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  1. Hi, it´s me again. I bought this decal sheet, and because Eaglecal´s profiles don´t give me much information regarding camouflage mottling, I wanted to know if you guys had photos of: 1) Fw 190A-3 Chevron and Wavy line, attached to I/JG51, painted in the temporary white camouflage scheme (I want to know if the aircraft had the normal Fw 190 camouflage before being painted in white). 2) Fw 190A-3 Yellow 5 and horizontal bar of the same colour, attached to 6/JG1 (I want to know if the aircraft had the outer guns and the bulges under the wings, or if it was a factory release of an aircraft without the outer guns and flat panels under the wings). 3) Josef Priller´s Fw 190A-2, attached to III/JG26. I was able to find a single blurry photo of this aircraft´s left side. I hope you guys can shine some light above these three aircraft. Thanks!
  2. @Corsairfoxfouruncle thanks! It was a nice kit to build in the small time frame I had.
  3. Sturmovik

    1:72 Hobbyboss He-162 Soviet Union

    "Insert obnoxiously loud Soviet Union anthem." I really like how you finished your model, not all the time one sees a German plane under Soviet management. This He 162 is also under my "to buy" list, if the Tamiya 1:48 model is too expensive, then the 1:72 will do.
  4. Here´re the promised photos of my Ta 152H from Revell. This kit is a reboxing of the old Frog kit from the 70s, and it shows it mainly in the raised panel lines, flash, and the (flashed) hole for a stand. The only troublesome area of the kit was with the tailband: Firstly I positioned it correctly by sheer luck (I wasn´t looking at the instructions), and secondly, it was long enough to cover the entire rear fuselage and it curled, without any chance of straighten it again. The instructions also show an incorrect placement of the inner landing gear doors, if you ever build this kit, make sure to follow the painting instructions to place the inner doors. The wheels were glued in place, and the caps were left in their sprue, together with the pilot. The propeller was designed to spin to the left, so I opened another hole to be able to make it spin to the right. I also wanted to preserve the raised panel lines, so the aircraft unions weren´t filled with putty, most visible on the right hand fuselage/wing section.
  5. Sturmovik

    Wizz air pink-any clues?

  6. Sturmovik

    Revell 1:72 Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Thanks, I was just realising I put the tail band in the correct position by sheer luck (I was kind of rushing to finish it). I need to check the instructions more carefully for my next model. Also, the instructions show the inner landing gear doors in the wrong position, they should go as the painting instructions show.
  7. Sturmovik

    Revell 1:72 Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    @adey m not so original, I modified the propeller for it to turn in the correct way, the rest was left as is. Regarding the build time, it all comes down to how much detail the aircraft has, how many parts it has, and how hard the camouflage is. Using a brush also reduces the painting time, since you only need water to clean it. Sadly one thing that affects me is the need to start and finish things fast, and because of that I curled the spinner decal a bit. It´s not shown on the photos, but it´ll be a sore thumb every time I look at it.
  8. Sturmovik

    Revell 1:72 Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    I managed to get some free time, and was able to build, paint, and decal the model in less than three days. Proper photos for the Ready for Inspection section will be taken as soon as the sun comes out. I didn´t use filler on this build because I wanted to keep the raised panel lines. I painted the "cockpit" and seat with Revell 78. Because I wanted the propeller to spin, I decided to paint first the piece you see here (don´t know the name), and then glue the propeller to it. RLM 81 and 83 coat added. A close up on the propeller assembly. RLM 82 and 76 painted, with the mottling. And the finished model. Most of the decals worked well, with the exception of the band, which wasn´t long enough to cover the whole rear fuselage and wrinkled, no matter how much I tried to straighten it up with my brush.
  9. It´s coming along great! Can´t wait to see it painted and decalled.
  10. Sturmovik

    Douglas DC 7C Revel + corrections

    I believe this was my one of my first airliner models, and it was a really enjoyable build. I also broke many of the propellers while trying to glue them. I´d build it again but without the pilot and without adding too much glue for the weights to avoid melting the plastic.
  11. Sturmovik

    Opinions on Dragon´s 1:48 Ta 152H

    Update on this topic: I went to the hobby shop to buy the model, but two sprues were out of their bag and had two missing pieces, so I left it on the shelf. The seller told me he was selling it for another guy for a really cheap price.
  12. Sturmovik

    Opinions on Dragon´s 1:48 Ta 152H

    @MilneBay what about the tailwheel? I saw on @Crimea River ´s build that it was molded as if the aircraft had been towed, with the tailwheel at 180° from the normal position, was it like that on your kit?
  13. Sturmovik

    Revell 1:72 Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Not exactly an official start, but I opened the other side of the propeller with a scalpel, now it can be added to turn in the correct position. Thanks to @stevehnz for his advice.
  14. Sturmovik

    Revell 1:72 Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    I checked his build yesterday, really nice, mine will be without scratch and with a much simpler mottling. I hope to start the model in more or less 20 days.
  15. Sturmovik

    Revell 1:72 Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    You mean the other side of the propeller is blocked by flash? I´ll try to open it from the inside with a pin and then by using the scalpel on the outside.