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  1. I bought this kit back in 2018 (I believe I even made a topic here asking for advice regarding ICM's Mustang). I began building the kit as soon as I got home, but was disappointed because of the poor fit of the fuselage and cockpit, so I left it inside my spares box. Fast forward to April 2021 (Tuesday 13/4/21), while being bored, I remembered I had this kit, so I pulled it out and decided to build it. I'm pretty pleased of how it came out. I used Tamiya decals.
  2. Besides of what was said above, Eduard's non-Cartograf decals don't let you move them after they're in the model's surface, something that doesn't happen with Cartograf decals.
  3. Hello, I'm running out of my Revell Contacta glue, and my hobby shop doesn't have it. However, they do have the UHU Plast Special glue, which I've never used before. Is UHU Plast Special the same as the Revell Contacta glue? Thanks!
  4. I also did Gentile's Mustang in 2019, possibly one of the best kits I've ever built due to the perfect fit.
  5. Try using water based acrylics next time (Revell Aqua, Humbrol acrylics), that way you can model around the year while waiting like half an hour for the paint to dry.
  6. Go for the what if route, it'll be better than having to paint a boring white scheme. As a matter of fact, I'm also planning to buy a Mirage 2000 from Kinetic and paint as a "what if" Fuerza Aérea Argentina machine.
  7. A yellow-nosed 109, what's not to love about that.
  8. I assume their decals may have improved from their earlier releases. I still prefer them to choose Cartograf though.
  9. The Typhoon in that scheme is on my "to do" list. Good job!
  10. I used the same RepliScale decal sheet for my Hasegawa P-51D in 48th. I used Chuck Yeager's decals too, and they worked beautifully.
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