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  1. Cool Komet! The RAF markings and yellow underside really make it stand out.
  2. Not the prettiest aircraft ever but a superbly built one. Well done. I especially like the detail and weathering on the engines.
  3. Fantastic. Your what-if Mohawk looks completely plausible. Nice build.
  4. Very nice. I have never seen a P-39 in a desert pink type paint scheme. Looks good.
  5. Fantastic build. I keep looking at that kit it at my local hobby shop. Pretty pricey in Canada. One day maybe.
  6. Very impressive. That digital camouflage is amazing.
  7. Amazing Cutlass. I traded my Hobbycraft kit years ago for spare parts 1/24 scale Airfix Harrier (which I still haven't build yet). Well done.
  8. Great Frogfoot I love the subtle changes in colour on the camo scheme. Well done.
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