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  1. I had serious fit issues on this same kit the second time I built it. I suggest you build the front half of the engine and glue it to the alignment channels on the cowling pieces.
  2. Picked this Dora 9 in 48th from Hobbies Moròn today, instead of taking with me the Gloster Meteor from the same brand (the owner was not amused by that). I won't be using the kit decals, because I plan on using a mix of Xtradecals and Sky Models decals to mark this Dora as Red 1 from JV 44, Heinz Sachsenberg's plane. The seller warned me that the kit didn't come with instructions, but I'm sorted with the PDF file from Scalemates. I also bought a new softener, one that I have never used, Mr. Mark Softer decal softener. I plan on using it on another Tamiya kit with more irregularities in the surface, such as the Mosquito FB VI or the Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop. I won't be making a start soon though, it's exam time at uni, so I'll be sniffing glue and paint as soon as I'm finished. Here are some photos:
  3. Thanks Troy, the info you've given me is most useful. @Mike please close this thread.
  4. Anyone who can chime in for this topic is gladly welcome! @Troy Smith
  5. @Troy Smith since you know lots about the Meteor, what were the main differences between the Tamiya mix up of a Meteor F.1/F.3 and the Meteor 4? If there aren't many, I coule buy an Aerocalcas set and make an Argentinian Meteor F.4. Edit: Nevermind, I just found I need longer intakes.
  6. I could, but the reason I bought this kit was I didn't have a Meteor in my collection, and that I wanted to use some EDSG and DG to avoid them drying. So I'll just fill the speedbrakes.
  7. Of course, I bought it with the idea of building it, not reselling it.
  8. Just confirmed it has the incorrect, F.3 wing . I'll fill and sand the area to correct it.
  9. I think the version I bought has the correct wing. I think. I'll be able to confirm that when I go pick it up this Saturday. Fingers crossed!
  10. @Troy Smith but is the kit rare? I'm not worried about a different wing.
  11. New title, because I'm now interested in converting the Meteor 1/3 (I have the original Tamiya kit, without the wing change), to an F.4. I know I need larger intakes, common to the Derwent 5 engine. My question is, how much larger, in 1:48, are the intakes of the 4 from the 1? Taking into account the use of the 1:48 Meteor from Tamiya. Also, if it's possible, I'd like to know the size of the base of the intake base to the wing (length and and hight) of the Tamiya kit, so I can send the measures to the man who'll print them
  12. I knew I had to make one as soon as I finished reading the article I found about this.
  13. Hello guys, I have completed this Skyhawk E from Hobbycraft as a what if from the Armada Argentina. My country negotiated with Israel the sale of 16 A-4Es in 1982, but the US didn't allow the transaction to go through, so the aircraft remained in Israel. The money was never recovered. This attempt at rearming the Armada is known as Operación Goliat. The model was entirely brush painted with Revell Aqua acrylics, and decalled with Condor Decals's set 48032.
  14. Hello guys, how are you doing? After being away from the bench due to university, I've found some free time to gloss and decal the model. Decals used were from Condor Decals 48032 for the A-4Q in Argentinian Navy service. I modified the fuselage numbers to make them as 360 instead of 309. After decalling, and letting the decals and Micro Sol set ovetnight, I added the landing gear and bombs. The last step was very fiddly, because the bomb pylons and bombs kept getting free from the glue's grip. I also almost glue the main landing gear backwards, but I caught that before the glue had cured. Tomorrow I'll post the RFI photos. Take care!
  15. Never thought I'd see another Strike Witches fan here! I built the aircraft of the pilots that inspired the Strike Witches, and have four of the official Hasegawa 72nd Strike Witches planes.
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