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  1. One thing you may want to check is the fit of the left side horizontal stabilizer (it's left when looking at the aircraft from the rudder to the nose from above). Mine ended up with an anhedral instead of being straight.
  2. Are those resin landing gear struts? Hopefully you'll have a plan to avoid them from bending after some time.
  3. Your friend is going to be very happy with this Mustang.
  4. Hasegawa better step up their game and re-release their Zeroes, or Eduard will enter the Japanese home market and compete with Hase.
  5. I wonder, how will this new Zero compare to the Hasegawa one? More detail yes, but a lot fiddlier than the Hase one.
  6. Today I decided to test my masking skills and practise for painting the tulips. I first painted the surface of the masking tape in white, then masked for the red. Once the red was dry, I applied a coat of RLM 75. I think I'll be able to paint the tulips without too many issues (though I'll be painting two at a time).
  7. Hopefully the tulips won't give me headaches. If that's the case, I can always go back to the numbered planes.
  8. I still don't have the kit, but I spent some time searching through Google for more Bf 109K-4 photos, hoping I could get some inspiration for an aircraft that picked my interest. After many searches, I came across one of the two red tulipped 109K-4s (I say two because one is the know "Green 4"). The aircraft I picked has the red tulips, plus a fairly abundant RLM 75/82 camouflage, with RLM 84 for the undersides. Here's a photo and two downloaded images from Google: The bottom aircraft is my choice. Note that the description mention the "3" is fictitious. I won't be buying aftermarket decals for the tulips, I'll try my luck at painting them before laying down the first coats of paint of the camouflage. I think I'll first paint the white, then the red and after that, I'll mask the 7 tulips and paint over them the regular camouflage. I'll follow Hasegawa's 1:32 instructions for the wings. If you guya have more photos of my chosen aircraft, link them away and I'll follow them when the time comes.
  9. All of the schemes look cool, especially the red tulipped one (there were 2 it seems). I may try my hand at painting the tulips. Or not, we'll see. Edit: May have to remove the red tulipped aircraft, I don't have the proper underside crosses. Of course! Especially if it's a Hasegawa reboxed kit!
  10. What's your take on the fit of the main parts? There's a Kikka in 48th from FM begging me to buy it, but if the fit is iffy, I'll be taking a pass.
  11. I like that one too, and it seems to be painted in a single colour except for the cowling, must be RLM 82 with 81 mottles on the rudder, and maybe 75 for the cowling. Guess it's something that happens when one dwelves deeper into modelling.
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