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  2. I have this 1/32 nd kit in my stach. It says "Navy Carrier fighter". But,it's painted green and there's no hook. So is this indeed a navy Zero or just a mistake ?
  3. That's the body out of the IPA, not your kind of tipple Hewy! Some sanding to do once the other more important projects are out of the way.
  4. Wow. Stunning scratch model. I also have a soft spot and fond memories for gliders, but my training was a bit earlier. I flew in the Slingsby T21 with my solos in the T31, and the wind blowing through my hair. Well that is another fond memory, hair on my head. Well done Graeme
  5. Eric Mc


    There will be no fundamental tax reform in my lifetime. The only way you get root and branch tax reform is when the entire underlying political and civil service system effectively gets junked. That doesn't happen normally unless a country has been soundly defeated in a war or there is a massive internal revolution. A good example of why the notion of tax reform can't really happen were the recent attempts to simplify and scrap some of the silliness associated with the different types of National Insurance Contributions paid by the self employed. There is no doubt that it needed looking at but at least three Chancellors have made big announcements about changes to the Class 2 and Class 4 NI system and then have walked away when all the complications of the consequences of such changes are pointed out to them. As for VAT - you will not see much fundamental happening to it - certainly where domestic transactions are concerned. However, it will be interesting if the proposed "virtual" Irish Sea Border throws up any unexpected VAT quirks. Loads of fun times ahead.
  6. Okay, I'm in - thank you for thinking of me! I'm guessing that if this goes ahead (how could it not?!) it won't happen until at least 2021 or 2022, which might give me time to get my camera repaired! (Actually I did do a group build once before. The theme was "The Great Patriotic War", back in 2015/2016. I built the old ZTS Mikro72 Yak-1B for it - what a surprise, eh? Today we have nice modern Yak-1/-1B kits from Brengun and Arma Hobby! Decent Yak-9 kits are still a bit thin on the ground, though...) Cheerio; John
  7. Too right! It gives me the screaming irrits to see “Battle of Britain”, one of the pivotal events in World history in the 20th century, abbreviated to “BoB” or “BOB”. How would the French react to “BoW” for the Battle of Waterloo for example?
  8. I might beg to differ on that assessment of the film - although the sight of Sandra Bullock in her water cooled EVA undergarments did make up for some of the silliness..
  9. Thanks. It had never crossed my mind as to where he ended up. I always get the impression he was rather mental.
  10. That sounds fiddly. My eyes are still watering from the stencils on the Airfix F4!
  11. From experience I can state that Vingtor decals are very good and strong. They bed down well as they are thin so they do look painted on. Great decals Nils. regards Toby
  12. My Airfix "Cookie" with the Revell decals... Cheers / André
  13. That Mr Hobby brush I mentioned is a real belter!! I've been using it for 5+ years and most times now I never use anything else. It's a single action. It's just so simple to use and clean. Just wind the needle out and it goes from pencil line width up to fairly wide. I spray all sorts of parts for car and motorcycle models and use it in it's wider setting for all bodywork items. Really great, quality brush, I'd recommend it very highly. Obviously if you need a double action then the others I suggested are also worth a look. It depends how much detail you're spraying. If you're doing say mottled camo on a 1/35 tank, you may need something a little finer. Mr Hobby Brush https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10062174
  14. Dear All, Got a jolt the other day when hearing about the forthcoming 1/48 Firebrand TF.V from Clear Prop Models. But the news got me thinking. AFAIK there is no survivor and I have also heard that published plans can perhaps be questioned. What major prime source information is actually available? Production drawings, manuals, pilots notes, illustrated spare-part lists, etc? Making an accurate kit of, for example, a P-51D shouldn't be a problem since a lot of information is available, including survivors. But how about the Firebrand? There has been some kits released in the past, what are they based on?
  15. Ill have a dig about my of my bookmarks - im also a fan of balsa modelling and there are a few sites with thousands of plans etc about! 3 of note - https://aerofred.com/ - 24,000 Plans http://rc-plans.com/catalog/1002 - Few thousand plans http://www.profili2.com/eng/default.asp - this is a program for exporting/plotting/printing plans, but is freeware and comes with a few thousand plans. Between these and OuterZone already mentioned, that should be enough to keep you going Then there is always - https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ - Not designed for 'balsa modelling' but just a good site for blueprints, which could always be used as a starting point for more exotic projects! Look forwards to seeing where ambition and inspiration takes you!
  16. Was made into a good 3d movie through.
  17. 275. To draw the wording 'DIESEL', multiple guidelines are set... 279. After removal of the unnecessary parts and curving of the letter S (not finalised yet) it looks like this. 280. Test print by the copy shop. I am confident to start the etching process with this. Not everything worked out, as the small Mercedes star proved to be too thin and will be enlarged.
  18. Hello Simon. The Trailer is a Bronco Models Sd.Ah.52 kit. It's an ammo trailer that goes with FLAK 37 I believe. Super quality and detailed little kit. The 251/7 is AFV Club, guess you've noticed that. I took the freedom to thankfully use one of your modeling solutions, leaving off the side storage. I've checked reference for that and found out they were adjustable somewhat loose elements. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  19. Ditto - particularly the Croatian markings.
  20. Markh-75

    Humbrol Mattcote

    I find it work perfick for me! I just give the bottle a b****y good shake before use, use a good sized brush (you dont need a massive brush for this stuff). I left it overnight in the room i work and came back in the morning to find the two i have painted with it look excellent! (it did look a bit shiny the night before but once fully dry its fine, a little heat in the room helps it, its a nice warm room). Just my opinion.
  21. Thanks for the heads-up. Great model!
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