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  1. @Ka-Efka I was surprised to see three videos of the same topic yesterday when I entered YouTube. My favourite by far was that of Champion Scale Modelling, who gives a 15 minute review of the Spit.
  2. Dragon's Fw 190D-9 has been replaced by the Hobby Boss kit, a much superior offering with much better fit all around. I had bought Dragon's kit in order to have Gerhard Barkhorn's decals. The kit itself has many moulding defects, big gaps around the fuselage/wing section (which is solved by adding a spreader bar aft the cockpit), the propeller blades don´t have locating tabs, the aircraft sits too high on its gear because of a manufacturer idea, it comes with steel PE parts which are nigh impossible to cut from their sprue with a regular hobby knife, etc... I decided to paint the model as Oskar Romm's aircraft, which in reality had the old Fw 190 canopy instead of the blown one. The model was brushpainted with what I thought were the Revell equivalents of RLM 82 and RLM 83 (Bronze Green 65 and RAF Dark Green 68).
  3. @Reini78 is currently building a Uruguayan Hellcat. He'll have the answer to your question.
  4. Can´t say no to that, the Concorde is the Concorde.
  5. Pegasus Hobbies Fw 190A-3. I had bought this kit with all the pieces out of their sprues (but with all the pieces being present) and without the original decals (it came with two sets of badly stored ones). I used Eaglecals decals for the Fw 190A-2/A-3 in 1:48 to represent a plane used by Schlg 1 in the Eastern Front. You can look this plane up on Google as "Fw 190A-3 jagdbomber a." I used a Hasegawa 190 bomb rack, and a Bf 109 bomb.
  6. Depends on the country though. For the British here, the Spit might be the most iconic, for an American, it might be the P-51, and for the Germans, the Bf 109 or Me 262.
  7. Flickr will constantly warn you when you're about to exceed the 1000 photos if you're near that limit. You can choose to be reminded later. What I did was to delete all my modelling photos and move them to Imgur.
  8. In addition to that, Skymodels produced a decal sheet in 1:72 with several marking options for Fw 190As, fron A-2 to A-8. Yes, both were externally the same, having only internal differences. I had planned to use A-2 decals on my Pegasus Hobbies A-3.
  9. I can't see the photos past the one with the fuselage gap.
  10. An excellent building experience from start to finish. The instrument panel is a bit of a vague fit, but I ended up installing it without issues.
  11. Thanks, I used Revell 66 Olive Grey for the Olive Drab.
  12. A nice and enjoyable build with not fit issues and excellent decals.
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