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  1. Sturmovik

    Tamiya Pearl Harbour Zero

    Try spreading the fuselage outwards using a piece of sprue, that should do it.
  2. Sturmovik

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    The all time famous RLM 76 with the mysterious "RLM 84." The 76 looks way too light blue as it it were 65, I guess it's the photo.
  3. Sturmovik

    Airfix 2020

    I like the idea of a new 1:72 Ar 234.
  4. Sturmovik

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    You may already know the drill, put them in warm water for 10/15 seconds, place them over a napkin and wait until they slide on the backing paper. If they don't apply some more warm water and wait.
  5. Sturmovik

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    Strange, Revell decals never broke on me, maybe you got a damaged decal sheet.
  6. Sturmovik

    Hobby Boss's 1:48 Me 262A-1a noseweight, is it enough weight?

    It took me some time, but I managed to saw in half a 60g leadweight, ending up with this. What do you think, will it be enough? @Julien what do you think? Will this weight, coupled with the one in the kit, be enough to get a nose sitter?
  7. Sturmovik

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    Man, I wish I had been like you when younger, I used to obsess myself with RLM 76 and it's correct shade. Now I paint all my post 1941 Luftwaffe planes with RLM 65, and it looks nice.
  8. Sturmovik

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    No issues regarding restored machines, all the C-47s here had been either scrapped, are in a derelict state, and only one has been preserved in a museum.
  9. Sturmovik

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    Plus, you can add the windows at the end of the build. Would you mind showing me a photo of the intakes on that kit or the part number? I can't find them on the sprue photos.
  10. Sturmovik

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    @Admiral Puff I wasn't able to find any photos of TC-34 with the carburator intakes, they were removed a long time ago. I did however, find a photo of TC-33, which has the short carburator intakes, and I'll assume TC-34 had those too. Does the Dakota IV from Airfix have the short intakes? If not, I'll buy the Italeri kit, they come in that kit.
  11. Sturmovik

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    Were there any external differences between the C-47A and B?
  12. If things go well and I manage to land the days correctly, I´ll be able to visit the Big H in June, planning to buy a decal sheet with an Argentinian C-47A TC-34, plus the Dakota Mk.IV from Airfix. My question is, what version of the C-47 does the Dakota Mk.IV represent? Would it be the C-47D? And if so, were there any external differences between the C-47A and C-47D? I´m not familiar with cargo aircraft, my favourite planes tend to be Luftwaffe fighters. Thanks in advance!
  13. Good luck with your projects, the Hobby Boss 190 is the best fitting 1:48 kit I've ever built. Regarding the Bf 109G-6, if you're building it with the underwing MG 151s, that means it's a G-6/R2. The G-8 was the reconnaissance variant.
  14. Sturmovik

    Hasegawa 1/72 FW 190D

    From my mind, I recall finding photos for Oskar Romm's and Rudel's aircraft (both are on the sheet). I have no doubt the decals are of good quality, they're Cartograf printed.