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  2. 1/48 Airfix De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Oh very nice! Lovely build & very nicely presented, sharp work sir!
  3. I've made a start to the tracks. I did consider chickening out and using the 'rubber band' tracks (which Tamiya Extra Thin cement works on, I've tested it) but decided in for a penny....So, link & length tracks it is then. As will become clear I have very little idea of what I'm doing and have probably made rookie mistakes aplenty (I am worried that I should have started at the drive wheel to make sure the tracks fitted around the sprocket but only realised that half way into the first track). I might not bother doing the top of the track run as it'll be hidden inside the side skirt thingy. I'll start at the rear of the other track to make sure I get it around the drive wheel. a fiddly but enjoyable job. Hopefully it looks better than the rubber band style tracks too (which to be fair are actually quite nicely detailed). Duncan B
  4. Fantastic looking Viper, very nicely weathered.
  5. Can't add anything to what I've already said in the GB Dave,beautiful work,I still maintain you should have told everyone it was an Airfix test shot
  6. Star Wars Revisited

    Very nice indeed.
  7. 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Missouri Armada"

    thanks Colin for the video, very intyeresting indeed, good lessons from the great Spencer!! though this build will be in green/gray camo. cheers
  8. 1/144 - new DH Mosquito kit shown at Nurenburg 2018?

    More. Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2018/Tag_4/Messe_2018_02_03.html V.P.
  9. 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Missouri Armada"

    thanks my friend!
  10. GWH Su-35S build

    A bit of fun between doing painting. Wanted to see what the radar looks like even if it will not be used on this airframe. (But Never say Never) So first a quick dry run of the parts. Between parts C4 and C5 there is joint line, which I would prefer not to be there. Later to hide it I added a 0.13 thin sheet of styrene sheet to hide it. OK, so how dose it look like on the nose of the kit? Add the radar dish and it is complete. This time only Blu-Tack was used to see the whole assembly. All the fun with the radar was accompanied with some experimenting to make other sensors for the kit, like the new style AOA / pitot sensors and the little round sensors which are positioned around the cockpit to give a 360 view of the surrounding. The ideas worked so they will be back when finishing the kit. Best regards Gabor
  11. Building the three

    Cheers matey will be getting proper pictures and posts going soon. To begin with I'm looking at all the pictures I can find of the cockpit to add what may be missing and from what I can see it's alot haha.
  12. IPMS Germany in-box review: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/GreatWallHobby/GWH_Su-35S_48/GWH_Su-35S.html V.P.
  13. Dewoitine D.520 1/72 RS Model

    Top quality work yet again Libor,beautiful!
  14. HI Pals, Now I have an interval of time and I'm going to start with the Sherman kit I have for Britmodeller's GB. It's all about an oldie, the M4A1 at 1/35 of Italeri. I had it stored in a closet about 15 years ago, and I did not buy it at the time, it came as a gift for deliveries in a collection of Osprey house books on armored vehicles. It's not my favorite Sherman, because it combines cast iron hull with 76mm long cannon, for my taste, hull with straight sides and short barrel, it attracts me more, but at the moment it is what I have available (I should not buy more kits until I do site ... lol). For the time that this kit has, it is not so bad, it includes a lot of detail, although the tracks will surely give me problems, because I have already finished other kits "brothers", and have almost always ended up breaking, because the plastic must be bad for the passage of time. I think I can get a decent result at least, although from what I've seen a little, there are already many models started (some finished), and the average level is very high. I hope to hurry, because there is less time ... Cheer mates
  15. RAM Models F4 decals

    Thanks all, I have started a Paypal dispute but I am very annoyed he is advertising still and not sending stuff out. If anyone has the '153's from XT868 I can cobble the rest together.
  16. 1/72 - NAMC YS-11 by Platz ?

    North Wing Model Craft produced a 1/72nd YS-11EA/EB conversion set for the Bandaï's YS-11 kit. Source: https://n-wing.sakura.ne.jp/secure/ProductDetail.php?iProduct=11 V.P.
  17. 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Missouri Armada"

    Congratulations for that choice, Antonio, and for the amazing job you ever did... And welcome in the "Missouri Armada"... Cheers Olivier
  18. Lovely work. Great detail on the stores and a most convincing overall colour scheme. Where did you get the clear rod for the landing sequence and how did you bend it? Michael
  19. It sounds like a Wessex and other helicopters of that era too! I have only seen three and two (USN 1977 on ships) of them I never did identify.The Polish one looked good though. That would be different and look..it has its tail folded in the second pic.
  20. We're here four the money!

    Alexa, turn volume down!
  21. We're here four the money!

    HI I’M BARRY SCOTT......
  22. I'm using the Tamiya kit, I have the kit almost ready for the paint, check here
  23. My finished Sea Vixen.A very enjoyable build, the kit went together really well, with virtually no filler used.Painted with Hataka Red Line Extra Dark Sea Grey, and Orange Line Traffic White.Weathered with UMP wash, and AK Interactive pigments.Motion blur carrier deck (HMS Eagle) courtesy of Coastal Kits Display Bases.Ian G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on FlickrIan G-1 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  24. camo done, ready for the Italian countryside DSC_0005 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  25. MiG-23 lower surface colours

    Thanks so far, guys. The demarcation line is just to the rear of the centerline pylon. I attach a couple of pics. I hope I am not violating any copyrights. If so, please let me know, and I shall remove the pics right away. The far one: Valka.cz Valka.cz Cheers Christian
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