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  1. Have you ever wanted to make your own custom masks for your Luftwaffe aircraft, but your attempts ended up as utter failure/markings were too difficult to draw by hand? Well, don't dispair anymore! I found this link which allows you to download to your pc the exact letter/number font for Luftwaffe aircraft! Simply download the file, open the RAR and install and font, it'll install itself on the font list on Word. You have numbers, letters, and two types of Balkan Crosses! Once you open Word and select the font, "Blockschrift fur Flugzeug", you'll be able to print the desired codes, cut them and make your own masks. https://fonts2u.com/blockschrift-fr-flugzeuge.font
  2. That does it then, I'll go for an F-8 numbered either Red 1 or Red 3. I know it may not have been the correct colour after what you shared, but it'll make for a colourful plane and have a stark contrast against the 1941 camouflage and white camouflage. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! After being away from the site for more or less a month, I decided to upload the photos of my 3d printed Skyhawk here. I didn't do so earlier because I was too lazy to open Imgur and copy and paste the image links to BM. Hope you like the plane!
  4. After not visiting the site for a month, I decided to upload the finished photos of the Skyhawk. I was too lazy to open Imgur and upload the pics to the RFI section
  5. @G.R.Morrison thanks for the response. I assume then there weren't any Fs with other numbers aside from 2 and 9 under service with I/SG2, is that correct? If so, I'll direct my attention to an SG4 machine in Italy, which I have photos of.
  6. Hello everyone, it's been a while. Does anyone know if I/SG2 had Fw 190F-8s numbered Red (or Blue) 1 and 3? There're two know photos of Red (or Blue) 2 and 9, so I assume the former was the case. Cheers!
  7. Because the Kinetic Pucará's price has gone way off my reach (175$), I decided to buy the low cost option for 25$ from Kosmosur 3d in 1:48 and Aerocalcas decals. The model came bagged, with three smaller bags inside the bigger one. Three fuselage halves, props, wheels, cockpit, underwing stores, engine nacelles, gear struts, and a vacuformed canopy. Dry fit showed a very nice fit so far. As per usual Kosmosur job, the assembly of the fuselage is a but joint, so I used epoxy instead of CA to glue the halves. I don't wish to press harder that I should and break the seams and fuselage. One thing I did to modify the nacelles was ro remove the prop shaft, they were too big for the mounting hole at the back of the prop. Here you can see the first photo, the aircraft with the flaps in the retracted position. A 60 gramme weight can also be seen inside the cockpit opening, so no pilot for this one. I wanted to raise the quality of this kit a bit, so I scored the flaps panel lines until I could remove them from the wing. These were then reglued in the extended position with epoxi and secured with some CA. Vallejo's Plastic Putty was used to improve the union. The dark grey is there to check the filled seams of the fuselage. Here's a photo of the decal sheet I'll be using. It's from Aerocalcas, and comes with options for one high visibiliy plane, and a low viz one. I plan on using the hight visibility option. As you can see, A-511, Tomba's aircraft is included. I don't know if I'll be using that one, of the Mauritanian scheme in sand and brown.
  8. Bombs and landing gear glued. The kit didn't come with main gear rear doors, so I flattened four spare sprues I had lying around to make them. Eduardo (owner of Kosmosur) told me he'll include them in his future A-4C.
  9. I commend your effort to take 3d printed models/parts to the next level, but I'm a lazy man. I also don't have much time to fill the entire model due to lack of time.
  10. I spent my free time yesterday to paint some parts and pieces of the Skyhawk. I painted the yellow bands on the fuselage, the gear in light blue, and fuel tanks with the first upper camouflage colour.
  11. Hello everyone, After some time off the bench, I come back with a new model. Well, two, but I'll be making a separate thread for the second one. It's a new 3d printed model from Kosmosur 3d, the A-4P Skyhawk in 1:48. Markings will come from the Aerocalcas decal sheet 48011, which comes with options for A-4P C-214 and 236. I'l be building 214 in Malvinas/Falklands markings, with yellow bands. Here you can see both airframes assembled.
  12. The guys at the MNA were ahead of us. The plane was completely stripped of its old camouflage and repainted from the ground.
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