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  1. Amazing work. It turned out great. The rivets are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your journey. Take care and I look forward to your next creation, Chris
  2. Glad to see you back at this project. And you have returned in a big way! Wow! I have to ask... Have you considered making some of the 3D printed parts available to others on Shapeway or one of the other 3D sites where you can actually get paid for people purchasing your work? I know I would be willing to pay to take advantage of your skills with the 3D programs. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have a 3D printer but do not currently have the skills to mimic some of the great work you have done on this project. Just a thought. Keep up the great work. Chris
  3. You are doing an amazing job with this little kit. It is really coming together. Keep up the great work, Chris
  4. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. (Sorry couldn't resist the bad pun.) I think Kitty Hawk made the roof plain so average modelers like myself don't get too overwhelmed with it. Having said that, have you seen the work Pete Fleischmann has done over on the Large Scale Planes forum? (HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35 - Works in Progress - Large Scale Planes) I have this kit in my stash and have plans eventually to try to work on the roof as well. I will be following along and hopefully can get some tips and inspiration from your work. The work you have done so far looks great. Happy modeling, Chris Edit: I tried to link to the build but for some reason it won't copy the URL.
  5. Looks like a great start. Mine arrived just after Christmas so I will be following your build with interest. Good luck with your exams. Chris
  6. The PE for the open windows look great. Nice touch. Looks like you are jumping right in with your new airbrush. Take care, Chris
  7. Great progress. Looks fantastic. The clear plastic cargo windows look the part and although you won't be able to see much inside, it won't be blurry. Have fun in the snow. Cheers, Chris
  8. Just went through the thread here. WOW! Glad you are back at it. From the work you have put into this so far she is going to be absolutely amazing when you finish. Perhaps don't let your lady know your thinking about the youngster. Happy modeling. Chris
  9. Great work on the cockpit. Take care, Chris
  10. Your hard work with the rivets looks amazing. It will be great to see your two hinds side by side when you get them completed. Have a great week, Chris
  11. Not to mention a whack load of tape. Thank you for the link to the reference you found. I'm hoping to someday get my own copy of this beauty for my stash to ooh and awe over. Have a great weekend, Chris
  12. They didn't have access to authentic Russian gear back then. They did a pretty good job though. Have a great weekend, Chris
  13. It has been interesting seeing the dual build with Nikolay. Also interesting seeing your build of the 1/48th version in the background. You mentioned the squeezing issue on the bigger bird. Are you finding similar fit issues between the two? Cheers, Chris
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