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  1. If the paint ia water based, use isopropyl alcohol to remove it.
  2. Just got the decals for the Dagger. This is the aircraft I'll be doing, C-408.
  3. Please let it be a new tool early Skyhawk in 1:48! Lots of interesting markings with a wide array of operators (Argentina cough cough).
  4. Hello guys, In this thread I'll be posting all the 3D printed models I'll be building. 3D printing is still a young branch in the hobby world. There aren't many threads dedicated to this style of modelling on BM. As a way to introduce the thread, here are three models I assembled and painted. The first one is an A-4B in 1:72. The aircraft is marked as C-207. This model was gifted to my therapist as a way to thank her for everything she did for me. These two are I.A.e 33 Pulqui 2s in 1:48 scale. The first one was painted in a scheme which doesn't follow any conventional rules. I just wanted to see how it looked with some coats of paint. The second Pulqui 2 was painted in the more realistic scheme of the F-86F-40 Sabres Argentina used till the 70s. Anyway, I hope to see you guys comment on this thread. Next aircraft will most likely be a 1:48 Mirage V "Dagger" as C-408 in the "last flight of the Mirage" in Argentina.
  5. Which variant? If talking about the mainstream A and C, Revell has done the A-1, A-4 and C-6b.
  6. Maybe a new tool 1:48 A-4B/Q Skyhawk? That would be neat.
  7. Didn't know our Panthers had those fences. I completely ignored that detail when building mine.
  8. Did you really throw to the garbage your Revell models due to some dimension errors? You could have gifted them to me.
  9. We had 100 F.4s. According to the BM collective mind, the F.4s had a different canopy, longer engine nacelles and clipped wing tips. Hopefully Airfix will release a 1:48 F.4 in the future. Would be awesome.
  10. I actually did make a Ta 183 in Argentinian colours. Academy in 1:48.
  11. That's a big difference indeed. Thanks for answering.
  12. Would there be many size differences between a 1:32 and 1:35 Fw 190s? I assume it would be some millimetres.
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