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  1. Wings have been built with flaps and slats down. The ailerons were glued in the neutral position. More photos soon.
  2. Good luck with this project. I remember that masking the small windows on the underside of the aircraft was quite difficult.
  3. Looks like it won't need any filler. Nice build so far, hope I can see it painted soon.
  4. I know what you mean, awefully thick sprue gates on very thin plastic. I've already removed them using a plier and trimmed the remaining sprue nubs with the scalpel.
  5. Decided to start a new project as a way to restore my lost "mojo," as most of you call the desire to build models. It'll be Airfix's Bf 109E, which will be done as Franz von Werra's machine. I already have one of this models but painted as Adolf Galland's aircraft. The main difference between the two is that this one will have the flaps and slats down. More progress to follow soon, my side project is Revell's huge Ju 88 in 32nd.
  6. Looks awesome, it kind of makes me regret having not continued with airliners instead of going to military planes.
  7. Be warned that the "seat" where the rear machinguns go, if placed as told in the instructions, won't allow the fuselage to close properly and will leave a gap. The wing to fuselage join will also have a gap unless you add a piece of sprue under the fuselage. That will level the wings and will give you a flush joint.
  8. @nicholas mayhew thanks for your advices, but what you wrote is not what I'm after. I don't want to detail my kit, I want to know how to assemble the cockpit without fit issues.
  9. @Adam Poultney here's a photo of the finished model: And here's a link to my build article on Modeling Madness: https://modelingmadness.com/review/axis/luft/190/san152.htm
  10. Don't know what happened, I'll try to upload new photos later.
  11. Hello guys, as per the title, does anyone have any building tips for Revell's Ju 88A-1 in 1:32? Especially around the cockpit area. My first attempt at this model ended up with horrible gaps around the nose and cockpit area. With the second model, I learnt from my mistakes and managed to evade any issues with the cockpit. Sadly I had to trash the model after a shelf fell over it. Now, this will be my third attempt to build this plane, and I would like to receive some building tips. I plan on finishing this third model as my second one, B3+DR from KG54. Any building tips will be helpful, especially any tips regarding the fit of the cockpit and the sidewalls to the fuselage halves. I already have SAC's white metal landing gear to replace the plastic ones from the kit. Thank you very much, Francisco.
  12. I have another Macchi C202 in 48, which I was planning to build as Lucchini's aircraft too. Sadly I don't have the decals.
  13. Thanks! It was the most difficult camouflage I've ever painted. I'm guessing it's the one released with markings for the Shiden kai no Maki manga, am I correct?
  14. I think the left fuselage half is warped inwards, making it look as if the right half was longer.
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