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  1. Beautiful model, really like the variations in the metallic (or is it grey) camouflage.
  2. Hello guys, here are the photos of my most recent model, Revell's 109G-10 Erla in 32nd.
  3. I managed to add the decals to the model yesterday. I began with the tulips, knowing that if their application went south, I'd still have the decals for Yellow 7 from JG300 to try again. Luckily the tulips behaved (after three coats of Microsol), and then added the remaining decals. Fast forward to this afternoon, I gave the model a matt coat and installed the landing gear struts. I also painted the fuel tank with Revell 91 Steel. Wheels added. It was after this photo that the tailwheel strut broke, so I left the part dry overnight. Photos in the RFI soon!
  4. Following this thread because I too want this kit. Which version will you be making? The C-2 from Poland or the C-7 from Russia?
  5. Quick update: The kit was finished today, but the RFI photos are on hold until the tailwheel strut finishes drying. The shaft that holds the tailwheel into its slot is very flimsy, and I broke it again by accident.
  6. Finally, the stage you've all been waiting for! Painting! Bf 109's spine painted in RLM 75. RLM 82 and 76: Mottling: To avoid paint ridges, I painted the wings entirely in RLM 75, and then in 82. Undersides painted in RLM 76. And glossed up: I'll start decalling later today. Hope the tulips behave and settle down on the nose's curves.
  7. Today's time at the workbench was dedicated to installing the wings and empennage: I don't really like the way Revell designed the stabilizers, rudder and flaps. They can be left unglued so they can be positionable, but the fit is loose on all of them, so I just glued them in the neutral position and the flaps in the down position.
  8. Nice save regarding the cone of the propeller. It wouldn't have ocurred to me to paint the root of the propeller in a metallic colour.
  9. I managed to sneak my way into the workbench today, and glued the cockpit to the fuselage, and both fuselage halves together. This time, I payed closer attention to the instructions, and glued the correct radiator. The gear bays assembly may look daunting at first, but it builds up nicely if you follow the instructions. The wings go together: One of the mysteries I had with the G-6 kit, was on the installation of the fuel tank rack. Revell showed open holes for them, but the piece was solid. On this build, the instructions showed the same, but I casually checked the underside of piece 185, anf lo and behold, the holes were there (flashed over). I opened them up, and then glued the rack into place. That's it for today guys. The plane is actually in the painting stage. I'll try to gloss it up today, and we'll see about applying the decals tomorrow. Hopefully, the tulips will behave and set easily into the model.
  10. Hello guys, I made more progress today with the Erla. I built up the cockpit and painted it in Revell 78 Tank Grey. The seat came with moulded on belts, so these were picked out with light grey and silver buckles. Auxiliary fuel tank lines paintef yellow: Instrument panel painted in RLM 66 with black bezels. Here's a photo of all the cockpit parts (without the gunsight) ready for gluing. Cockpit finished and wingspar glued:
  11. Well gents, here it is, the kit finally arrived safe and sound. The seller however, didn't place any protection inside the box, and the parcel was illtreated by the postal service. Luckily nothing came loose from the sprues or broke away. The back of the box is also torn for some reason. Here's the boxart: Wheels and propellers: Clear parts: Wheel covers and rudder: Fuselage halves: Decals:
  12. Yep! https://www.ebay.es/itm/184641240183?hash=item2afd79bc77:g:K~gAAOSwDHdgE8r2
  13. Hello guys! I just received a notification from a domestic seller that my Bf 109G-10 Erla in 32nd scale from Revell is on its way to my local post office. The kit has markings for two versions: Erich Hartmann's last Messerschmitt, and Yellow 7. I'll be building it as Hartmann's machine and put it alongside his G-6 from Hasegawa. I learnt a lot from the G-6 Late & Early (from Revell too), and will apply my findings (such as loose landing gear struts and fragile tailwheel strut) into play with this model. I hope I don't slash the tailwheel strut with my hand this time. The model should be arriving next week if everything goes according to the delivery schedule. Until that, here's a downloaded photo from Google of the kit's boxart.
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