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  1. Hello guys, it's been a while since I posted anything on the forum. This is my latest Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc. It's the 1:48 Revell rebox of the Hasegawa kit. The build was uneventful, but the decals took a long time to move from the backing paper (does anyone know if leaving the decal on the wet paper for some time makes it easier to move later?)
  2. Oh my! How I wish I could get my claws on Kinetic's Pucará! But last time I ordered something from abroad, Correo Argentino ended up delivering my parcel to someone else (who was kind enough to contact me via Facebook for her to give me my parcel).
  3. They didn't, the undersurfaces should be painted light blue.
  4. Nice progress, the Shinden is possibly my favourite Japanese fighter (I have two).
  5. Just to know, is it worth picking up such a vintage kit when the Italeri kit is readily available?
  6. I know, but I want to know the fit issues of the current one.
  7. @RAGATIGER I'm not really worried about the armament, I want to know about the kit' fit issues.
  8. I believe the Airfix/Heller kit is OOP. The Academy one with the 2011 Libya scheme is available, and it has recessed panel lines.
  9. Hello guys, I want to build Special Hobby's IA 58 Pucará. I know it's a short run kit, so I was wondering, what are the major issues of the kit (fit etc...). I remember building Airfix's rebox of the SH kit a long time ago, but I can't remember if I had issues building it. Thanks!
  10. @alex_stela what issues did you have while building this kit? I understand it's a short run one, but are there any build issues? Thanks!
  11. Hobby Boss made a 1:35 Fieseler Storch, here's a video of it:
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