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  1. Different airplane, plus, that kit is (almost certainly) never going to be released, and if you paid for one, your money is (probably) gone.
  2. Since the other thread is locked down, I guess I have to point it out here. The A-12 Oxcart and A-12 Avenger are not the same aeroplane, so this thread really isn't applicable to a (potential) family of SR-71-related kits. Yeah, it's entirely possible that someone heard Modelcollect were doing an A-12 (Avenger) and started a Scalemates page for an A-12 (Oxcart) by mistake, but it's just as likely that Modelcollect are, in fact, doing both subjects. Either way, clearly there is a rumour that Modelcollect are tooling an A-12 Oxcart, and it seems pretty premature to lock the other thread down.
  3. They're not actually releasing it as a kit. They just did a one-off test print for a laugh (which they mentioned on their Facebook page soon after the first pic was posted)
  4. It doesn't. Most notably, the split is in a different location in the two kits - Academy has it further aft, basically at the start of the parabrake, in line with the back of the tailplane mounting plates on the fin. Airfix have it further forward, in line with the main vertical panel line on the tail (just in front of the mounting plate). So you'd have about a 1" gap to fill in. Additionally, the fuselage diameter is different, so even if you cut and section Airfix's F.6 tail to fill the gap, the parabrake parts wouldn't fit anyway. That said, if Airfix drag their feet on an FGA.9 release, you can count on someone doing a resin conversion specifically for the kit.
  5. For the people that don't want the hassle, here is the direct link: http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3197
  6. No, they didn't (well, not exactly). The only reason Trumpeter pulled and re-tooled the Wildcat is because Squadron/MMD, their main US wholesaler at the time, cancelled their orders for the kit. Squadron saw the kit, realized it wouldn't sell, and told Trumpeter to if they didn't re-work it, they could keep it; Trumpeter decided it was more economical to invest in revisions than to write off the project, so the kit got re-worked. It's possible that Squadron heard the commotion on sites like Hyperscale and ARC (I forget whether BM existed yet... was that pre- or post-'Malvinas Anniversary'?) and decided to press the issue, but it's a lot more likely that they just had a flood of cancelled pre-orders and realized they'd lose money if they maintained their order with Trumpeter.
  7. Link, in case anyone is wondering: https://www.facebook.com/groups/848474938507986/permalink/2257974344224698/ http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/accessories/barracudacastbr48350previewbg_1.htm
  8. It wouldn't. The KH nose is about a millimeter larger all the way around where it joins the cockpit section. It's basically the thickness of the plastic difference, so an ICM-based nose would fit inside a KH cockpit section, and a KH-based nose will fit over an ICM cockpit section; neither comes close to lining up. It's probably a moot point here - I would guess that he meant the Revell boxing of the ICM kit - but I've seen the question asked several times so figured I would preempt anyone who was wondering if it's possible. It isn't.
  9. Wonder if they'll release any other Sea Fury sets.
  10. Getting pumped for this release. Are there any good cockpit walkarounds out there? I'd like to get my references sorted.
  11. Meh. Wonder if I can convince someone to do an aftermarket 'pit.
  12. At least two more aftermarket sets are in the works, hopefully to be released at SMW.
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