. Hi all, Was looking at doing a selection of civil aircraft (DC 3 to DC8, Britannia, VC10, Comet) and since Roden do quite the selection was wondering what the general consensus is regards quality, fit, detail, decals etc is. Most of my models are airfix or revell with a couple of Italeri and Tamiya I’ve just started on. So any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Homer. All my 120+ models are hand painted.
  9. My first Italeri model and it’s a SAAB Viggen. A little research and I had my doubts about this kit with it being an ESCI moulding with tales of bad fits, poor detail, and wrong tail etc. Having made it it came together better then I thought. The kit has both tail versions for the JA and AJ and with raised panels on a relatively old kit the details are lacking but it’s not the worst. All the parts did need a good rework for rough edges etc. Made OOB and brush painted. Model did need a lot of additional research for colour confirmations, positioning etc as instructions are not the
  10. Thanks Jackson. As you said not to hard to figure out just extra research. Which I do quite a bit of anyway.
  11. Hi Jean, Thanks for the website. I’m not sure if I tried it, I tried many. It doesn’t have the AS paints from what I can see. Was just helpful in confirming the colour for my current build JA37. I did the same and just used white as was closest I could see from pics etc.
  12. Really nice looking build. Always a fan of vintage airliners in interesting or bright schemes. I have the BEA vanguard in my stash for later.
  13. My first build of 2021 and first Tamiya model. For my first tamiya I have to say some very nice detail and fits. Found the decals a little weak especially the intake hazard decals too many folds. And not a fan of the colours only available as a spray making it very hard to convert to a tin or to humbrol etc. If anybody has a good cross reference site for tamiya AS paints let me know please.
  14. Great build and a type I’d like to add to my collection. Till then I get to play with the real thing (well the navy version)
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