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  1. Hello guys, here's my most recently completed model, Hobby Boss's Bf 109G-2 in 1:48.
  2. You're correct, Eduard shows a piece to block the chutes, but it has to be installed before glueing the wings to the fuselage.
  3. Weird, I've never had issues with HB decals falling off after being placed. Except on their 1:72 Me 163.
  4. Don't forget that the Eduard 110 in 48 has the nose gun and engine issue of not fitting properly.
  5. I've built two of Academy's Ta 183s, one in Argentinian colours and the other as Erich Hartmann's machine. Hope me uploading photos of those two models will help you with your PM Models kit:
  6. Try uploading a photo to Imgur and then pasting the link here.
  7. Hobby Boss has a Bf 109G-2 with markings for Rall's aircraft. This is my rendition of it, hope it helps:
  8. I've built four of the Hobby Boss's 48th 109s and they've all assembled together pretty well. Following this. My only doubt would be the use of the underwing cannons, better check if the aircraft you'll be doing had them IRL.
  9. Nice progress on your Betty, hope to see it finished soon.
  10. Hello guys, this is my seventeenth and final build of the quarentine (I've run out of models to build).
  11. I usually apply two coats of Revell's gloss varnish before applying the decals.
  12. Looks great! My only problem with this (and my) Ta 152 are the 1:72 Swastikas, don't know how Hobby Boss could get them wrong.
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