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  1. That is certainly an aircraft I’ve never seen before with a lot of glass and a surprising tall looking tail. Is she painted in black or a very dark blue?
  2. Thanks all. Think the Vallejo maybe an alternative for me. Especially as I mostly rattle can or brush.
  3. Fellow modellers. Looking for recommendations for a bare aluminium look paint for a C54 build I’ll be starting at some point. I’ve tried a can on humbrol metalcoat polished aluminium spray but it doesn’t go very far 1 can covered just the fuselage of a dc-10 meaning I’d need 3+ cans for the C54. So any recommendations please. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Steve. I agree. The dark blue just hides the details and the lines. Thanks John. I might put in a small support post/bar to off load the nose gear if you’ve had issues thanks for the warning.
  5. Thanks kapam. I wasn’t aware until I looked it up on scalemates. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I hope mine gave you a big smile then. Thank you. Thank you.
  7. Fresh off the bench Revell 1:72 “new” (2018) Catalina PBY-5A of patrol squadron 61 US Navy Umnak Island Alaska 1943. The kit although called new on the box is a 1993 academy mini craft kit. It looks pretty decent though with good external detail, the cockpit is terrible fortunately the cockpit windows are so small you can’t really see anything inside so not a big deal. If anybody has this in the stash two points of warning. 1- I took up every bit of space in the nose with lead for the required counterweight in odd small sizes due to hill shape and then had to disguise it from view through the nose turret. 2- The wing lift struts could do with being 1-2mm longer. I had to weight and stress rig the wing to get it to meet and glue even then one side popped and needed an insert piece. Hopefully this helps anybody with the build coming up. Now the pics.
  8. Really nice looking build. I’ve been pondering this kit for a while. Seeing your build it’s just moved from the maybe list to the wish list.
  9. Looks a great build. I do like the test and school schemes.
  10. Thanks. Don’t look too closely then! The white is one I used to use on real aircraft unfortunately on models it’s chips easily.
  11. Thanks Dov. You’ll be pleased to know then that I have a 1:32 in the stash too!
  12. Thanks mikey. I did think the seat looked a little shall we say lost but as you said hey ho.
  13. Thanks Joachim and all above. You’re right the fit around the intake is a devil. I did fill the fuse gap but neglected the wing to intake gap. I may tweak that bit later.
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