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  1. Love it... I have a soft spot for prototype and test schemes.
  2. My grandfather (an airframe mechanic on PR spitfires in the war) told me when I asked him about battle damage repair that they used to just change the wing out and send it off to workshops for repair they never patched etc on the line. He never mentioned fuselage damage but being PR it was probably rarer. Any repair patches done I would suspect would be done as insert repairs and not scab patches in order to maintain aerodynamic smoothness. Example of a standard non pressurised insert repair in this case a Sea Prince.
  3. Fantastic build. Might have to put that kit on my wish list!
  4. PD130 was one i was looking at but being a "new build" I wondered about how much is best thinking rather then known. My main reference so far is a pic of the Hendon Lanc which is more green and as far the history states repainted in 1970 after leaving raf service (I assume like for like) Thanks. Thats was my initial thinking I am doing a daylight version btw.
  5. Really nice build. The rigging looks great especially the ferrules.
  6. A very nice refurbishment of a kit I’ve never seen. interesting the differences between the two kits of the same aircraft. The Revell kit (or maybe yakolev) look like they took the wing of the harrier bolted to the front end of a scimitar with any random radome and tail they had spare
  7. Fellow modellers, would anybody know what the interior cockpit colours of a Lancaster B1 grand slam bomber would be (Tamiya 1/48 kit 1970s version). Looking at pics has produced more variations then I knew existed from green primer sides and floors to black or even grey the same with cockpit seat and radio/nav desk also being black, green or wood. Ive even seen red leather edging. So far I've opted for black forward of instrument panel, green primer walls with black electrical boxes, black desks, green pilot seat base and green floor. Any input please.
  8. The silver is just normal Humbrol silver 11 then the props is Revell 90 and 91 Humbrol 18 for the orange. 2 coats over an initial silver. She big and what few clips of one taking off is impressive. They are still out there if you decide to get one. Thank you. You are right there. Do like the connie too and wouldnt mind a bigger one then the 144 I have. Thank you all. Thats interesting about the wires as I was searching high and low for pictures to show it and very few where clear enough till I found some HD pics. The main pic that shows them well is 18603 Yankee, as well as 18602
  9. A really quick build this one taking about a week. Airfix 1964 moulding Boeing 314 Clipper. Decided I had to make this after reading the story of Pan Am California Clipper and her almost round the world trip in Dec 1941 going from San Francisco to New York the long way after her return route to San Francisco was blocked due to the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese. If you want to read the story heres the link California Clipper story or Pan Am Historical page The kit is basic with no interior and very few parts but the fit is good. The decals are for NC-18605 Dixie Clipper fortunately research and a very useful picture sent to me from the Pan Am Historical Foundation (pic posted with their permission) show NC-18602 in New York after her arrival in Jan 1942 was of great help which I thank them for. A few adjustments to the original kit in reversing and rotating the 5 to make the 2 for NC-18602, Radio wires from fin to wing- If anybody makes one of these in the future dont be mislead by other models/pictures of the wires going to above the cockpit they are pitot tubes and the wires go to the wings, there are some HD pics of the attachments I found after extensive research. And finally using lots of old decal sheets black edge lines to make up the upper wing markings. (These should be rounded corners but I only had straights) Love the lines of this golden age of aviation bird and has grown on me the more I researched. I just wish she would stay on her stand and not keep banking over! As always thanks for looking and I look forward to yur comments.
  10. Not a country you see modelled very often. I look forward to seeing that.
  11. Thanks. Its a good kit just very thick plastic so the fit could be a little better but at least there material to remove Thank you. THank you. Was she one you worked on/with/seen? Thank you.
  12. Fresh off the production line one thats taken me a little longer then normal (I blame the humbrol red 19 paint) Airfix 1:48 Canberra B(I)6 WT309 of A&AEE Boscombe Down as she was in about 1985. Unfortunately only the nose of the aircraft survice now preserved at Farnborough FAST museum. My thanks to @canberra kid for some help and insights with his vast canberra knowledge. A few homemade additions to the kit in the form of wing tip camera pods, pylons adjusted for position, size, and markings, upper and lower fuselage whip antenna, brake lines, wing pitot tube, ejector seat handles and harness. Tips for anybody making this kit in the future: The plastic is really thick and subsequently the bomb bay doors really dont fit well plenty of material to remove! The raspberry ripple box scheme dosen't show any of the standard markings so an hour+ looking at pics matching what can be seen on pics with whats on the standard scheme is required. And the pilot is very undersized! As always any comments, questions and tips greatfully received. And now the pics.
  13. Another filler kit to fill the Canberra paint drying time the Academy F4f-4. No real period pictures of the Wildcat with the star and bar roundel scheme so opted to use a few pics from life magazine with the star and bar and reference material. It’s a very simple kit if almost say starter kit but goes together well. Grand total of 8 decals although 4 where no use to my example. (Aircraft number) As always I look forward to your comments/tips/suggestions.
  14. Stunning build and always interesting when you find some back story and actual pics.
  15. A lovely clunk, I made one at the start of the year and the NMF is by far the best scheme.
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