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  1. It’s now up for preorder on halberdmodels.com along with the 1/32 version
  2. I’m excited for this one too. Andrey will have them available for release as soon as he can. He lives very near the front lines in Ukraine and his area gets shelled quite regularly, so plenty of things out of his control can delay the release.
  3. The 1 1/2 Strutter was announced to be released before the 504 and that’s coming soon… covid and a war have a nasty tendency to delay things. I’ve no doubt at all that the 504 will come if the Strutter sells well, it has lots of potential
  4. Metro Hobbies’ website now has box art, color profiles and a decal sheet image online. Despite nothing on the Roden website, release seems to be coming very soon. Yippee! https://www.metrohobbies.com.au/products/roden-635-1-32-sopwith-11-2-strutter
  5. Thanks, yes I’ve already been in touch and they have the correct sprue on the way. Hopefully for everyones’ sake, this was a weird one-off
  6. My C.10 just landed from Lucky Model. Check your kits that the correct clear parts are included! Mine is missing the new frameless windscreen (sprue J) and instead has a random nose cone sprue from an unknown kit included and molded in clear. This is a sprue M that is not for this kit. Hoping Kinetic’s customer service is good…
  7. Well there’s a nice surprise - looking at the sprue pics, the sprues for the Ventura mk.II nose and turret are included in the Academy release!
  8. When I last chatted with Richard Alexander about the Lancasters, he mentioned wingnut had not planned a grand slam as the aircraft were based on later builds of the airframe…
  9. Check back in a week or two, Halberd seems to post a small batch at a time for sale.
  10. No it is not - it’s 100% independent tooling on the F-35A that Tamiya announced today. What you’re probably seeing is the Tamiya release of the Italeri F-35B for the Japanese market. The timing of the two releases is going to confuse more than a few.
  11. Just checked and it’s not April 1st, so I don’t think this is a joke. But it is sort of like thinking I’ve seen a ghost after so many years of “no, for real, the kit is coming this year.” So maybe it’s finally near the finish line, and that’s great news. I’m not familiar with the plane beyond the basic shape, but it looks good to me from that photo. Hope it sells well for them.
  12. The kit is out today! 🥳 Up on eBay and in stock in Ukraine, at least with plastic-models-store.com where I placed my order. That fills a good hole in my stash
  13. Early April Fools eh? 26 days later... :-)
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